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Found 25 results

  1. Focus Mk3 (2011) Dipped Beam Issue

    Hello please can anyone help? I have a ford Focus estate 61 Plate (2011) and the other day my drivers side dipped beam bulb wasnt working (passengers side fine as was full beam / side lights etc) so presumed it was the bulb. Took out the bulb and it looked fine but swopped it anyway. But still wont work. So my next though was the fuse. In the handbook i have it says that the main beam fuse is in the passenger side compartment as F74 however there is no listing what so ever for dipped beam or low beam etc? does anyone know what this is, i checked the fuses best i could and not found one to be blown but if anyone knows which one it should be that would be great or if you have any other suggestions thanks Jason
  2. Hi All, I am hoping to provide some help to others following some recent events. I recently bought a used Mondeo titanium X sport 2.2 TDCI and loved it. However I always had a slight niggle in the back of mind that something wasn't quite right... To begin with MPG values were very low, followed by an intermittent loss of fuel level on the dash display. On a couple of occasions the fuel level would not come back & an engine malfunction error would display. This occasionly caused the car to go into limp mode. This normally always reset itself after restarting the car. On another day the car started and idled very low, it would stall whenever trying to pull away and white smoke bellowed from the exhaust. This again cleared after restarting the car. After some diagnosis it was found that the fuel level sensor & low pressure fuel pump was faulty causing multiple symptoms. This has been replaced today and already the car feels brand new ! MPG was up to 45+ on the drive home & I'm very happy to have warranty on the vehicle as it would have cost me in excess of £700 ! A new lease of life for my car. Hopefully this can help others with similar symptoms. I still need to monitor this and will provide updates if symptoms continue.
  3. Hi everyone I was wondering if I could pick some peoples brains😂 I have recently bought a mk6 escort gti estate that has been LPG converted and it's having a running issue when cold. i have to hold the revs up otherwise it will stall out once warmed up a bit it will idle on its own. Could this be a MAF sensor?And this is when it's running on petrol not LPG. Thanks for any help in advance I really appreciate it
  4. Hi All So I am thinking of joining the Ford family. I'm after a Zetec estate and was hoping you guys could give me some advise or point me in the direction of similar posts I'm looking to spend max £2000 as it's only going to be used ford about 15 miles a day. I have seen a few 2006 models with around 70K on the clock. Is there anything I should be looking out for fault wise? At what point should the cam belt be changed? I'll also be chucking my dogs in the boot and on occasion my lads bike, is the boot space good? Any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Craig
  5. When I rolled up home after buying the Mondy. So far after getting the car in September this year I've Changed all internal bulbs, numberplate and mirror puddle lights to LEDs. Changed the front grill from grey to Black.....
  6. Hello

    Hi all Had a 2007 ST for a couple of years and bought the 2.0 estate (or is a wagon?) to haul HUGE quantities of stuff about while using bugger-all diesel. Love Mondeos! TonyS
  7. Hi all im back again after a foray into Japanese cars but back into a ford :) yay. Missed you all of course and im sure my absence was noticed haha. anyway just brought myself a bargain 55plate focus TDCi studio estate im already taken by it (I know this as I can remember the reg plate lol) so thought I'd say hi and see if im welcomed back into the loving arms of ford enthusiasts :P saul
  8. Hello brand new to this forum, owner of a Ford Focus estate, let's see what fords you have here's mine!
  9. Hi all, I hope the forum can help me here. I have had water ingress in the luggage area of the boot boot of my Focus estate for the last 3 months. Over that time, it has been into the dealer 3 times and the leak has still not been fixed. The have done the following: -Put sealant round the tailgate hinges (a common source of ingress apparently) -Had the roof lining away and still not been able to pinpoint the leak source Alas, this has still not fixed it and water is still coming in though the rear plastic 'vents' on the inside of the rear pillars. Taking the tailgate seals away and looking inside the (soaked) lining indicates water is still coming in from somewhere, and the lining is soaked up to 2-3 inches from the top corner of the tailgate. This might indicate that the leak is coming from that area. This problem is occurring in both the right and the left hand side of the car, bust mostly on the left. My car also has t-track roof rack fixings. I really hope someone can help me here! The car is perfect besides this. All the best and a belated Merry Christmas to you all!
  10. Window glass - codes

