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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, I might have made a little mess :) So, I own a Focus mk2.5 (1/2009) and I ordered a new key fob from Ebay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201664076815?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT) and yesterday evening I went ahead and replaced the original one. I opened both the key fobs, moved the electronic part from the original to the new one, then finally removed the pin that held the blade and added the car's original key-blade to the new fob. The Remote control was working and is working, so I didn't bother testing further, until this morning when I had to drive to work, I opened the car, and when I wanted to go ahead and start it, it won't do anything. I see the top red led blinking when the key is in position 1 and when I move it to position 2 it just doesn't do anything. I've seen guides to reprogram or add a new remote to it, and I tried it hoping it would have accepted the blade too, but I wasn't so lucky. So, what do you suggest me to do? The guide I followed is the one to insert a working key to the ignition, move it to pos1 and 2 4 times and then "pair" the remote by clicking one of its buttons. Many thanks.
  2. First of all, hello, all! I bought a 2004 streetKA yesterday at a bargain price. I was made aware that the central locking only worked with the key in the door. I took the car anyway and decided to get as far as I could before seeking advice...So, here goes! 1 - The key fob communicates with the car. 2 - Pressing the lock button causes the passenger side to lock, then unlock; drivers door remains silent; no lights flash. 3 - the key in the drivers door locks both doors. 4 - the key in passenger door locks the passenger door, then unlocks again. 5 - if I press the lock button on the key fob, whilst simultaneously, manually locking the drivers door causes the lights to flash, as the manual says, to show that the central locking has worked. 6 - if I disconnect the drives door like/trunk wiring and then press lock on the key fob, the lights flash and the passenger door locks. 7 - at no point has the alarm seemed to arm. It has not sounded or given me any indication that it's on. That's as detailed as I have been with diagnostics. Here are my queries: Would this have an affect on the alarm system not arming or am I looking at separate issues? (I've changed fuse 33, still nothing) How do I get the locking motor out of the door and where is it? I'm no electrician but with your guys' help, I might be able to solve the alarm problem! Thanks in advance! Perry
  3. Hi Everyone, I bought a Mondeo MK3 about a year ago, and the seller said that the central locking - unlock "didn't work". I've taken apart the key fob and there is no button on the actual circuit board like there is with the lock and boot buttons. I popped into a Ford dealership, but they're wanting to charge about £195 for a replacement key and programming. My question is, can I purchase a replacement board myself (and if so where from and what would I type in to "search for") and then program it myself (I assume it's just a case of putting the key in the ignition, twisting forward and back 2-3 times and pressing the button etc. to program the key (at least it was like that with my old Corsa). If anyone knows where I can get a board from and the programming instructions, I'd be most thankful.
  4. New key fobs still not working

    Hi all , iv read countless solutions to the dreaded key fob not working but my issue is a bit different. My 2007 focus estate Tdci stopped working. I changed battery, also i bought another new key fob from eBay. I have done the ignition key thing of turning it from 0-II 4 times and got the chime, then on both fobs i have pressed a button and GOT the confirm chime to say they are synced. But after waiting more than 20 secs and turning to II to stop procedure there is still nothing happening from the fobs. Key works manually to open and lock all doors from driver door. When i do unlock it by the key there is a chime when driver door opened and i have to insert key to stop horn/alarm from going off. If another door is opened before i insert key to II then alarm will go off too. i checked fuse manual and looked at no.55 (central locking) its fine, Cant see any other related fuse to look at. I want to avoid a Ford garage as i have been a bit unhappy with previous service from my local one. Any ideas of what the problem could be ??? Please help, sounds tedious but when iv got 2 kids the fact i cant just unlock to open boot without alarm going off is driving me nuts .
  5. Hello all, I'll start by firstly apologising for my uselessness and secondly for possibly posting this topic in an incorrect place. (sorry i don't use forums so not sure on the etiquette). I've scoured the internet and had no luck with my specific problem. I bought a flip remote key for my Fiesta in the hope that i'd gut the old remote key and pop the innards in the new case and be off. I understand obviously the key wont work right off without being cut etc. However i thought transferring the insides would mean no programing was needed. Now ive come to do the task and i can seem to get my hands on the Transponder. And i can't seem to remove the chip board inside without feeling like im going to snap it in half. , , , Ultimately this was a bit of a boredom/vanity project... its not crucial but if anyone could help, it'd be greatly appreciated!
  6. Bought my wife a second hand 2010 Edge and it only came with one manual key (likely not original) which has a red insert containing a 4D-63 chip. I'd like to get a flip remote fob without paying dealer prices, but I don't know which type came with the car originally, or would either type work? (please see photo attached). Car has central locking. ...and has anyone changed their key blade in the remote on the right? Do the key blades look like the ones pictured next to it?
  7. key fob remote does not work have changed batteries .can open door manually where there is a 12 second delay to put key in ignition or the alarm will go off .do i need to get new fob or door module ,or will this damage alarm or electrics
  8. Mondeo Mk4 Fob

