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Found 58 results

  1. A few days ago when the freezing temperatures hit I went out to get the car sorted so I could go to work. Long story short, the drivers door handle was frozen. I was as gentle as I could be wiggling it slowly until it opened. Unfortunately as it opened something broke and it now won't open the door. The central locking still works and the inner door handle will still open the door but not the outer handle. The question I have is, is this just a replacement of a cable within the door between the handle and the locking mechanism ( if the cable has snapped which I think it has) or would the whole locking mechanism need to be replaced (is it a "1 piece" solution)? I can't seem to find any photos or info on the internet that answers this. Also any ideas on price for either repair? Thanks in advance! Andy
  2. Has anyone else had issues with the headlight bulb coming loose, mine was loose when I took it for MOT 3 week's ago, when I got home I repositioned the bulb and pushed the retainer back on but the retainer seemed loose. Can I buy these separate, or do I need a new headlight assembly. TIA guys 👍
  3. Hi all, The wife's MK2.5 1.8 petrol Focus seems to be misbehaving. Basically when changing gear the car continues to rev as if the throttle is still being applied (for about a second or so). Basically when I come off the power and press the clutch, the revs will typically increase by 200-300 RPM for a second or so, before starting to drop down again. The revs seems to be a little slow to drop as well, although I'm used to driving a TDCi so tat might just be me. I'm wanting to get it sorted as it can't be doing the clutch plate any good. So far I've carried out the following steps to try and resolve it without any major success: Removed the throttle body, given it a good clean (it was covered in black crud internally), cleared the learned values using Forscan and following the reinitialisation procedure. (the car drives a little more smoothly but gear changes still don't "feel" right. Forscan telemetry confirmed that the throttle pedal position is being reported correctly with no lag. The difference between the requested throttle body position and its actual position is less than 1%, it also adjusts quickly so it doesn't appear that the butterfly valve is sticking. Has anyone got any further suggestions, I know this engine doesn't have an ICV so I guess I'd need to be looking at hoses (oh and there is not noticeable hissing when the throttle is applied). EDIT: I've found several references online to the "Power Steering Pressure Switch" sometimes causing this issue, any thoughts? Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated!
  4. Hi guys (and gals), Got a problem with my 2008 Ford Focus mk2.5, the outside/ambient temperature sensor isn't giving a reading and the red snowflake is permanently on the dash. I would usually just swap the sensor out for a new one (which I still may). But I know that usually when the sensor fails, it gives a stupid reading instead of just nothing. Is there a fuse for the ABT that I can check? Or anything else obvious before I swap the sensor? Thanks in advance! P.S how can I see photos in other posts? It just comes up 'photobucket p500' in the photo window?
  5. I have bought a ford focus 57 plate and I ve realised there is no sound coming from the back of the car. I ve had the rear door panels off and there are speakers there which should work and also the connection on then with wires heading to the head unit. The head unit is the original ford 6000cd MK2.5 version (sleeker looking one) and I can see the rear speaker cables coming out of the quadlock on the back. Tested the power both ends and there isn t anything going through, also don t have the stereo code so I can t change a lot at the moment. Any insight? I haven t fitted anything extra into the car which could affect it and I ve tried the balance and fader but when I set it to the rear it goes quiet.
  6. I am thinking of applying a light dark tint to my front headlights. I have searched several thread and sites. Some say that it's safe. Some say that it may cracks your headlight. Have anyone of you tried it? Does the quality play that much role or is it safe to order a cheap one from eBay for 5 euros instead of paying around 30 or 50 that the shops ask for?
  7. I am thinking of applying a light dark tint to my front headlights. I have searched several thread and sites. Some say that it's safe. Some say that it may cracks your headlight. Have anyone of you tried it? Does the quality play that much role or is it safe to order a cheap one from eBay for 5 euros instead of paying around 30 or 50 that the shops ask for?
  8. Focus Mk2 juddering

    Hi, ive got a 09 plate focus zetec s 1.6 tdci ive had it a few months but now its starting struggling at about 1100 - 1200 revs it starts to sort of hop like it wants to stall and the only way to stop it is to dip the clutch or to bring the revs up, any idea what it could be ?
