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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am having a problem which I have seen described elsewhere but I have not seen any answers. My Fiesta (1.2 53 plate Black model) is having trouble starting, when I turn the ignition I either get nothing or I get three or four clicks then the doors sound like they are unlocking and my petrol gage line goes up and down. A friend looked at the lights while I tried to start and they stayed bright and did not dim, all other electrics like radio etc stay on.
  2. HI All I tried to look on the forum for the signs and symptoms of the illness of my Ford but no real joy. My mondeo mk4 2008 2.0tdci has some starting problems, there are days where it start without problems at all, like a new car, but from time to time after few starts there is a dodgy one, it cranks up longer than usual and literally when the engine starts it cough's once. It seems to be on the right hand side of the engine bay ( when looking from the drivers position ) This is going on for couple of weeks now and started after stalling the engine in reverse. After stalling it didn't want to start at all, turning the key and not even single crank. Last Saturday was same situation, the car was driving lovely all day long, and suddenly it decided it will not start. I have checked all fuses in engine compartment ( visually and with the meter) disconnected the battery few times and nothing, so was just about to call RAC and tried one more time, hey ho, it started cranking and after 5 seconds of cranking it, the motor decided to start. Reading up on the forum stating it's the starter motor, but if it was going bad i presume it wouldn't have good days. Also there is EML light showing up on the dash board when ignition on but goes off when engine runs, again, it's not ever time, just some times it decides,, hey i will shine. I tried to hook up the odbII scanner as i have one and there is no problems with it at all. The idle is 799-802 rpm - really steady and i am getting bit bored with the issue now. I hope somebody here will be kind enough to assist me with the problem and hopefully can sort it without going to the garage.
  3. Hi everyone I bought this 2.0 litre tdci 57 plate mondeo about 4 days ago it's the 140bhp zetec, lovely car I bought it because my 2.0 litre petrol ghia blew up haha .. anyway it seems a little strange when I start up the new mondeo it makes a whistling/high-pitched humming sound possibly the starter motor but I'm unsure if this is normal?? I'm going to attempt to attach a video of it starting up to see if you know what I'm going on about.. thanks in advance ok I can't upload the video any advice on where to upload video for people to listen??
  4. Hi all, Been some time since I've been active on here! I've actually got rid of my fiesta recently but I'm having problems with my parents Fiesta now. I've noticed that over recent weeks (more days) it's taken a while for the car to start. Yesterday I looked to start the car and it was *very* juddery and finally started. Today I received a phone call from my mum who's mentioned that the car will now no longer start. The battery on the car was recently changed, so I don't think that this is it. I'm looking at purchasing one from Euro Car Parts (Link) and then fitting it myself as they currently have 30% off too. Does anyone have any form of instructions to replace this part? I've done some searching and can find bits and bobs - But I cannot find an exact instructions. I'm pretty competent with engines and cars so it shouldn't be a problem but just want to confirm before going all out. Thanks!
  5. Hi anyone have any idea how to get to the starter motor on a 2004 1.4 tdci fiesta van. Everyone says it is under the battery tray but seems as though mine is on the opposite side of the car right at the back of the engine. Not sure how anyone could get at it?
  6. Just went out got in the car went to start to be greeted with an awful crunching grinding noise and no start, tuned the key a second time and fired into life. Sounded like the starter motor to me and is the first time it has done it since I have owned it, What is even more annoying is when a work colleague has not had her car serviced once in 6 years she has owned it and it has never let her down, I look after mine and try and keep on top of stuff and they still let me down, so guess I am gonna need a new starter motor on it very soon. I actually had less trouble in 6 years of owning my MG ZTT which had 117k miles on it when I bought it than I have had with my Focus in 2 years which had 68K miles on the clock from memory, it has recently passed 92K miles but still a fairly low mileage car for its age. Just a rant really.
  7. Hi, Where is the starter motor located in a Mk2 Ford Focus (built in 2005) with a 1.6L Zetec petrol engine? Is it located to the front, near the radiator, or is it located towards the back of the engine? Thanks
  8. Hi all I've just purchased a 57 plate 2.0 TDCi Zetec focus and all seems well apart from the cranking speed. Not having had one before I don't know if it's normal for these but it feels like an old tractor starting, very slow and chuggy but does always start. It's almost like an old engine where the glow plugs have failed. I'm going to check voltages and earths etc but wondered if there are any common things to look out for? Thanks Mow
  9. Hi, my smax has developed a starting problem & now wont start at all, about a month ago I had to call out green flag as I had a flat battery, they said the battery was on its way out so I got a new one, this was fine for a few days then it seemed slow to turn over the engine, I didn't take any action as it started on the second turn or so, then it seemed to be ok, started on the button for about a week then back to slow turn over again, also when I cranked the engine it would start turning slow then speed up, today it wont start at all & when cranked sparks can be seen between the solenoid & the starter body it seems, I have checked & cleaned all earth connections & all connections on the starter???????
