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Found 196 results

  1. Fiesta ST 2018

    Having seen the revamped Fiesta's, I'm saving the pennies for the proper Fiesta ST, not this ST-Line cosmetic changed stuff. Does anyone know of a 'release' date for this or whether it's just worth swallowing pride and grabbing a Fiesta ST-Line? Personally, I feel if you want an ST, you go all out and get an ST, not one that's just had a few appearance changes, but maybe that's me? I'm looking for the power, looks and fun to drive, not just Recaro seats ;-)
  2. Hi all Just wondered and would like a little feedback from us focus owners, Currently have my Zetec S with Zetec/S spoiler however been toying with idea of upgrading to the ST Spoiler or RS Spoiler. Basically i keep seeing STs and can really see the difference between my spoiler, however since the RS came out Im not sure to get one of them or would it look overkill on an Zetec S only good on a ST/RS? Should I go for an ST spoiler? Thanks all and Happy New Year! :-)
  3. fiesta zetec heated seats

    hello I'm looking fit st recaro heated seats in to my mk7 fiesta zetec 2010. i have the switches to activate the seats but an just wondering if anyone knows if the wiring for the seats are already in the standard mk7 zetec or if i need to buy and additional wiring to make them work and where i can get them from. thank you in advance.
  4. Hello all Ford Owners Club members, We're most well known for our signature ATB Differential, the definitive traction enhancer, chosen by Ford Motor Company in all three generations of Focus RS. Although we manufacture the ATB for over 350 different applications, we have also designed, developed and now manufacture a wide range of performance gearkits and gearboxes for the Ford performance scene, whether it be for the Bullet, Rocket or MTX75 transmission, plus many more. Our selections include synchro, dog engagement and sequential designs. Just to let you know, we also produce a selection of FWD sequential gearkits, suitable for the IB5, M66 and MMT6 transmissions, detailed here: http://quaife.co.uk/ford-front-wheel-drive-gearkits/ Feel free to contact us below or connect with us on social media if you have any questions http://quaife.co.uk/contact-quaife/ Kind regards, Edward Quaife Engineering Ltd
  5. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    I just got an ST. I choose it over the Polo GTI because its generally more fun to drive however, the interior and the equipment in the GTI excited me more. I knew that when I bought the ST so I'm not complaining I'm just wondering if anyone could show me some images of 3rd party headunits, perhaps like the US version which has a much better headunit. Thanks in advance.
  6. Super Human Fiesta ST

    Hi I’m new to this forum, I though I’d join and post to share my experience. My daily drive is a Lotus Elise, but I’ve recently done a review of the fiesta ST and I have to say I found the car to be absolutely EPIC!!!! They’ve come a long way since my old Capri and XR2i from the 80s and 90s;O) I’ve listed the video below if anyone is interested, it’s not clickbait, its a genuine review with some tongue-in-cheek humour of what I think is the best hot hatch on the road today. https://youtu.be/Q-CEKfUaqIE Hope I’ve not broken any rule by posting my own YouTube vid, I guess someone will shout if I’ve done something wrong. Keep up the good work and remember that Lotus Cortina…..Another Epic motor!!!!
  7. Hi guys, Brand new to the forums and to the moding culture as well. I’m due to pick up my Focus ST Line next Thursday and have been looking st various minor mods I could make to start off and I’ve noticed a topic popping up more frequently in various forums; the lack of grill bagde for the ST Line models. Im a senior graphic designer, worked for companies both large and small so I have a good idea on how I can replicate the branding used on the wing badges and have it manufactured as a bolt on badge through the grill. It wouldn’t look like the wing badge has just been put on the front. The ST logo itself, the line and the word “Line” will be laser cut (will cleverly join them all into one so it’s cheaper to cut). I’m just wondering if it’s something people would be interested in? Not got figures or anything like that as of yet but I’m just wondering if it’s worth trying and giving ST Line owners something they can use? I’m interested in seeing the response. thanks guys!
  8. I thought I'd show this ST keyring I got, it's pretty nice while a little expensive at £9 but it does seem good quality and is made out of stainless steel. I like it more than the leather ST ones because it is not as big and in my opinion looks better there is other versions of it on eBay (which I didn't see untill after I bought it, woops) Here is the link. I don't have an ST but I do hope to get one some day but for now I will settle for this.
  9. My poor ST :(

