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      it has been noted that too many Members are posting messages in the General Chat area instead of the correct Forums. Any messages posted in the General Chat area that are not General Chat will be deleted without warning and offenders may recieve warning points if repeated instances are seen from that Member. There are plenty of different Club areas that encompass 99% of Ford related posts, please select and use the correct one. If anyone is not sure of which area to post something then feel free to P/M myself or other Senior Staff for guidance. The Moderating Staff are having to spend far too much time chasing this problem instead of maintaining the other areas of the forum.

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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Ive already done one post on this but I still can't change the bulb. I have a Fiesta MK7 and need to change what dipped beam bulb. When I remove he rubber cap I'll add the photos below, I don't know what to do. Can someone please very clearly tell me what I need to do, I have tried twisting and pulling but I don't want to break it! Any help is appreciated thanks in advance! Sorry if I'm being stupid... all other guides look very different to mine... :(
  2. Hi all, In the past couple of days I've noticed a real lack of power from my 1.6 TDCI engine. Whenever I accelerate in 4th or 5th gear the power seems to come in pulses but again not overly powerful. Tonight whilst joining the motorway, again with the car feeling sluggish, the engine malfunction warning appeared on the trip computer followed by the check engine light illuminating. I tried to check the DTC code but it comes back with #00 NONE? What could the issue be? Kind regards, Luke.
  3. Hi everyone, looking for some advice, went to Halfords last week for one of those free winter car checks. When they tested my Fiesta's battery it gave off a reading off around 250/255A on the multimeter. The battery is in my Fiesta is supposed to give off a 390A (see pic attached), he said it's likely that it could be the same battery that it left the factory with back in 2007, he couldn't really give me a straight answer when i asked whether i should get it replaced or will it last a little longer (not really sure how long car batteries are supposed to last). He said that doing short journeys can harm a cars battery as well, just wondering if this is true or whether it's just a myth. If you think i'm best off getting a new battery asap some recommendations would be appreciated. I've only looked for new batteries on the halfords website, if you know any other retailers that do the same quality but cheaper batteries (including fitting) please let me know. Halfords do seem quite an expensive shop to me, D/S headlamp went out last week and i rushed over to Halfords to get a replacement, luckily they had certain bulbs buy one get one free so i got the bulbs for £25 but came to £37 after paying for them to fit the bulbs (£6 each side). He also said that my oil level is slightly above the maximum level on the dipstick and that having too much can be just as bad as not having enough. Do you think this will end up being a big a problem if i don't do anything about it or should it be ok so long as i keep checking the level?. The last thing i'm desperate to sort out is getting my drivers seat tilt mechanism working again, I've watched vids on youtube of owners carrying out the repairs themselves, it looks easy but knowing the luck I've got i'll probably make it worse. Rang my local ford lookers in Sunderland and couldn't believe how much they quoted for the repair, around £32 for the handle but £75 for the fitting because it takes an hour to do. Obviously until i actually take the handle off i don't know whether it's just the handle or whether it needs a new cable too. So to get it done by them would cost around £100 if it's just the handle or £135 if it needs a cable as well. With Christmas round the corner and me being currently unemployed money is a bit low at the moment. Can anyone tell me where i might be able to get the part/parts cheaper? please + if there's anyone on here that is also living in Sunderland that could carry out the repair for me for a lower cost i'd really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and replies in advance :)
  4. Focus Mk1 Coil Pack Failures

    So... I have a 1.6 Mk1 Facelift focus (52reg) which is just burning through coil packs... I have replaced 4 in the last 12 months, and the latest one is starting to develop issues at only a couple of months old. The last one was bought from ford for an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of any issues that may cause the packs to fail? Such as unstable electrical current or anything as wild as that? Cheers, A
  5. Where To Buy Ford Focus Parts?

    New user looking for advice on where's best to buy parts for my Ford Focus mk2 (2011)? I'm looking to purchase: x2 - outer door handle covers (both pieces) x1 - driver side wing mirror indicator cover
  6. Idle Control Valve

    would egr valve cleaner clean the idle control valve without damaging it? thanks for any replies.
  7. Knocking Sound

    hi, i have recently had the subframe changed due to being told it was twisted. Before i had it changed the only sign of a problem was a tracking off type feeling. and some quite severe knocking. when i had the subframe fitting I also had new drop links and anti roll bar bushes fitted.it as also recently had a lower arm fitted. Now to my problem, the knocking is still there, it seemed to be loads better for a few days and then seemed to start again. It never fully went it was still there on some bumps and when turning left. what else could it be? everything looks ok underneath and the mechanic that fitted the subframe said all seems fine too. I am thinking possible cv joints but the fact it seemed to be better and then come back it confusing me to be honest lol I think the knocking is coming from the front passenger side. i should point out that before i purchased the car it was in some sort of accident and other than the front cross member being bent and sending all the passenger side panels out of alignment everything as now been checked and/or replaced sorry for the confusing post lol thanks for any help
  8. Brake Cleaner

    would brake cleaner be ok to clean the throttle body and maf sensor etc. i used it on my old car and everything was fine just wondering if i should leave it alone with a focus. also i believe i have the vacuum hose problems any suggestions on how to find it
  9. Drive Belt.

    need to change my drive belt. its looking a bit old and cracked. The problem i have is i have never done one on a ford. i know its a simple job but would like to know more before i start. i have got 4 pulleys and i cant see a tensioner or any way of slacking the belt. would an o3 plate zetec have a stretchy belt and do i need special tools to remove it. i have looked online and can find a diagram with the same pulleys but nothing about how to slacken the belt. sorry for being think..
  10. Brake Servicing

    I have a 2008 2.0 tdci titanium 3 door. My brake pads are on the way out and whilst I was checking the pads today I noticed the discs are in pretty poor shape all round so figured I should replace them too. I have discs all round. I have gone through the procedures in the manual and have all the correct tools (I think) is there any merit in swapping to braided brake hoses at the same time and of course renewing the fluid? Any common pitfalls people can fall into? I was thinking of updating the pads and disks to ebc green stuff pads and either turbo groove or ultimate discs. Has anyone got any thoughts opinions on doing this? I am a relatively spirited driver (a bloke) and I would like a more responsive braking experience than I currently get. Cheers
  11. so my car had a idle problem, stalling at stops and so on, fixed that with a new idle air control valve, so happy about that, then the car ran perfect for like a month maybe, but then got a new problem, which is massive amounts of over revving now, doing about 3-4000 revs as soon as i put the clutch down, it also has a cruise control type problem which is really annoying, i have to have my foot constantly on the brake when crawling because the engine will go upto 4000 revs when the clutch is down, turning heads, causing noise, drinking petrol and overheating the engine, i have checked for vaccum leaks and there are none, what else could it be please help me what can i look for ? also i have a fault code cable but no software to check for anything else ? does anyone have any idea of programs that will work for ford fiesta mk4 1996, any i have looked at are for vw, or brand specific ones for their own devices. any advice would be great because the car is driving me crazy liam