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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, Suffered the dreaded broken bonnet lock today. Managed to open the bonnet and remove the lock and now I'm just waiting for my local dealer to get me the little cross-shape section white plastic peice that engages the release mechanism in the actual lock. I had to remoive the lock/catch to open the bonnet and notice there's an aluminium-looking rounded top post sticking out the top of the catch - it seems to be above some electronics and I wondered if it was a microswitch for the security system. Problem is, it doesn't depress - doesn't move at all. My question is, should it move? If not, what's it for? Why does it have electronics?
  2. Morning all I own a ford focus CL 2003 and along with many others my bonnet lock has failed. I have ordered the lock repair kit from ford but I can find a decent tutorial on how to code the barrel to my key and fit the new barrel and rod. The catch is working fine - the barrel and rod is missing. Can anyone help !! Thanks Liam
  3. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    Hi all, We recently purchased a MK7 fiesta as a second car for the missus, that unfortunately came with just one key from a private seller. I'm aware that's quite common, but being a bit obsessed about security, i'm thinking of replacing the locks. I can probably source the parts from a breaker and fit them myself in hope the overall cost would be slightly higher than buying a second key (with fob) and getting it cut. I'm just wondering if i really need to source the ECU or could do without it. I've seen some sellers giving you the speedo and ECU together with the lock barrels, but my (limited) experience tells me that shouldn't be required, unless it's something to do with the immobilizer. I was thinking i need the following: Ignition barrel Driver's door barrel (without the mechanism) Delete any existing fobs and reprogram the new ones (Is this possible using ELM?) Are those correct? Did i forget anything? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Here's a new one! I lent on my keys which were in my front pocket of my jeans while gardening and all the windows of my Edge opened at the same time! How did that happen? TC
  5. Hi all, This is something that keeps happening for a while but just want to check if it's fixable before taking it to the mechanics. I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 2007 (UK) The "passenger door open" warning keeps appearing but the door is closed. It can be fixed when I open/close the door a couple of times. The issue is if I can't get the sign to disappear, the doors won't close from outside with the key. I don't know where the door sensor is to clean it or something. I've tried locking the door from the inside but the moment I try to lock the rest of the car with the key, it won't stay locked. I've put UK as on European cars, the problem could be recurrent on the driver door. Thank you for the help
  6. Passenger door lock help

    Hi, So I've recently just changed the regulator on the passenger side of my Ford Fiesta MK6 2003. Taking off the door lock was a piece of cake, but putting it back on is proving difficult. The screw that goes into the side of the door does not line up with the keyhole housing on the inside. Does anyone know if there's anything obstructing it from going in? Or is there something I'm missing?
  7. Ford Focus Year: 2002 I bought a used Ford Focus about a week ago. After buying it it has just been standing on my parking space unused, but now it won't open with any of my keys in any way! Have tried both keys in both driver and passenger doors but nothing at all happens when the key is turned. Have also tried changing battery in the key, but remote won't work either. So now I can't get inside the car! (The hood can be opened manually with a key, if it matters) Please help! What could be wrong and how can I fix this?
  8. Pally

