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Found 28 results

  1. Hi all I have noticed on my fiesta 2012 that the scuttle (i believe is the right name - not sure) has come away from the windscreen glass slightly and filled with grunge which i have cleaned out. I was wondering whether this is normal or is it meant to be sealed tight against the glass for water to run over? I have just looked under the bonnet now its raining and seen some water dripping underneath. Any ideas whether this needs replacing, resealing or if its fine as it is? Thanks Rich
  2. Hi guys bit of a problem, done a coolant change and one of the o rings on the drain plug fell apart as I unscrewed it. Can this be replaced if so how as I was trying to be gentle with it as it's plastic but doesn't want to come off completely
  3. I have a 2004 MK6 Transit which runs at half temperature on the dial. The needle went to 3/4 so I pulled over and checked the expansion tank to find no water but full of oil and the engine had no oil on the dip stick.I replaced the Oil Cooler, replaced oil filter, filled with 8 litres of oil and started flushing out the water pipes. The oil was only on minimum on the dip stick so I went to get more. The system still had a little oil in the water but was nearly all drained. I have drove it for just over 25 miles with heaters on hot to circulate and try clean all the pipes. I got back from a 25 mile drive and drained and refilled the water pipes again then took it a mile up the road and drained it again but this time instead of the water coming out the radiator being nearly clear it was the colour of a milky drinking chocolate.I have added an extra 5 litres of oil and it was showing full on the dip stick. The oil has clearly gone straight in to the water again. Took it for a drive and after 13 miles the pipe across the top of the radiator blew off and covered my engine in oil and water.Is this is a head gasket problem or something less severe?
  4. Hello all, Long time reader, first time poster. I've got a strange leak coming into my 2010 focus tdci. After a days investigation and peeling back carpets and insulation I have found the water is running down the interior passenger side footwell, next to where a bunch of wires come down. The water is clear and oudor less so i dont think its coolant of any kind. Ive also read a lot about the pollen filter, mine is the model with it in behind the center console but I took that out and it was dry. After testing with a hose to try and see where its getting in by starting at the top of the windscreen and working downwards it seems like its coming from somewhere down where the bonnet hinges are. I cant see how I can get to this area to investigate further. Im scared to remove the scuttle pannel incase i make more leaks as ive read in places you need to buy a new seal when putting it back on. I dont think its getting in between the scuttle panel and windscreen as I had the hose going directly in to the recess when the bonnet hinges are and water was geting in. I plan to remove the wheel and splash guard next weekend to see if I can find anything behind there. Does anyone have and ideas as to what could be causing the leak. My only thought could be a blocked drainage hole down there somewhere but id have no idea as to how to access it. Thanks very much in advance. Hopefully attached is a few pictures of where the water is going and coming from.
  5. Hello everyone! Now this was getting on my nerves for a while. I have NEVER had an issue with my Focus, except for the spark plugs. During rain, or when using the washer jets for a bit, water / washer fluid would leak into cylinder one and build up on the rocker cover, and leak and cause misfire on the plugs. Here is a fix (Although your car may have an identity crisis afterwards!) This is only suitable for the Non TI-VCT version of the 1.6 engine. It says it fits the 1.4 also, but I haven't personally confirmed this, and 1.4's seem to be quite rare so I can't check. Requirements: (I would highly recommend you combine this mod / fix with a change of spark plugs & ignition leads for best results) Volvo Part Number 30650468 Volvo Part Number 986019 x4 The best way to acquire these parts is ring Volvo. These parts are still in production and circulation for the 1.6 Volvo S40, V50 & C30. Your local Volvo garage can usually get these parts ready to pick up by 3pm same day, as long as you ring them before midday. Volvo will charge you £24.96, which doesn't seem that bad to me, but feel free to look for the above Volvo's at a scrapyard if that's your thing! Step 1: Pop your bonnet open and have a look at the below picture. The green circled holes are good to go, the red ones have things in them. The one on the left just holds that wire down, and the one on the right holds a different wire. Just take the wires out, and the holders unscrew. Don't force them out! I did that with one and had to pick at it with a small screwdriver to clear the hole. Step 2: Now we know what we're working with, you also need to remove your oil filler cap. If you're deciding to change the plugs and leads too, do this first then take the oil cap off. Now it's simple, tuck the two wires that you removed from holders in a convenient place, make sure your ignition leads are neatly tucked down, and then line the Volvo cover up. The screws are a six-point thread although I'm not entirely sure what size. Screw them all in, then I'd suggest using a ratchet to tighten them. Personally, I tightened them loads to try and keep it watertight. And you're done! This is the end result! I've had no issues since winter has kicked in so can confirm this definitely works, and it's a perfect, OEM level fit. Only issue is it says Volvo!! I would seriously recommend all 1.6 owners do this as it can help prevent repeated spark plug / ignition lead failure, misfires and even potential engine damage! Also please excuse my dirty engine bay.... I don't have an undertray since hitting a brick on the M1 lol...
  6. I have ford ka 1997 1.3i 44kw and one big problem with electricity. When its rain and cross puddle of water (front right wheel only) my headlights, and all other lights including air fan go dim, and after a half kilometer everything go back to normal till next puddle. The same problem happens when i hit throttle much higher when i pass another car and i need higher speed and speed increasing is faster. Can someone tell me what can be the problem or how to diagnose. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas or advice. I have had my old 2001 KA for about a year now, last week when driving home it overheated and cut out. Opened the bonnet and steam was coming from the engine bay. There was no water left in the radiator bottle, so we flushed it with hot water. The water started to leak from underneath. Looking at the car the next day we find that the heater control valve pipe has corroded and come off. This issue has now been fixed with a new valve control piece, however when the engine is started there is now water leaking from the exhaust. It drips when the engine is revved. There is also a small amount of white smoke (water vapour, I think). We drove the car 10 minutes down the road and water was still dripping when revved. There is no white gunk in the oil and the coolant levels don't seem to be dropping. There is also currently no antifreeze in the system. We have thought about putting some WondarWeld into the coolant system as there may be a head gasket problem. Any advice or help here would be greatly appreciated, it is an old car so don't want to be spending much money on it. Thanks in advance, Charlotte.
  8. Water Ingress Issue

