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Found 38 results

  1. Windscreen issues

    Hello, I have poor visibility through my windscreen. I've tried cleaning and polishing but its still pretty poor. I was hoping the polish would fill the little pits. There are quite a few tiny scratches/chips/pits on the windscreen that causes quiet a bit of glare. A lot of headlights seem over bright these days which doesn't help; unless its just me. Any ideas how to reduce the glare? - Matt
  2. Windscreen Heater Problem

    Hi, I’ve got a 2012 Focus Titanium and it’s developed a couple of electrical issues and I’m wondering if anyone can help before I go to the expense of getting someone to look at it. To begin with, whenever the windscreen heater or fans aren’t turned off (either via the Max button or just the windscreen fan button) the hill start assist would kick it and turn off straight away. so I turned off Hill Start Assist and everything was fine for about 2 weeks and all of a sudden the same issue is happening but with the tire pressure. Has anyone got any idea why? Thanks
  3. Anyone know the cost of a heated windscreen for a fiesta? Just bought a Cat C and only noticed there is no heated windscreen, when there should be! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi I had a look at removing a focus mk2 windscreen today. Could do with a little advise before I continue though. I have got the wire to cut through the adhesive. Do you need to take the trim on the edge of the screen out first.i tried to do this, but it kept breaking off. Not sure if it should come out with the screen, or to take it out first. I' assuming a new screen doesn' come with the trim on it. Just wondered if anyone had any experience in this area. I would be great full of anyone' input.
  5. Hi I had a look at removing a focus mk2 windscreen today. Could do with a little advise before I continue though. I have got the wire to cut through the adhesive. Do you need to take the trim on the edge of the screen out first.i tried to do this, but it kept breaking off. Not sure if it should come out with the screen, or to take it out first. I' assuming a new screen doesn' come with the trim on it. Just wondered if anyone had any experience in this area. I would be great full of anyone' input.
  6. Hi all I have noticed on my fiesta 2012 that the scuttle (i believe is the right name - not sure) has come away from the windscreen glass slightly and filled with grunge which i have cleaned out. I was wondering whether this is normal or is it meant to be sealed tight against the glass for water to run over? I have just looked under the bonnet now its raining and seen some water dripping underneath. Any ideas whether this needs replacing, resealing or if its fine as it is? Thanks Rich
  7. Hi guys, After trying to find out as much info that I could to fit a heated screen into my son's Fiesta, we have now hit a brick wall. So, I'm wondering whether anybody has successfully fitted one and if so can they point me in the right direction. So this is where we're up to so far: We have had the heated screen fitted into a 2004 (54plate) Mk6 Fiesta Flame 1.4 Petrol. Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to find any wiring behind the pillar covers. So, we set about sourcing the various bits that we needed. I fitted a double switch (front and rear) in place of the existing rear heated screen switch. The connector was wired for both switches, which I took to be a good sign. Next, after purchasing cable that was man enough to handle the current for the screen, I ran a feed to both sides of the screen and connected each of them to a 32A fuse. From the fuses I then connected those to pin 5 of a Ford 70A relay (which I have mounted into the fuse box) I connected both of the earth tags on the screen to the pillar earth points. The next job was to get power to the relay which I did by running a cable from the FH 60A terminal in the engine bay fusebox and connected that to pin 3 of the relay. Pin 1 of the relay is the supply from Fuse 38 (Ignition) which I spliced into near the fusebox (that took some tracing!!), and this is also connected to one side of the switch (pin5) Now, this is where the brick wall is. The other side of the switch (pin 8) and pin 2 from the relay go to the GEM. I have looked at the GEM and there are no wires in the connecting loom from the switch (although the switch connection has the wire), nor (obviously) is there on from the relay. I understand that the GEM would control the timing that the screen was on etc. So, I have a question, would I be able to piggy back onto the heated rear screen GEM connections and understand that the screen would/may only work if the heated rear window is switched on? Or is there another way round wiring it all in but bypassing the GEM, but still being able to use the original switch? We really want to try to get this to work as my other son has just bought, yes you've guessed it, a Fiesta Flame without a heated screen! Apologies for a long winded post, and hope that it makes sense to someone. Cheers Paul
  8. Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Hey All, I was driving along the seafront today and all of a sudden a squashed tin can flew into my windscreen as I was doing around 25MPH. Its left a scratch on my windscreen would this cause a MOT failure? When i run my finger over it I cant feel a dent or a crack so I assume its just a scratch. I've attached a pic to make it abit more clear. Thanks
  9. Hello fellow Ford Fiesta owners, I've had my car for maybe 5 months or so now and never had an issue with the wipers. I bought new Bosch ones maybe 2-3 weeks ago and they have been brilliant, better than the OEM ones that were on my car when i bought it. However recently my driver side wiper seems to bounce across my windscreen in the rain, it doesn't even bounce when the window is bone dry which puzzles me. I do have a layer of Angelwax H2GO on it but ive had that on it for a while and its never been a problem. Has anyone else come across this issue? I've seen suggestions of bending the arm of the wiper but ive never touched them so i cant see how they are even bent at all, i only lift them up for cleaning the car and even then i do it gently. Surely the new wiper cant need replacing already? The rubber still feels soft. I would point the finger at the hydrophobic layer i have on it but i had it on the windscreen when i bought the new wiper and they worked perfectly fine for weeks. Sorry for the long post of just plain old wipers but it really bugs me when it makes such a noise and bounces on the windscreen when it rains and i live in wales so it rains a lot i just want to get this sorted, i might just buy new wipers AGAIN to see if that fixes the issue?
  10. screen washer