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the cyclinder from the barrel of a Ford Fiesta Zetec Mk6.5 fuel cap lock? I recently noticed that the fuel cap lock is sticking every time I try to either lock or unlock the fuel cap. So I managed to remove it and take off the silver clip and black plastic (please see pictures). Now I am stuck on how to remove the barrel/cyclinder. My aim for now is to simply to disassemble, clean, re-lubricate and then reassemble the lock. If this fails, I will then look at buying a genuine ford cyclinder lock repair kit from maybe Ford Parts UK which I believe is about £40 to £50. Regards Pally
  9. Hi All, I apologise if this has been asked before. I recently bought a Fiesta ST3 and have quite bad anxiety when it comes to locking the car and can be quite forgetful sometimes. My question to you is does the car automatically lock if the fob is out of the car and I walk away from it or after a certain amount of time without the fob being in the car and the car being off? Thankyou for any responses :)
  10. I want to lock my focus zetec 2010 without alarm as I have dogs that occasionally I need to leave them in the car. How do I lock it without activating the alarm?
  11. Unfortunately, the central locking is playing up. Everything works perfectly except the driver's door 'unlock' when using the remote. The door can be unlocked using the key and can be unlocked (assuming the deadlock is not on) from the inside. I have checked fuses, checked for broken wires (nothing obvious) as well as removing the door panel. As I mentioned, everything else works fine. It seems it is not possible to pull out the connector (of the door wiring loom) hidden within the door frame without removing the door, so before I do that, I wanted to check that, when applying the appropriate signal (+12V ?, earth ?) to the relevant unlock wire of the loom, the door lock actuator was indeed ok (suggesting a broken wire/ poor contact somewhere else). But, the loom that runs from the door connector (hidden in the pillar) to the lock actuator plug in the door itself, which has nine wires (6 lighter gauge, 3 heavier), are ALL COLOURED BLACK !!!!! What's all that about ??? Anyway, I can access the 10 way plug in the door so can track back the nine wires and identify them, if I knew the pin configuration of this actuator module plug/connector itself ? Can anyone help ? TIA ....
  12. So I've seen this in bits on other threads, but nothing directly. I've got a Mk 2.5, registered 2010 (but its a 59 plate, so dont know if I should call it a 2009 or 2010?! the Dealers sold it as a 2010, but then again, they would ) anywho - On my old seat ibiza, it had the auto lock function, whereas, when you are setting off driving, one you reach a certain speed, say 5mph or w.e it was, all the doors automatically locked. Its an anti theft feature. Now I've seen somewhere on here that says the feature is disabled in the newer cars - and you need a software update before you can do the lock combo on the car to enable it (lock and unlock 3 times with electrics on/off etc) So I messaged a garage to ask them to do it. Ford specialists and that. They quoted me all in all, £72 ( i think, may have been closer to £90) to do this. I aint paying that! Has anyone else had this done by other means? I.e know someone that does it or whatever? I begrudge paying that amount of money for such a feature! cheers
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum and need some help. I have a 2007 Focus with the keyless entry system. On the driver, passanger and tailgate doors there is a black button for locking the door. On the driver door it works fine but recently both the passanger and tailgate buttons have stopped working. Pretty much within a few days of each other. I would like to know if anyone has had this problem and how they fixed. Is there some trick or do I have to order new buttons. Does anyone know wht htese are called. Kinda want to stay away from Ford dealer as they charge arm and a leg for parts and labour. Thanks J
  14. Hi, Can anyone help? The driver's door of my 2001 Ford Focus is rather rusty at the bottom so I'm thinking of buying a replacement door and fitting it myself - it looks reasonably easy to do. However, what about the locks in the door? Do I need to somehow switch the locks from the old door into the replacement door? Or does the new door miraculously work with my old keys because the electrics tell it to? Thanks for any help. Ian
  15. Re. 2015 Fusion: I know that I can open the trunk of my car by standing close to the luggage compartment with the key fob in my pocket and pressing the button on the underside of the trunk lid. When I give my car to a valet parking attendant, I want to make sure that he/she can't get into the luggage compartment/trunk. I see nothing in the car or the owners manual that addresses this question. I want to disable the ability of others to open my trunk. Can you tell me how you lock the luggage compartment /trunk so that the valet parking attendant is unable to access it?
  16. Hi folks. I'm new to forum's and not great with cars either and I have a problem with my 2004/5 ford focus 1800 tdi estate. Just recently, my one and only key fob collapsed. The fobs inside circuit damaged and useless. I have always used the fob to unlock the tailgate but now I can't get it open. The central locking works when using the key in drivers door but still the tailgate remains locked. I purchased a second hand fob from eBay and followed the user manual to set the code on it and this didn't work either. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can get my tailgate open. Cheers neil
  17. Picked up a 2014 Zetec S last week, incredible car and I am very happy with it. My old man moves the cars in the morning to get his off the drive. When I jumped into the car and tried to start it friday morning, the key wouldnt turn, so i wiggled the steering wheel very gently and viola, the key turned and the engine started. Whilst driving that morning I noticed that the steering is not as direct as it used to be and it is slightly loose and off center to the left. Does anybody know what this could be? I've read about broken ignition housings, steering wheel bolts and bent steering columns. It's only really a minor thing but it's driving me absolutely crazy! Somebody please help! I'm taking it into a garage tomorrow to get looked at, i'm hoping taking the steering wheel off may reveal a cracked plastic coupling or something? Cheers, Jon.
  18. Boot Stuck Shut!

