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Found 53 results

  1. Escort mk6 engine swaps

    I am going to buy a mk6 escort van soon and I was wondering what performance engines would fit (with turbos and such) From any manufacturer Just what will fit well
  2. Ford Escort 1.6 Finesse for sale 39,000 miles W reg - August 2000 Moondust silver metallic FSH from new Excellent condition inside and out Belonged to my elderly father who passed away earlier this year and now looking for a good home as the car was his pride and joy. Please note the car has no MOT/no roadtax as the car was taken off the road earlier this year. However, it has only covered around 300 miles since the last MOT and service(2016). Happy to provide photos if required. Will consider all sensible offers. Would love it to go to an enthusiast.
  3. Hi So my first car was a mk4 escort and after 4 years of searching i have finally found a car just like mine was. Lets be clear, it´s a hobby car and i don´t want to keep it as original. Now my question is has anyone done an engine swap? What is the easiest fit? What ecu do you use? Can you turbocharge it? I have a serious problem. I am addicted to turbos. I´ve turbocharged almost all my cars so far. Now i don´t want to cut the body in any so it can´t be converted to original. maybe you can point out a doch engine that would easily fit the car and some links to find new forged internals. At the end i am hoping to get 180-220 bhp from the wheels. So i´m not gonna overdo this project. Do i even need forged internals or is there a ford engine that can be turbocharged and handle this small power? English is not my first language so i´m sorry if i´ve made some grammar mistakes. Thank you Raido
  4. Ford Escort GTI 15 inch wheels with 195/50/15 tyres 4x108 fitment Wheels are in good condition I do have pictures of tyres and tread depths £150 collection only Any questions please ask
  5. Hi everyone I was wondering if I could pick some peoples brains😂 I have recently bought a mk6 escort gti estate that has been LPG converted and it's having a running issue when cold. i have to hold the revs up otherwise it will stall out once warmed up a bit it will idle on its own. Could this be a MAF sensor?And this is when it's running on petrol not LPG. Thanks for any help in advance I really appreciate it
  6. THIS CAR IS LISTED ON EBAY AND FOR SALE VIA AUCTION. NO RESERVE I am selling my Ford Escort Cabriolet 1.6 as I have just moved to the city and have no where to keep it anymore. Good Points The car has a long MOT (Mar 18) The roof works excellently - I've been told working roofs can fetch up to £400 CD Player Alloy wheels and good set of tyres Karmann model - well sought after Comes with 2 Keys and a bunch of history Bad Points There is a crack in the wind screen It has some rust around the wheel arches There is a vertical tear in the driver's seat Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions please contact on ebay. Follow this link for a video to get a better idea of what the car is like. https://youtu.be/x4DWYE1aRXA
  7. Help. 1999 Mk6 escort

    Hi Everyone, Finally purchased my First Ford, its not a mk2 but its all i can afford. I need some advice Im based in Donegal, ireland. The car is a 1999 mk6 1.6 Escort, Shes a 3 door model. The car was converted to a disability car when new and the front seat was replaced with a removable wheel chair. Original seat was lost by previous owner. The car has only 31k miles, and drives like new. The body work however needs a bit of tlc. bottom of doors, rear arched etc. im going to get these professional fixed I want to add : Front and rear splitters side skirts bucket seats rear disc brakes lowering kit exhaust I will eventually replace the engine etc, but ill need to refill the piggy bank first. Can anyone let me know the best seats, splitters, skirts, im just looking for a plain look, like the gti escort. and also were to order the parts online. Also, if anyone would know what is involved in the rear brakes conversation to dics is this a big job? Best parts? I have attached a pic of what I am looking to achieve, mines is same color thanks in advance love the site, keep up the good work. Vinnie
  8. My first Ford!

    Hi I've just joined the group because I bought a 1996 Ford Escort 1.6i LX in metallic petrol blue with 20.5k genuine miles that has been treated like a pampered pet. Unusually, its automatic and it drives very smoothly. I'm really enjoying it so far but I'm undecided whether to run it as a normal car or make the effort to get it into concours condition. Im hoping your stories on this forum will help me decide. Happy motoring!
  9. my daily donkey

    just a hello as i now own a ford... not a rs turbo or st just a 2000 1.8d escort 55 van ex- royal mail but i loves it!
  10. One for the mechanics this: I've got a 1.6 Mk4 Escort, fitted with a twin-barrel Weber carb with automatic choke. Only thing is I don't like the auto choke; I gather they're very maintenance-heavy and prone to causing problems unless they're perfectly tuned, which I'll admit I'm not savvy enough to do. In theory, can I have this converted to a manual choke without having to change the carburettor? Or if anyone knows a forum where this might get answered, let me know!
  11. Hi Somebody has removed the two jacking point covers, passenger side skirt on my escort GTI. Anybody know where I can get replacements
  12. Xr3i

    hi members I'm new to the site not long took ownership of blue my Xr3i cab she's just at my brothers having some tlc does anyone know of meets in Leicester
  13. Xr3i