  9. Hi everyone My Focus mk 2.5 diesel fuel pump died on me recently & i manged to get a used one for free-although it was from a mk1 i think. When this was tried it didn't work. I also was given the control module that was under the back seat but have been unable to locate this module in mine. I read online that it is located under the passenger side seat but have looked there & also the under the drivers side. Just wondered whether Ford decided to move it in the mk2.5? If anyone could shed any light on this it would be good! I realise it could be that the pump i was given is faulty-what's the best way to accertain this?
  10. Hi Guys been struggling now for a few weeks but have been trawling through websites and the most answers I have found have come from here so I am asking for more help specific to me... So Due to a flat battery I had to jump my battery but due to the mother in law!! love her to bits!! connected the + and - the wrong way round and killed my battery...so a new battery later making sure I got a Silver Calcium battery and I got the best one not the cheapo! and were back up and running but then after about 2 weeks the battery is going dead over night!...so there begins my google journey searching for my problem then the trip to the auto electrical shop and then back to halfords to replace a faulty new battery.... and then to start my google journey again.... anywho I have traced the battery drain to fuse 104 which is in the manual for "battery saver"....hmmm the irony and "internal lights" (no internal lights are staying on)so I have pulled fuse 104 and no more battery drain I have no interior lights which to be honest I can live without but What is the battery saver....during my google journey I found the wiring schematics for my model and after searching 137 pages 3 times I found fuse 104 and found that the battery saver relay is on the PCB of what every one is calling the ((GEM Module) which I call the Internal Fuse box) so its Soldered onto the main fuse box and on Ebay I can Buy one for £40-£400 but Matching up the Model numbers are proving Problematic as some people say they need to be programed to the car and others are saying as long as you match up a certain amount of numbers you can just replace then re-program the keys then your good to go....Anyone who has any insight please feel free to help Ford focus MK2.5.pdf
  11. Hi there, I'm new to this sort of thing but had no option to come here for some advice! My car is a 2008 Focus Mk2.5 1.6 Zetec (petrol) (67,000 miles) and for the past few months it's had terrible starting issues that aren't exactly consistent. I turn on the ignition and go to start and it will turn over fine with a few coughs (trying to fire) and averagely starting after about 5/6 starts. (As I said it's not consistent as this morning it started 2nd try). Sometimes I will have a message pop up whilst I'm trying to start which is either; 'ESP off', 'Aux Heater 0%'. Also, when eventually started, (I'm not sure of this is connected to the situation) it splutters slightly for maybe like 1/4 mile down the road, with slight loss of power. In the afternoon it starts up first time (usually) so it's normally first thing in the morning. Hopefully one of you guys can point me in the right direction, thanks in advance! (Edit) The truth is I probably created an account many years ago and completely forgot! 😂
  12. 2010 MK 2.5 Focus engine swap

    I have a 2010 mk2.5 Focus with a dismal 1.4L petrol. Looking to swap the engine with something more powerful. I live in the UAE but the focus was built in Germany. What petrol engines swap easily into this model? Labour is relatively cheap here and so are spare/used parts, the big question is which engine will fit easily? (petrol only-almost no diesels here) I'm also assuming the transmission will need changed. Catalytic converters are not really needed here under 5.0L so that's one less thing to change, I've already had that removed 😎 Advice for which engines to hunt for would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  13. My car, a Focus 2.0 TDCi, has been experiencing rattles that are progressively getting louder and annoying. It happens mostly on uneven roads, small bumps, and humps, but not really on the big potholes. Drop links / stab links, lower arm/ ball joints, shock mounts, engine supports and stab bar bushing replaced, but the rattle persists. I'm beginning to think that its the CV joints but need to be sure. If it is, would appreciate it if someone can get point to me the part number & brand that they used so I could get this issue sorted out. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, I wondered if anyone could help... I have a Focus Mk2.5 Titanium 1.8 TDCi - 58 Reg. Last night, the red battery light came on on my dash when I was driving to the gym. I went to the gym, came out and the car started fine but light remained on. This morning, I started the car and the battery (red), ABS (amber) and the Slip Indicator/Stability Control Fault Indicator (red) lights were on. The stereo also made a loud humming/buzzing sound depending how loud the volume was turned up, so I turned it down and turned the car off then jumped on the bus to work! Any ideas what this might be? The battery died in November and I replaced it with a brand new one... Alternator or ECU maybe? I will also add that the cigarette lighter is always powered, I have to unplug my dash cam every time I turn the car off otherwise it will stay powered on through the cigarette lighter - not sure if this is linked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy Friday!