    Spent almost 13 grand last year on my pride and joy. Ever since I've owned my ST I've treated it like my baby. Everything you could do to look after a car, I do it. Today was a sad day. I was driving to the shop through some slow moving traffic. The traffic coming down the hill on the right was not moving, and there were cars parked on the left, however it was a wide road and I was still driving on my side. I was travelling at about 20 mph when all of a sudden a teenager ran out in the road.... He was no older than 15. He ran through the stationary traffic on the right, ignoring the cars signals to him that traffic was moving on the other side, he carried on running across the road and onto my side and before I could see him it was too late. I hit him and knocked him up the left side of the bonnet, down the right wing, damaging the door and destroying the wind mirror. The worst part is, he got up and ran away. I'm obviously grateful the kid wasn't seriously hurt and that he could get up and run. But at the same time, to do wrong and damage my car and not at least stop to say sorry, let alone give me his details, its painful. Although it would be classed as me running him over, I did no wrong. Was driving on my side of the road 10mph of the speed limit and he ran across the road without looking, when there was a zebra crossing 50 metres back down the road. Anyway, it hurts me to sit and look at my pride and joy with a screwed wing mirror. Anyone had experience with having a wing mirror replaced by a ford dealer and could give me an estimation on the cost before I go in on Monday? No matter how well you look after your car, one day someone will screw you :(
  10. It started out looking like this... As time went by, It turned into this.... It all started when I joined another Mondeo owners forum and as I looked through the pictures of other people's cars, I was made aware of what I could have. I started upgrading the front bumper with a facelift one from a scrapped 2003 model. I didn't want the front fogs at the time so I just got it sprayed to match the car, removed the fog moulds from the back then stuck black mesh in the gaps where the front fogs would once sit, and the centre grill. It looked hideous..... That's when I knew I wanted to go the full-works and get the ST kit installed, so I did. I replaced the rear lights with from the boring-looking standard ones with a new set of facelift ST ones.... Next, came the Rear ST bumper only with my own little touch on it. I wasn't fond of the standard grill inserts so I decided to try the black mesh look again and this time I was very pleased... I installed some parking sensors aswell and also replaced the boot trim with another facelift part that had the chrome lip, just above the reg plate. I then realised that I liked the chrome look too, so I then replaced the door handles and weather strips with official chrome trim ones... I wasn't finished there. I then wanted to get the facelift Honeycomb front grill which had a chrome surround. So when that arrived, I got it sprayed in Panther Black to match the car then put that on too... Dismantled my headlights next and sprayed them black and got some Halo rings installed... Next up was changing the front bumper again, only this time I decided to go with a Zetec S bumper and the front fogs and added a few more touches of my own. I got the front fog moulds sprayed to match the car and added some chrome stripping. I know the chrome stripping is not for everyone, but I thought it gave the car a really nice finish... The alloy's where next on the list so I wanted to go with a multispoke design and I like the 18" ZS design from Ford so I got a second hand set of those and got them sprayed to look nice and tidy. I also took a long trip to part exchange a pair of 'preface' ST side skirts with a pair of official Zetec S skirts. I discovered that I had to replace the front wings to get the ST skirts to fit but that wasn't a road I wanted to travel down. Got the Zetec S skirts installed aswell... Last up was overhauling my interior. I completely removed the centre dash console and replaced the radio with a double din unit from Clarion that had 1000+ colours options to choose from to match any interior lighting, speakers, facelift controls, leather seats (door cards too), and interior lighting from the standard green to red (that was a long day!!) and the results were worth it... The last things left to do was give it a buff with a some G6 and a mop to get that mirror image shine... (this too was another looonnnggg day) Sadly, I had to let her go to another owner. I had a young family building up and I knew where I wanted my priorities to be. The next owner completely trashed it and I got this really gut-wrenching feeling inside when I first saw it about a month later, I was heartbroken! Have not seen it for sometime now, I like to think it got sold on to someone who cared more but I will never know. This is now my new pride and joy... I'm sure you have seen many examples of these cases and they always have a unique feel to them. Thanks for taking the time to read and view! I hope you enjoyed it.
  11. Mk 8 interior

