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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys I've been having a bit of trouble for a while now with starting. It's really intermittent, although it has become progressively more frequent. It will happily crank over and sounds as if it's about to start then fails. This can repeat quite a few times (10+ in the worst cases) until it starts. If it's taken a few goes to get it running then you will get some white smoke from the exhaust - this is the unburnt fuel, so it is definitely injecting fuel even though it won't start... As I said this has been going on for a while, maybe 6 months now. Initially it was a case that the problem may happen a couple of times a month and it would always start on the second attempt. More recently it's happening much more frequently, and regularly requires quite a few attempts before it will start. I've had in on the diagnosis machine (I'm quite lucky and have free access to one). No error codes, nothing, nada. Even had the diagnosis machine on it during starting while it was having the issue and everything is as it should be (i.e fuel pressure is good, all sensors are a go). The diagnostics also confirmed that the engine is perfectly balanced when running, no misfires or anything like that. There is not a single issue while the car is running, it's purely a starting issue. Fuel economy is as good as ever, runs perfectly and the speedo rev counter are accurate. I've gone ahead and replaced both the camshaft and crankshaft sensors now but this hasn't helped at all and it's still happening. I'm confident it's nothing to do with the glow plugs (it started fine mostly during the winter) and the issue happens both during hot and cold. As in, the issue is so intermittent that it can occur after a two hour cruise on the motorway when you stop at a service station, or in the morning. It's seems unrelated to hot or cold ambient or engine temperatures and how long you've left it sitting does make a difference either. Wet or dry doesn't make a difference either. I'm all out of ideas and can't think what else could even begin to cause the issue. It appears to be electrical, but what else is involved in the starting process that could affect it? Any ideas / thoughts / experience of the same issue are all welcome! Just to be clear it's a 57 plate 2.0 TDCi Focus with around 70k on the clock. Thanks Rob
  2. Start/Stop Issues

    Hey Guys Since the summer ended, I have noticed that my Start/Stop system has ceased operation and no longer works as expected. I was wondering if there was any experts on here? I've had my car at my local garage today and they've concluded that my battery is okay so what do you think? Note: I have aftermarket DRLs fitted in the Fog Lights (OSRAM FOGDrls with integrated fogs) This has an ignition feed off the fuse box and a permanent feed off the + terminal. I have disconnected the DRLs as a test to see if that is the issue but as of yet, the car is not yet stop/starting. What do you guys think?
  3. Start Problem 2004 2L Tdci

    Okay 2004 tdci 2l, had issue while back with odd cranking session giving grinding noise. That was 6 months ago and had starter motor changed. Had it two times since but seemed to go away. This morning with engine cold i couldnt get car to start...ignition lights etc but not even turning over...just nothing at key position 3. Third time tried and she started straight away. Went lunch from work later in day and she started first time, trying get back work though she just wouldnt turn over..no cranking again like earlier in day. Aa said it might be the ignition barrel but i wonder if its the battery as with ignition on this mornjng it was 12.3 and later on at lunch it was 12.4 with igniton on. Its 16 months old, alternator charging 13.4 to 14.5 depending on needs so knwo thats working at all times. Battery seem low? Would pcm not activate if battery that low?
  4. Hi Guys, First timer in the Ford forums and in need of some help please. I have my wifes focus (2009) and over the last few months it has not been behaving itself. When you go to start it up it takes a little longer than "usual" to start up. This morning however, when i went to start it it started up as normal but it was making a noise like you would get if you were to continue to hold the key in the 3rd stage. I am thinking it is a sticky starter motor but wanted to advice just to confirm my assumptions. Thanks in advance.
  5. Morning all, Just bought an 07 Focus 2ltr TDCi Ghia so thought that I would ask for some advice concerning a couple of teething problems with it. This is my first post so hopefully someone will help!!! I have always had fords so was pleased with my new purchase but I am starting to lose faith in this particular model. Thankfully the first issues were fixed under warranty (front brake issues and a new clutch) but now the warranty has expired, the problems still keep coming. The new problem, and the most frustrating of all so far, sees the car refusing to start. At first, the car would start but then immediately die. Initially it would start ok on the second attempt but latterly has fired, then immediately died for up to 6 consecutive attempts before finally roaring into life. Lately this had progressed to the car failing to fire at all. My initial diagnosis was that this new issue was a result of a flat battery as there didn’t seem to be enough charge to drive the starter motor. This was then followed by it simply making a clicking noise. However, all other electrics (lights, windows etc) all worked without any slowing up or apparent suggestion of a lack of power. When the starter motor would click, the speedo and rev needle would both twitch and the trip computers and average fuel displays would completely reset. I have checked the battery earth and this seems to be fine. The car has so far always started if jump/bump started. I have had the battery tested along with the alternator and thes showed no faults or loss in voltage. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice as I am fast losing patience with the car? I am now afraid to drive it anywhere as its failure to start has changed from a very infrequent issue to a very regular one. Living in the country makes this very problematic. I am concerned that this will be a costly fix, especially if constant diagnostic checks are needed? Jim