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Found 40 results

  1. So when I brought my fiesta, there was a "More Than Smart Wheels" sticker on the windscreen with a symbol that resembles the WiFi symbol on your phone. I googled what it was and it's for a blackbox to record your location, speed, driving habits etc etc. Do they remove this box when the person who had insurance with them cancels their policy or sells the car? I DO NOT want to be recorded, I DO NOT want my location and where abouts being watched, I DO NOT want my information passed onto my current insurance company, police 😉 or whoever else.
  2. Could fitting Parking sensors or a reversing camera reduce my premium?
  3. Help!!! roof issue insurance claim Our Ford Focus CC (convertible) was involved in a accident in which the other party crashed into the rear of our car. He admitted full liability and our car went for repair. The cosmetic damage has been repaired however the convertible car roof no longer works. The insurance company is disputing that the crash was the cause of the roof failure. To me the matter is very straight forward, the roof worked before the crash and because of the crash it no longer works. The insurance company "One Call" uses "Commercial Legal" to handle claims and they outsourced it to "Chief Rentals" and they have instructed the "National Accident Repair Group" to inspect the vehicle on 24/08/2017 (tomorrow) to determine if the accident caused the roof failure. As the roof worked before the crash and it doesn't work now either the accident was the cause of the roof failure, or the Ford Garage broke the roof during the repair. If outcome from "National Accident Repair Group" isn't that the roof failure was from the accident then Ford broke the roof and I'll need an independent assessment done to help prove that. The roof did work before the crash however after the crash we didn't test it ourselves I was wary that it might get "stuck" open or cause more damage, I suspect therefore that if the roof/hydralics were "tested" during the initial inspection then that (as the boot was "bent") or the actual accident have caused the roof to fail. Does anybody have any advice for me at this point. Does anybody know an expert Focus CC mechanic I can take the car to for the independant engineers report and I need to get the car and fixed at some point.
  4. Bumper damage - advice?

    New here :) Anyway, my front bumper has been damaged - not sure by whom or how, but I was parked in the supermarket car park, doing food shopping, I come back to my car and somebody's (probably) reversed into the front left corner, leaving a sizeable dent in my bumper and fled the scene. It hasn't affected driving performance but it does look awful and the fog light is now at a slightly skewed angle I'm quite a new driver (having passed in June this year) and I want to know what you guys think will be better: 1. Making an insurance claim (my voluntary excess is £400) 2. Go to Ford affiliated garages for service quotes and cover this independently I'm not sure how expensive a replacement bumper is on its own, and if it is cheaper than £400 + other fees then I'll go with option two. Has anyone had any experience with replacement bumpers? If the bumper is more expensive to go independently, I am worried that this will adversely affect my insurance next year, especially as I only passed quite recently. What would you guys do? Cheers
  5. Insurance black box

    One of my friends has a black box fitted to his car, but it currently records no data, (which is great for him) but his insurer is currently pestering him to get it fixed but he hasn't contacted them because he doesn't want it fixing (of course). I was wondering if they could cancel his policy, it's still plugged it and everything, so it's not his fault, Hes just worried they may cancel his policy. does anybody have any ideas on what to do, he's a good driver but gives u more Freedom without the box I suppose. thanks
  6. Insurance

