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Found 8 results

  1. hello everyone, I have a strange knocking sound on my focus mk2.5. It happens when I lift my foot off the acceleration pedal quickly and also when I accelerate harshly, the sound gets more noticeable with the AC on It seems to originate from the lower front end of the car. any ideas on what's causing this. thanks
  2. Clunk after coming to a stop

    Hi, I have a 2015 Focus 1.6TDCI with approx 14k miles on the clock; I have had the car for 3 months. I have noticed a single clunk mechanical noise which occurs mainly when the car has come to a stop and is stationary; usually between 4 and 15 seconds after coming to a stop. The engine can be running or off, in gear or out of gear, clutch in or out, brakes on or off, air con on or off; just a single audible clunk which can be felt through the pedals. I have also noticed the noise at very slow speed after setting of from stationary; i.e. come to a stop, wait for a few seconds, set off then 'clunk'. I suspect it may be the drive shaft sliding back home after moving under load whilst driving? Otherwise car drives fine. Anyone have any ideas, is this a characteristic, should I expect Ford to be able to fix it? Regards, Richard.
  3. Hello. My front left wheel has a rattle/knock. It's not my anti roll bar link as I've changed that. I hear it when I'm going over bumps and lumps in the road. And sometimes when I turn. I have a video of the sound but I've not worked out how to get that on here yet. Any ideas? When When I had my MOT recently, there was a slight bit of oil dampness under the rubber sleeve of my shock. Could this be the cause? All advice helpful! Thanks
  4. Hi Guys!! For the last 6 months I have been having a slight 'judder' in my engine. This happens between 1,500 rpm and 2,000 rpm and only once the car has warmed up to its optimum 90degree temperature. the feel and the sound is like before you are about to stall or haven't given enough power when pulling away. I can accelerate out of 2000rpm and its fine, its just between these amounts when it occurs (1500 and 2000 rpm) If I am cursing in any gear between these 2 amounts its a constant judder coming from the engine, the revs are also staying the same (no wobble in the needle). I have been told it may be the injectors blocked but the readings came back equal on on all 4. I have also been told it may be the TURBO clogged or broken that could be causing this!! IF ANYONE ELSE IS EXPERIENCING THIS OR IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS THIS IS A HUGE ANNOYANCE!!!! Thank you!!!
  5. Fiesta St Suspension Knock

    Ok here we go. Had a knock coming from the passenger side front suspension for a while now, I've had the suspension stripped down and checked by 4 mechanics and everyone is baffled, it's not just me as they can hear it too (3 of the mechanics I personally know so wouldn't lie to me just to get the money). Changed the suspension mount, checked the spring and strut, changed the anti roll bar bushes and drop links and also changed the bearing. Everything is tight with no play. Best way I can describe is that it sounds like a hollow knock and sounds quite like well to be honest like me tapping on my iPad's screen whilst typing! It's over any little bump in the road and is driving me up the wall, any suggestions?
  6. Hello, Well I'm new to this forum so I may as well start with what has been causing me stress the past year... About a year ago I started noticing a knock coming from the front of my car when doing manouvers, so if I reverse with a steering lock (whether it's fully over or just half turned) I get a knock. This is a metallic one, sometimes dulled down as if under water. Things I've found worn and been replaced so far are; - o/f/s Driveshaft inc CV joint - Central lower engine mount - Spring (Broken) - Shockers (happened with spring) Things to note; - No play in n/s Driveshaft or joint - All bolts to subframe are tight - No play in any bushes - Steering has no play From making various notes about when the knock happens It's quite possibly pointing towards the diff but is there a way to check? Can't get the noise when the car is on the ramp. When one wheel is turned the other doesn't move or even attempt to but is that normal with an open diff? Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help.
  7. 1998 Fiesta 1.4 Knocking

    Just brought myself a 1998 fiesta 1.4 and found it has quite a loud knocking, particularly noticeable when I go over a bump in the road. Any ideas? I've checked wheel bearings and they seem fine. The knocking is almost certainly coming from the front of the car. Thanks for your help!
  8. I have posted many topics regarding a noise issue with my car, and might have eventually found it after many garage trips and self diagnosis. (MK6 Ford Fiesta Flame 1.4 16V) When stationary with the engine switched off, with the steering lock disengaged, with the key left in the ignition. I turn the steering wheel left to right and wiggle it to find an annoying knocking noise, and this before I get to full lock. Now if I am right is this an issue with the steering rack, and tie rod ends that are covered with the steering boots??? This is an idea of the sound I have found via YouTube: