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Found 12 results

  1. Information needed

    Hello all, I'm currently looking to modify my MK2 Focus sport 05 plate! I'm wondering if their are any 'face lift headlights' that would fit my sweet ride? I'm wanting to buy a ' RS full body kit' That fits 'all' MK2 Focus's but needs 'Face lift headlights' any help would be much appreciated, Thank you.
  2. Help. 1999 Mk6 escort

    Hi Everyone, Finally purchased my First Ford, its not a mk2 but its all i can afford. I need some advice Im based in Donegal, ireland. The car is a 1999 mk6 1.6 Escort, Shes a 3 door model. The car was converted to a disability car when new and the front seat was replaced with a removable wheel chair. Original seat was lost by previous owner. The car has only 31k miles, and drives like new. The body work however needs a bit of tlc. bottom of doors, rear arched etc. im going to get these professional fixed I want to add : Front and rear splitters side skirts bucket seats rear disc brakes lowering kit exhaust I will eventually replace the engine etc, but ill need to refill the piggy bank first. Can anyone let me know the best seats, splitters, skirts, im just looking for a plain look, like the gti escort. and also were to order the parts online. Also, if anyone would know what is involved in the rear brakes conversation to dics is this a big job? Best parts? I have attached a pic of what I am looking to achieve, mines is same color thanks in advance love the site, keep up the good work. Vinnie
  3. HI everyone, seen a few side skirts on other fiesta's and they've grown on me. not sure where to look for them and the ones on the ford website seem a lot once you include painting+fitting. do I need the bits that go under the fog lights? or the bits that go on the corner of the bumper or is it just the side skirts? any help appreciated! thanks :)
  4. Hi, I made a previous forum post about the modifications i added to my car, as ive been unable to add to this list i have decided to rewrite it. I bought my Ecoboost as an ex Tester with 13 miles on the clock from Dagenham Ford. It came in a discontinued Colour 'Nautical Blue', and to be honest ive seen only 1 or 2, 3 door versions of this car around with the same kit, so like to think of my car as limited edition, or a bit of a 'one off'. Here's the car on the day i collected it: As my family and I run a Tyre centre I've had a wide selection of resources at my disposal. I firstly updated my Alloys, from the standard 15" (195-50-15) to a set of 17" (205-40-17) Calibre Friction Rims, with a blue inlay to match the car. To note, ive been running my car on Yokohama S-Drives for the last 19,000 miles... the rear ones have 7mm left and the front ones 5-6... bare in mind how hard i drive. So pretty damn good tyres. If you ever want a price on tyres exhausts, wheel alignment, mot's or anything else take a look at the bottom of the post for the address and number ill sort a discount for any ford members ;) I decided to upgrade cars performance, whilst maintaining my warranty With a BLUEFIN SUPERCHIP Remap, upping the car from 100-140bhp. I notices a ridiculous difference in power and torque, and a MPG, even though the car was pretty hot on the MPG anyway! I found at 60mph on the motorway i could push 50mpg, which it pretty astounding. I was quoted £399.00 from Hill's Ford Kidderminster. Well Worth it. At this point i was miles ahead of the standard Fiesta S. I had the 3 Rear Windows Tinted to 75%, £70.00 from SWT Tints, in Tipton, proper professional job and surprisingly cheap! This can be seen in some of my later photos.I painted my brake callipers blue, to highlight the blue on the alloys. BODY KIT: I added a Fiesta S Bodykit to my car, with all parts being ORIGINAL from Ford, who i also have a trade account with, and getting it all professionally painted and fitted with a perfect colour match from one of our Body Shop specialists, who usually do our alloy wheel referbs. I wouldn't recommend putting cheap body panels on your car, if your going to go down a similar route. The overall look and quality is easy to see, and some cheaper panels can appear funny when headlights shine on it. Sideskirts: I got these direct from ford over the phone. Fiesta Zetec S Front Upper Grill:http://www.pumaspeed...upper_16282.jsp Fiesta Zetec S Front Lower Grill:http://www.pumaspeed...lower_16283.jsp Fiesta Rear Bumper Outer Winglets (PAIR):http://www.pumaspeed...-Pair_16237.jsp Fiesta Zetec S Rear Bumper Extension:http://www.ebay.co.u...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT Light covers (Left & Right):http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4d25e270de http://www.ebay.co.u...=item35de3aa118 Added an 'S' badge. I saw alot of people just stick an adhesive badge to the grill... i tried this and wasted about £10. Get this one, put abit of 'Lock Tight' on it, and itll never budge.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-pcs-car-auto-grille-emblem-sticker-badge-S-for-Focus-100-metal-new/141628034276?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D29272%26meid%3Dcd30c9d1a7364bcab1a22608035243cc%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D191594870349&rt=nc CAUTION: I did get a set of wind deflectors from amazon, despite it looking GOOD they always caught the windows and left a slight scratch on the glass... So i took these off. SEAT COVERS: http://www.halfords.com/motoring-travel/car-accessories/car-seat-covers-cushions/ripspeed-car-seat-cover-full-set-blueTHESE cling to the ford seats perfectly! Ill post a photo at some point, really makes the interior look unique. Here are some photos of the finished kit - Excuse the standard 15" rims, it was winter at the time, and these are now my winter wheels.Heres the BEAST. I removed my standard Tuner Nuts, for some Blue Racer Nuts off Ebay: Next stage was a further upgrade in performance, removing the restrictive air-box, for a Puma Speed induction kit, and cold air intake. Gotta admit, for a reasonable £120.00 the Turbo Chatter sounds amazing, and im hoping it'll sound even better through the new exhaust system i have ordered!MONDAY I AM FITTING MY NEW MILTEK CAT-BACK STAINLESS SYSTEM - ILL POST SOME PHOTOS AND A BEFORE AND AFTER IN SOUND.I ALSO PLAN TO DRIVE UP TO PUMASPEED TO REMOVE THE BLUEFIN AND UPGRADE TO A CUSTOM MAP - TO TAKE THE INDUCTION AND EXHAUST INTO CONSIDERATION. THIS WILL PLACE MY LITTLE 1.0LTR 100BHP STANDARD FIESTA AT 160BHP. 100 STANDARD + 40BHP MAP + 5BHP INDUCTION KIT + 15/20BHP EXHAUST. NOT TO BAD FOR SUCH A LITTLE ENGINE. I am hoping to lower the car by around 35mm, only to the height of an actual Zetec S, and I'm only going to bother replacing the springs, rather than the full suspension. If anyone could link me to any springs anyones selling, that would be sick, or if anyone could find a link to anything they recommend. I spoke to ford about the chrome strips along sides, below the windows, as the Zetec S has black rubber ones. Upon speaking to ford they told me that they did not sell these black strips, so i took to the internet where i was recommended to use 'Plasti Dip', or 'Halfords' cheaper just as good 'Plasti Coat'. I spent a fair amount of time prepping and masking the strips. I found the finish was more of less perfect, and smooth. I also had the boot strip done in a colour matched blue - I had to take this strip out, which was one tricky job. SO THIS IS MY CAR ... SO FAR... IM PLANNING TO COME TO SOME FORD MEETS IN THE WEST MIDLANDS ONCE THE MILTEK IS FINISHED SO LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING SOME OF YOU SOON! IF ANY OF YOU NEED A PRICE ON TYRES, TRACKING, WHEELS, EXHAUSTS, PUNCTURES, MOTS, WHEEL BALANCE, ETC... FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME AND MY FAMILY'S BUSINESS A TRY. WE'RE WELL KNOWN IN THE BLACK COUNTRY, AND OFFER A HIGH QUALITY SERVICE AT A CHEAP PRICE. HERES OUR ADDRESS: ADDISON TYRE CENTRE, 52A HIGH STREET, PRINCES END, TIPTON, WEST MIDLANDS, DY4 9HP. 0121 557 4019 GIVE ME A CALL AND ASK FOR SCOTT and ill sort you a discount ;D CHEERS!
  5. hi i am new to this site, i was thinking about modifying the exterior of my fiesta and was thinking about fitting the rs bodykit, my car is a 2008 ford fiesta 1.6 zetec s (mk5), also have you got any ideas on performance mods i can do just to make it that little bit more acceleration? (the black fiesta is mine)
  6. 1599017 651745998206143 2008621097 N