    I'm 18 years old and I'm currently with Tesco Bank Box insurance. Which means I have a black box to monitor my "driving skills" as such. I paid £1440 for my first year of driving and that year is coming to and end next month. I'd like to know what insurance companies that other young drivers on here are using. What are the best places to go with price wise? And do you also have black boxes?
  7. Looking at quotes yesterday after car insurance with Tesco's ran out last night. They notified me couple of weeks ago telling me they weren't going to offer me a renewal, tried few comparison sites and the cheapest that came up is a company called 'mypolicy'. Has anyone on here had insurance policies with that company before or heard good/bad things about them? I've never heard of them before and was hoping i could hear what people think about the company before deciding to go with them. Been quoted £2777 (annual payment) for the year with black box. The next cheapest one on the comparison site was 'quotemehappy.com' for £3173 (annual payment). Or does anyone know other cheap insurance companies that don't feature on comparison sites? I've tried Direct line (£3900) and Aviva (£3500) and they're too much. Annoyed that i can't just renew with Tesco's tbh, i had a black box with them and after looking at my account on there, it showed my driving was imo, very good. With Tesco's you can earn up to a 100 bonus miles each month depending how safe/efficient your driving is, over the year my lowest score was only 83/100, so really don't understand why they'll not let me renew. It makes me wonder are these black boxes even worth having? Any advice you have to share i'd very much appreciate thanks :)
  8. Hi everyone i bought this car last year and will attach a photo of the stock car... I then did a load of modifications and was wondering if my insurers need to know about all of them? They already know about the tinted windows and badges but that's about it... I also wrapped the roof and wing mirrors, changed the front grille, painted the stock wheels gloss black, painted calipers and wheel drums and also added the st spoiler onto the back of the car. Will they be expecting my car to be exactly the same or would I get away with the spoiler for example? Is not massive and OTT, just standard Ford make... It will be be interesting to hear what people have to say! Thanks in advance! 👍🏻
  9. So last week someone hit me coming out of junction caused alot damage and has resulting in new drivers door, new fender wing and new front bumper. Went to pick the car up this morning and have had to reject the work and leave the car with them as i wasn't happy. Basically they have done a great job on the drivers door and fender and the paint matches great but its the front bumper, the body work guy said that they come pre painted from ford and i have take it up with ford, i mean the colour is way out on the bumper and looks wrong. Anyway i told the body work guy its not my problem it comes from ford liek that and they will need respray it to match, he said i have wait till tue for authorisation from insurence and i will phone my insurence myself to push it through but i am just wondering has anyone else been in same situation and how did it turn out? plastic shield underneath was also cracked so they need repair that. Any tips on what to look out for when checking it over next week.. heres picture of the damage. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have a 1.4l 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec and I feel like it looks a bit round without a body kit. I wanted to get the Zetec S body kit so it will still look standard, should I still tell my insurance company? I am with MoreThan. Would it cost less if I used a Ford kit or would they offer me the same price as for a third party kit? Thanks in advance, Tom.
  11. Hello, I have ordered a High flow induction hose from mountune, would I have to declare this to my insurers or not bother? Thanks, Coran
  12. Reading through the insurance threads and I can understand the frustrations people have with their insurance premiums. But then I think about my premium and think, surely the companies are adding an unnecessary 0 at the end of my premium?!! I'd happily pay some of the premiums that are been quoted in here three/four times over and it would probably still come at half of what I'm being robbed of! Three years ago I was silly enough to have bought a 7 year old Corsa (I know...never again, I learnt the hard way) and the insurers then were quoting me at least £2500 despite 5 years driving experience and no claims history! I ended up opting for a company/lease car with insurance/maintenance and recovery included which worked out cheaper than my insurance alone! Three years on and they're still fleecing me for the same amount. That seems to be mostly due to some idiots that was driving around uninsured with false plates and failed to stop, and other low-lifes who find it amusing to vandalise someone else property. This isn't a rant, but I'm sure many others have experienced similar and knowing you're not alone will somewhat lessen the blow!
  13. Just a quick question has anyone been able to get insured on a fiesta zetec s with 1 years no claims, and if so for how much?
  14. Insurance!

    Have any of you found a good young drivers policy? My insurance has gone up for some reason this year so would live to know who you've had a good price/service with.
  15. Insurance question

    Hey, I'm getting my car wrapped next month and changing the colour and my insurance have told me they won't cover me for it, so I'm looking up new insurance, but not sure which category a wrap falls under, non standard respray or non standard paint work, I'm thinking it's non standard paint work but I just want to be sure
  16. If your car is in any way different to when it originally left the factory when it was new please read the following regarding the legalities of your Insurance Policy. Last Sunday @Bobr posted a comment http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/84044-painting-brake-calipers-need-ideas/?page=2 stating that when he contacted his Insurance Company about his painted brake calipers they considered them to be a modification. Now this got me thinking as i had recently painted my brake calipers but never considered contacting my Insurance Company because in my mind i didn't think of it being modified. After a few conversations with my Insurance Company (Adrian Flux) i have had my 'modification' added to my Insurance Policy at no extra cost,if their decision went the other way i was prepared to re-paint them back to black as they originally left the factory. Just imagine being stationary at traffic lights & someone crashed into the back of your car,a definite 'no blame' accident. now when the Insurance Assessor goes to view your car & notes any changes from the original there's a very good chance that they wouldn't pay out on any claim. If there is any way an Insurance Company can get out of paying anything they certainly will. This obviously also applies to alloy wheels,wider tyres,chipped ecu's,tinted windows etc etc,if in any doubt always inform your Insurance Company just to stay within the Terms & Conditions of your Policy.
  17. Bonnet strut

