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Found 81 results

  1. Hi All, Quick question that I've failed to find the information on a search of the forums or on the internet - got an issue with my S-Max's thermostat: What temperature does the official Ford thermostat rated to open on a 2.0l Petrol Duratec HE engine 145ps. Other third-party versions seems to be anything from 80C to 92C - confusing! Part number 1476110 Focus MK2 1.8/2.0 Petrol Thermostat & HousingFits 1.8 Duratec (125PS) Petrol EngineFits 2.0 Duratec (145PS) Petrol EngineFits From: 29-03-2004 To: 15-01-2008 Thanks.
  2. Hi, This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering whether it’s okay to use an induction kit designed for a 1.6 Ti-VCT Petrol Fiesta on my 1.6 TDCi Fiesta. The induction kit in question is a Pipercross Induction kit (http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Pipercross-Induction-Kit-Ford-Fiesta-Mk7-Ti-Vct_877.jsp). I have a basic mechanical knowledge, but would like the opinion of someone with a little more experience, as I’m a little paranoid about damaging the engine, and unless I know it’s safe to do, it won’t be getting fitted. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Smelling petrol in engine bay

    Hi all last week I was working under the hood of my 1997 Fiesta Flight, and I could smell petrol in the engine bay and now it's starting to smell inside the car when the fans are on. Anyone know what could be the issue?
  4. From the album Mondeo

    2017 ford mondeo st x 2.0 turbo 240bhp black with extra bits
  5. Hi all, on the 22nd October, 4 months after passing my driving test I purchased my first car. A 2005 mk2 Ford Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 petrol for 1175 GBP. I live in the north east of Scotland and got it from Edinburgh so 4 months of no driving having to do 170 miles was enough to get me used to the car. Being my first car my knowledge was limited and as time has passed the car had a few problems. Overall by now I have spent around 3000 GBP on the car not including the price of the car to begin with and although it has had problems the car I feel has been brought back to life. As I have owned this car I have learned more and more about cars in general. Always had a high interest in cars but obviously it grows when you get your first car. Anyway enough rambling. This is the car as I bought it > Then to current day > Things that have been done/repaired: (DIY mods) Exterior -tinted tail lights, head lights, indicators, fog lights, reversing lights/rear fogs -xenon white headlights, sidelights, full beam lights, registration lights, reversing light -sunstrip -wind deflectors -refurbed and painted alloys -carbon fiber wrapped plastic trim above fog lights -painted front grill -debadged the 'focus' and 'zetec' from the back -brake drums painted black -rear ford badge 'tinted' black -mudflaps rear and front Interior -new gear gaitor -carbon fiber wrapped central climate control panel, lower geat gaitor panel, steering wheel inserts -blue pvc trim round central climate control panel and air vents -leds in footwell -blue st style mats -aftermarket double din stereo (bluetooth aux etc.) -xenon white interior light, boot light -seatbelt harness covers -circular climate control knobs (Non-DIY mods) Exterior -custom made catback exhaust system Interior - N/A (DIY Repairs) Front brake discs and pads Full service (Garage Repairs) 2x Front wheel bearings 1x rear coil spring 2x rear shock absorbers New timing belt New spark plugs and leads 2x rear shock top mountings front suspension arm bush New clutch New handbrake New water pump New stock exhaust (before the custom catback) Plans for the future: Tint the back windows Paint the lower bumper black (the grey plastic) Paint the spoiler black (instead of grey plastic) Paint the brake calipers (blue or black undecided) Possibly get side skirts/bumpers (unlikely) Fix up the rust spots on the wings and sills Change colour of lights in instrument cluster and central panel Will get better photos/exhaust videos once the weather improves.
  6. I am filling up my tank fully and I am only getting approx 100 miles out of it. I know this isn't right. But I don't know how to get it sorted without costing me lots of money.
  7. Im wanting to buy some alloys if anyone is selling some (Not after the ford alloys). Just unsure on whether to stay with 18"s or to go 19"s. I have coilovers at the moments which needs to be fitted so can adjust to any height. Also Wanting to get the ST Flat Bottom Steering wheel which i need to know will fit my car and also if the cruise control function will work as i don't have that. I know that you need to mess around with a software to enable it but just want to know if i get the buttons and the wiring for it will it be a plug and play sort of thing with enabling it through a software or is it more harder than i think. Any suggestions on what mods to do to my car feel free. MODS DONE SO FAR: ST SPOILER, LIGHT SMOKE TAIL LIGHTS, HEKO WIND DEFLECTORS, DECHROMED, DEBADGED, GEL BADGE OVERLAYS, REAR WIPER DELETE. Thanks
  8. Hi guys new to this, need a little help. I currently own a mk6 1.2 and I'm upgrading to a zetec s. I'm unsure of wether to get a petrol or a diesel? I plan on making this my little project, which would be best?
  9. Hi guys new to this, need a little help. I currently own a mk6 1.2 and I'm upgrading to a zetec s. I'm unsure of wether to get a petrol or a diesel? I plan on making this my little project, which would be best?
  10. Mk 7 1.4l or 1.6l Petrol?