    Apologies in advance for the long post however I thought it best to try and include as much detail as possible!! I am hoping someone is able to help / offer me some advice. For the past 6 months or so I have had a issue which results in the carpet in the front passenger footwell of my C-max becoming wet or very wet (sodden) with water. I took it to the garage back in August and they checked the pollen filter as this is a common cause of water leaking into the cabin. They also noticed that the scuttle panel on top of the windscreen was a bit loose. It appeared to have previously been taken off. They found quite a number of leaves in between it and the windscreen. Whatever they did appeared to have resolved the issue as no more issue over the following couple of months were noted. I was very happy! This period however did co-incide with a quite lengthly dry spell in the region that I live. Later in October when the rains returned the problem became apparrent again, in fact it seemed to have got worse! When the problem is at its worse water also appears in the storage cubby hole behind the passenger front seat. Note that the car is parked nose facing forward on really quite a steep drive and I think that when enough water accumulates it flows over the ridge in the floorpan under the front passenger car seat. Disappointed I returned the car to the garage and they checked the pollen filter and the scuttle panel again. They conducted some additional tests using a hosepipe trying to identify where the water was coming from but to no avail. They suggested that replacing the front door seal on the passenger side might resolve the issue but they didn't seem particularly confident about this so I was particularly happy to spend more money on just their hunch. I thought I would try and locate the cause of the water ingress myself. I have pretty much ruled as the aircon drain being blocked as it is rarely on. A couple of other things to note which may or may not be significant. It is often the case after a period of moderate / heavy rain that when I open the front passenger door a lot of water drains out of the middle drain hole at the bottom of the door - i didn't understand why this was happening, however upon closer examination there did appear to be minor blockages in the other drain holes. I cleared these with a coat hanger and this seems to have resolved that issue. In fact I thought it may have resolved the issue completely as when it rained heavily last Sat the carpet did not become wet. However the day following the carpet was wet actually very wet :-( I have remove two soaking wet towels from the footwel of the car in the past few days. The wetness does not smell, so I am guessing that the problem is not related to the pipe that carries screen wash to rear window. Interestingly (well not very) if you split the footwell carpet into 4 equal portions then by far the wetest portion in the bottom left hand corner. One other thing when I returned home the other day I noted that there was quite a large patch of water on the driveway. It was probably about 3 feet long and 6" to 12" wide. I am familar with the small puddle of water that can be seen from the aircon drain however this was much larger and not something I can recall seeing before? I was thinking that I may need to remove the carpet to try and find the leak - not sure how easy this would be?? Does anyone out there think I should have the door seal replaced? I Would love to hear from anyone who has a experienced a very similar issue to mine as this is beginning to drive me mad, particularly with regards to the constant musty smell. Thanks and kind regards Simon
  9. Hi all, I hope the forum can help me here. I have had water ingress in the luggage area of the boot boot of my Focus estate for the last 3 months. Over that time, it has been into the dealer 3 times and the leak has still not been fixed. The have done the following: -Put sealant round the tailgate hinges (a common source of ingress apparently) -Had the roof lining away and still not been able to pinpoint the leak source Alas, this has still not fixed it and water is still coming in though the rear plastic 'vents' on the inside of the rear pillars. Taking the tailgate seals away and looking inside the (soaked) lining indicates water is still coming in from somewhere, and the lining is soaked up to 2-3 inches from the top corner of the tailgate. This might indicate that the leak is coming from that area. This problem is occurring in both the right and the left hand side of the car, bust mostly on the left. My car also has t-track roof rack fixings. I really hope someone can help me here! The car is perfect besides this. All the best and a belated Merry Christmas to you all!
  10. water on engine head

    my dealer claims my december 2007 1.6 16v focus never had an engine bay plastic cover and, could one fit 1.8/2.0 c-max cover since it has three places for nuts7bolts and oil cap opening?
  11. Hi All, I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium X 2.0 TDCI (163ps) I am looking at getting my cambelt changed and water pump soon and just wanted people opinion on when to get it done or if you have same car when did you get it done? Ford Eits says 125,000 or 10 years. I am currently at 98,000 and taking it in for its 100,000 service soon. I do a lot of motorway milage around 25,000 a year and it has always been serviced at Ford dealers. Thanks for your help :)
  12. Leaking Door

    Hi. I have got water coming in from the (front) passenger door panel (see attached photo). Anyone seen this before? Would I be right guessing that the water is coming in via the door window seal? And for some reason not running out the drain holes? The drain holes at the bottom of the door are clear. If I were to attempt to take the door card off, how much work is it? How much work is needed once the card is off? What am I likely to need part-wise? Or anyone got any idea how much would a dealer charge me? Thanks. Craig
  13. Hi this is the first I have used a forum, I'm a typical girl not the best with cars but the back passenger side carpet is wet no other carpet is wet. I have a ford ka 60 plate it's a 3 door. Any suggestions of what I can be done or is this an expensive repair? I have read that garages don't like this type of repair as there is a lot of work :( appreciate ted any help thanks
  14. Hi, can someone tell me the normal temperatures of the 1.8 TDCI in a Mk2.5 Focus? But i mean the real temperature.. So not the gauge in the dash. I want the real temperature which you can read with a obd device.. Mine is (outside temp. ~0-5°C) at normal driving (60mph) between 65-75°C. Was wondering if this is normal (Dash-gauge shows as usual steady 88°C.. thought a broken thermostat would affect the gauge). Greetings
  15. Hi, Looking for some advice on which replacement water pump I need. The car is a 2003 StreetKa, registered in March of that year. The engine is a 1.6 Duratec (Zetec Rocam). It needs a new water pump. Two part numbers are listed and I'm unsure which I need. First part no 1229571 lists a water pump and gasket, and second part no 1798955 lists a water pump kit with no gasket ... sold separately. Has anyone fitted one? Do I need the additional part shown in the pump kit? Or can I buy the pump and gasket? Cheers, Ed
  16. Leak

    hi,we have a ford focus 2008 1.6 tdci hatchback and there is water coming in boot and filling up the tyre bay any idea to solve please many thanks john f
  17. Mk6 Problems, Help!