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to retro fit a Mk8 full dash into the he 7.5? Love the quietly of the new one but don't fancy the 10k difference to upgrade to the new St line. So if I found a crashed cars interior when they start coming around would it fit? I'm sure they're the snake chassis so it's surely the same width, any help will be appreciated tia
  12. Hi guys looking to get twin pipes and an st diffuser for my focus mk2 pre face lift 1.6TDCI. I'm going more for looks than anything else but I'm just wondering what I would do to make the car sound Nice, not looking for a huge BOOO or to be seriously loud just want it to be Nice, any recommendations? High flow air filters or what? Have no clue about exhaust modification or would an air filter even make it sound decent
  13. Hi all, My names Jason, I'm 23 and live in Burton, Staffordshire. I'm new to the forum but have previously been a member of Zetec S Owners Club & Fiesta STOC. First off a brief history of my car past. My first car was a MK7 Fiesta Zetec S Metal Edition! Next up, was a Panther Black Fiesta ST3 (MP215) Due to my circumstances changing, having to do a lot of long distance driving, I had to sell her :( and get a MK3 1.6 TDCI Focus Zetec. Got me from A to B and a solid reliable car all round. Had a surprising amount of talk and felt more powerful than 115 BHP, and the gear box actually felt really nice. But it was just too slow and boring for my liking, so as soon as I was able to I got rid of that. And so that leads me to now, my new beaST, a Frozen White Fiesta ST3 with ALL the trimmings! Collection Day: So I plan on keeping this car for quite a while (until I can eventually afford a MK3 Focus RS - my next goal!) More Pics after her first clean: I was going to go with Mountune to keep the warranty...but it's a 65 plate and only has 1 1/2 years left on it...so by the time I have the Mountune stuff done, it will be out of warranty anyway. So I plan on going with REVO instead. My overall goal is to have Stage 4 w/ Hybrid Turbo. That being said, my first performance mod may still be the MP215 kit as well as the Mountune Exhaust as I think they both finish the car off nicely and will keep me going till the warranty runs out. So in the mean time it will be mostly cosmetic mods + MP215 and Mountune Cat Back. First thing I did was have the front lip wrapped matte black with a red pin stripe. I think this looks great on the white and makes the front look a lot more aggressive. Next up, I swapped the front headlights for white 6000k bulbs. I will eventually be getting HIDs installed but this was just to keep me going until I order a full HID kit. I will also be replacing the Fog lamp bulbs with white 6000Ks. (Haven't got a good picture of these yet but when I do I'll post one) Next I added my Leather ST seatbelt covers from my last ST. Haven't got a pic of these either yet but when I do I'll add to the post. I also added a ST badge logo in the void on the steering wheel as I'll be getting a cover eventually and that would cover up the logo already on the wheel. Think I'm gonna swap with for the black gel one from DMB eventually though. Next one is gonna be a marmite mod, I can tell. Ordered these decals from eBay. Everyone so far loves them but I imagine some wouldn't. And finally today, my Team Heko wind deflectors came. I added a red pin stripe, but not sure if I'm gonna keep it or not yet....I haven't decided if I like it or not...thoughts? So that's where she stands at the moment! I have some white LEDs coming Monday for the number plate and interior lights so I'll update when they are fitted as well as get some pics of the exterior lights and seat belt covers. Thanks for looking guys! I'll be keeping this thread updated when more mods happen. Got big plans for this car in the future and I'm really looking forward to achieving them and having you all involved! Any feed back is much appreciated :) - J
  14. Hi, i have installed a K&N 57s into my Focus MK3 ST TDCi however after a min or so the car goes into limp mode. I have checked the filter is fitted correctly and also reset the KAM but still get the same issue. Has anyone got this filter fitted to the same car and got it working? Thanks Chris
  15. Hi, I've recently bent my passenger side track rod on my fiesta st-line 2016 model. I've removed the track rod from the wheel hub and the rubber gater. I've also removed a green clip from the inner track rod but I can't unscrew it from the steering rack. I do have a replacement that has flats on it for a spanner but the currently fitted one doesn't. As a result I've been using mole grips to try and loosen it but I've had no luck so far. Do I need a special tool to loosen it, or is there an alternative way to remove it? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  16. Hi guys, first post here. So I just brought a 2009 fiesta style+ and judging by the previous MOT it needs new 2 new rear springs due to corrosion. Now I've come across Fiesta ST springs from a mk7.5 2015 model that were very reasonably priced and have a few questions since I'm a total newbie at these kinda things: Are the springs compatible with my current suspension? Will they fit without too much hassle? What will they do to the ride height of my car? The ST line are obviously lowered from factory, but from what I understand they're stiffer and designed to handle the larger weight of the engine in the ST, whereas mine has a lighter 1.25 petrol engine, so could it possibly ride higher at the front than the back? Thanks in advance for your help!
  17. Fitting ST rear diffuser

    Hi, currently i have a fiesta Zetec s rear diffuser. I have the ST rear diffuser that I want to install. The connections underneathe on both the side panels, how do i get them off the look like clip ons, but they also look like I need a set of allon keys. Anybody ever done this before? Would love some advice.
  18. Upgrade to ST headlights

