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Found 75 results

  1. So I got fiesta 1.4 tdci 2003 130k miles real animal when it comes to work, I got blue ish smoke on acceleration, but nothing when at idle and in neutral, oil seals changed, no ticking noise nothing but got hissing noise from engine bay when accelerating, and oil after turbo in air intake don't know what to do, checked for leaks and found nothing, turbo seems fine any suggestions please. Thanks
  2. ***** Rattles

    So I have a 2009 Fiesta and i'm getting a rattle coming from the centre console, right below the plastic trim around the gaiter for the gear stick. The rattle is coming from the join between two trims on the left side of the centre console, they seem to be very loose for some reason and I need to either keep them together or force them apart where they overlap. I've tried taping them together, filling the gap (that's causing the rattle) with polyfilla, tissues, masking tape, duct tape, foam pads but it just looks awful. Anyone got any tips to help? This car is doing my head in!!
  3. Hi , i have a ford focsu mk2 2007 , 1.6 automatic , car drives with no problems, but when engien is on and the car in drive with the foot on the brake, there is a noise comming from the transmission. If the car is in P there is no noise just in R,N,D. Video here:
  4. Mystery noise

    Hey! My 1.0 Fiesta has started making a strange buzzing sound (sounds like an electrical buzz) whenever I'm driving, but the noise stops when I press my clutch down. Anyone have any ideas? dont want to point any fingers but I did install a bluefin a week ago and now I'm experiencing this.. just in case any one thinks it could be related! thanks!
  5. Picked up a 59 1.4 Titanium Auto a couple on months ago, and it is making a very loud ticking noise after starting from cold which can be heard in the video clip at In the clip, the first loud click at 16 secs is the aircon compressor clutch before I turned the aircon off. The ticking noise starts at about 20 secs. I made a start on an Is / Is Not analysis (problem solving tool we use at work).Is- Engine / Gearbox- Loud ticking- At idle with autobox in drive or reverse, car stationary.- At idle with aircon working hard (28deg outside temp), in neutral.- Driving forward & reverse with very light throttle.- When car has been standing, cold engine.- First 1/2 mile or 5 mins of driving.- RHS of engine.Is Not- Wheels.- Brakes.- Driveshafts.- Rattle.- Grinding noise.- At idle in neutral.- At idle with aircon switched off.- In drive or reverse with increased revs.- After 5 mins or 1/2 miles of driving.- When engine is warm.- LHS of engine.I am hoping to get it sorted under warranty, but any thoughts on the possible cause would be useful. Has anyone had a similar noise with their Fiesta?Thanks
  6. Hi all, hope someone could help with a noise on my ST220. This is the noise I'm talking about. Its coming from both rear wheels, but mostly rear left. Engine is turned off in video. It only starts after the car has travelled over a few miles, and it's more prevalent on a hot day. It doesn't seem to go away when the brakes are pushed, and the noise is tied to car moving speed. I jacked the car up (albeit when cold) and checked the calipers, regreased slide pins, regreased the pads and checked to make sure handbrake was releasing properly. Everything brake wise seemed fine, pads are a couple years old but have LOADS of material left. Discs don't seem warped. Wheels seemed to turn freely. My only other thought is whether it's the hubs. The sound seems like a rubber squealing (or like a squeegee on glass), and the only bits of moving rubber I know of are in the rear hub. Rear left has suddenly got very loud today, and right has slowly started aswell. Any input or opinions are appreciated, and sorry for the long post. Cheers, Tom
  7. Hello all, I am looking for a bit of advice or to see if anyone has had or is having a similar experience with their Mondeo. I bought the car last year and all was well until about 3 months ago when i suddenly heard a very high pitched squealing noise coming from one of the rear wheels, after i had parked it up for a couple of hours and got back in the noise was gone. Now i have noticed that after heavy braking periods the noise will re-appear very subtle just a intermittent squeak as the wheel turns and then it just gets louder and louder until it is a head turning constant hell raising scream, i have also noticed when i exit the car after this event the rear offside wheel is boiling hot. If we have no heavy braking events the car is perfectly fine, over the last 2 weeks i have done several 40-80 mile runs down the motorway with no issues at all, but a quick run to the shops when i had to brake heavily on one occasion set it off again. Things i have noticed: The squeal stops if i slightly touch the brakes or handbrake. Squeal becomes less noticeable while turning left or right. Rear offside wheel, brake disc, and caliper become VERY hot. Stopping the car for a few minutes seems to remedy the issue. Noise will eventually suddenly stop if i continue driving at speed (Motorway). Braking is fine, no grinding, fade or vibrations etc. Things we have tried: New brake pads twice (After several loud squeal events the pads literally turn to charcoal) New Disc New Caliper New handbrake cable We have wondered if it could be the wheel bearing, but would that not cause issues on every single journey? also the car just went through its MOT with no issues at all. Any help greatly appreciated. Nick.
