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Found 32 results

  1. Hi All I have just signed up and I am very optimistic in finding answers to my queries. Thanking in advance. I have recently bought 2013 ford s-max zetec 2.0 tdci powershift 140 from an auction. I max a decision after having driven the same car but with manual transmission hoping the auto would be the same. However the car is extremeky sluggish especially when setting from a dead stop. It's so sluggish that i think it will be impossible to drive it on junction and pulling off from round about. I hope don someone who has the same car can suggest whether it's just my car or this is how the auto drives. To add to my worries I have an engine malfunction light on the dash which disappears as soon as the car starts. It also has an 'í' warning in dash but I dont know whether these warning lights are an indication of a problem causing sluggish drive. Please help as this is my first Ford and I haven't got a clue of what to do. The pictures attached show both warning lights and their disappearance when engine is running. Finally, the car is a 2013 plate, from London and has 17000 miles on block suggesting shorter journeys and low miles got the age. Wing side mirror is broken. Thanks
  2. galaxy 2009 body kits

    Hi everyone. I just bought myself a galaxy 2009 last week and im looking to make it my own. Always loved the s-max titanium and im just wondering how hard it would be to get the titanium body kit to fit the galaxy.Mainly the front bumper and front wheel arch vents.has anyone actually pimped up a galaxy to make it look like it drives:??
  3. Learn to Solder

    So how do i start this other than saying, being in this industry for so many years i have seen the brilliant to the extreme cowboy.Check my wheels tv will be providing video tutorials starting at the basics ranging up to the high voltage,Which is where the world is heading towards, we would of all heard about the 2040 big news and how not one combustion engine will be produced in the u.k and most likely europe for that matter. I belive we need to raise the awarness of how important, 1. Auto electrics are in todays world and 2. How important it is in tommorows world. I would like to know everybodies thoughts on this topics as well, not of the learning topic but more of the 2040. What type of business are you in and the effects of this new law. If there is enough interest in this then i will be making a topic of discussion just for this reason. please memember to subscribe to the youtube channel if you would like to learn and future videos thanks.
  4. Hi all and thanks for reading this!........i have just purchased a 2007 s-max 2.0 diesel and the power steering works turning left, but once centred does not work right....i have used forscan to look at the angle sensor and tbh it looks to be working and registering just fine.... has anyone else had such a problem? Thanks once again hybriduno
  5. I have a 2007 s-max titanium and the key will not unlock the car via the buttons. I have installed a new battery and tried reprograming the key , but to no avail. So i did a code read and im getting Error Code U201F - External Receiver ive looked at the reciever and the wiring looks fine as do the internals. are these common to fail or am i looking at something else? Kind regards hybrid
  6. S-Max Rear parking camera

    Hi! I've got S-Max 2012 with Blaupunkt NX. After a crash I got new back door with rear view parking camera (I think it could be original). How hard it could be to connect it to the navigation screen? Is there already some connecting cables to the back from radio?
  7. circuit diagram 2007 smax

    Can anyone please help me with either a circuit diagram for a 2007 S-Max or an idea what might be wrong to the following 1 of the dipped beams passenger didn't work so after checking the fuses and bulbs and finding they are ok I disconnected the battery with a feeling this might reset a control module.(BCM?) This worked to a fashion as the passenger side dipped beam then worked but the beam on the other side that did originally work then did not! This was only temporary as after switching off the lights and ignition neither worked when switched back on. Im guessing a faulty control module or relay but I cannot seem to find a circuit diagram.
  8. Facelift conversion?

