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Found 7 results

  1. Customise

    Hi guys. Have a Ford Focus mk1 2000 reg. my first Ford and I know nothing about them. I am looking to customise it and am looking for an enthusiast who knows what he or she is doing and can spare the time doing my car up as a project. I love it and can't wait to do it up but know absolutely nothing on how to do cars up lol
  2. Hi there i have a Ford Focus MK1 1.6 petrol and i recently had a breakdown which involved me calling the RAC. One of the terminals on the coil pack had broken i believe due to corrosion and was misfiring until it completely cut out after it snapped, so had a new pack fitted along with some new spark leads. All worked fine for about 2 weeks but now my engine management light has come back on while the engine is running, i remember the guy from the RAC telling me that sometimes you should have the spark plugs changed at the same time but due to it being fully serviced in March i didn't have it done. It still seems to be running slightly ok for a car with 162000 miles on the clock but was just wondering if anyone had this same issue at any point or if anyone has any advice apart from get a new car which is unfeasible at the moment.
  3. Good Evening everyone, I am fairly new to this forum as I have recently purchased a rather clean Ford Focus mk1 as I thought it would be the best option for a first car. Everything about the car is fantastic despite its age, good brakes and smooth gearbox and overall a safe option considering my experience. However, there are one or two problems that plague my car, specifically the rear brake lights, they do not light up when the brake pedal is depressed, only the boot brake light works. The odd thing is that when the exterior lights are turned on, these lights also turn on. From my understanding, when the brake pedal is depressed, these tail lights are to shine brighter in this situation, but they do not do so. First thing I checked was the bulbs to see if they were defective, and they looked fine (from my untrained eyes). Next thing I check were the fuses for the rear tail lights, and the fuse was intact. After a lot of head scratching, I thought it would be best to see if anyone else has experienced any of these problems before. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. My car is a Ford Focus LX 1.6 Hatchback from 2002 in a sort of burgundy red that I don't fancy very much but still a great car nevertheless. :)
  4. Need Help!!!