  8. Hi All, I have a 2007 Ford Focus MK2 and an interior noise is driving me mad. It seems to be coming from the rear passenger's seatbelt. The noise itself is really difficult to describe. It's almost like an electrical buzz and the pitch / volume generally differs depending on speed and road surface. Harsher surfaces at lower speeds seem to kick it off more. Somewhat intermittent as on rare occasions I can have a short trip where I won't hear it at all. I've tried removing the trim from around the seatbelt housing and tightened the bolt but this has made little to no difference. If anything it's been louder than ever in the last few days and I can hear it over the radio unless I have it at a ridiculous volume. Any ideas before I take a large hammer to it? Cheers!
  9. I Purchased my first CAT D car yesterday and am very happy with it. Just 48,000 on clock and engine seems to be great. I have a couple of *hopefully minor* things I would like to clear up. (trying to play music through bluetooth) 1. Bluetooth Audio - From what I have read, it seems to be a complicated subject and strange. My car does not have USB (from what I can see) therefore I can not perform a software updatee unless their is another way around this? But what I am confused about is the fact the menu system seems to have the Bluetooth configuration built in ? I have an option from MENU > AUDIO > BLUETOOTH . At this point I get No Audio Device and my only option is to turn off my BT. My phone is already connected through Bluetooth and works great on calls . but just not on my audio. Is their something I am missing? I have also ready up a possible 2nd USB maybe in globe compartment, Whether or not if it just not possible. Hopefully someone can help me out. I have also attached some photo's of the Menu. 2. If I press my Clutch when my engine is running their seems to be 2 different noises. If the clutch is out it seems to be ( a little louder) when I dip the clitch in the noise seems to go away. I'm sure I have had this on other car's too, but doesn't anyone know if this is an issue with the car? It drive's flawlessly in all 5 gears. Regards Craig
  10. Hi all, I have had the current c max cor over 3 years now and other than the damn annoying squeaking dashboard, I have enjoyed it greatly, just wish there was a cruise control but you can't have everything. To cut to the chase, TURBO NOISE! Over the past year the turbo whine has become increasingly noisy, but now it has got to a horrendous screaming noise. I presume it is the turbo fan, but, I have read elsewhere it could be a number of things. Having replaced the clutch and dual fly wheel only last year I could seriously do without another expensive repair. How simple is it to refit a turbo?
  11. Hi there. So i have not long had my 07 plate Mondeo 2.0TDCi Titanium X but have noticed that if ipress the clutch in slightly there is a whirring noise... once i have got to the bite point and passed that the noise stops. There is no noise either when i have my foot off the pedal only when i press it slightly. Any ideas? Also don't know if it is related but there is a slight judder in 2nd gear when i release the clutch. Cheers Mark
  12. Hi all. Been about my car since getting some tips on my last post. While driving, the car was swaying/shaking (as if i was purposely shaking the steering wheel left and right quickly) iv also noticed some noise when I'm driving and I'm starting to think the 2 problems are related so iv took some videos of underneath my car when I push the each side by hand. (Can't video it when I'm driving). I Think it might be the suspension but iv really no clue. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Can't add a vid from my phone so here's a Onedrive link.!ApT0C6F2Q35YixhWJ0QCwj3xqO1w Note: Videos 1,2 & 3 are at the rear of the car. 4 is the middle looking at the front and Video 5 is the middle looking at the back. Thanks again
  13. Engine Noise

    Hi Guys wonder if any of your could help me, So late last month I purchased my second car (Been driving less than a year) from Perrys Ford. The car was great! 09 In black, only done 28k miles. So first issue the week I Bought it the fan belt went on it, So they replaced that for me (under warranty) Second week the engines timings were out and the car was constantly stalling due to this, This also got fixed under warranty. I've had the car back for 2 days now and I dont know if it is just me being paranoid or if it is making a strange noise, Please take a listen to the video attached and tell me what you think. Thanks Will
  14. Hi all, I have a 2014 mkV mondoe and am wondering if others are having problems with squeaks/rattles coming from the front passenger side of the car? This noise only materialises on the motorway, usually when driven above 65mph or so - any suggestions as to what this could be would me more than welcome! Thanks.