    Evening All, My 2010 Focus Estate Titanium has clear windows at the front & privacy glass from the rear passenger doors back. I'm wanting to change the rear passenger door glass to non-privacy glass, as when road-tripping with friends, they complain that it's dark in the back & the scenery can't be appreciated the same. However I'm confused as to which glass I should be buying! My car currently has the following codes printed in the glass: 43R-002687 = front windscreen 43R-000016 = both front door glass 43R-001108 = all privacy glass (rear doors, windows & boot) Do I need to get rear door glass that is 43R-000016 to match the front doors, or can I use 43R-001057 (a lot of which is for sale!) without it looking noticeably different/odd? Any info on the codes or guidance would be appreciated - many thanks!
  11. Hey, I've got a (new to me) '62 plate focus estate titanium X, 1.6TDCI (115) stop-start engine with keyless entry and keyless start button. it has around 120k on the clock. Timing belt/chain has just been done. I've had it arpund 2 weeks. I have a problem where the car will not start using the button (have not tried the emergency key yet) it takes many attempts for the car to start. A faint, but dull click can be heard after pressing the button - sounds a bit like the starter motor solanoid -but don't read too deep into that. it cut out at the weekend when I was on holiday - it was either stop-start kicking in, or me fumbling about and made it cut-out, or it just cut-out its self - I'm not sure. either way it wouldn't start, all signs pointed towards having a flat battery, that's what it felt like. THe AA came out and couldn't start it either, eventually it just started by fluke.140miles later after getting going again it did the same thing when I turned the car off to pick the dog up, got in the car and it would not start until about 8 tries of pressing the button, each time there was a faint, dull clicking noise from the engine bay. there's no warnings that I can see, but I did see *something* about hill-start assist on the display as I got into the car for the first time on the day it first broke down. here's a video (car was warm - I'd just stpped it to nip into doctors) https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9yszdu8wig847e/20160201_105618.mp4?dl=0 The AA ran diagnostics but their system didn't read the ford codes and he said there were 5 electrical faults in the memory but he could not tell me what the errors meant. (p.s I'm not talking about the ~4 sec delay between pressing the button and waiting for the coils to warm up where the engine fires its self after the short pause. This happens with a warm car too)
  12. Hi folks, My first post on here, and I'm not particularly knowledgable with cars, so be gentle! We bought our Focus Estate (automatic) 2012 second-hand last September, and within the first few weeks we noticed that driving off from a standing start (or cruising very slowly), the car would judder like the engine was cold & spluttering into life. But when you get above a certain speed (10mph+) it's fine. This happens at any time - from driving off in the morning, to pulling away from lights after driving for a decent amount of time. So we went back to the Ford dealership for them to look at it. After a few days (thankfully we got a courtesy car in the meantime) they explained that the gearbox needed 're-learning'. When we got it back it was working well. Now it has started doing it again, in fact it's been like this for the past few weeks, but you probably know how it is with young children, you struggle to find a good time to hand the car in. Plus I'd appreciate advice from you lot before I do, so I have the appropriate information (ammunition). The car is still under warranty until June, so I'm hoping that any further repairs will come under that. I'm also concerned that there may be a bigger issue with the gearbox itself, and 're-learning' was just the easy way out for a quick fix. I don't want to constantly be taking the car back to get this done! I've read that there are ways to 're-learn' the gearbox yourself - something to do with the battery or fuses fiddled with (don't worry, I don't like fiddling with anything electrical that'll do me harm!). So has anyone had this issue themselves, and how did you get it sorted? What sort of demands or questions should I have when I contact them? Is it best to go back to the Ford dealer that saw it last time? Or does it not matter? Apart from the gearbox issue, the car is great. Love it :) Any advice on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks! Ali.
  13. Hi there, first time ford owner here. I have recently purchased a 2007 focus estate 2.0 petrol automatic. I was wondering if it is possible to fit a turbo conversion to this engine? If so, what would I need to complete the conversion.? Also I was wondering what other 'tasty' non-ricer mods are available for this car? Cheers, Mike.
  14. Hello, I am new to this but I was wondering if you could help me diagnose an oil leak I have found on my ford focus estate, V reg (2000) 1796cc petrol. The leak is just bellow where the cam belt is and looks as if it is coming from the motor that drives a secondary belt. I have attached a photo. any help would be appreiciated.
  15. Hi guys, it's been a while since my last visit. I'll get straight to the point, I'm in a dilemma with what I want to do with a car over the next 5+ years, Last year I bought a Fiesta Metal in Midnight Sky (grey/blue) currently at 16k miles, I love it. The plan was when I was 25 and could afford the insurance I'd: Mountune 155ps -35/-50mm lowring springs/coilovers with spacers LED DRLs in the fog lamps (note my avatar is edited, they're just regular halogen fogs atm) Gloss the exterior plastics and a bit of chip/scratch repair (caused by cats and a white van) and perhaps get round to the interior with rooflining, resprayed doorcards and pillars, and a black fabric dash. And OEM Ambient lighting with matching footwell/door bin lighting, front courtesy light with sunglasses holder, with the original courtesy light being moved to the back. Fiesta ST front+rear brake conversion. I'm budgeting myself to ~£5k max for all of this. So far I've only made a few small mods: Canbus ready side facing LED sidelights Osram blue tint indicators +30% blue tint halogen headlamps +100% Phillips Main beams Multi-directional LED number plate lights. Team Heko Wind deflectors However, I'm quite liking the look of the 2015 face lift Focus ST, and I've always had a bit of a soft spot for quick estates. Also, I plan to be moving to the other side of the country within the next 2 years to move out with the Mrs, we're looking to get 2 large-ish dogs too (vizsla & ridgeback) and who knows, kids down the line too. so A Focus ST Estate would be really useful for ferrying all that around, and a Fiesta would be hideously impracticable and would mean buying a 2nd cheap big car. Plans for Focus ST3 Estate: 2nd hand, as many options as I can find. Black or Grey (need to see grey in the flesh first) if Grey - Black alloys, Black exhaust tip if Black - Colour code exhaust tip to the colour of the "Style pack" alloys. Mountune 275 or Remap and other light modifications if I went for the derv (90% sure I want the petrol though - I'll test drive them both) Lowering springs, possibly adjustable height air suspension. The Focus is a lot more practical, slightly faster, a lot more powerful, and imo has a much nicer cabin It's a lot more rare than the Fiesta, but probably more common than a Fiesta Metal. The Fiesta will always be the more fun car to drive, not necessarily better, but I can't see an estate ever being able to match it's personality. Imo, it looks better too. What would you do? Throw £5k at the Fiesta to make a really nice drivers/enthusiasts car, or save the money and PX it for the bigger, better Focus? Please vote on the poll, and express your opinions in detail if you wish, I'm really 50/50 on this. Here's a few simple pics as I've never shown her off to you guys.
  16. IMG 100961065048309

    From the album My Car

    My first car. Ford Focus Estate 2002. Had this for coming 3 years. Great drive and did me proud :)
  17. Hello ! So I'm researching into buying either a Ford Focus ST Estate or a Mondeo Estate. I'm married, have a little boy (20 months) and a (sheep) dog. I currently drive a (non-ford) GTI hatch but am definitely buying a ford. On the one hand I'd quite like a Focus ST Estate, on the other I know that I'd get tons of boot space with the Mondeo Estate. Primarily it's for the regular trips up to the in-laws with the wife, kid, dog, bags etc. We also enjoy traveling around the UK (Peak District, Pembrokeshire, Devon, Cornwall, Isle of WIght) so I'm considering the Mondeo just because of the sheer size of storage space. Having loads of room for the dog, bags for week long holidays appeals to me. On the flip side, I live in SE London. Will I find the Mondeo too much of a beast when doing the fortnightly trips to the supermarket. Is the Mondeo excessive for my "couple-of-times-a-year" trips around the UK, and will the sport Focus ST be more fun and more enjoyable. Lastly - if i do get an ST Estate, can I get a deisel, or is it Petrol only. Is it worth getting the ST3 ? or is it mostly extra gadgets that I'm paying for and an ST1 will suit me as a reformed family man. A lot of questions I know, but any advice welcome.
  18. Mac's Tango Red Titanium x Sport

    From the album Mac's Tango Orange Titanium X estate

    Meant Red in the album title lol
  19. Mac's Tango Red Titanium x Sport

    From the album Mac's Tango Orange Titanium X estate

    Meant Red in the album title lol
  20. Ford Again!

    Brought up on Vauxhalls, then switched to Ford with company cars. Good experiences, mostly, (ignoring DPF's and EGR's) led me to my recent aquisition. One year old Focus 1.6 Ecoboost 182 Titanium X Estate. Tried a 1.0 125 but not impressed with acceleration in an estate. Think I was spoilt with my previous 2.0 TDCi Mondeo. Very nifty after the turbo kicked in! A few niggles so far, to be expanded in the forum at a later date! But overall - I like it - especially the toys in it! :)
  21. I have been searching on the Internet for a while now to find out how to change the cabin filter and the location of it?! Could someone help me in this as some say its in the engine bay and others say its in the passenger footwell. Many thanks
  22. Here is my 1969 Mk1 Esort 1100 Deluxe Estate, completely standard (at present). Family owned since 1972 until I purchased it in July 2007 The colour is Aquatic Jade Green (A Cortina colour & very rare on Escorts, the only other Aqua jade mk1 Estate I've seen was on a ford brochure!) First day I saw it for sale (Powderham classic car show in Devon) Behold the 1100!!! :D Interior As it stands: The vision: ;D Unfortunately been off the road for a few years now, need to start working on doing it up when funds allow.
  23. Hi All, newbie here, go easy. Have a 2003 focus tdci ghia estate. There is a little rust around the boot trim strip which I want to treat, however, rust possibly creeps behind the trim strip bit so want to remove that, to ensure I treat all the rust. Am looking to remove the trim strip, am guessing this is done from the inside. Since this strip contains the key lock and lights for reg plate, I am wondering if this comes off easy? Any advice on how to tackle this. Cheers.
  24. Hi - I have just joined this forum. I am looking to buy a 2011/2012 Mondeo TDi Estate and am hoping any owners can share their views with me, good or bad. Is this model prone to any particular or well known faults/problems. Thank you.
  25. Following its movie debut this Summer in the crime thriller, The Sweeney, the Police have taken such a liking to Ford’s all-new ST that they’re now evaluating it for official duties. http://skiddmark.com/2012/10/fords-focus-st-cops-out/#