    I recently posted about my faulty boot lock which has been making some odd noises and only working intermittently. Well it's finally given up, you can hear it trying to work and a loud grinding/clicking noise but it's as though it isn't quite catching the locking mechanism. I need to remove it in order to fit a new one but the boot is closed and locked, meaning I can't get to the 3 release bolts. Does anyone know another way into the lock? I'll just have to snap the trim off if it comes down to it and find another from somewhere I guess.
  19. Boot Locking Mechanism :(

    Hi all. Recently my boot locking mechanism started making a terrible noise when using the remote fob or the touch button on the boot, and its finally given up opening all together. I've taken it out and it needs replacing with the item below. I was just wondering if it would need activating by Ford before it would work with my remote key fob? Oh and it's a Mk2.5 2008 Focus if that has any bearing? Thanks in advance http://bit.ly/1f2y1Ya
  20. Mondeo Boot Problems

    Hi All, First off, thanks for any and all help on this. Problem is with my dads mondeo estate (58 reg) in that the boot wont stay shut, this has only started to happen since the snow, so my first thought was that some moisture has gotten somewhere, but would like someone elses opinion on the issue, so a quick run down of the issue, unlock the car, boot stays shut for about a minute then unlocks/opens, shut it again and a minute later its open again, you can here the switch/relay thing trying to open the lock even with it open. So i'm now thinking it could perhaps be the switch, which if it is, is it an easy replacement or something for the garage to look at? Thanks again
  21. Fiesta Locking Problem

    hi, i have recently purchased a 2003 mk6 fiesta, however, i have found out that the passenger door doesn't lock, with the key, or the remote or from the inside, my guessing is it is a seized door lock solenoid, which is on its way. The problem i have is in trying to remove the locking mechanism, i have some how managed to stop the outside handle from working, and the door doesnt catch on the latch any more can any one help me with trying to fix the handle at least, or a guide on how to remove and refit the door locking mechanism, i have been searching but cant find anything. Many thanks in advance!!
  22. Hi All, I am hoping for some help, so if anyone can give me some advice on the following I would be very grateful. Just recently my Y Reg focus has experienced a fault with the central locking. The passenger door no longer locks / unlocks via the central locking from either the remote fob or the drivers door. I will explain the scenarios i have witnessed. 1. When using either the remote fob, or the key in the drivers lock, or the switch on the inside of the drivers door, the drivers door and the rear doors all lock, but then immediately unlock again. The passenger door does not even attempt to lock and i imagine this is the reason that the other locks unlock again immediately. 2. If sat inside the car, pressing the switch on the inside of the passenger door does lock / unlock the passenger door, and all of the other doors via the central locking system. 3. If I lock the passenger door from inside the car using the switch and then get out of the drivers door and close the doors up, all of the other doors will lock using either the remote fob or the key, and they stay locked as I had already previously locked the passenger door from inside. Then when I unlock the doors either by the remote fob or the key, all doors except the passenger door will unlock as they are supposed to, but the passenger door stays locked. So, from the above, to me, the locking mechanism and motor of the passenger door appears to work fine, but not when given a signal from either the drivers door or remote fob via the central locking system. Could this be something as simple as a broken / damaged wire leading from the central locking unit to the passenger door motor, or is there something else in line that could cause this problem? If it is likely to be a broken wire, can anyone suggest where this break may be? maybe it is a common issue and there is a snag point which often causes a wire break? Anyway this is driving me crazy having to ensure i lock / unlock the passenger door from inside before being able to lock / unlock the rest of the car so if anyone can offer me some advice I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance, Marc
  23. Hi, i have a ford fiesta zetec s mk7, is it possible to enable doors to lock automatically when moving off?
  24. Hi I wonder if someone can help me. My key managed to break in half whilst inside the boot locking mechanism (For Focus hatchback LX TDi - X-reg (2000)). The end half of the key is on the other side of the key hole cover and not easily accessible. I need some advice as to how to remove this broken key. Any advice would be gratefully received. Kind regads, mi5tery