  15. Hello, A few months ago, I had ST coilovers (part #90321) installed on my 2012 Fusion at a local shop. The install went well at first and the car handled great. However, after a few weeks the car developed a loud clunk/popping noise in the rear left. I took it back to the original shop and they thought it was likely a bad endlink. So I ended up replacing the endlink to no avail, the noise was still there after. Next, I took the car to another local shop and they had an idea that it was the spring isolator. I emailed ST and they said there should be no isolator installed, just the spring perch included in the original kit. So I sent them a picture of both sides and they said both sides looked ok. They thought that one side was probably a little higher than the other and sure enough they were right - the left side was about half an inch off so I raised it. Still no luck, the car is a little less harsh now but the annoying clunk is still there. I'm wondering if it's possibly a bushing - such as one in the Upper Control Arm making this noise and the shops are missing it. It's been driving me crazy and I'm not sure what the next option is short of reverting to stock. Thanks for reading! Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  16. So recently iv come across a grinding noise coming from the front of my car, and I have no idea what it is but when the car is moving I can hear it. sometimes it is really loud, other times not so loud... I have had the front end jacked up, checked the wheels for any play thinking it could be a bearing but there is no play. I recently had both rear wheels bearings changed and had new disks and pads on the front under 500 miles ago. Could it possibly be the disks? Thanks for any replies.
  17. Hi again, As many of you may know, I waited 4 months for my beloved 2013 Fiesta Powershift Titanium X to be built, and was finally delivered on 19th July 2013. About 2 months after, I started to notice a grinding/rattle noise whenever the car changed gear at low speed. And started to make the car judder when pulling away. (Which I assumed was down to tyres needing to be inflated, but turns out I was very wrong) I know you can always hear SOME noise from an auto and this one is a dual clutch so I figured it was just down to that, so I ignored it. Over the winter however, it has got much much MUCH worse, and I took it into Benfield Ford. Not once, but 3 times. Got fobbed off with "...just needed a software update..." Didn't make a difference, and just when I was at the brink of just ignoring the noise and the juddering and struggling to change gear, I went to Oxford (300 miles from my home in North Yorkshire) and it got so bad that it was making the noise constantly. To cut a long story short, RAC put me in a Premier Inn for the night, RAC bloke comes out in morning and takes it for a spin - it made a horrific scraping noise (to which he said "Well blow me down.....). He followed me half way home and then we met in service station and told me I could attempt to drive it home as he thought it would most likely be safe (but to pull over and call them back if need be) or he could recover me home. I chose to try drive it home, which I did do. Then once I was back I took it into Ford and this time I DEMANDED the HEAD of the service department comes out with me for a drive until it made the noise...... Not a sound for 20 minutes (though plenty of juddering and struggling to change from 1st to 3rd), and at this point I'm practically BEGGING the car to make the noise! But nothing.....until right when we're pulling back into Benfield, when she let's loose "Grrrrrriiinndddd.....and the service manager's face goes pale. He knew there was something VERY seriously wrong with that gearbox.... That was 3 weeks ago... I've been given the most horrific Peugeot 308 hire car (I know beggars can't be choosers, but this thing is the epitome of crap french build quality -or lack of- and it point blank refuses to reverse) and my Fiesta is STILL parked in exactly the same space at Benfield that she has done for 3 weeks. Apparently they are replacing the 'Clutch Assembly?!?!' (Not entirely sure what that is) I rang up earlier to find out if there was any update and got told the EXACT same thing I was told this time last week... "We've got all your parts, we're just waiting for some sealant. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks.." - Now, is it me, or is that pretty disgraceful that: A: My brand new car needs repairs so severe that they need 'sealant?' & B: That I'm being made to wait all this time for some sealant that apparently could even be out of production, rendering this whole ordeal to continue for several weeks, if not months from now. Apparently, this is a very common fault with the PowerShift gearbox on all Ford Automatic Models, but more commonly with Fiesta & Focus. So my question is, do any of you, or have any of you had the same problem with an Automatic (Powershift) gearbox??? How long did it take to be solved?? Many thanks, apologies for the long winded rant! Tracey
  18. Hey, First post, need some help with diagnosing a noise coming from my engine. I've been working away from home so the car's barely been moved in 3 weeks. Just drove into town and there's a strange noise coming from under the bonnet, which got worse as I parked up and left the engine ticking over. Best way to describe it is that it sounds like a butterfly rattling around under the bonnet but it stops as soon as I turn the engine off. It sounds as if it's right behind the centre console and is really loud when I'm stopped at lights etc. It's not noticeable at 60mph but I can hear it when I'm driving around at 30 or less. Any ideas on what it could be or advice is appreciated.
