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Found 42 results

  1. Hey all, I'm looking for details on how difficult it is to retrofit a Satnav to the 2015 Ford Focus. I currently have a Sync 2 8" head unit and find conflicting information online and also from my official ford retailer! Some say it requires an entirely new loom/wiring system where as others state that it may require activation only by a retailer and others specify a new head unit - does anyone have experience with this at all? Thanks in advance
  2. New member

    Hi all. Having been a Ford owner most of my life, I am now on my fifth Focus - I wanted one as soon as they came out and have never been disappointed with any of them. I would like to know what the latest Ford Sync Satnav version is. I purchased the car around 18 months ago with SD card version 4 and recently purchased, what I though would be the most up to date version 7 for 2017. A new by-pass road was finished near Torquay almost two years ago with the construction starting some five years ago. Given the 'newness' of the satnav version, I assumed this road would already be on it. Alas, no. My query is, what is, realistically, the latest version of Ford's Sync Satnav and how actually 'up to date' are they?
  3. Hi guys and girls! Im new to this site and new to ford. I have a 2011 ford focus sport, with built in sat nav, with ford micro sd car, bought it recently and sat nav was in full working order, until my battery went, i got it changed by AA and since then ive hada problem with it loading onto the sat nav search screen it says its loading abd please by careful on the road etc but keeps the same loading screen on. Can anybody help? My sat nav isnt touch screen.
  4. Afternoon All, I've just taken delivery of a new Fiesta Red Edition. She's a beaut, and unlike my previous Red Edition this one has an integrated Sat Nav. The only problem is, after plugging in my trusty dash cam next to the mirror, I've noticed that as long as the dash cam is plugged in, the sat nav reads 'GPS' and it thinks that I'm driving around over fields and through the oceans. As soon as I unplug the dash cam, it works flawlessly! After looking around I'm lead to believe that the GPS antenna must be located in the black box next to the rear-view mirror (I've read that this is the location for post-2013 Fiestas only) - does anyone have a diagram or can anyone confirm this? Has anyone else had this issue? If so, where does everyone else put their dash cam??
  5. Hi All, recently i have just visit one guy that is a really great technician and programmer when it comes to Ford vehicles. Last few months he spent digging with SYNC3 devices and he finally found a way how to add the Sat Nav into nonNAV version of SYNC 3. So i thought that at least i can give you all an info that it is really possible and what it takes to retrofit the navigation in SYNC3. TheEU nonNAV version of SYNC3 usually should already be equipped with GPS antenna (as it was also with SYNC2). Also it has an internal 16GB e.MMC memory where it is not possible to retrofit the navigation (small space for EU maps). That is why a soldering is involved. 1. A new 64GB e.MMC memory is needed 2. Then we have to open the APIM module and remove the original 16GB e.MMC card. 3. We need to have a special e.MMC card reader and clone the data from 16GB card to a new 64GB card. 4. Setting the serial number ESN to a new memory 5. Solder the new e.MMC memory to the APIM 6. Another custom installation update package with navi maps + navi app will be installed 7. Test if everything works After connecting the APIM module later to a Ford's server they will be able to recognize it as a NAV version and will also provide you MAP updates for future and any Ford dealer can later perform also standard NAV updates. So actually the Sat Nav will be retrofitted as from the factory. Yeah, the retrofit of the navigation is for real not so easy as it is with SYNC 2 and involves much more time, gadgets and patient. The guy has only done it to few of his friends. But i have asked him if he maybe will not be willing to do it for others from around the Europe. So maybe if somebody from here will be interested PM me and i can ask him for his time but really have no idea how much would he charge for it @Admins: if this topic somehow violates the rules, please delete it :)
  6. Is there anyway of retro fitting this unit into 2014 st? As you can see it's a touch screen unit with sd card reader and wiring loom. My car has sync1 the unit is sync2. Any my help would be great as I've bought it and should have researched things a bit better first. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ford Focus ST Line

    Is it possible to retro install the Sat Nav software onto Sync consol?
  8. Ford Focus ST Line

    Is it possible to retro install the Sat Nav software onto Sync consol?
  9. As title, can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether a sync-era display and sony branded radio can be fitted to a non-sync (BT/VC system) car, and bluetooth still work - less bothered about nav voice control, but voice control in general I could also do with keeping functional. Thanks Mark
  10. 59 Plate ford focus Sat nav/USB

