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Found 43 results

  1. Attempting to find a replacement alloy wheel for a 2017 Ford Kuga Titanium 1.5 TDCI Hi all, I recently had a minor accident thanks to a patch of spilled diesel on the road and hit a high kerb with the front nearside alloy. The damage to the alloy is pretty bad and the tire is bulged, both of which need to go down the scrapyard. I'm having some real difficulty in finding a replacement alloy wheel - I have 17 inch 5-spoke doubles which are different to any that I can find online, even those on the official ford-accessories website. I've attached a photo of my alloys for reference. When compared to the ones on the Ford spares site, you can see that they are different (rim around the badge, shape of the traingular segments etc). I'm at a loose end now and am wondering if anyone knows where I can pick up a matching alloy please? I'm having to drive around on the spare space saver at the moment and really need a replacement. The dealership are being as useful as ***** on a fish too, so if anyone has any help or advice, that would be great. Thanks in advance. MarkNeen.
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to retrofit heated steering wheel to a MK7 Fiesta because I've looked and heated steering wheel covers don't seem to be that great from reviews.
  3. Help please where can i get the rear spring isolator pads for a mk 7 fiesta van its banging around from rear changed shocks to find the pads are rotted away Thanks in advance By the way I'm new here so hello all
  4. Just looking for opinions on what colour wheels would look good on this car? Or should I stick with these?
  5. Scratching/squeaking noise

    Hi All, Driving to work this morning and noticed that when i'm turning to the left (only when wheel is moving) i'm getting a strange scratching/squeaking noise coming from driver's side front wheel. Here is a video of the issue... https://www.dropbox.com/s/zncgd036xu6ja9p/20170731_082530.mp4?dl=0 If anyone can shed any light it'd be much appreciated! Cheers
  6. Hi, I'm new to the Ford Owners Club. Somebody scratched my car last week whilst parked at work. The plastic piece above the wheel (rear) is a little loose as a result. Any ideas what it's called and how to securely fix it in place? I've attached an image. Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I have a 2015 Mk5 1.5d Mondeo Titanium X with 16" wheels. It's a company car so the 1.5d engine was the only option available and thus the 16" were also the only option. :( awe well. I also selected the skinny spare rather than the can of repair glue when it was ordered. Here's my problem though.... The tyres are so big and the wheels are so small that when the tyres are deflated there is not enough ground clearance to get the supplied sissor jack under the car. Hmmm. I know this seems a bit mental to me but has anyone had a similar problem before? The process to order the car was convoluted with at least three hops before getting to the dealer (whom I never spoke to myself) so I'm not sure if this would have been something that was even considered during the build and check stages. Any helpful responses or jokes about my situation would be appreciated. Ian
  8. I purchased new tires today and also had a front and rear alignment done. Here is a picture of the before/after measurements I received from the shop. My question is why the "Current" rear camber appears to be more out of balance than the "Before Measurements". I have no idea what it should be, I am making the assumption a larger negative value is worse. Thanks for any insight!
  9. Hello. I'm getting an annoying banging noise when going over bumps and when on full lock (both directions) The sound is coming from the drivers side by the wheel.. Video: Edit: There is only 1 bang noise when going into full lock. In the video I'm slightly moving the wheel out and back into full lock, causing multiple banging noises. Anyone got any ideas or similar problems? Hopefully it won't cost too much to fix :(
  10. Steering wheel adjustment

    I can't adjust my steering wheel on my Fiesta 2010 model MK7 I believe(not the face lift though) I don't have a lever although in the manual it specifies I do. i have a bolt here which appears to be on a runner, although I'm not confident. I've uploaded a picture (not really clear either I know) can somebody help me. thanks in advance.
  11. Radio buttons not working!!

    So I have an 07 fiesta... I was on my way home from work and pressed the mute button on the radio... then used the controls on the steering column to get it off mute by pressing the up volume button (I've done this before with no issue) next thing I know the volume has gone all the way up to 20!!! I tried turning it down with the steering controls and on the actual dial thing and nothing worked! So I turned it off (the only thing that worked)... I got home and check all the other buttons and NONE of them work... so now my radio is stuck ridiculously loud with no way to turn it down! Help?!
  12. So recently iv come across a grinding noise coming from the front of my car, and I have no idea what it is but when the car is moving I can hear it. sometimes it is really loud, other times not so loud... I have had the front end jacked up, checked the wheels for any play thinking it could be a bearing but there is no play. I recently had both rear wheels bearings changed and had new disks and pads on the front under 500 miles ago. Could it possibly be the disks? Thanks for any replies.
  13. I've had a look on the forums and couldn't find what I needed, I have a Fiesta MK6 1.4 petrol and intend to replace the suspension leg and wheel hub assembly on the front driver's side after a curb collision driving over black ice. A general guide on what to do would be very helpful but knowing what tools and size of bolts/nuts would be great before I start! Could I use the brakes I have on now instead of using the ones that came on the new parts or would that be too complicated as I don't really want to deal with brake fluid etc. (as I bought a whole front right corner that came with the brake discs and calipers on the hub) I have experience of removing standard suspension and installing coilovers but on a Corsa B and have recently bought the Fiesta so am rather clueless haha Any help is appreciated guys Thanks Jordan
  14. Hi, This is the first winter I've had since I got my 65plate ST-3 with the 19" 235/35/19 MPS3 tyres on at the moment and they're not very good in the current cold climate. Looking at winter tyres/wheel sets and I want a narrow/higher profile tyre - should I just go for the 235/45/18? or is there smaller/narrower I can go still? I don't think I can reduce the size much more in diameter because of the brake caliper but maybe narrower? Or would it be more beneficial getting just tyres to fit on my 19s? I'd rather change the whole alloy due to corrosion and scratching etc but I don't think my wallet would appreciate it at the moment - flying is an expensive hobby! Is it safe enough to re-use tyres once they've been taken on and off the alloy?
  15. Hello there. This is my first time posting. 2 weeks ago I was in a crash, not of my own fault. As you can see from the pictures, a car went into the side of my car on a round about as they pulled out, not giving way to their right. Ir has damaged the rear bumber, scratched the alloy and the side. It is currently at a garage waiting to be viewed by the third partied insurance company, which they are taking their time with. I am wondering, out of curiosity, how much will this be to repair, including parts, labour, painting and materials. I was looking at the price of the parts, but I do not know what the side of the car is called 'properly'. I'm assuming since it goes all the way to the front of the car, going above the doors, they will have to replace the full side of the car? Finally, do you think it will be written off? Apparently, if a car crashes into your wheel, it is a serious thing as it can fracture the allow, or whatever.
  16. possible wheel bearing?