    Hello I am looking to buy a used Mk 7 Fiesta. I will do around 1000 miles a month (200 on motorway, 50 in city a week) until October, and from then on it will be city driving so around 5000 miles annually so this is why I'm choosing petrol over diesel. I would like to have Bluetooth if not then definitely USB and AUX . I know titanium has all of this but not sure which other trim levels do as standard (maybe Zetec?) Currently when I drive at 70 it does just over 3000rpm in my mk6.0 1.3l petrol. I understand the newer engines are more fuel efficient and do more revs at high speeds (3000rpm at 60mph in 1.4l, that's what I've read online). I just wondered how many revs the 1.4l does at 70mph compared to the 1.6l engine and which one is worth looking at. I have a £4,000 budget any suggestions?
  11. Suddenly losing power

    I have a 06 plate Ford Focus 1.6 petrol Zetec. I've had it a year and it's been great so far, no problems at all. A month ago whilst driving it all the warning lights on the dash came on for a few seconds, then all went out again. Afterwards the car seemed to have lost power. Although it was still driveable, there was little power when accelerating. When I got home I checked everything over and all seemed okay. I got back in the in the car and it looked like the problem had disappeared. But then exactly the same thing happened a few days later. All the warning lights come on, then loss of power. When I stop the car and restart the problem disappears. It's done this a few times now. It's very intermittent. Maybe two / three times a week. Any ideas what the problem is? I've never had a problem like this with any of my previous cars.
  12. People always say diesels are for people who do the mileage and should not be bought for short trips. What exactly is harmful for diesel cars by doing short trips. I mean short trips are bad for any car really. The obvious answer is the DPF & EGR from my knowledge. This will get blocked with soot because the driver wont be doing motorway runs to clear it. That is obvious but what if the DPF is removed or the car doesn't have one (for example MK2.5 1.8tdci). Also imagine the EGR blanked too. What damage is being done to the engine then by doing short trips? Anymore so than a petrol even?
  13. Hi My first post I have a Ford Focus 1.6LX, Petrol Manual 2006, every so often when I drive it all the lights pop up on the instrument cluster and the car goes in limb mode. The mileage clock also goes clear. Whilst I'm driving I sometimes don't know what speed I'm doing and always have my sat nav connected on my phone just in case. If I leave it for a few hours or overnight it almost certainly starts on the button and drives really well when working. First I brought some WD40 switch cleaner sprayed the connections at both ends the car drive fine for ages 130 miles in fact. I was chuffed until the fault came up again. I'm in a bit of a predicament. I purchased a second hand cluster for £50 on eBay. Thinking swapping the cluster would fix the issue, but the car never started with the second hand cluster. I researched later that it needs programming. I'm struggling to find someone who can programme it for me at a reasonable price. I've even looked at doing it myself via a ELM to USB cable connect to my laptop. Download the correct software. The thing is if I mess it up at worse the car is kaput at best I'll repair for the cost of a £20 cable and learned something along the way. I've also looked up online where you can get the cluster repaired for £100/£120 with a lifetime warranty. But then I've only gone out and spent £50 on the cluster, I'll just re-sell on eBay. I don't want be throwing money to a car that's not worth a great much but at the same time it's only done 51,000 miles and as I said drives excellent when fully functional. Any advice, links, engineer repairs would be greatly appreciated. I'm based in Essex. Thanks in advance 😃
  14. Hey guys. Probably a stupid question, but does anyone know which kind of Air Filter my focus would take? I've put my Reg into Eurocarparts and it gives me two different type. A flat one and a round one. I'd have gone out and looked myself, but I'm so busy at work the next while, I'll barely have a chance to start pulling apart airboxes and stuff Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hey guys, probably a stupid question but...How can I figure out which kind of air filter my car uses? I know the simple answer is to go out and look for myself, but unfortunately due to working retail and it being the run up to christmas time I barely have time to scratch my butt, Let alone pulling apart an airbox in the car! Just looking a bit of advice as I want to get the parts in for a service but Euro car parts is giving me two different kinds of filter. A normal 'flat' one and a round, cylinder one. So...Which is the one I need? Car is a 1.6 petrol MK2. Many thanks.
  16. My new Focus

