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Found 52 results

  1. Recently purchased a fiesta red edition with 33,000 on the clock and have found that it has a creaking noise coming from the boot latch at low speed (*anything up to 20mph), it sounds like the latch and it also makes a noise when going over bumps. This is getting very annoying so does anyone have any suggestions or should I take it back to Fords?
  2. Boot lighting

    I am considering putting another light (similar location on the left side of my boot (inside) and was just wondering if anyone else has done this. My plan is to remove the left piece of trim which holds the parcel shelf up and make a hole at the exact same position as on the right trim. I think maybe run a splice into the earth and power of the right light to supply what's needed for the left light. Basically wondering since I switched the bulb to led (lower power) will I need to upgrade the fuse or add a relay? If anyone does have a better method please post below, I'm bored and just need things to do :-) My car is a mk6.5 (56 reg) 1.25 petrol fiesta STyle.
  3. Hi guys, Ive replaced the foam kit in my 2013 fiesta with a spare wheel kit off Ebay, but the boot floor now sags compared to when i have the foam kit in the car? I have the foam tray, the wheel, brace, jack, screw etc. What am i missing? Thanks
  4. Hi I'm new to this, just wondering what LED bulbs I need for the interior lights and the boot lights for my fiesta zetec s mk7. Thank you!
  5. 2016 towbar

    Hi I cannot find a detachable towbar to fit my 2016 S Max. Ford do not supply one. My 2016 S Max car has not got self-levelling suspension. It has a spare wheel. It does not have Sport Pack body trim. It has a foot operated tailgate - keyless entry. The foot operated tailgate appears to be what is stopping towbar manufacturers supplying a towbar. When a towbar is fitted, I do not require a foot operated tailgate ( I recently was taking a box out of the boot when the tailgate started closing as the detector had seen my foot move away from the boot area). Witter technical state that they can supply a towbar to fit, but that the foot detector for the tailgate has to be moved. They also state that they have produced towbars for the S Max & Kuga, which have foot operated tailgates, for the past few years, without issues. What options are there for the foot detector after fitting a towbar? The options I would prefer for the foot detector, after a witter towbar was fitted are, in order of preference:- - cover the detector so that it never operates (less risk of being hit on the head when removing boxes from the boot) - disable the foot detector electrically, when the electrics are re-programmed after the towbar is fitted. - re-position the foot detector as suggested by witter. Anyone got any thoughts about fitting a detachable towbar to an S Max with the above spec? Thanks
  6. Got a 62 MK7 Fiesta, and like many people am frustrated by the boot light simply not being any use if I'm rummaging around trying to find something, Ideally, I'd like a brighter bulb that just slots in however an LED strip would also work, however I'm only looking for a 'Plug and Play' solution, I'm no good with soldering wires or taking apart wiring looms! I've seen this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-car-boot-interior-engine-bay-lighting-kit-red-blue-green-orange-purple-white-/201476386311?#ht_1449wt_648 which is the kind of thing I'm looking for. Anyone have any experience using these / advice for a better type that makes it easier to install? Cheers
  7. Hi All, I was tinkering with the rear number plate lights (fitting LEDs in place of the standard bulbs) and one of the clips that holds the assembly sprung into the boot lid! I've tried using a magnetic wand type thing but no luck - I think it's in the middle section which is partially blocked off (at least that's what it feels like when I rummage around with my fingers). I could buy a new assembly for £16, but then I'll always have a rattle in the boot from the lost clip so ideally I'd like it out! Any suggestions? Has anyone removed this part of the boot (where the number plate lights are)? Thanks!
  8. Hi Only had the car a short time (Ford Fiesta 1.25 59 plate) so have been getting used to it. Just noticed today though that there seems to be a light in the boot. However this doesn't go on when my boot opens. So I've went and got a new bulb to see if that will do the trick but its still not going on. Wanted to check if anyone has the same car and the bulb goes on when the boot is open, before i start farting about with fuses. Thanks in advance. Craig
  9. Today I reversed into a bollard (even though I have parking sensors haha), and caused a dent in the boot and a cracked bumper. I know it may be a silly question as it's hardly noticeable, is it worth replacing the bumper and removing the dent? The dent is unsightly and bothers me a lot... but I have a feeling it may be expensive to remove! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! X
  10. All, My boot trim (if that is the correct name for the part) had fallen off and requires replacing. Its been a bit of a nightmare... I did initally try some no nails, but that just got messy and it never dried properly. I have attached a couple of photos to show the current situation. Can anyone please recommend how I can get a new boot trim and also the clips that were attached underneath? They were all broken and snapped so I removed them and left the bolts only as pictured. Much appreciated thanks! :) Dean
  11. Boot lip/trim needed!