    Hi guys, same car new problem. (ford focus 2002) I believe one of my wheel bearing are on their way out. There's a loud noise coming from the rear. I've jacked it up, done the usual tests, spinning and wobbling but nothing is pointing to the bearing, the wheel spin almost freely. I believe theres meant to be a tiny bit of friction from the brakes. There's no obvious signs of a stone or twig trapped causing the noise. is there any thing else i can check myself? Thanks.
  17. Rumbling noise from all wheels

    hi, recently all my wheels have developed a rumbling noise. more so from the back. it gets worse if I go over a bumpy road, almost sounds like my wheel is loose. has any one got any ideas? I have been told it could be the wheel bearings but reluctant to change until certain as they are pretty pricy. Ford focus Mk2.5, 1.8 tdci estate (122k clock)
  18. steering wheel and airbag

    so as most of you know i changed my steering wheel since then its been bugging that the airbag light is on is there any way to like create a circuit so its not just staying on and that it still works? or am i better off just putting black electric tape round the it like the majority of the people Thanks in advance :)
  19. Hi, I had a wheel alignment performed on my Fiesta Zetec S MK6.5, because the inner front tyres are wearing more than the outside (from reading online this could be normal anyway?), they set the car model in Hunter Hawkeye as "07/08-2012 (Fiesta 2008.75) : except Sport". I pointed out to them this was for the Mk7, but they said it didn't matter. Is this correct?
  20. Focus ST 2016 - Locking nuts

    Hi all. Brand new here so don't mind me if I've said or done anything wrong in this post! Bought a new Focus ST (2016) a few days ago and recently found out that the town/ location we are at have had a lot of ST wheels stolen. I have the standard locking nut, but would it be an idea to replace them/ use an additional locking nut on each wheel? If so, could anyone please point me to somewhere that stocks them for my model? I'm pretty computer savvy but this is painful to say the least. Any info/ help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Dan.
  21. Wheel refurbishment

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good place to get alloys refurbished in West or South Wales, (Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire or Swansea area)? There are a few to choose from, but I'd rather go somewhere that is recommended. Thanks Simon
  22. hi when i apply full lock i get this jerky movement from the drivers side wheel, also when i brake that same wheel wanders, and when driving sometimes the wheel wanders mostly pulling the car to the right
  23. Hey guys, I've got a 53 TDDi and after it sitting around for a week, all of a sudden I've started getting a clunking noise while turning the steering wheel stood still. Driving it seems to be OK the majority of the time, every now and then it happens. Found a video on youtube which looks to be the issue I'm having. They say it was the front springs, is there any way I can double check the springs before buying new ones? Replaced my steering rack a little while ago (roughly 2/3 thousand miles ago) so thinking it may possibly be that. Heres the link: Any help would be much appreciated.
  24. Vibration When Braking

    Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel Style Around June last Year, I started getting a vibration on the steering wheel while braking so straight away I assumed that my disks were warped. I had them replaced by my local garage but within 2 months, I started to get the same problem again. I took the car back to the garage and they replaced the disks under warranty and assumed that they were bad disks. This time the disks lasted about 4 months and then the vibration returned. This time I listened for any noise and I could hear a rubbing, almost like a chugging noise on the left hand side of the car which then turns into a wobbling knocking noise when the car slows down further. I then took the car back to the garage which they then replaced the left side calliper (and the disks/pads again) but I still have the same issue. I am going to take it back there again but I want to find out if anyone else might have had the same issue or might know something else that might be causing it so I can mention it to the people at the garage. Just to add to this. I’m pretty good when it comes to braking, there is no vibration on the steering wheel when driving and there seems to be no play on the left wheel, which I have checked and the guys at an MOT centre have also reported no problems.
  25. Hi Guys, I have a 2005 Mk6 fiesta zetec (with ABS), I suspected the wheel bearings had gone. Over the weekend I removed the hub from the rear of the car and sure enough the bearings were knackered!! I am trying to find replacement bearings but am struggling. The bearings that are in the hub at the moment are tapered roller bearings, my local motor factor and ford parts are telling me that the part should be a straight roller bearing. Has anyone changed the bearings and know whether they are supposed to be straight or tapered? Straight roller bearing: Tapered roller bearing: Thanks in advance Moffs1