    I have a 2.0 tdci ford focus 2009 i have the aux and usb ports in the armrest in centre console but they seem to be intermittent or not connecting at all also same with bluetooth i have a iphone 6 and was wondering if it needs new software (the car sat nav) any body else had these problems?
  11. Hi there, I'm pretty new on here although I've been a member on and off for years. I have a 2011 (61) Fiesta Zetec 1.4 auto which I'm 'updating'. Btw, I'm 47 so this could be a mid life crisis in disguise! It is, obviously, pre-facelift I've fitted the part leather seats from a 2014/15 titanium and also installed the black fascia Ford Sat Nav DAB system. I figured out the seat wiring differences too. Heres the problem. My old Ford stereo set up had factory Bluetooth and worked great. I've now fitted the later system and I can't find Bluetooth on it and my iPhone doesn't see the audio system either. I CAN find SYNC options on the MENU screen but I cannot get in to them. Am I missing a piece of hardware? Or just a few marbles and failing to see an obvious solution? Also, while the sat nav worked straight away (and, my God, the screen is gorgeous compared with my old red LED screen!), I cannot get the display to show time and date. The dashes are there --:-- for time and --.--.---- for date and I've tried changing the DATE/TIME settings from manual to auto GPS but it doesn't make a difference. Oh, and my VOICE button no longer works. Again, am I missing something physical or mental? Lastly, on the back of the screen are 3 connectors. Red, black and blue. The blue one is gps and I've added an antenna. Anyone know what the other two are for? Any help or advice would be great, thank you. Andy
  12. So for my little project car I've bought a Ford Nav unit, screen, DAB head unit, new facia and a SYNC module. I'm going to retrofit this neat little package to my Mk7 Fiesta. Now everyone I have spoke to has told me this is impossible and can't be done even though nobody has attempted it to the best of their knowledge I know a few on here have with some success. Tried speaking to dealers to see if it I can buy the separate pieces of the jigsaw for me to put back together but all seem uninterested in helping me with my queries. So does anyone here know if the SYNC lead is a separate wire or is it part of the harness behind the dashboard? And would anyone happen to have a wiring diagram for a vehicle with SYNC so I could figure this system out? I'm struggling to find a diagram for a UK spec vehicle and Google searches throw up results for US spec Ford Explorers. Oh and does anyone know what the Pink + black FAKRA connectors on the back of the screen are for? Many thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I have a 2011 plate Mk4.5 Titanium X mondeo and I recently purchased a OEM Touchscreen nav unit that came out of a scrapped 2012 plate Zetec business. I fitted the unit and as expected it asked for a PIN which i obtained and entered but it didnt work, I then found a PIN from a separate source that turned out to be the same as the first PIN and apparantly correct. I've since been informed that these units are VIN locked to the vehicle it came out of but have no idea how to enter my VIN into the unit! 3 local ford dealers were no help and a local ICE specialist says it cant be reprogrammed but there must be someone out there with the knowlwdge to help me...i have spent £500 so far with no luck...HELP please
  14. Hello one and all. I am having a small problem with the build-in sat nav on my Kuga and I'm hoping there is someone here that can help. I recently bought a second-hand Kuga from 2014. It comes with built-in sat-nav using a Sony system. For some reason, when trying to enter a destination it will only allow me to enter the postcode and not the district. I have tried re-setting the unit in the hope this might clear any stored programmes from the car's previous owner, but to no avail. I am hoping you can offer a solution to this problem, as sometimes I don't know the postcode of where I am going (sometimes, I just like going for a drive to somewhere nonspecific but would like to go to a particular county). Can anyone offer any advice on how to solve this issue? Thanks.
  15. Fiesta Black Edition GPS

    Has anyone else had any bother with their sat nav/GPS on a fiesta ecoboost? My car just keeps saying that there is no GPS signal and when I go on the map or navigation it can't pick up a signal or find me therefore cannot use these functions? Anyone had similar problems? If so what did you do to sort it? cheers
  16. Hope I'm posing this in the right forum but I'm looking to upgrade the standard Sat Nav CD player that comes with the 2010 Focus to something with DAB radio. Obviously I don't want to lose the sat nav feature so I need something which would fit which has both sat nav and DAB. I've googled a pic of the Sat Nav CD unit which I currently have. Any help much appreciated - please note, I have very little idea about car audio etc!
  17. GPS input

    I have a Mondeo Business Edition 2013 model and are travelling to France shortly, what I wont to know is how to set the sat nav to accept GPS coordinates to find campsites, read the manual but doesn`t seem very clear, not even sure you can do it on my sat nav. as no options appear on the screen. anybody advise please.
  18. Muprichard