    Hi guys and gals, Below are some photos of my new Focus, always wanted one and now I have one. There's also a photo of the Red LED's I've put in footwell and front roof light (map light??). I'm not a mechanic, but i'll give most things a go. (Currently modding a Ford Puma into a road rally car with a mate (i'm the nav), who's a mechanic, so am learning a lot there) Can't quite see but I've vinyl wrapped some trim as well, not much though, just the steering wheel and silver trim around gearstick. It's a solid red colour and i'm not sure. Ordered in some Red Carbon Fibre vinyl to try. Anybody wrapped trim in a red colour and got some photos?? Got a couple of questions aswell which I can't seem to find the answer for when using search or googling it. Firstly the red footwell lights just use the standard mount and bulb holders with LED bulbs in at the moment. Looking to fit an LED strip instead as it's brighter (or move the holder to a more central position and see how it looks) and am wandering if the wiring for the standard footwell lighting is sufficient enough to use for say a 15 - 30cm LED strip, or even if the wiring is even suitable to be soldered to an LED strip. Not keen on taking too much trim out and hard wiring things in to the fuse box, or door lights etc only 3 days into ownership. Secondly also looking to colour or hydrodip the front grill, anybody got any experience, or have done this and have a photo?? Just thinking it'd be a shame to add all this colour and light inside for none of it too stem to the outside. Any other simple mods, hacks, ideas, links, guides, tips or hints greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for replying!
  17. Hi everyone, this is my first post so apologies if it takes me a while to reply or generally figure this site out 🙃 I've recently bought a Focus mk2.5 2009 with 12k on the clock and I'm looking to do some interior and exterior modifications but could do with some help and info on what sites to look on for parts, this is the first ford I've ever bought so my knowledge of them is almost none existent! 😳 Thanks in advance everyone.
  18. Hi to everyone , my mondeo mk3 1.8 petrol 166000 miles needs timing chain changed , just want to ask do anybody have e manual or some pics with timing marks etc , any help would be appreciated
  19. Hello all, Would any of you good natured Ford Owners be able to advise me of the torque settings for the exhaust manifold please? Are the nuts copper alloy? The flexi coupler has failed the MOT and I need to change this section of the exhaust, welding a new flexi in is not in my skills set and they're not much cheaper than the whole assembly, but I may be able to manage changing the whole thing. Any advice from experience of changing this section would also be much appreciated! P.S. if anyone has a pdf or a link for the red cover Focus 2001-2004 Haynes Manual, I'd really really appreciate it, as I need to get on with this today and can't wait for mail order. (or even a screen shot or scan of the pages covering the exhaust manifold would be very useful and really appreciated) Thanks and appreciation,
  20. Hey guys I am new to the forums, I have a 2003 Mk6 Fiesta 1.25L 5 door in pepper red burgundy. I have noticed a hissing sound from the engine bay that I have narrowed down to (what I am assuming) is the fuel rail return line. It has a quick release clip with a red button on either side, this clip is situated on the right side of the fuel rail while facing the front of the car. I removed the clip and the hissing stopped, it would also change pitch if I wiggled it (fuel didn't go everywhere). I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a new clip/internals of the clip. As well as the hissing, on start up I can smell petrol while outside the car. The smell goes away after a short amount of time Could this be because of the hissing fuel return line? Because the cat hasn't heated up? The MOT is next month and I am worried that it could fail because of that. Thanks for your time, any help would be appreciated!
  21. I have a 56 plate ford focus 1.8 petrol. Have just noticed that the air filter housing is loose. Looks like screws have stripped as they do not keep the housing firmly down. Screws do not seem to come out of the housing. Any advise of how to fix.
  22. Hi folks, I'd be really grateful if someone here could tell me, categorically, if it would be ok for me to put the 'more expensive unleaded petrol' in my car. I have a Ford Focus Edge 1.6 2011. I usually fill up at Tesco so it would be their Momentum I'd be looking to try. I really don't know anything about this and have always been curious about filling my tank up with this 'other stuff'. Will it damage my engine, will my car even accept it? Sorry to sound so thick but like I said I just don't know anything about this. People I know have told me it will be fine and that I should try it but I've always been hesitant to be honest. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Ewan.
  23. Now I'm aware there isn't a petrol cap in my new fiesta, with the easy fuel system. However, the flap you open to put the nozzle in, should this lock with the central locking? Because mine doesn't lock, and you can open the flap regardless, just wanted to see if this was right?
  24. West Wales(ian)