  19. Ford Fiesta Mk V Cabin Noise/Upgrade

    Hi All, I've had a Ford Fiesta Mark VI Finesse (2004 model) for about 3 years. First car, just needed something quickly. Took it to the garage recently, and the staff commented "That's a really lovely car" which I didn't really understand as i consider it basic....but he said it runs well for it's age and I see his point, a really nice drive and hasn't let me down yet. However, I've started to do a fair bit of motorway driving regularly and I find the cabin too noisy on longer journeys (I've got tinnitus already from numerous concerts/loud music over the years and it makes it worse) so I'm seeking to make the cabin noise quieter. Will garage staff dampen the insides/doors etc if I buy the materials for it? Don't really want to go messing with the interiors and taking doors apart etc, as don't know what I'm doing really and don't want to mess it up. Also, how do the new fiestas/focuses fair on cabin noise compared to the Mk V's? I am considering upgrading. I cannot really afford a nice quiet bmw, vw or audi at the moment as saving for a mortgage, so my upgrade will probably be modest by newer models, though I'm happy to hear from anyone regarding what is quieter to drive and any next car upgrade recommendations? Wheels are 14", non-alloy, and tyres are Hankook Eco Kinergy, they seemed to fair quite well on road noise, but it's noisy all the same. Thanks a lot for the help! G
  20. I can hear a weird noise from the engine when it's running on idle. The intensity of the noise varies and only stops when the clutch pedal is pressed. Is this normal? My model is a Focus Mk. 2.5 (2012) 1.6l with manual transmission.
  21. Clunk after coming to a stop

    Hi, I have a 2015 Focus 1.6TDCI with approx 14k miles on the clock; I have had the car for 3 months. I have noticed a single clunk mechanical noise which occurs mainly when the car has come to a stop and is stationary; usually between 4 and 15 seconds after coming to a stop. The engine can be running or off, in gear or out of gear, clutch in or out, brakes on or off, air con on or off; just a single audible clunk which can be felt through the pedals. I have also noticed the noise at very slow speed after setting of from stationary; i.e. come to a stop, wait for a few seconds, set off then 'clunk'. I suspect it may be the drive shaft sliding back home after moving under load whilst driving? Otherwise car drives fine. Anyone have any ideas, is this a characteristic, should I expect Ford to be able to fix it? Regards, Richard.
  22. I have a 15 reg Mark 3.5 Focus 1.5 Tdci Titanium 5dr 6sp with about 25k on the clock (which I love ... nicest car I've driven and I say that having previously driven BMWs/Audis for 15 years). I was pulling into an exceptionally tight car park space the other day and found I had to do some toing and froing (some of it at full lock) in order to get pointed into the space. The parking space was clear and I drove in forwards. At about the halfway point there was the most horrendous scraping / grinding noise ... it sounded like I was forcing the car over a high concrete kerb ... at the same time the car appeared to brake (I say "appeared" because I cannot promise I did not immediately brake the car because of the noise, but my remembrance is the car was slowing before my foot reached the brake). I stopped the car, switched it off and looked underneath ... nothing. I backed the car out of the space (no grinding or scraping) and had another look ... nothing. I then got back into the car and drove it into the space with no problem. I have not experienced the noise again ... so far. I had to take the car into my dealer for its 25k service and explained what happened ... I told them I did not know what I had contacted with, but I had most certainly contacted with something. I also said that the noise was so horrific that I must have damaged something. They promised to look into the matter. When I returned to pick my car up the service advisor (whom I had told my tale of woe in the morning) did not mention the issue! When I asked her she said, "Oh! Yes. Nothing showed up" whatever that means! Do any of you knowledgeable types have any idea what might have happened? As an aside the dealer had carried out something called a "Visual Health Check" as part of the service which the car passed 100%. Look forward to hearing from you.
  23. Hello Everyone, Re: Changing Gear/Clutch Grinding Noise - Ford Fiesta Ghia, 2003, 1596cc Went on a 5 mile round trip today and noticed that when I pressed the clutch in I could hear (and feel) a grinding noise/vibration through the clutch pedal.. I've noticed for quite a while (year+) that when I set off in first gear there's a judder when lift the clutch out and start moving, but it only happens in first gear. Any advice would be most appreciated, especially possible repair costs? All the best, Amanda
  24. My 07 fiesta is make a whirring noise as if there is something stuck in the vents or something is vibrating when going into a headwind at speeds of around 60mph and above. Anyone have any immediate ideas on things to check that could come loose or how to look for vent blockages
  25. Whenever I engage my brakes I get a reasonably loud clunk from the front right of my car, it only does this when it is moving and wont do it stationary. I've had multiple mechanics look at this including one from Ford and they don't have a definitive answer. Bushes are all fine, drive shaft all fine, and no obvious play anywhere according to everyone I have seen. Plenty of life left in the pads and the brakes are fully functional. Such an annoying loud 'clunk' and it doesn't even do it all the time but when it does you know about it!! If anyone has experienced this and found out what it is they would be a life saver!! Thanks in advance :)