  15. Does anyone know of a place online that will sell 5 Door Mk2.5 Focus ST or Zetec S side skirts (or at least ones that look similar)? I've looked around online and all i can seem to find are the cheap Fiberglass or GRP side skirts, which I don't want because they are far too brittle for the Northern Irish roads. I've only managed to find one set of ABS plastic side skirts online for £99, but they aren't the Zetec S/ST skirts I have been looking for. Does anybody know of a place that sells them? Preferably a place that won't cost an arm, a leg and a left nut to buy? Thanks.
  16. Hi chaps, since installing my drl's ive always wanted to replace my standard bulb head lights with xenom ones just because the go better together. I know the MK2.5 ST has xenom headlights so I'm just thinking I could replace my current ones with these but just want to see if yous have any thoughts on it? im driving a 2010 Zetec S. Thanks Steven
  17. Hi everyone, welcome to my project! I have just got my new toy! Black Focus Mk2 Facelift Titanium 1.8 TDCI - Re-mapped to give extra 30% Torque and BHP. I have had her for a week already and have got a list together and already made a start on my 'improvements'. Check out my list below: Fit RIP Tax Disc decal to windscreen. £3 Paid Fit aluminium style car mats. £0 Paid Carbon wrap key. £4 Paid De-badge Focus / Titanium TDCI badges. £0 Source/buy and fit Ford Gel badges to front, rear and wheels. £38 Paid Fit Heko tinted wind deflectors. £25 Paid Change side lights to LED side light bulbs. £0 Paid Change number plate bulbs to LED bulbs. £0 Paid Fit carbon number plate surrounds. £6 Paid Change number plates to private plate with DVLA. £80 Paid Fit private number plates (pressed). £20 Paid Remove and spray/wrap bonnet lip. £4. £4 paid Remove and spray/wrap hatch trim. £0 Paid Change interior bulbs to White LED: centre, foot wells, vanity, glove box, boot. £20 Paid Change headlights to HID 10k 55W Xenon headlight bulb kit. £20 Paid Change fog lights to LED Ice Blue Bulbs. £20 Paid Fit GPS, Bluetooth, DVD, Touchscreen head unit. £180 Paid Tint rear centre break light & rear reverse/fog lights. £10 Paid Repair: Whistling coming from passenger mirror/tweeter area. £0 Paid Paint brake callipers white. £20 Paid Buy and Fit new black honeycomb front left, centre, upper and right grilles. £110 Paid Repair: Doors don’t have catches, so when they open they swing around. £? Fit new speaker system in front. £70 Fit new speaker system in rear. £70 Get black locking and standard wheel nuts or nut covers. £30 Fit LED reverse lights. £10 Alloy wheel refurb. £150 Get rear bumper ‘touched up’ due to light paintwork damage. £50? *** Total spend so far - £560 Total projected spend - £940 The ones I have crossed through are the ones I have done! Still got lots to spend and do! I will post some pics of the mods I have done so far shortly. The pics I have posted first are of the car as how I brought it. Excited to see what you guys think of her and my plans! ---------------------------- UPDATE - 03.04.16 ---------------------------- So, here are some of the mods I have done so far. Only small but all makes a difference, right?! - Carbon wrapped key: Before - Carbon wrapped key: The wrap - Carbon wrapped key: During - Carbon wrapped key: After - Black and White Ford badges: Before - Black and White Ford badges: The badges - Black and White Ford badges: After - De-Badging the rear: Before - De-Badging the rear: During - De-Badging the rear: After - RIP Tax Disc Decal - Eminem Decal - After a weekend of small mods and a clean... This is how she looks at the moment (03.04.16) That's it for the weekend, more to come next weekend hopefully! Hope you all like, let me know your thoughts! ---------------------------- UPDATE - 02.05.16 ---------------------------- After a few weeks of miserable weather, I didn't see the point in cleaning the car for it to get dirty again straight away! So didn't take any pictures until this weekend. Here are the latest mods and pics! Let me know your thoughts people! - ST Wheel Centre Cap: Before - ST Wheel Centre Cap: After - Heko Tinted Wind Deflectors - Bonnet Lip: During (goodbye horrible Chrome, hello carbon wrap) - Bonnet Lip: After (Carbon wrapped) - Boot trim: After (goodbye horrible chrome!) - Personalised, pressed number plates & Carbon surrounds - Anonymous decal - Some general pics of how the car looks after this weekend (02.05.16) That's it for now, need to save some pennies to get new gloss black front honeycomb grilles sorted next! Watch this space! ---------------------------- UPDATE - 19.07.16 ---------------------------- It