    Hi all 2 problems 1) Rear wiper engages, but no water comes out when squirter is pressed. Assuming pump problem? Will this be a expensive fix, or shall I attempt a DIY with correct part? 2) Have developed a mysterious creak, on the left side of car, sounds like its almost in the glovebox or left side dash area, just a creak that lasts split second like plastic clicking into place. Pretty sporadic but just bugging me what it might be. (Cleared out glovebox and nothing in there making noises) Any suggestions on above?
  18. I'm getting some quotes for replacing my timing belt on my 2006 1.6 petrol ford focus. One garage has said the water pump does not need to be replaced as it is run off the fan belt, I'm not mechanically minded and I've always heard you get the water pump replaced whenever the timing belt is done so obviously this sounds odd to me. can anybody help enlighten me on this?
  19. Hi All, I have a 2007 ford fiesta 1.4 duratec with +- 115k km on the engine. Yesterday I found a lot of oil in my coolant container, but no white spots on my dip stick or oil cap. the car has not over heated. Could anyone assist me in attempting to identify the problem? I would greatly appreciate it. Regards Mawande
  20. Hi, I have a water issue on my 2006 S-Max. A lot of water is dripping down in the footwell when I use the aircon. It is dripping from 2 places, and I wonder how to get it to stop. If you see the pics, there are some red and green arrows. It is dripping at the red arrows. The drain pipe is clear from inside the car and out. I hope someone has the time to help me. Thanks a lot.
  21. Fiesta Mk7 Water Ingress/leak

    Hey Guys :) Got a Fiesta MK7 (59 Plate) which seems to have a water leak in the boot passanger side. After looking on here a few people seem to be have a similar problem. Does anyone have a idea of where the water is coming in from the outside? I've also phoned Ford and got a case number and the car is in the gargae the now for investigation (£86 per day i think it costs) has anyone got a good will from Ford for water ingress before/whats the chanches of it? Its in the Ford Marchars gargae in Partick, Glasgow who apparently have a "Water ingress specialist unit" so hopefuly that helps. Its really annoying as i didnt notice it for a week roughly so the boot black matt is soaked along with the read passanager seat and rear passanger floor so it now has a slight dampness smell whats the best method to get rid of this smell? Thanks!
  22. Fiesta Mk5 Boot Leaking

    Ive jus bought a fiesta mk5 and after this horrible rain ive opened the boot and water poured out of the bottom of the boot, would you suggest re sealing the window or the boot liner
  23. Water Leak?

    Hi A friend told me there was a pool of water where I had been parked the other night. Checking the water yesterday morning it was way below minimum so I put 500ml water in and stopped off on the way to work for some anti-freeze topping it up to max with 500ml coolant. Checked this morning and it is still at max but concerned about a possible leak and what it could be. I dont want to be without the car for work tomorrow and am doing a 240 mile round trip at the weekend. Any advice welcome. Caitriona
  24. Hello, I have 2000 Ford Fiesta Mk4 (facelifted) and recently I've found out that there is a little puddle in one of my fog lights. I took the water out, but it was a little bit green, so it left a stain. Is there a way to open the fog light, so I can wipe off the stain?
  25. I have an X reg Mondeo (Mk 2) and have discovered water under the carpet in passenger footwell. I have checked and sealed the pollen filter housing so its not coming from there. I am suspecting that the (2 plastic and 1 rubber) grommets in floor pan are the culprits.Perhaps they have aged and contracted letting water past the seal. I just can't think where else the water is coming from.Its definitely coming from underneath car and not from the top down as I have rubber mats.I am going to dry it all out (the insulating felt is sodden and stinks like hell, which is why i looked under carpet in first place!) and smear loads of silicone sealant over it. The air con has been switched off and can eleminate any blockage in drain hole. So I don't think its that. There is a lot of water so I don;t think its the air con. Has anybody else had problems with these stupid grommets ?.