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Found 9 results

  1. Morning, Bit baffled so hope someone can help. From last night I noticed that there is a light tapping / knocking from the accelerator pedal at higher speeds. Steering is nice and smooth, no knocking or shaking so I'm guessing this has to be engine related? Engine is smooth, can't hear anything out of the ordinary and performance is also unaffected. 59 Plate, 2.0 TDCI Kuga. Thanks, Jay
  2. I am a newish member and this first post. Had my current Focus ( Reg September 2010) Titanium automatic since beginning of May While driving my accelerator jammed open while driving. I managed to overcome by hitting brakes hard. Is this a know issue?
  3. Hi All and good evening I have a 2007 Focus 1.8 TDCI. Over the last couple of months it has developed a Hesitation issue. It is not all the time and it is hard to explain. Can be driving a long the road and I might need to push the accelerator maybe to pick up speed to over take a car, when I then coming off the accelerator and changing up a gear as I then engage the accelerator again there will be this hesitation from the car before the rev's pickup, or I might slow down to go around a corner when I have completed the turn and get back on the accelerator it might hesitate before the end rev's pick up. Also noticed it happens when coming off the motorway and back onto normal roads. If you have ever drove a petrol car that has had a faulty spark plug and it does bunny hopes then it is a bit like that but not as bad, and it only seems to happen once the engine is warm. Never seems to happen when the car is parked and the engine is idling. Have another issue with the accelerator, now this might be an issue or it might just be me. The position of the accelerator seems to change all the time to what I am asking the engine to do. Again try and explain, some times can put the foot onto the accelerator pedal like when getting ready to pull away from a stop and the engine does nothing, put the foot down a little bit more and the engine will jump up to 2000 rev's. Take foot off the accelerator and try again put the pedal to the same position and it will rev up to 1400/1600 rpm. Also trying to get the engine to rev at 1200/1400/1600 or 1800 rev's seems to be very hit or miss, after about 2000 rpm the pedal position seems to be spot on but anything below that it is just a guessing game all the time. Turn corners and always have to wait 2-3 seconds once putting the foot onto the accelerator before the engine pickups rpm. Really getting to the point where I just want to get ride of the car but would like to fix them and keep the car.
  4. After changing gear and slightly pressing on the accelerator pedal my car makes a loud excessive revving noise, the accelerometer ticks over yet my car doesn't speed up excessively and when i'm setting off in first makes me sound like I have my foot flat on the accelerator pedal. It is a problem in second and third gear too. If I put my foot any heavier on the pedal it doesn't affect the speed of my car just lets out a loud revving noise, makes it very difficult to drive, is anyone aware of what could be causing this problem? Thanks
  5. Throttle Cutting Out

    Hey everyone, I have a FORD FOCUS 58 Plate 2.0 TDCI Titanium. For years I had an intermittent problem- the throttle pedal would briefly stop working. This began happening once every 3-6 months so wasn't too much of an issue. It now happens everyday. Been researching this problem for a while. Despite following many similar topics on just this forum nothing has solved it yet. I do lots of motorway driving (approx 200 miles everyday). On each journey the throttle pedal stops responding and the revs drop to idle. Occasionally the pedal becomes responsive again, other times I'll have to pull over to stop/start the engine. This tends to reset it. Occasionally I can sense when it will happen as the car judders when easing off the throttle pedal and is slow when pressure applied. I don't appear to have any DTC Fault codes, and a Ford Dealer found nothing after a diagnostic. I've replaced the pedal with another (second hand) and it still cuts out. I ordered a replacement (second hand) Throttle Position Sensor but another pedal showed up instead. I was told on this year/model the TPS is now in the pedal. It has now got to the stage where I'm just wasting money on guessing the fault. Suggestions have included replacing injectors, instrument cluster, ECU, fuel filter, but no-one has actually diagnosed the fault. Any help/suggestions will be much appreciated!
  6. Help please. I feel an intermittent grinding sensation through the accelerator pedal and occasionally the clutch pedal when cruising. Passengers can't hear it so I'm assuming I'm imagining that I can hear it. What could it be? For example, it often happens when cruising at 30 miles an hour in 3rd or 4th and foot resting gently or feathering accelerator to keep at speed. However, it can happen on the motor way cruising at 60-70 as well. The main thing, it happens only when cruising not breaking or accelerating/pulling away. Depressing the clutch doesn't stop it. I've just had new clutch and DMF but this problem was from before - I'm noticing it more now, I think. I've also just had full electrics diagnostics which show up no major problems (cruise control occasionally turns off when I press SET- (minus) but I don't really care about that too much). No warning lights showing. 2 mechanics have done short test drives and think it's a smooth driving car and can't feel the grinding sensation. I have Ford Mondeo Zetec (2010) diesel, 140bhp, 1997, 35,000miles ish. Suggestions please, folks! Thanks for any help. Anska.
  7. Hey, ive had my Ford Focus Estate TDCI 1.6L now for about 3 weeks and its been the same since i got it...that is its very slow... There must be a problem because it takes forever to accelerate and this is most noticable when trying to accelerate from 40-70 going onto a duel carriageway/motorway..which is most annoying and somewhat embarrasing at times. <_< Ive been told it could possibly be a turbo problem/leak, accelerator problem etc. and havent really had it fully checked be a professional yet... Anyone else had/have a similar problem or know of any cost saving solutions?? also perhaps worth noting is that the car doesnt really tend to go above 3500rpm.. in any gear or even in neutral. SOLUTIONS?? ADVICE??
  8. This is my first ever post and would appreciate any help as I am running out of money trying to resolve this problem and am not in a position to buy a new car. :( I have a 2001 focus, 1.6 zetec Automatic. About 3 weeks ago (after a few weeks of rough idling) the car just would not start when I left work. I got it started but soon it just cut out. I got my Dad out to help, he got it started but then going up hill, the CAT burnt out. We eventually got it back home and have had the following works done: New CAT fitted, new lambda sensor, new battery, new spark plugs (and I don't know if they are related to this but new expansion tank and new thermostat). Having all this done has fixed the idling problems that I have been having but now the following occurs. The car will not start unless my foot is flat on the accelerator and it takes a good few seconds to finally start. When it does, the revs go straight up to 3000-4000 (I assume this is because my foot was on the accelerator). I have to wait a minute or two before I can put the car in gear otherwise it either jumps forward or just cuts out again. Most occasions I have to attempt to start the car twice and I am rather concerned that keep doing this, it is going to cause ALOT more damage and flood the engine. Once the car is running, it runs really well and there are no longer idling problems when waiting at lights etc. There is alot of white smoke that appears when the car eventually starts (which I have not noticed before so don't know if it is related or I am being paranoid) which disappears once on the move and it stinks of petrol. PLEASE PLEASE HELP as I am now too scared to stop anywhere (even to get petrol) in case I cannot start again. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi I've recently bought a 2000 (X reg) Fiesta Zetec butt just have a couple of niggles with it that I'm hoping arent too difficult to sort.. 1) Central locking - I cant unlock the car from my driver side, I can lock it from that side and the passenger side is fine but I just cant unlock from the driver side. 2) Accelerator feels a little "sticky" to me if that makes sense? I dont feel like its a smooth, continuous motion as I accelerate. Its more like it moves in little increments. e.g. a little pressure does nothing, then i can feel it just 'jump' down slightly rather then being a smooth movement. I'm not sure if im explaining that very well, its probably worth noting that this is my first car too so I'm a complete newbie, hoping to learn some stuff as I go along though so any help really will be hugely appreciated. Thanks.