    Hi all, Firstly thank you for reading my introduction. I'm currently living in West Wales, and have recently bought a 2008 Focus Petrol 1.6, upgraded from a 1.2 2002 Clio. I also own a Ford Puma, which i'm currently building into a road rally car with a mate for our first event in October, if all goes to plan. Love Fords, always have, un-usre why, but love them even more after stripping and re-building the Puma. It's all so simple, in the sense that the trim comes out easy, the seats are held in place with four bolts, which arent tucked away or hidden (I had to jack the car up to undo the bolts on the Clio from the undernaeth, it was a pain). Everything just comes out and goes in so easily. I'm not a mechanic but a, i'd give it a go, style mechanic, and am eager to learn. Saves on labour bills! I'm looking to do a few aesthetic modifications to the Focus, nothing drastic like a bodykit, but wheels, lights, the odd bit of trim, subtle would be the word that comes to mind. The first being LED lighting on the inside, just the footwells. I'm also looking to do some small mechanical upgrades as well, air intake, exhaust, disc conversion on back from drums etc. Any help on any of these would be much appreciated, and i'm sure there'll be a topic on these soon. Thank you all, and i'll speak to you soon! Dan P.s. Photo attached of Puma in garage being sorted, think rear axle bushings were being done at time of photo, horrible things to get out! Nice Poly ones went back in though.
  25. Hey guys So I've been trawling through these forums however so many different models / variants are covered it gets somewhat confusing tracking down people who've had similar experience with the same model of car. I have a 2006 Ford Focus MK2 1.6 petrol which is losing oil. About 1 liter every 2k miles (2 months), but this is sporadic. My round commute is 56 miles, mainly dual carriageway miles however even though my driving style is fairly consistent oil loss is not. It won't move for weeks then it'll loose a visible amount in a few days. There is no visible signs of leakage, no obvious blue smoke from the exhaust and so noticeable decrease in power or fuel economy. Is there anything simple I can check before assuming the worst? I've tried looking for the typical PCV valves but can't find the part online or in the engine bay (does the mk2 1.6 petrol focus have a PCV valve?) I've also removed and cleaned the breather hose running from the top of the engine to the air filter assembly (was a little oily but not clogged in anyway) Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just a push in the right direction / a link to another forum post. Thanks!