    Hi guys, I'm new here, so I thought that I would start with a very small question. Can a Mk1 facelift front bumper be put onto a pre-facelift version? I'm encouraged to believe it will from looking at pictures. After all, the headlights appear to be the same, but I could be mistaken and it never hurts to ask :-) Many thanks, Paul
  9. Hello, Go easy on me, it's my first post! I'm confused, frustrated and ill with the stress my car has caused me. I have a 2014 plate Ford S-Max Titanium, 2.0 TDCI. Purchased from a Ford Dealer at about 15 months old. It is still under warranty until April. It's been in a Ford garage since 16th Feb (11 days ago), after suddenly cutting out while driving the previous day and losing all power completely. It brought up a warning light saying "Service Now" or something along those lines, and apparently when they first got it in they were completely stumped as it was bringing up lots of different fault codes. As of about 4:50pm today, they STILL haven't been able to identify the exact problem. I know they haven't been consistently working on it, as they have had to contact Ford's Technical Department for assistance with it. They have said on more than one occasion that it is the turbo that isn't working, but they don't know why it's not working. I asked today if they can't just do something to get it going again, but he's said no. So at the minute, I am gathering my car is unfixable? Has this happened to anyone before? Specifically with a car still under warranty? At the minute I'm totally in limbo
  10. HI, my name is Del. I have a 2010 Kuga 2l Titanium tdci 4x4. Love this but need something bigger for work. Was thinking a S-Max 2.5T 06/07 for about 3 to 4 grand. Looking at the Mondeo, it comes with many extra features, eg. Keyless Entry and Lane Departure Warning. My thoughts are....... from a lucky position of having a few friends who are dismantlers and purchase crashed cars as donor cars.......... What could it take from other Fords to upgrade and 06/08 S-Max A few things I`ve thought of.... Keyless Entry Start Button Lane Departure Warning Front Full Electric / Full Leather / Heated and cooled Seats Convers+ updrage Some feed back would be so cool......thanks
  11. HI, my name is Del. I have a 2010 Kuga 2l Tiatnium tdci 4x4. Love this but need something bigger for work. Was thinking a S-Max 2.5T 06/07 for about 3 to 4 grand. Looking at the Mondeo, it comes with many extra features, eg. Keyless Entry and Lane Departure Warning. My thoughts are....... from a lucky position of having a few friends who are dismantlers and purchase crashed cars as donor cars.......... What could it take from other Fords to upgrade and 06/08 S-Max A few things I`ve thought of.... Keyless Entry Start Button Lane Departure Warning Front Full Electric / Full Leather / Heated and cooled Seats Convers+ updrage Some feed back would be so cool......thanks
  12. Dashcam issues S-Max 2013

