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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am living in Thailand and have a problem with my Ford Focus Ghai (2003) over heating. Garage have had it in and are telling me this is due to the air con compressor failing. (Air con also not working). Basically as the air con is not working this in turn is leading to the radiator fan not operating and therefore overheating problems. I am not much of a mechanic and therefore would welcome anyone's comments as to whether this is plausible before I go ahead with any costly repairs. Any information would be appreciated
  2. Air Con Fan Problems

    I have a clicking sound when driving and I have been told that it is the air con fan and that it needs replacing. When the air con is switched off the noise goes so I assume that it must be the fan, however, it has been replaced twice with a second hand fan that has not solved the problem, so could there be another reason for the sound?
  3. Hi all. I have a 2005 Ford Focus Mk2 that I bought last year. When I got it the air con was noisy and didn't cool. Since then: I had it serviced and a split pipe replaced between the compressor and the condenser. After a few weeks it stopped working again and I had the condenser radiator replaced. A couple of months later and it died again and needed a new seal (I'm not sure where). It's been working for a couple of months now, but it's dying again The condenser and seal were done by a garage in Plymouth, but I've since moved to Guildford although I often visit Poole. So can anyone recommend a specialist near Poole or Guildford that might be able to sort it once and for all? Or might I have more luck with a Ford dealer?
  4. Hi, My MK2 2006 Focus, aircon not engage, but cooling fan is working when push ac button. i checked fuses under glove box and bonnet , all off them were fine, i checked gas pressure is ok. i checked pressure sensors, low and high pressure were fine. when i push ac button, lamp will on, and cooling fan is starting to turn under bonnet, but ac compressor not turninig !!! and there is no electric is comming ac compressor cable plug !!! IS THERE ANY CONNECTION PLUG ON THE CABLE WHICH IS BETWEEN AC COMPRESSOR AND PCM ECU ??? i checked car dtc with FORSCAN software, but there is no fault code, please help.
  5. Air con overcharged?

    I took my Fiesta ecoboost (100) for an air con regas and clean today. On collection, I was told that it was overfilled, he showed me figures of 70 something whereas he said for my engine it should be in the 60s, again not sure what he was quoting, they might have been 100s or 1000s. Anyway, he took out gas. I've never had the air con serviced and having bought the car at 18 months old, I doubt it has ever been done. Having driven around all afternoon, the car doesn't seem to be as cold as usual, to make sure it's not in my head I bought a themometer, stuck it in the vent, put the air con on in recirculate and found I was struggling to get below 50F, apparently the temp should be between 40 and 45 degrees F. Could someone tell me what figures he is talking about? Is there specific amount of gas/ pressure for different engines? If so, where can I find it? I also paid for a bacterial clean, I'm taking it I would smell it, if it had been done (having used the Halfords DIY ones before), because the smell in the car was exactly the same as when I left it.
  6. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me what this plug should go into (the plug in the red square), as at the moment its just hanging. And what it is for, the only thing not working is the air con as the fan is not kicking in. I'm hoping this just need to be plugged back in but i cant see where it should go. Thanks 1.0 2016 ecoboost fiesta
  7. Air Conditioning

    Hi All I have a 64 plate Galaxy, had it since new and it's still in warranty. Its done 23K miles and serviced regularly. I noticed the Air Conditioning is not as cold as it should be the other day. I did use a new 2amp phone charger in it the day I noticed the Air Con wasn't working well Maybe that's done something to the electrics... It's booked in for a check up in a few days with my local Ford Garage. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be. I guess normally you would expect a gas recharge or a leak somewhere but is that reasonable given the vehicle's age/mileage? Do you think it will be covered under warranty etc? Thanks for any ideas.
  8. Hi people, I have a Mk 4 2007 Mondeo 1.8 TDCi. I've got a simple question which is: When I turn my Air Con on, should the main radiator fan come on aswell? Mine doesn't. I had the air con re-gassed as it was all but non-existant, and it was still useless. It was slightly better when I was travelling at motorway speeds, i.e. when there was some air moving in/around the condenser. When I turn on the air con on my Puma the fan comes on straight away and it's the same with my dads Renault. The fan on my neighbour's 2012 Mondeo TDCi also doesn't come on when the air con is switched on. Maybe they both faulty by chance or maybe the fan shouldn't come on with the air con on this mondo? Before I go to a garage and potentially get charged who knows what, does anyone know the definitive answer to my radiator fan dilema please?? Thanks very much guys guys!!
  9. Hi Guys, I've got a Ford Focus 2014 (mk3.5 shell) and I've noticed that my air conditioning unit has got weaker and weaker for the past few months of having the car. I believe the refrigerant is leaking (as it's less effective and hissing) and I wondered whether this would be covered by the warranty? Is it normal for a new car to have a leaking air con unit this quickly? Many Thanks, Seb
  10. drive belt a.c. bypass