    From the album Fiesta MK5

  7. 927629 233195243538736 708780534 N

    From the album Fiesta MK5

  8. Hi, asked this on the Fusion side of the forum but unfortunately no response. Does anybody know if a Fiesta (Mk6?) after-market bumper and side skirt will fit a Fusion 3 ? I know a Fusion is supposed to be a vertically stretched Fiesta.. but just thought I'd throw the question to those wiser than me ! I don't mind a bit of cutting and fibreglassing but would like if they were as close as possible ! Thanks in advance :)
  9. Hi guys, I know a Fusion is a vertically stretched Fiesta.. but would a bodykit from a Fiesta fit one ? Any help would be great ! Thanks
  10. http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Wide-Arched-Fiesta-JWRC-Bodykit-ST-150_261.jsp Whats your opinions on the New Focus RS mk2 style bodykit for the fiesta? It has extra wide wheel arches to make it look like the RS. I think it looks fairly decent although im not sure about the green being a Rangers fan :P would need to have it blue haha
  11. Fiesta Mk7/8 Zetec S Body Kit

    Hey :) I've got a 2009 fiesta zetec...I want to get the full dress up kit put on it...how much should i be looking to pay for the kit and to have it sprayed?? The fiesta is Colorado Red. Im keeping an eye out on ebay but i can never find the whole kit :( Does anyone know anywhere else i can get the dress up kit from? I live in leicester but dont mind travelling a few miles to get everything. Also looking to buy the Sony DAB radio/cd player but again no luck on ebay :( Thanks in advance :) Vimal