was a beautiful day and evening on the South Coast! The car was washed at the weekend. So it was a perfect opportunity to get some new shots, showing off my HID main and fog light upgrade (and the gorgeous scenery)... ---------------------------- UPDATE - 30.10.16 ---------------------------- I have fitted a 7" touch screen GPS, DVD, Stereo system, some chrome round heater dial knobs and tinted my rear centre break light! Check out the pictures below... - Before and after fitting the heater dials - New dials and 7" Touch Screen Navigation/Stereo System - Tinted rear centre break light ---------------------------- UPDATE - 21.11.16 ---------------------------- I bought some Gloss Black Honeycomb ST front grilles and fog surrounds - and finally go around to fitting them! Check out the new pictures below, it really does enhance the look of the car! I will get some more, better shots of the whole car in its current state when the weather improves and I have time to clean and take pics... - Before - After - During
  18. Reprogramming key?

    Hi Guys, Really simple question here. I recall seeing somewhere either on this forum or a different site that it is possible to program the MK2.5 central locking key to double lock the car when you hit the lock button once (instead of the standard - twice within 3 seconds). There was something to do with holding down two of the buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds but I just cant remember and for the life of me I can't find instructions anywhere! I recently got into the habit of double locking so I can see the indicators flashing from a distance to let me know the car is locked. Any help is appreciated!
  19. Hi guys, me again :) I have a few questions about the EGR valve for my Focus (MK2.5 - 1.6 Econetic - Jan 2009). First of all, where is it located? I never really searched it and I will try doing so when I'm back from work, however it seems that its position differs from the one of a MK2 model? Blanking it: When I blank the EGR with a plate, will the ECU complain about it? Will I get any dashboard errors or will I get something reported in the diagnostic? This is really important to understand for me as I need to make sure no errors are reported. Following my logic (as I'm ignorant on this subject) I would say "no errors" as I think the ECU will still notice the EGR working? If I'm right, isn't this going to cause issues with the exhaust gasses (I guess more compression?)? At the same time I'm thinking that if the sensor is sofisticated enought it'll understand there's no gas floating through and then light up and nice error? Is it against the law to blank it? I know that in Italy it is, I read that in the UK is a bit of a grey area and I'm not sure whether The Netherlands (where I live) also allows it or not. I'm sure there won't be a specific article in the law, but based on the EU laws I think it'll make it illegal. This is also why the above point is important. I would like to know if a mechanic that is just checking the car, will notice a blanked EGR or not during the yearly controls. Finally, if I were to perform this, what would your recommendations be in terms of kit to use or how to install it? Thanks a lot
  20. This is a guide to fitting a Light Switch unit with a dimmer dial to Ford Focus without one as factory fitted. The part used came from a C-Max MK5 PART NUMBER-4M5T13A024BA Undo the T25 Torx and pull off the panel to the door side of the drivers area. Unplug the ODB port from the panel so as to avoid damaging the wiring (needs 3 hands really to push 2 metal clips and pull the Port clear) I found it was easier to reach the locating clips of the light unit from the gap at the side and had to push, pull and wiggle the unit to get it out, finally pulled forward and down to unlocate the top one first then got the bottom one clear. Unplug the cable loom from the old unit. Check the units are the same size and the plugs are the same. Attach the new unit and test the lights, dimmer and levellers. Push the new unit into place (takes a bit of a push). Relocate the ODB port into the trim and refit to dash. Replace the torx and Roberts's your Mothers Brother.
  21. Hi everyone, this is my first post so apologies if it takes me a while to reply or generally figure this site out 🙃 I've recently bought a Focus mk2.5 2009 with 12k on the clock and I'm looking to do some interior and exterior modifications but could do with some help and info on what sites to look on for parts, this is the first ford I've ever bought so my knowledge of them is almost none existent! 😳 Thanks in advance everyone.