    Hi all, I have a 2004 1.8 ghia petrol Focus that has just stopped on me & I need some advice. The car's battery was fading since it has turned colder and I was about to change it but before I could, It packed up on me whilst taking my daughter to school. I was about to change from 1st to 2nd after pulling out of a junction and it cut out totally. No power in the battery to restart it. After a stressful half hour of negotiating the junction by pushing the car (not one person stopped to offer help) I got it turned round and tried to bump start it down a slight gradient without success. Got it off the road, bought and fitted a new battery (£38.00 from Euro Parts) and now it turns over perfectly but will not fire up. Before the break down, it was doing the instrument cluster flickering on the first couple of seconds of start up, I now realise this could be the issue after reading some of the posts on here. But before I shell out on a new one, I was wondering if any of you have any other ideas? As well as the battery change, I have checked the fuel filter which was full of fuel both ends, unplugged, cleaned and re plugged in crank and cam sensors, all belts are in place too. I want to know if the Cluster can cause a total failure such as this or is it likely to be something else? Hopefully one of you can help me, Many thanks.
  5. Hi all I had done some investigation into retrofitting an ISOfix bracket to my Ford Focus Mk1. Research revealed a lot of confusion as to what did or didn't fit. ISOfix was not fitted as standard in the Ford Focus Mk1 model, however, the mounting holes do exist under the rear seats to enable retrofitting, This post is a quick guide for the easy retrofitting of an ISOfix bracket to a Ford Focus Mk1, in this case, a 2003 model. The ISOfix has been fitted to the near side (passenger side) in the case of this guide. What do you need? To complete this fit, you will need the following: Ford ISOfix bracket T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) T50 Torx/Star drive (male socket) The Ford ISOfix bracket is available from Ford dealers at a cost of around £16. You will be told they don’t exist for the Mk1 and the part is for the Mk2. It does however fit. The following image shows the part number on the bag. The bag will contain the ISOfix bracket, two T50 torx/star screws and two plastic ISOfix seat guides Step 1 - Decide where the bracket is going. There are mounting points to both the rear of the left and the right seats (not the middle). Pull up the base of the seat on your chosen side. Step 2 - Removing the rear seat The fitting of the ISOfix is much easier if you remove the back section of the rear seat on your chosen side of the car. Fold down the rear seat. The rear seat can be removed by releasing four screws (which connect to a hidden mounting plate). There are two screws in each corner of the seat base. You will need a T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) to release these screws. Once the four screws have been removed, the seat back can be slid (not pulled) from the mounting plates. Step 3. - Removing mounting hole gromits Once the seat back is removed, you will be presented with the car base and two black gromits (see image below), These are the ISOfix bracket mounting points. To make room to work with, carefully move the seat beyond the seat belt buckle connector as shown below. This holds the seat out of the way. Using a flat head screwdriver, carefully prise the gromits from their position. Step 4 - Mounting the ISOfix bracket Take the mounting bracket and T50 screws from their packaging Offer the ISO bracket to the correct position, by lining up the ISOfix bracket screw holes to the screw holes in the bodywork Note that the square hoops of the ISOfix bracket should be at the bottom. Screw in the T50 screws using a T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) until tight. Once fixed, give the bracket a tug to ensure it's tight to the bodywork. Step 5 - Reinstalling the seat Gently bring the seat back over the seat belt buckle connector and offer the four screw holes back onto the seat mounting plate. The mounting plate rotates, so ensure they line up before you pick the seat up. Line up the screw holes and fix with a T40 Torx/Star drive (male socket) until tight. Push the seat back to it's reclined position until you hear a click, and pull the seat base back down and you are almost done. Step 6 - Installing the ISOfix base guides The black ISOfix base guides are used to both help you, and protect your upholstery when installing and removing your ISOfix base. The Ford supplied guides simply hook on top the square loop of the ISOfix bracket. You will need to push hard against the upholstery to get the guide to hook it on. Be aware that you will need to remove these if you drop the back seats when transporting large items. The Ford supplied ISOfix base guides appear much more robust than the ones supplied with my ISOfix seat base (Maxi-Cosi Easyfix). The seat supplied guides just pop off as soon as they area attached, where as the Ford supplied remain intact. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this guide is of use to some people looking to retrofit ISOfix to a Ford Focus Mk1 All things considered....................This is a simple 20 minute DIY job with the correct tools. Craig.
  6. hi all my left indicator is flashing too fast all of a sudden. The back bulb has now blown which i put down to it being over worked. I've only just checked the blown bulb so i'm not sure if replacing it will balance the system out, perhaps the front is getting too much voltage causing the fast blinking but i would say probably not. When the hazards are on everything works fine (minus blown bulb) Does anyone know what it might be? thanks in advance
  7. Hi there, first post or cry for help,lol dont know if its here i post this or not but here goes, I have just bought a focus 2003 1.6 ghia and noticed the following problems, (1st)...........the airbag light keeps flashing and comes on solid,so after getting a reader plugged into it it appears to be the front crash sensor, which some people are saying there are one on each side and some say theres only one ? some saying its located on the passenger side behind the bumper and you take the headlight out to get to it ? some say its behind the front grill infront of the radiator ? can anybody tell me which one is true ?? (2nd) this is a really weird one, i have electric windows all round and can control all windows except for the passenger rear,it wond go up or down you just hear the clicking of the motor but does nothing when you press the driver control button on the drivers door (i have the red light selected on this,i believe that should lock the rear windows,in my case it doesnt,if i switch it to green it cuts off the passenger door control ), weird things are if you put the window down using the passenger rear door switch and then press the drivers door control up or down the window moves up only, and when i press the key fob and hold it down to put all the windows up or down at the same time all the windows including the rear passenger function fine,if i leave the windows down and go back to using the driver door control again it doesnt matter if you press up or down the window only goes up, if anyone could help with the above i would be very grateful, thanks in advance, and sorry for boring you.lol cheers James