    Hi need help!!! ford focus 2013 ( mk3) screen washers jet not squirting water all 3 jets stopped squirting at the same time all of the sudden. the pump is defiantly trying to pump water out I can ear the noise, I have disconnect the tube under the bonnet to check if front jets are blocked but no water is coming out, also I have syphoned the scrennwash bowl few times with clean water few bits of crap come out but jets still not delivering water!!!! Any help will be much appreciated.
  11. I am having a few issues with my heated windscreen on my mk2 Estate, only the passenger half appears to be working! Is this an easy fix or will I be looking at something expensive!
  12. Get in the car this morning and there was a huge amount of condensation not just fogged up but actual drops of water. I had to wipe this off with a cloth and squeezed out a load of water, after the heated screen and warm air vents did nothing to help. We had loads of heavy rain last week and maybe some got into the car, but anyone else have this problem with their Focus? Now I have streaks all over the window where I have wiped it, especially when driving towards the sun which is low in the sky - any suggestions of getting it back to the way it was?
  13. Heated Windscreen Issues

    Hello Guys I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium MK3 and I am having repeated problems with my Quick Clear Windscreen. I bought the car in September 2014, and shortly after collecting it, I discovered a fault so I got the garage to fix it under warranty and they replaced the screen. 11 months later, a similar fault developed so I contacted the company who fitted it, and they then came and replaced the windscreen again for me. It has now been 9 or 10 months and my heated windscreen has started doing this. I am starting to wonder, there is either 1 of 2 things happening here. 1. They are using cheap quality windscreens. 2. I have an electrical problem that is re-occuring. From the pictures, what do you guys think?
  14. Hi I have a 09 plate Mk 3 Focus Titanium and I need to replace the dashboard, windscreen, plastic landing panel and bumper support at the front, I've looked online at parts from a Mk 2 Focus and they look the same as the Mk3, I just wondered if anyone knows for certain if parts from a Mk2 will fit my Mk3 please? Thanks
  15. Hello all, Recently I have noticed the decay on windscreen wiper pads leaving a smudged line after wiping the screen. I've looked online and cannot find the replacement pads anywhere - only full blade replacements. Does anyone have the part number or any links as to where I can buy replacements. Cheers!
  16. Last July while on holiday we had our windscreen replaced by autoglass who we can't fault. Tuesday we had a hot sunny day for a change and Tuesday night we had a cold night. Anyhow when I went out to the car this morning I was met with this..... No idea when it happened but can only assume that since the MOT (two weeks ago) a stone has hit the screen and I haven't heard it and the hot/cold has made it go "bang during the night!"
  17. Hi All, I would be grateful if you could advise me on this. I was cleaning my wipers the other day and noticed the plastic trim at the bottom of the windscreen is loose. I worried lots of rain water will be getting in there , potentially causing damage rust. Do you think I can just superglue it back in place or fit some rubber trim? any advise welcome. Thank you please
  18. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can help me but I would be most grateful for any advice. I went out to my car this morning, it was iced up. I poured Luke warm water over the front and rear windscreen and then set my wipers going, I also sprayed some screenwash. Well the first couple of sprays and swipes from both wipers worked fine and then suddenly everything stopped. My first thought was that the fuse had gone. However. A very kind man (a customer at work) overheard me on the phone to a garage to check whether they stocked fuses and said he had been a mechanic for 20 years and would have a look for me. When he returned he said the fuses were fine. He didn't think it was the motor though, as the front, rear and screenwash had all stopped working. He mentioned a possible loose connection? Then when I spoke to a friend, he said that he still thought it could be the fuse - he had had fuses before which looked ok but had, in fact, blown. I hate to admit it but I'm completely broke at the moment so I was hoping it would be an easy fix. I also can't get my car to a garage until Monday and I'm working tomorrow so I could really do with it for then. With the snow though, I just can't risk driving without working wipers. Does anyone have experience of this problem? Or know of a possible cause and/or fix? It's a 2004 ford KA sport. (1.6 litre) I would be so grateful! Many thanks in advance