    Hi. I have a 1999 Focus and the bolts on the a.c. Pulley mount have sheared off. Does anyone know what length drive belt I could use to bypass the air con pulley? Cheers. Lloyd
  11. Identify A Part, Please

    Hi, Please have a look at the photo of my drivers footwell with the carpet up and note the lovely mould! This is from a water ingress that has been happening for some time now. I think I may have identified the culprit - please can someone tell me what the black pipe as indicated by the big arrow is - I believe it may be leaking and this could be the issue. Thanks, John
  12. Hello, Got out of the S-Max 2.0Litre Diesel tonight, fan running....not uncommon after a high speed run or time spent in traffic - thought nothing of it. 10 minutes later went back out to car.....Fan still running.....odd as the journey we had just made was only 5 minutes and not high speed. Started car again - let it idle - wanted to see if it would correct itself....it did not. Decided to pull the hood and disconnect the fuse......F5 - 60 ~Amps.....found out this is the type which have a bolted in type of fuse.....could not easily remove it so disconnected battery and left it for 20 minutes. Re-attached it and the fan kicked in straight away. So in my mind I am looking at a faulty fuse (unlikely as this would go open circuit).....faulty fan relay (located on side of fan and looks to be honest like a miniature ECU) or faulty engine coolant sensor. Any suggestions what else it could be? Am I safe to pull the bolted type fuse at 60 amps so the wife can drive the car about (5 mile journeys to and from school only....no real traffic).....?.....or should I pull the wiring from the fan where it plus into the relay on the radiator fan cowl - just so the car can be used while I do a bit more investigation (Hopefully someone on here will know what to do more than me !!). Look forward to hearing from you guy's. Many Thanks, Chris
  13. Hi there, I've tried refilling my a/c few months back and it was leaking somewhere. According to the mechanic it was the condenser. So i changed that during the week end. I went to refill it again, and it's still leaking. Went to 4 mechanics and no one knows where it's leaking? apparently they have put dye through the pipes but still in vain. Anyone have any suggestions please? The heat is unbearable Thanks in advance.
  14. Please don't waste your money and buy from ebay I made this mistake buy from Fords Even my car is old it is reregistered disabled so Fords gave me a price then I asked for the 20% V.A.T off man looked confused as long as the car is reregistered disabled and I buy the part from Fords it is exempt from the 20% and presto got the 20% off Car is nice and cold again will never buy from ebay again but did get my money back from the seller in full
  15. Hi my first post so please excuse me if this topic has been covered but i could not find what I was looking for. I have recently bought a Sportka 03 and noticed i have wet foot wells commons problem from what I can see. First thought heating matrix but when air con is not on dry wells. If it was the matrix would it leaks all the time? Strange thing is when I felt the water dripping down I had both cold and hot. it had just had the heating valve done before i bought it. I would like to know exactly where the air con drain hose is please(any pics very welcome) as i think this is a good place to start. Thanks
  16. Plesae Help!!!!