  10. So i went on holiday for 3 weeks when I came home I noticed my trip computer was reset to 0 miles... pretty sure I didn't reset it before I went away... I never do... it was weird. I also noticed when turning the car on for the first time it was like reallly rough to drive like the battery had been disconnected kinda tihing.. it I assumed this was to be expected as normally the car was driven daily for 30miles at least and to go from that to nothing for 3 weeks I figured this was normal.. but even now a few days on after driving it, the main thing I see wrong is that when I first start the car, even after its got a warmed up engine, it seems to struggle to start... normally when i first turn the key, the dashboard will stay lit up e.t.c it wont show details but the lights stay on.. and all the meters in the car will go to their correct places right from the start. Now however... the dash board will flicker quite badly... and the starter motor sounds really slow... all the meters will go up a bit at the start and then back to zero or will jsut freeze on the way up for awhile even after the engine is actually started... then it will correct itself after like a 2second delay... does this sound like a battery on its way out? or is it something else?
  11. Hi all I have just saved a escort cab 1.8 and hope to bring it back to life, my first problem I have is the starter motor and trying to track one down. Mine is front mounted and not sure if this makes a difference but my question is what other models of starter motor would fit ?
  12. Hi Guys, First timer in the Ford forums and in need of some help please. I have my wifes focus (2009) and over the last few months it has not been behaving itself. When you go to start it up it takes a little longer than "usual" to start up. This morning however, when i went to start it it started up as normal but it was making a noise like you would get if you were to continue to hold the key in the 3rd stage. I am thinking it is a sticky starter motor but wanted to advice just to confirm my assumptions. Thanks in advance.
  13. I have a Ford Mondeo 55 Plate with 105k miles on the clock, since I purchased it everything seems to have gone wrong. A bad decision on my part however most of nastiness has been fixed. Simply put recently it was having issues starting so I have had just got the starter motor replaced, the mechanic has said the DMF is on the way out and the starter motor was full of loads of metal filings. The new starter has a plastic housing protecting the bit which matters so he said it would not have further problems with the metal getting inside *however* I can hear a slight squeaking coming from inside the engine and I suspect it is about to go or going to go at some point soon potentially causing more damage. Do it just let this happen or should I be pre-emptive and get it replaced, the garage quoted me £500 when I asked about the cost of changing it, a full days labour. Any opinions would be appreciated!
  14. 1.6Tdci Non Runner 2006

    Hi guys, this is actually a Volvo S40 1.6d but it is the same DV6 engine used in the fiesta in a 95bhp version and also the focus.. The car was fine until the battery died. So tried to jump it and it wouldn't go. Managed to bump start it to get it home but the power steering, abs and lights were not working at all whilst I drove home 10 miles. The car wouldn't start again not even the click of the solenoid. Changed battery to a brand new Bosch battery and the car won't start. Everything else works now but the car won't turn over. The starter solenoid clicks but the motor doesn't turn. So to diagnose i did the usual things. Check fuses, relays and wiring etc. nothing was broken so checked the starter. I removed it from the car and wired it to run straight from a battery off a car and it works perfectly. So I reinstalled it to the car and it still won't work. I ran a wire direct from the battery to the starter so when I turn the key the starter motor turns. Sure enough the engine will turn over. But the car still won't start. Seems like it's cutting the fuel which makes me wonder if this is an issue with ecu/cem? I tried both key and I don't think it's the immobiliser. The only other thing I've noticed that also isn't working is the hazard lights don't flash when locking/unlocking the car. The red light flashes though on the dash. When you unlock the car the light goes off. Anyone ever come across this issue? I've tried everything within my knowledge but it's looking like a main dealer job. Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers!!
  15. Hello all! Of course, I'm new here, and I've been asking all over the net about my issue. I've been getting lots of great hints, ideas and advice, but figure that too much information in this case is better than not enough. In short, my family's car is a New Zealand registered 2008 base model Ford Mondeo Sedan. It is a European Ford from Belgium I believe? The vehicle is powered by a 2.0L 'Duratec-HE' engine. The problem is when we turn the key to start the car, there is no cranking at all, just clicking. There is an 'Immobilser Active' warning, strange flickering and whining in the cabin, and strange noises coming from under the hood. We not long completed a road trip of around 900kms return, and the car didn't miss a beat! Yet the very next day. she spat the dummy and wouldn't crank. All I can say is thank goodness it decided to wait till it was home parked in the garage to stop, rather than 5 or 6 hours away from home!!! Anyway, I have put 3 clips on YouTube to show what's happening. They will take around 2-3 minutes to view. 1. 2. 3. Is this going to be an expensive fix? I'm praying not! Anyway, thanks for viewing / reading and thanks for sharing your thoughts! William.
  16. Mondeo Starting Issues

    Can someone please help me? I have a 2008 Mondeo 1.8 TDCi Zetec and am finding it increasingly difficult to start first thing. When I turn the key (after the glow plug light goes out) the engine almost turns over but doesn't start. WHen I turn the key on the second attempt it usually starts, and then for the rest of the day it does start first time. However, when it's cold and I try to start first thing in the morning it takes 3 or 4 attempts before it starts! The garage I bought it from had the car for several days and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it (although to be honest I'm not sure they know what they're doing!) I am worried that this may be something that could be worse if I don't get it looked at by another garage but it would help if I had an idea of what was causing this so I can tell the garage what to look for. Any ideas would be gratefully received! Thank you in advance.