  19. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this - any help would be gratefully received!! Once I switch my windscreen wipers on, I can't turn them off. At all. The stalk itself is in perfect working order but when set back to the 'off' position they keep going. When I turn the engine off they keep going... When I take the key out & lock the car they keep going... I think you get the picture! It started a few weeks ago when, whilst the wipers were set to wipe intermittently they suddenly juddered & started wiping continuously. I reset the stalk to 'off' and they kept going thus rendering the stalk useless (unlees you want to turn on fast wipe which works fine!) I found that the only way to switch them off was to open the bonnet and once I open the fuse box lid the wipers stop mid wipe - I don't have to touch anything inside the fusebox (although I have made sure all the fuses are seated correctly), once they're stopped I can then use the stalk to single wipe to reset the wiper position. All back to normal. This led me to think it was the fuse so I popped to the local dealers (as Halfords don't stock them) & bought a replacement No. 30 Circuit Breaker, fitted it and crossed my fingers. Yesterday it was raining and during a 20 minute journey the wipers seemed to be working fine - switching from intermittent to continuous wipe to off and back again perfectly, this lead me to turn to my son and say 'at least the wipers are working again...' 2 minutes later at journeys end the bonnet was up & I was removing the fusebox lid again - but this time when I try to reset the wiper position they just start up again... I've never posted on a forum before which probably indicates how completely baffled I am by this. When I went to buy the fuse at the Ford Dealer I told the Service Reception guy & he just looked as confused as me. I've told mechanic friends and they haven't heard of this before. Any help or advice would be welcome! Thanks in advance. Mark.
  20. Just had my windscreen replaced by autoglass (bullseye chip and a star-break close together) must say the guy who did it was great and explained everything even down to showing me that the 'original' ford stamped screen had very little bonding on it and the top passenger side corner actually had NO bonding on it! After reading some of the horror stories online about autoglass I have to say the guys done a good job on our focus, no problems with the sensors in the screen and everything works as it should. The only difference with the screen is instead of being stamped 'Ford' it has Pilkington which supplies OE to the industry anyway. Had to pay £75 excess but better than the £520 had I replaced it at my own cost! Anyone else had their windscreen replaced and if so how did it go?
  21. Replace Washer Motor

    Where do I find the washer motor and how do I replace. Washers not working no sound I have checked the fuse.
  22. Windscreen Washer Pump

    Hi All Recently bought a 2009 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. I am having issues where windscreen washer isn't working. I checked the water tank and it was filled with gunk. I emptied out the water, cleaned the pump and filter but no joy. So I assumed that the pump wasn't working I bought a new pump but still the same issue. Does anybody know if there is a fuse for this? What else can be wrong? Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  23. Hi, Seen a few of these posts but no answers.... Recently on the motorway I noticed the black plastic seal bit around the windscreen on the passenger side of my Ford fiesta style+ 09 was flapping around and I am wondering how you think I should fix this issue in case it leads to a leak ?
  24. Ford Fiesta Windscreen Seal

    Hi, Seen a few of these posts but no answers.... Recently on the motorway I noticed the black plastic seal bit around the windscreen on the passenger side of my Ford fiesta style+ 09 was flapping around and I am wondering how you think I should fix this issue in case it leads to a leak ?
  25. Hi on my mk3 focus I have two little black boxes on the windscreen, which have wires running into the roof lining. It's a zetec so doesn't have auto lights / wipers - but I haven't seen these on similar models. Are they anything to do with the radio lights coming on when dark and off during the day? Only I thought the dome by the windscreen (between the vents) was what controlled this. Can't see anything on Ford Etis.