    Please help. have just got a Smax 2008 2.0 tdci. Found air con not working. Have found a break in the PWM wire feeding the fan and reset fault codes but air con is still not working. Have 14 v at fan, PWM unit cable 12 v when connected to the fan and 4.4v when disconnected. Really just want to prove the fan will come on when the engine is hot, have left the engine run for 30min but not much past the mid way point on temp gauge. as towing a caravan just want to make sure the fan will kick in when temp of engine gets too hot. Is there a way of testing/ disconnecting a sensor to get fan to start. Air con not that bothered about as have windows..... Please help Thanks
  17. Start with the basics, I have a 2004, 53 plate Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi 2. I bought this last year and the air con didn't really work well then. I went to get this recharged a month later and it failed the pressure test. So recently I got it tested with the dye and they told me there is a leak in the condenser and quoted me to replace the condenser and dryer. However, my brother is handy with cars, so we looked up the process and cost to do it ourselves, I bought the Haynes manual, new condenser and dryer and we started the job. We managed to swap the condenser yesterday afternoon, it was a pig to slide out the old one without taking the radiator out but we managed it in the end by rotating it towards the passenger side, then slid the new one in the same way and got it all reconnected. However the dryer is now causing problems. We can't seem to remove the pipes from it. We have looked over the new one and they should be push on as far as we can tell, we have the clips off but they are not budging. I think this has possibly never been replaced since the car was new so is potentially 11 years old and we are guessing seized on. Is there a special tool to use that makes it easier or a method that people seem to find works? We don't want to put clamps on it for fear of crushing the pipes. One final thing, once the dryer is replaced, how soon do I need to get it recharged? If I get it recharged a couple of days after replacing it (obviously never switching it on until then so it is not pumping the air in the system around), should that be alright or does it really need recharging straight away like within a few hours?
  18. 2005Mondeo Diesel

    Just fitted new compressor. When it was taken for gassing they said compressor was working but the system had a blockage building pressure up. Any ideas what could cause blockage
  19. Ford C Max

    hi this is the first time i have posted on this site hope some one can help i have just pick up my for c max on tuesday it is a 2007 (07) the problam i have is when i put the heater on after the car as bean switched off the air con comes on and i have to turn it back off with the air con switch which i keep forgeting to do so am driving around with it still on when i do not need it on i have looked in my hand book can not fined how to stop this hope some one can help thanks
  20. Climate Control Fix

    Hi all I don't usually do the forum thing but thought I d let you know a quick fix for the lack of heat that was coming out on my 09 mk7 fiesta titanium tdci. For a number of months the climate control would not kick out any hot air, even on full blast maximum heat. Some times when you reved it hard it would come through but 9 out of 10 times just ice cold air. Thought it might be the water pump but all fine there, heater control vavle? They don't have em on the mk7. Just when I was thinking bugger this might need a dealer, I checked the pollen filter and it was black as the night! I changed it and now it' seems to be working fine fingers crossed. Who would have thought it after wks of worry and scanning the net. Hope this helps someone Cheers
  21. Hi, I recently Purchased a 1.4 60 plate ford fiesta in Blue, it had 36k on the clock and was running fine.i made a horrible mistake one day of mistaking the service and oil change light for the low oil level light (i know very stupid) and proceeded to put oil in my car, i unfortunatley overfilled it as the oil dip stick reciever was loose and wasnt fully showing how much oil was in the car, in fact it was saying there was none, so i thought it was low and overfilled it. i then turned the engine on and was halfway down the motorway and then my turbo blew and the seals on the turbo blew. ive had an aftermarket turbo fitted and there is a continious "judder" as the turbo kicks in around 40-50 MPH.. any idea on how to fix this? Also, the air conditioning unit is not working and ive been led to believe that it is the air con block that has blown due to there not being a wire or pressure relive valve on the compressor so it has blown the block off and ive lost the bolt and the two O-rings for the connection. again any ideas how to fix this or where to get the parts, i have a friend in work that can fix the air con and re-gas it but i need to get the bolt and the wire/valve for the compressor on the Air con.. Any help would be much appreciated. i dont know too much about cars so if you could put it all in lamons terms that would be even more gratefully sppreciated thanks dan
  22. Is This Normal?

    Hiya, I'm hoping someone can help me and shed some light on what this noise is and what it means! I recently got my Air Con regassed on my Fiesta (58 Plate) - and now every time I turn on the Fiesta Air Con, the air doesn't get cold and it just clicks, hisses and doesn't seem to engage. I've uploaded a video just so you can all see. I'm not sure if its just not been re-gassed properly or if there is actually an issue - I must admit, I never noticed this before the Air Con regassing, and the air coming out was cold before (albeit not freezing cold hence the regas). (Apologies for the video.. the "hiss and Click" might not be very noticeable, but i've also tried to focus on the compressor itself - You might have to turn it up to hear it..)
  23. My 2003 1.6 Zetec has a leak in the Air con condenser, and I need a new one. After trying a new unit that would not fit we realised that my car has a combined Radiator/condenser, that will not split apart. Apparently this in uncommon say Ford, and this type of combined unit from them is over £300. Can anyone please advise if they know a good aftermarket supplier for a new unit, or, do I have to try to find one from the car breakers?, or does anyone have one for sale?