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Found 3 results

  1. Fiesta wing mirror

    Hello everyone, new to both the forum and Ford here. Apart from the occasional uncomfortable crunch when trying to reverse the brand new (Less than 5 months old now) 2015 Fiesta 125 EcoBoost Titanium X that we recently bought, and a few minor scratches on the boot door and the trim in front of the passenger seat that I should’ve mentioned to the dealer when I noticed them a week or so after purchase, I’ve been happy with the car so far. As usual though, there’s always a but; a few days ago I was having one of them days and I caught the passenger mirror while reversing, luckily though I realised what was happening soon enough, pulled forward slowly and the mirror eased itself back in position (It was pushed towards the front of the car). It was a very minor spring like catch that I was sure the mirror could take, however to double check and save myself the hassle of worrying, few minutes later I pulled over to test it, tried to adjust the mirror and power fold it to see if I caused any damage but everything was working fine. When I got back home later that day I decided to give it a deeper inspection and that’s when I wasn’t happy, a little bit of a cosmetic discolouration on the black frame around the mirror itself which I think is easy to remove using one of Autoglym’s rubber and bumper cleaners (Hopefully!) But the serious problem now is that the mirror itself was (and still is) solid in place, but the mirror housing that’s attached directly to the passenger door was loose and a bit fiddly, so I looked inside the door and found the round rubber cover and thought I’d take a look, found the nut, got the tools to tighten it, but it was tight already, worrying that I might break anything if I try to tighten it any harder, I left it and decided to look at the loose housing part, couldn’t see anything physically wrong with it and it was getting dark and late so I left it. Next chance I got to check it again for further inspection, I still couldn’t see anything wrong, so being the ‘geeky’ guy that I am, I decided to take the whole thing off for a more detailed inspection! It’s a bit hard to get deeper into the mirror assembly with the cable still connected, but I managed to pull the ‘foam’ cluster inside the plastic housing that’s attached directly to the door and I think I found what’s wrong: 2 ‘melted’ plastic style bolts that were holding the plastic housing onto the mirror’s aluminum chassis which bolts onto the door are broken, I can see where they should’ve been but I couldn’t find them anywhere; during that inspection session I managed to break a very thin ‘locator’ like piece of extra fragile aluminum (Quality is rubbish! Once the bolt was a bit loose and the mirror started moving a bit I heard it snapping!) Luckily though, that doesn’t affect how solid the mirror is cause it’s as solid as it was before now, it did however make it a complete nightmare to align the mirror back in place! I did it though and it’s solidly attached to the car, tested it at nearly 80 mph and still intact! I tried to look online to see if anyone’s got the same problem and it turned out that many people seem to have complained about their Fiesta’s wing mirror coming loose somehow, some just need bolt tightening, and some need the whole thing replacing! And I even found out that if your LED lights at the bottom of the mirror died you’ll need to replace the whole mirror if you want them working again! Now I realise that I’m boring everyone in here, but I honestly don’t think it’s my poor parking skills that morning that caused the problem, I did catch the mirror reversing, but it really wasn’t bad enough to cause any damage, and to be honest, the mirror should be sturdy and solid enough to take more at even higher speeds. So now I am happy in one way that I know about it, and it is solid enough to trust it on higher speed, it’s just annoying to know that your new car isn’t as solid as it should be! But I’m not sure what the next step should be, I will take it to a Ford garage (probably the same one we bought it from), but the question now: Should they do it under warranty? Or will they try to say that it’s negligence on my behalf and that voids their warranty? (Specially considering the fact that I went all DIY on it taking it off myself?). I’m sorry for the long post, but it seems like a rather unusual problem that I didn’t expect to happen to be honest, has anyone else had any similar problems? Or have anyone noticed their mirrors shaking a bit on higher speeds like some people described? I’m in a bit of a loss as to whether it was me that caused the problem that morning or if that just drew my attention to an already existing problem that I never noticed! Thank you for reading this, and for responding if you did
  2. Hi everyone, Have a Mk7 Fiesta Zetec and it looks like it could do with a bit of lowering and perhaps some bigger wheels or ones in a different style. Just wondering how the ride quality is with 17s and the lowering springs or 15s with the springs compared to standard spec. Good looks are nice and everything but I'm still spending most of my time in the thing and driving it. Do they change the actual handling performance much or just eliminate some body roll? Sorry for the rubbish 4AM writing, just up in the middle of the night fantasizing about new parts :D
  3. This if my first post on a forum (ever), so please go easy on me. I have recently bought a 2011 S-Max Titanium (2.0 petrol ecoboost). The car is fitted with the 9-speaker Sony DAB CD. I am really dissapointed with the sound quality, which seems to have very little bass and the low frequencies start to distort at relatively low volumes. I have played with all of the settings including the DSP. I have noticed that the DSP (digital signal processor) only has three settings (optimise all, optimise left, optimise right), and sounds much better when set to 'optimise left' and is at its worst (distorts and sounds tinny) when set to 'optimise all'. I would have expected that 'optimise all' (which is the default) would have been the best. Also it does not seem possible to turn the DSP 'off', which I can do on my earlier fords with Sony Stereos (05 Mondeo Ghia and an 07 Focus Titanium). By comparison to my Mondeo and Focus, I would have expected the S-Max to be much better, as it is newer and now has 9 speakers (the ninth speaker is a centre speaker on the dash), but this is not the case. The standard sony audio in my Mondeo and Focus blow the S-Max away. Does anyone have any ideas as to whether this is normal, or if you have an S-max then do you have a similar experience? Also the Audio manual that came with the car does not cover the Sony stereo, so if anyone knows where to get hold of one (preferably online pdf download) the I would be most grateful.