    go members I'm new to the site not long took ownership of blue my Xr3i cab she's just at my brotherschool having some tlc does anyone know of meets in Leicester
  14. Hello Everybody, I am searching for a the sideskirts original for the last escorts MK4 XR3i in '89-'90 (see image attached) Ford part codes are as following: Right 1654898 Left 1654899 If anybody has these available, please contact me.
  15. newbie

    hi all, my name is marc and l drive a Mk 6 escort and my partner also drive a Mk 1 focus estate the blue and red 1's as can be seen in the picture 🙋
  16. Work for an independent magazine looking for either a Ford Escort or Ford Sierra (black, white, grey) to hire for a photoshoot on Sunday the 28th August. Preferably a 80s - 90s model. You will be paid for your generosity. Please reply, or email me at maud.cooper @ hotmail.co.uk or text/call at 07794586164.
  17. Work for an independent magazine looking for either a Ford Escort or Ford Sierra (black, white, grey) for a photoshoot on Sunday the 28th August. Preferably a 80s - 90s model. You will be paid for your generosity. Please reply, or email me at maud.cooper @ hotmail.co.uk or text/call at 07794586164.
  18. Hi guys I've got a 1989 XR3I cabriolet which has a bodykit fitted from an Orion 1600E ( I think) it's all genuine rs stamps on both bumpers and I have 2 skirts aswell. I'm removing them as I've just bought the car and don't like them, are they worth anything or am I better binning them? Cheers
  19. Mk4 Escort bonus engine change?

    I have a late '88 mk4 1.3 bonus escort which is tremendously slow and doesn't enjoy hills and the like. I was contemplating putting a 1.6 from an xr3i or something similar in it and was wondering if the rest of the car would be able to cope? I am no mechanic whatsoever so any help would be much appreciated!!
  20. just signed up so thought why not break the ice with a video (slide show) i made from ford fair 2015 also have 1 from 2013 but any way my names tizzy and hello to all who read this post and thanks for checking out the video please let me know if you find your car in any of my videos i may have some better photos as i have a few that did not make it to the video
  21. Work In Progress, Escort Saloon

    Here are a few pics of my 96 escort serenade. It's only done 68,000 miles and wanted to do a few little mods but keep the originality intact. Think I've carried it off. So far fitted a mk5 orion rear bumper then refurbed some mk6 escort van wheels and installed a rev counter.
  22. Escort 1998 Finesse For Sale

    I'm selling my Escort Finesse 1998, in silver. Only two previous owners, myself and my mum. It's done under 50,000 miles. The clutch is slightly wearing and may need a new battery we're testing at the moment, but everything else is in great condition. Also comes with working AC and CD player. Looking to sell for around £150, that's what the garage will give us to scrap it, but that seems as shame as it's in such good condition. If anyone is interested please let me know as soon as possible as the garage are planning on towing it away next week. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  23. Escort Gti 3 Door Breaking

    hello iv just bought an escort gti but unfortunately as I cant weld myself it is too costly to repair (quoted 500 quid) :( both rear chassis rails are completely gone and also pretty much both the sills, all the way along have gone where sills meet floorpan. shame really as I have not seen a 3door escort mk6 for years, and my plan was to revive it. front and rear bumpers no good. so basically vehicle is for breaking or will sell as a whole for 250 ono list of parts (pics on request) but all parts available.. all in moondust silver. prefer collection please but will deliver items for cost. 5 good condition (couple have minor scuffs) escort gti 15" alloys, with centre caps aswell. 150 delivered rs/gti side skirts 3 door model £25 delivered (one has a scuff on lower edge) rs/gti rear bumper spats 20 delivered in good condition bonnet in good condition 30 wings in good condition 25 each boot spoiler 20 delivered mirrors 10 each delivered black half leather interior in ok condition,no rips to seats just grubby and need a clean 100 collected basically everything available just ask :) contact me on markweller158@gmail.com or 07496796038 thanks piccys to follow.....
  24. Starting Problems

    So now and again very rare I will go up to my escort mk6 1.8 ghia. And turn the key. There are lights on the dash and u get all power. However u don't hear the fuel pump cut in. Then you turn the key and there is no starter motor kicking in. U only hear a small click. Then more often not very. You are driving along and it just dies. Try turning it back on same happens as I I said up above no fuel pump no starter. Help Also inside the engine by the firewall the only way I can describe it is as a piston. It's a cylinder shape and a metal rod that gets pushed inside when the key is turned on to the ignition. However when the problem happens and you turn the key u get dash lights but that pistion dosnt push in. What is this piston
  25. Hello fellow club members, I 've opened this post as a last resort in my attempt to find the owner of a BLUE 5 door 1993 Escort TDX 1.8. The car has been of the road for a good 15 years, so just in case anyone knows something, your help will be appreciated (pm or reply). Registration plate is K11 KER. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.