    Got my new 2016 focus on Thursday. On Sunday the console began switching itself off with a banner appearing across the display saying battery saver- switching off. Is there anyway I can fix this or is a dealership job. I'm a complete novice when it comes to cars and they didn't have any manuals left as they said there was a back log. Many thanks.
  19. Hi all, I have just replaced my Sony DAB single CD unit in my 2014(64) S-Max with the Touch Screen Sat Nav Unit. I know that this came from a 2012 car originally and that it was working without any issues. All functions appear to work fine except for the voice control does not recognise any commands and the parking sensors fail to beep either front or rear. I have checked the connections which are all secure and the functionality of the climate control and radio controls, Ipod, Sat Nav etc all work fine. I am pretty sure that the parking sensors share the speakers with the stereo unit and that the voice control system is slightly different from the Sony unit too. Has anyone else come across this problem at all, or know what it might be? I was thinking it is a firmware or software compatibility issue and if so, what do i need to do to make it all work together? Many thanks guy and girls Regards John
  20. Hi New to this Forums so apologise if this is not correct to put on here. My Wife purchased the new shape Focus Zetec S with Sat Nav in May 2015, We noticed straight away that the display in front of the driver giving the directions for the sat nav is not in sync with the main Display Mainly on roundabouts it will try and send you off the wrong turning and even down one way streets. I contacted my Main Dealer by phone explaining the fault to which i was told that this is a known fault with some cars and waiting for an update could take a few weeks. Well 4 weeks later i contacted them again but still no update, i contacted Head office who are also aware of the fault but again cant give me a time scale of when the update will be available. We feel a little annoyed that the car was sold knowing that the Sat Nav has a known fault and when speaking to head office i get told 'No Comment' when i asked if its right that the car should of been sold to us and are they still selling the cars with the fault on them? I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem as we have? Also if buying the same be aware of a known fault Cheers Chris
  21. Hi I have just bought a Mondeo 2014.5 2.0 TDCI Titanium X business edition with the inbuilt Blaupunkt 7 612 105 475 Sat nav system using Tom Tom maps and it has a hidden SD card (not that well hidden I just looked at it and it is version 4.1). I drive a lot in Europe and in UK and so I need warning of speed cameras mainly because the French road system is so variable you can't always tell the difference between a 70kph section and 90KPH section especially if the local vineyard tractor has knocked the 70KPH road sign down because the authorities put it in his 'convenient' exit!! They only allow you 4KPH over the limit before the fine arrives in the post!! My question is, is it possible to update the SD card with an after-market speed camera or danger zone POI database and if so which one and how? This obviously leads to supplementary questions like can you copy the SD card to keep a back up and can you write the new POI database to the card to update the system. Or even can you update the system via the inbuilt USB port in the central glove box? My neighbour can update his Citroen and his daughter's Renault and the other side can update their Toyota so I don't think that my question is too far fetched. Here's hoping someone has a solution, so far all my searching has not found a solution on any Ford forum. Note I wish to do things legally so I am aware that creating a backup of the SD card is legal since this has already been disputed both in the UK and European courts (so long as I keep the backup purely for my own use). Thanks in advance. PG
  22. Hi, I just bought a ford focus titanium model (2015) and wanted to add sat nav. Rather than buy the sat nav from the dealer I foolishly bought a sat nav sd card from ebay here is the link to the item I bought: I was wondering where I install this in the newest ford focus. I read online that there was something in the glove box or attached to the unit but I can't find anything. There is a Sd Card slot in the arm rest, when I inserted the SD Card here nothing happened. Anyone know how you install the sat nav updates to the latest model of Ford Focus. All I can get from google is vague links about older models. Thanks so much in advance. David
  23. Hiya, our car has a sat nav built in but no digital radio. Does anyone know if you can have both? If so how can I go about adding a digital radio to the car?
  24. Hi fella's :) I'm looking to change my head unit in the focus. I thought if starting this thread to discuss all forms of in car entertainment from Sat Navs, Cd players to In car dash cams and other In car gadgets. The idea here is to discuss what others have installed and the good and bad points and maybe come up with a list of the "Best for the price" in car Gadgets so any one who is looking for advice or anything can just come to this thread and see what everyone's opinion is on the best priced gadgets. Since I'm looking to get a new head unit I think we may start with these as there are a good few out there. I came across this one one eBay. FORD 7089CU 7" Ford mx-6004B Now I do know some of these units as a few issues in the earlier version but from some reviews I have read these are getting some very positive comments. i also love the way they look OEM fitted when installed. Three are a few different ones on this listing here : Ford focus In car Sat Nav Units A Few questions to anyone who may have one. Does anybody have any of these installed? What Model have you got? How is it preforming ? what do you think it it for the money ? Any pictures or video of it installed or working would be great and helpful to others when choosing one Thanks To All.
  25. Hello all, I have a Travelpilot NX Sat Nav/Audio unit installed in my 2008 S-Max which is no longer reading the maps correctly from the DVD. I have the 5.3 version of the software installed and the 2012 TomTom map DVD. I've ejected the disc and checked that it is clean and have tried resetting the unit but it has not improved matters. So my questions to the forum are: 1) Where is the best place to get the unit repaired/serviced? (In the Midlands preferably) 2) How much should I expect it to cost? 3) Can my 2008 unit be upgraded to include DAB radio or Bluetooth audio? 4) How do I get it out of the dashboard??? Many thanks in advance!