    Would i have to declare a bonnet strut on the insurance or not? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focus-Mk1-Bonnet-Strut-Kit-by-NB-STyling-/131874935434?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 is there anything specific i would need to do when installing it or simply bolt it on and thats it? thank you guys
  18. Hi all I need some advice I currently have my Ford focus insured on my private plate. I've just bought a brand new fiesta which I pick up on Monday 18th April. The dealership have told me I can register the car with my private plate instead of a 16 plate however they need a cover note or proof of insurance for the new car. After a 2 hour discussion with my insurers they emailed me my new motor insurance cert which the car description as my private plate and nothing else. I basically need my focus insured on my plate and the fiesta for the same day so I can drive the old car to the dealership and the new car out. Can anyone advised if the private plate under the description of the vehicle will be OK or have they co**ed up? Cheers Ben
  19. Hello, I had the smallest bump I can think possible in my Fiesta early this week. Everything seemed to move very quickly with my insurance (Admiral) and they collected it right away. Looking at the damage, I could have done more damage kicking the damn car than crashing it (can upload a picture if anyone needs but it isn't great). However Admiral say its a CAT D write off. I was asking them questions and they wouldn't tell me how much they'd been quoted for repair. They also wouldn't tell me what the damage was, at the start of the claim they said do nothing and we will contact you as/when we get info. THIS WAS NEVER DONE. 3 times now I've contacted the garage after Admiral, only to get conflicting information. Anyway, the lady on the phone from Admiral says if I don't sign my V5C Section 9 and sign the car over to the salvage yard TODAY, then I will be breaking the law and will be fined. (As I now no longer have insurance as they've cancelled it). However they won't tell me how much they are going to pay out for the car or when this is likely to be paid? Its my first ever crash and I'm so confused and worried about all this. Why am I signing a car over to a salvage company when I don't know when and how much I am going to get back for the car? The way I see it, if I'm doing this, Admiral should be writing me a blank check. As far as I'm concerned its the same principle. Again, Admiral would not tell me exactly why the damage has been so "Severe" and why they're classing it as a Class D. Is this all normal? Will I be breaking the law? Why won't they give me a "estimate" etc etc? Please help me! What do I do? Thanks!!!
  20. I am going on a track day next year can I insure my car on a racing circuit, if so does anybody know who to use because my normal insurers have said I am not covered if I crash or someone hits me. help?
  21. hi looking to do a swap on my 1.3 fiesta to the 1.7 conversion but not sure where to look for insurance or if id get insured on this does anyone have any ideas as i will have my first year no claims in november but il still be 18 so just wondered if anyone had any ideas
  22. Mondeo Insurance

    Hi I was wondering what insurance company you use and how much U end up paying, also whether you did it over the phone or online. Just trying to see if there's any cheaper places than my current quotes, I understand its based on your detail.
  23. Hi, I have a Fiesta MK7, and was thinking about getting the Osram LED fog lights fitted through Ford. Would this be classed as a modification to my insurance as the car already has factory fitted fog lights? Or because I'm getting this done via Ford, and its basically just a bulb change, would this not be classed as a modification? Thanks, ch97
  24. I have a fully comp policy which allows me to drive any other vehicle not owned by myself. This cover is restricted to 3rd party liability. One must also have the permission of the owner. I assume that such a vehicle must be taxed and a MOT held if appropriate since this is a legal requirement. My question is whether the vehicle also needs to be desperately insured or is my own cover sufficient. I have had conflicting advice and would be grateful for some authoritative answer. Thanks
  25. Insurance Help

    I bought my ford fiesta zetec S Ecoboost 2014 plate in December and was using my existing insurance with elephant, but now its time to renew :( and i received my email saying they wanted £2440 ..... so that's not gonna happen and im looking for some other insurance company , i am also wanting to pay it off monthly , i have seen a lot asking for around £120 a month which is something i was looking for , but just not sure on the major things i should be looking for and which insurance companies are more highly rated than others?