    Hi, Just moved cars from a 2006 Focus to a 2013 S-Max and transferred my Nextbase dashcam into the new car. It is hardwired and I have ran the cabling round the trim into the central fuse box (passenger footwell). Using the include 'piggyback' fuse adaptor I put it into fuse F20 (electronic feed, electronic fuse, Auto-dimming mirror, land departure warning) and initially it seemed to be working fine. The issue I am having is with the Stop/Start feature. When the car auto-stops the dashcam continues to work and is continually supplied power, when the car starts again (on pressing the clutch) the dashcam turns off and on again like power has been cut. I wanted to have the dashcam on a fuse that was ignition controlled and not permanent live, I don't know if a different fuse would give different results or which fuse to try. Initially I tried fuses F9 & F10 (front and rear windscreen washers) but I got no power to the dashcam from either of those. Thanks.
  13. Hello! I'm planning to install sound deadening on the floor of the boot and the passengers cabin of my S-Max (Face-lifted 5-seats 2010 Trend 2.0 140 HP). I would greatly appreciate any advice: In order to access carpet and floor covering, can I remove the trim panels (and re-install them!) below window-level and on door steps without touching the upper panels (air-bags etc)? It seems only few trim clips attach the panels? Thanks and Best regards Jon
  14. morning all, I've got a poorly S-max - mine is a 1.8 TDCI on a 58 plate. On the motor way on Wednesday this week after a decent run from Cardiff to Portsmouth, the engine lost all power and stalled at around 40mph in the fast lane of the M27 - I coasted across traffic to the hard shoulder, had AA come out and he checked Cambelt, Battery, Alternator and concluded from a risky diagnosis on the side of a busy motorway in the dark that it was likely fuel related. Towed to a mechanic friend of mine, recharged the now flat battery, and the diagnostic is showing no error codes at all, but its also showing zero fuel pressure. I know this sounds like the fuel pump, but this is a relatively expensive solution which I don't want to dive into before I am 100% its the issue. I am hoping someone on here might have experienced this before and would be able to give me a steer as to what it may be? Any help gratefully accepted. Cheers Phil Surfless
  15. Hi I'd be grateful for experienced suggestions please. We have 8-month old twins and a 4 3/4 old. We need to get three child seats across the back (middle), and am keen to hear on a seat mix - 2 x stage 2 and 1 x stage 3 - that works. Seats or particular interest are: Cybex Solution Q2 Britax Kidifix Xp Maxi Cosi Rodifix Jane Montecarlo R1 Does anyone have one of the above as well as 2 x stage 2's? If so which combination allows for the seatbelt in the middle to be done up with, relative, ease? V many thanks Bruce
  16. Hi al, Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the parking sensor module on an S-Max (2010)? I could get the part, and plug it in, but does the computer need a re-boot or something? Or is it just plug in and play? Thanks for any help out there.
  17. Hi, I have problem with starting my S-Max 1.8 TDCI 125BHP,07. It occurs randomly, I didn´t notice any relation to engine or outside temperature, nor length of stay. When I try to start, engine is only turning over, but won´t fire up. "Engine malfunction" message appears on display. But I always somehow manage to start engine eventually.Any advice guys? This is DTC´s reading: ===PCM DTC P0A09:00-24=== Code: P0A09 - DC/DC Converter Fault Circuit Low ===PCM DTC P0562:00-28=== Code: P0562 - System Voltage Low ===PCM DTC P0341:29-68=== Code: P0341 - CMP Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1 or single sensor) ===PCM DTC P0122:00-68=== Code: P0122 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit Low Input ===PCM DTC P0113:00-28=== Code: P0113 - IAT Sensor 1 Circuit High Input ===OBDII DTC P0A94-P=== Code: P0A94 - DC/DC Converter Performance ==PDM DTC U2012:08-2E=== ==DDM DTC U2012:08-2E=== Thanks for Help. Mike
  18. Hi My high level brake light lens and lamp holder has fallen out, and dangles by the wire. I've taken off the internal trim, but can't see how the lens and holder are supposed to stay / be fixed into the recess. Are there clips, missing, which hold the fitting in place? Thanks Bruce
  19. Hello I am trying to fit a clip on screen to my 2007 S-Max's rear view mirror. (Reversing camera) I have just bought one but unfortunately the sliding clips on the rear do not open wide enough for to accommodate the width of the mirror. It opens to 3" but needs to be 3.5". Any sugestions would be appreciated. I'm new to Ford ownership and the Ford owners club which I find most useful.
  20. Hi I have an S-Max Zetec 2ltr Automatic, and have a problem with the front seats, in that tha padding in the raised sides collapses and you end up sitting on the frame, which is really uncomfortable. This has happened twice up to now, first time Fords took it in and replaced the padding. Second time within three months they replaced the seats, and now after nine months it has happened again. Has anyone else had this problem or is it not common? Thanks Mat
  21. As the title says, I have a 2007 S-Max Titanium TDCi and the heater doesn't want to work below 60mph. Around town and on B-roads it blows out cold air but as soon as I'm on an A-road or a motorway and doing 60-70mph it heats up. Any ideas what is wrong with it? Cheers!
  22. Hey all, Was cleaning out my Dad's S-max with him and the little Sony badge that sits on the DAB radio has flung off somewhere! I know it's a long shot but anyone have any idea of where I could try and get a replacement? It's only about 3mm x 22mm or so in measurement and proving difficult to source! Like I said I know it's as long shot but any help would be appreciated!
  23. Our S-Max (2009 model) has a problem with the passenger door central door locking. The door will always lock with the remote, but will not open and has to be manually opened from the inside. When operating the lock, the internal locking button 'twitches' so it seems to be connected and clearly the door always locks, so I am a bit perplexed as to why it locks, but won't unlock.. Any ideas anyone?
  24. Please help!! Have brought an s max 2 days ago, have driven the car over 100 miles with no problems. However driving today the car just stop dead in the middle of the road. It felt as if the handbreak had been put on. I put the car in neutral then back into drive and still nothing. Then put the car into park then back to drive, still nothing. Somebody that was passing then jumped in the car and managed to get the car to the side of the road. Once the car was put back into park it then wouldn't move again. It is an automatic handbreak, so it usually releases itself. I tried to release the handbreak myself (the handbreak light came off on the dash) and it still just feels like the car has the handbreak on. The car goes to pull away, the back end squats but it just won't move. Had anyone else had this problem? Please help!!
  25. Can't Lower Back Seat On S Max

    Hi I have just picked up an S-Max 1.7 tdci with 5k on the clock and only six months old. Registered December 2012. It has to be said, so far I'm very impressed with it. Anyway, three days in and I've just broken the rear seat! With the seats lowered I started pulling the red ribbon. I clearly wasn't thinking straight (maybe the heat) and as nothing happened I pulled the red ribbon until the plastic guide snapped. I then realised what I had done and raised the seat as you would normally. The only problem now is that the red ribbon has no give in it. It's not releasing the mechanism when I pull the ribbon. The seat is suck in he up position. Can anyone advise me on how to fix? Do I need to get it repaired by a dealer? How much? What a muppet I hear you all say.... All advice gladly received. Steve