    I have a 08 titanium x and was wondering where I could get a new housing for my fob. I only need a new one for cosmetic reasons, oh and I cannot put it on a key ring. Sorry if this has been asked, I looked but couldn't find anything.
  9. Hi folks. I'm new to forum's and not great with cars either and I have a problem with my 2004/5 ford focus 1800 tdi estate. Just recently, my one and only key fob collapsed. The fobs inside circuit damaged and useless. I have always used the fob to unlock the tailgate but now I can't get it open. The central locking works when using the key in drivers door but still the tailgate remains locked. I purchased a second hand fob from eBay and followed the user manual to set the code on it and this didn't work either. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can get my tailgate open. Cheers neil
  10. Key Fob Battery Needs Replacing

    Ford S-max Titanium 2012 My S-max is told me I needed to replace the key in my keyless start fob. So I have replaced the battery but the car still tells me it needs a new battery. I have used the same make and size of battery that was in the key fob. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and what the solution is. Is it just that the computer needs resetting? How do I do this if so.
  11. Hi All, First of all nice to meet you ( as I'm new to forum ) and sorry for my english ( not a native speaker ). My problem appeared 6 months ago. I was just found out about the car self test, I unlocked the car using the remote entered the self test, looked around there, exit the car, tried to lock it using the remote, but was not working anymore. If I lock placing key in the door, central locking is working fine. I have a normal 3 button key with remote on it. What I tried: First thing I checked the battery and change it. also cleaned all contacts in there, tried to reprogram the key, no luck. I tried several times, after the procedure ( 0-II 4 times), I don't hear any sound to confirm entering learning mode. Second I checked fuses, no fuse regarding central locking was damaged. checked all fuses (gem + motor) nothing wrong here. I went to be checked by a mechanic, he had a diesel from 2006, he changed his key with mine and tried to program his key on my car, no luck ( no learning mode ). he also checked fuses.., then he changed his gem with mine and tried with my key to reprogram it ( but no luck here either, no learning mode ). He said to come another day.. when he has more time ... to check the wires then I called him, no answer or to call him another day, I gave up on him. Forgot to tell he made also a electronic diagnose (I think that's how is called) but no errors regarding my key fob. Finally I went to a local ford dealer, telling that lady on the phone, that I can't reprogram my key. After 2 hours of tests and whatever they did there, they gave my car back saying that the car is not entering learning mode :) and to come another day if I want, because needs reprogramming ( I don't know about what was talking here) and they need to check all wires, but it costs alot and is not worth it... said that guy. They also did an electronic diagnose, which shows no error. One last thing I tried last few days, I've read about the "service mode" and how sometimes this does not exit how it should and some car functions are not working ( I was not doing that when stopped working but I said to give it a try) so I saw an reset service mode and tried that, it enters that procedure, I hear the sound, I followed the procedure but I don't hear the 3 beep at the end of the procedure, when key pos is at 0. so I think the reset is not done as it should(tried a few times also) ... I don't have any other electrical problem, just a thing which I'm not sure of, when I have the switch on headlamp and you open the door with no ignition key should beep right? I think this stopped working at the same time. All other sounds work fine ( door open ... ). As a conclusion I have no sound when key is at 0 position :) Car is a focus petrol 1,6 ti-vct, build date 12.2004, mk2 Can someone have any ideea on what might be wrong, an electrical scheme would be nice (just saw the all wiring is here), where is positioned the remote receiver for this car, in GEM or ? Sorry for the long post, hope that someone can give an advice because I'm tired and frustrated on finding the problem. Thanks.
  12. Alright, I have a Focus Mk 1. The boot button is broken on my key remote fob. I have seen in the Focus owners manuel that a new key can be re-programmed so thats fine however I am thinking about getting a new key from eBay get it cut and then program it to work. Is it this easy? Has anyone else had this issue? This is a link to the key being sold on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-MONDEO-FOCUS-FIESTA-PROBE-ETC-REMOTE-ALARM-KEY-FOB-UNCUT-98AG15K601AC-/110962687615?_trksid=p5197.m1992&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.CURRENT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D14%26meid%3D8003817244713593957%26pid%3D100015%26prg%3D1006%26rk%3D1%26sd%3D110962687615%26 Thanks!
  13. Hello, just joined today after purchasing my first Ford, a very tidy X Reg Mondeo LX Estate. Very please with the car so far other than the central locking key fob as it does not lock/unlock the car and this can only be done by inserting the key - not the end of the world but..... I have read various methods of trying to re-program the key to the CL System however that does not seem to work, replace the CR2032 Battery with a new one and still no joy. The key fob has 3 buttons on it, Lock, Unlock and Boot, comes apart in two sections. I am hoping maybe one of you guy's can help me and make sure I have followed the programing sequence correctly please? Best Regards Rob.