  22. 1.6 TDCI power cut off

    Hi Guys, My first time posting. I have a 2009 focus zetec 1.6 tdci diesel with 113K miles on the clock. I bought this car in April with 110k miles. Today I was out on a road trip and after driving about 100 miles I was switching to the outside lane on the motorway and the power just cut completely in the car. The revs dropped completely and the speedo just decreased as i pulled onto the hard shoulder and the engine stalled then (the battery symbol and the engine oil symbol appeared in the cluster). I turned the key off and back on and it started no issues. I then drove another 100 miles and 200 miles back without issue. There was no check engine light on at any point. I was also not accelerating hard, ~2k rpm. This has happened once before. I was going accelerating onto a round about (quite hard ~4.5k rpm - very stupid) and the car just cut after a few seconds. This was a few months ago. I put this down to revving the car too hard when it was cold but this might not be the case then? This was obviously a bit worrying because to tow the car home would be a couple hundred euro and thank god I didn't have to. I'll be checking for any codes on the car tomorrow morning and perhaps bringing it to a ford garage but I was just posting this here incase im resiting any common problems or symptoms.
  23. Hello! This is my first post to the forums so first I would like to start by saying Hi to everyone here! As I plan on doing some 'Modz' to my newly acquired Focus, I thought why not start a little diary on here to share with my fellow enthusiasts what I have done, and what I plan on doing to my car. A bit about my car: Focus 1.8 TDCI Mk2.5 'Facelift' Titanium in black :) Came with these larger 18inch alloys, not sure if this was an optional extra or if fitted at a later date, but I'm yet to see another Titanium with the same size as mine so that's nice :D Other features include full leather interior with heated seats, xenon lights, and I think it may also have the upgraded speakers package as they sound great considering it still has the standard Sony headunit, with component speakers in the front and rear (so 8 speakers in total!) Anyway, after owning the car around a month, I decided to start messing! First things I wanted to do was to get rid of the horrible grey front grills. Found some gloss black ST lookalike ones online which also came with matching Fog light surrounds :D Here is a picture of the car just after I fitted the upper and lower grills. Don't worry I have since re-fitted the number plate (although I plan on getting a smaller metal-pressed plate at some point without the 'GB' badge so that it will fit better onto the grill) I'm still yet to replace the fog surrounds, A. Because I'm not sure what the easiest way to remove them is and B. I plan on replacing the original lamps with LED's and using them as DRL's. Have a few more mods on top of these in the pipeline... De-Badge rear Black Gel badge overlays New alloy centre caps Wind deflectors Remove/repaint bonnet lip black Possibly re-paint brake callipers ST spoiler/skirts? Anyway, that is it so far, I will take some more pictures as and when I add more things, so keep checking back! Feel free to suggest any other things you think might be cool and share with me what you have done to your MK2.5! Thanks for looking! Tom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 31/03/16 So after patiently waiting for the post man to arrive, and finding some free time to get working on the car, ive added some more Mods! :D (Please excuse any dirt in these pictures, haven't had chance to wash the car...) Black Ford alloy centre caps: (any ideas what I can do about that ugly looking locking wheel nut???) Team Heko wind deflectors (and my FOC stickers) Gel Badges: And finally I got the new fog surrounds put on thanks to advice from Wheels93 (much appreciated!) Only thing left to do on the front end now is to get rid of that bonnet lip :) Thanks for looking guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 01/04/16 Cleaned it up today, here's some pics :D Headlight 'brows' going on tomorrow and might look at getting that lip off and re-sprayed... Will update in due course. Stay tuned :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: 03/04/16 Had a day off work yesterday so decided to spend a day down the garage having a go at a few things on the car... Two main things which have been done are the addition of the Headlight 'brows' and also took off the bonnet lip and sprayed It matt black! :D Few pics (again, excuse the dirt / marks / finger prints, gets so dirty so quickly...) So happy with how the car is coming along, going to look at spraying the chrome trim on the rear as well, hopefully have that done before the end of next week if all goes to plan. Also had a quote for getting the rims refurbed and re-sprayed, so stay tuned! :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: 05/04/16 Couldn't wait any longer so got my pal to spray up the rear bonnet trim whilst I was working ( that's what friends are for :D ) Must say he did