    Hi, So i want to upgrade my standard h15 headlights to the led drl you see on the ST. I have been looking around and found out that it is not that simple and that the led drls do not work as they are supposed to. Something about when drls are on, they are dim, then when headlights or sidelights are on they are bright, has anyone been able to sort this out and how have you done it?
  19. Hi guys! I have been keeping pretty quiet about my build and not really posted anything about it (might create a "my build" thread in the near future), after using useful advice and guides found on here by various members, my car is coming along really nicely. it's started out life as a 1.6 pre-facelift Ghia and will eventually look as good a possible ST replica as i can make it! in b4 anyone says "it is waste of time & money creating a replica, and i may as well put the money used in to buying an actual ST" Yes! i wholeheartedly agree with you! and would love an ST however £5-8k or possibly plus i do not and will not have for a long time (whilst the cost of living is so high near London!) so i am quite happy turning my car looks wise into an ST as i love the design of the ST, However I will NOT be trying to make it out to look like something it's not by not branding it with ST badges here there and everywhere as i do not wish to embarrass myself at a red light or on the motorway next to an actual ST or RS or the boy racer Golf GTI's and all the other hot hatches lol. So now that's out of the way, the following Mods i have done so far include: Xenon white LED interior ST rear spoiler ST rear bumper (purchased for a right steal on ebay! £68 delivered with both mounting brackets intact! ) Aftermarket stereo Subwoofer installed fitted alternative heater control knobs Mods to be done in the near future include (but not limited to): Dual exit Cat-back custom Stainless steel exhaust ST alloys ST front bumper ST side skirts Rear 3 windows tinted Either buy xenon headlights or fit HID's fit overlay Gel badges. De-badge rear and possibly fit ST badge on wings or replace with actual ST front wings. Fit Recaro interior seats Leather/cloth i don't mind too much. So on to my question! i have fitted the ST rear bumper this weekend (before the heavens opened and the rain came down thankfully!) and all went well (except from having to snap off both bolts on my old bumper as the nuts had ceased as they tend to do on the mounting bracket) but it was damaged anyways and i had no intention of keeping it. HOWEVER when it came to the two plastic screws on the underside of the bumper, the old mounting holes for these are situated at quite a distance away from the new ones? so my question is: how can i secure the bumper now from the underside? to stop it maybe flapping around at high speeds or anything like that.The bumper isn't falling off and is secure, but it is loose on the underside because of this. as you will see in my pictures, will an actual ST rear bumper reinforcement bar fix this? or is there anything else to be done that i'm missing? if anybody else has had this problem when fitting an ST rear bumper themselves or if this is just how it is? OR if somebody with an actual ST could post a picture in this thread of what the underside of their's looks like so i can compare,please let me know! any help and advice will be much appreciated! i hope you like what I've achieved so far! Carl Problem as mentioned where you can see the screws and the mountings for these screws on the original bumper are in different positions General Pics of the Car so far: Before: After (Much better!)
  20. Crunching Suspension

    Recently became the owner of a 65 plate fiesta ST, the first couple of months were brill but recently I've noticed a large crunching coming from the rear drivers side suspension, no my gut tells me shock absorber but I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue and if so was it easy/costly to fix? It's not a constant noise, only heard it maybe three times. Taking it into ford for a service in about a month and a half, should I take it in now or will it be alright until then? Thanks in Advance
  21. I have a 2006 mk6 fiesta zetec s and I want to know if it's possible to do a straight swap and have an ST engine put straight in, if this is possible I want to know how much it usually costs for the complete conversion
  22. 2017-05-03-19_33.jpg

    From the album Ford Fiesta (ST Look)

  23. Hi all, I'm fighting a losing battle against rust with my MK2 Focus saloon and starting to consider other options as a relatively cheap replacement. I know the 2.2 TDCI in the MK3 ST is the Ford Puma unit but struggling to find out if it has a dpf? (I know they fitted a DPF when it was fitted to Jaguars after a certain build date) I've enjoyed the bulletproof reliability of my 1.8 TDCI Lynx engine with no DPF and have no desire to add to the stress in my life by waiting for a DPF to block! Could any of the regulars that have had a MK3 ST TDCI or still have once confirm if the model ever had a DPF fitted?
  24. wadavie

    Here is the link
  25. hi everyone, my first post lol about 9 months ago i purchased a red mk2 Focus Zetec having fell in love with the sellers pic. He of course sold it off as a ST replica until on the day i seen the rear standard bumper complete with tow bar however i decided id finish the look myself. once i sorted my finincials out i had the tow bar removed and 6 months then set about looking to source a ST bumper and spoiler to complete the look... easier said than done! months passed and long story short i trusted google to find me the bumper and of course it gave me 1001 items other than what i needed. So if its possible can anyone direct me to a website or area i can source the genuine part? your help will be hugely appreciated, i have the ST look all around until you see the back i have to reverse park against walls at times lol hope any of you Ford folks can help me complete my journey! p.s. once i have the correct rear bumper fitted i can move into fitting the 2 exhaust pipes as well, just incase any eagle eyes spot i would have 2 missing exhausts peeking out from their respective locations under the bumper!