an excellent job, so happy with the out come. What to do next is the question.... Really want to sort out the fog lamp, I think that will finish the rear off nicely. Although perhaps an ST spoiler wouldn't be a bad idea, certainly would give the car the 'sporty' look I'm trying to achieve. Now that I come to think about it there are quite a few things I could improve up on... A nice exhaust is definitely something I'm going to look into, weather I go for a full kit or just the back end is the question. Might also look at getting the rear lights tinted... lots of decisions... Any suggestions please throw them at me, I am open to any ideas on improving my car :D Got it booked in for a full service / check up / MOT tomorrow, so hopefully all goes well and no nasty suprises, fingers crossed. Thanks again for looking folks, hope you like what you see :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 05/07/16 Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Been really busy and not had time to update my post, although I have still been messing about with the car, as usual :) Mostly just small changes, but definitely worth it, you know what the say about how its the little things that count! I've chosen to go with blue as my 'secondary' colour as after all, it is a Ford! Changed the A/C Control knobs. Old ones looked tacky in my opinion and prone to dust and finger marks. New ones look much better and match with my colour scheme Also changed the interior lights. Already had footwell lights installed on my model so was as simple as just swapping the bulbs. Did the celling ones too but don't have a photo, really brighten up the car when you get in, I tend to have the front one turned off and the rear one set to come on with the opening of the doors so that it isn't too blinding. Also as you can see in the picture I managed to pick up some Momo Italy floor mats from my local TK-Maxx for a tenner, front and rear set, with blue stitching! Chuffed! Lights were the main focus (no pun intended) of my most recent spree of mods. I've swapped out the front side lights and fogs for LEDs, getting rid of the yellow glow with a much cleaner looking white. Was looking at changing my headlights too but as they are the D1S bulbs (I think?) they are around £100 for a decent pair, and I cant justify changing them without seeing first hand if they would make a huge improvement over my current ones. Ive ordered a DRL Kit too so that should be fitted in the next few weeks, will take some pictures of that for sure! Aside from all that I've also fitted a sub which I had from my old car. Didn't want to change my headunit as I'm happy with my stock sony one (which I believe is a factory upgrade anyway) so I had to install a Line Out Converter into the wiring at the back of the stereo. The only wiring diagrams I could find online for the stereo turned out to be partially incorrect so it was a bit of a guessing game, but through process of elimination I found the correct wires eventually and the whole thing is up and running! I'll leave you with some nice pics to look at :) Alongside my old mans Sierra 2.0i GT And one from the other day after I gave the thing a clean :D Stay Posted!
  24. Auto Open/Close Windows

    Just bought a used focus a few days ago and i noticed the driver side window opens automatically but does not close also, the passenger window also neither auto opens or closes which is quite annoying, i also cant use the key for this. Just wanted to double check that this isnt something wrong with the car. I tried a few of the window reset tutorials but they didnt work and i also wasnt sure if this was for my vehicle model. i have a Focus 1.6 tdci 2008 mk2 facelift i hope this isnt something that isnt available.
  25. Hi guys, I have recently started a bit of a project on my 2009 Ford Focus Titanium to retrofit mirrors with puddle-lamps and power fold capability. I removed the old mirrors and attached new (aftermarket) mirrors with puddle lamps and power fold. I purchased a two-way button from Ford which replaces the standard interior scan button by the door handle. (I dont have the power fold switch integrated on the drivers door arm rest module). After a search on Google ive figured out where the extra wire needs to go on the drivers door control unit (the passenger mirror connector is fully populated) to power the drivers side mirror fold motor. Current Progress I've managed to turn on the puddle lamps with ELMConfig. Currently when i lock the car the mirrors move in a bit (and it seems using the mirror adjustment switch i can move them out again using the left arrow ?). The puddle lamps seem to be working properly. Questions Q1) How can i wire up the two way button pictured above? Q2) What settings do i need to flick in ELMConfig so the car knows it has powerfold/puddle lamps (I have a modified ELM327 clone with an MS CAN switch)? Q3) Is there any mirror learning procedure required so the car knows how much to fold the mirrors in or out (like global opening/closing for the windows)? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.