    Hey everyone. A number of the plastic clips that hold the boot trim in place have broken! I wrapped my boot trim in carbon fibre (from that horrible chrome finish), and this is where I noticed. It now doesn't sit properly in place and has gaps. Does anyone know where I could get a new one, or is anyone selling one? OR is there another way I can fix it to the car, sticky pads or something?! Thanks.
  12. Boot Rattle Mk6 Fiesta

    Been driving me nuts for months, my fiesta mk6 has a huge noise when it goes over any bumps in the road big enough to shake the car, the boot rattles so much, I've been on forums and they've said to put electrical tape on the slam part and then put a rubber washer in the mechanism it self, i've done this and after opening the boot a couple of times the boot returns, if any one has any suggestions or the same problem please let me know. Thanks
  13. Hi Everyone I've just bought a 64 plate ford focus Zetec s and I'm just wondering if there's a way of turning off the feature that automatically locks your boot every time you shut it? It's just a bit of a pain that I've gotta take the keys out every time I want to get in the boot. Cheers
  14. Fez Boot Build?

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of making a boot build for my fiesta Zetec s and was just wondering if anyone has done it already as any pics for inspiration will be appreciated, I'm thinking of taking the spare wheel out and putting a sub in and line the boot with red LED strips and a Perspex sheet to cover the amp. As stated, any help, advice or pictures are very welcome! Thanks guys
  15. Interior lighting

    Hi guys, this is my first post! So I have a focus mkii from 2008. A while back I took it into Trust Ford garage to repair a water ingress in the boot whilst the car was under warranty but during the repair they completely removed all the wiring for the boot light and didn't replace it. I only found this out when I recently took the car to halfords for them to fit a new bulb (as I thought that's why I had no light in the boot). Ford are now refusing to replace the wiring with out payment as warranty has now run out... so this brings me onto my topic. I'm wondering if anyone has the know how of sourcing parts and installing. I'd like to put in some coloured LED lights in the boot and also into the footwell, maybe in the dashboard aswell. let me know what you guys think, and what is doable on a budget with little to no knowledge :) thanks!
  16. Dear Members, I'm a ford lover and always prefer to driver Ford. I have 2006 Ford Focus Ghia Saloon, 10 days ago I was going to drop my kids school and kept my daughters bag and scooter in the boot, when i arrived school, boot did not open, i tried and tried n tried, as most of you must be aware that the focus 2006 saloon boot only opens by pressing the buttons in the centre of the registration plate lights (when the car is unlocked) or by pressing the key fob, none of them worked, since that day i keep trying to open my boot, 4 days ago at night I unlocked my car n before sitting tried to open the boot, it did not open but after about 10 seconds when i sat in my car n started the car n was ready to move, i heard a noise that my boot has opened, i got excited to see the boot and yes it was open, at night time i had no other option so i used plenty of WD40 and closed the boot, but it did not work, from that day boot is not opening again, please anyone can help me????!
  17. Galaxy III 2006 LHD boot will not open. No noise from electric lock when trying handle or using fob to lock/unlock. There are no other problems with car. I have tried pressing against the door to reduce load on lock mechanism while trying to open the boot - no luck. The boot trim screws are only accessible when boot open. Pried off top of trim in hopes of finding manual release but cannot reach inside. In desperation I cut a small panel out behind the lock mechanism but nothing visible except 3 screws on back of lock. Unscrewed them, but the latch is closed (I assume) so door opened about 2 inches and will neither open further or close. . Can anyone please help with a solution?
  18. 05 plate ford focus

    Hi all, My partners focus has been a little naughty lately first the boot stopped working then started sounding like a tractor (oil and filter changed) then the passenger door decided not to unlock when its come to open the bonnet to charge battery as been stood the bonnet catch wont open up. Please help before i pour a gallon off petrol on it and have a bbq.
  19. Hi guys, Long time lurker but first time poster of the forums here. I just recently bought a Ford Focus, 2006 3 door and it has the usual Ford problem of the rear light cluster leaking. This isn't letting loads and loads of water in, but as time goes on it can start to lay in the boot well. I've checked up on this and know -where- to reseal, however I'm having a little trouble figuring out which kind of sealant to use exactly. I know I need to use waterproof, non adhesive sealant but I'm just having trouble actually finding any! With all the different amounts in the DIY shops, it would make your head spin. I don't want to get the wrong stuff and end up with my lights stuff to the car! So, could any one recommend a brand or certain type of sealant that you might have used on your cars? Many thanks.
  20. Whilst driving my information light keeps flashing with the error 'luggage compartment' - not sure what could be causing this, checked the boot - nothing catching etc... completely closed. It did this approx 1 month ago and then stopped however started again. Also display screen is showing red lines with the menu delaying when going through different options - when you drive the vehicle for a while the lines vanish and no delay on the menu option - seemed to be fine whilst driving then when parked the car for a couple of hours it dropped out and showed the delay and lines again, thought this was the battery however changed this and still no luck, any advice would be great. Thanks
  21. Hi, Seems to be an intermittent issue, but sometimes when I unlock the car it unlocks the trunk/boot too. I realise when i start to drive off the notification that the boot is open. Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions? usually unlock it by opening the door (not from key fob) ...can't remember if i used the fob when this issue occured last tho..
  22. Ford Focus Mk3 2011

    Hi all. I have the Focus mk3 zetec 2011 and the license plate bulb has stopped working. I have called gkford parts and they reckon i have to buy the entire boot release switch etc at a cose of £32 i have enloses a picture of the rubber sealed catch and would like to ask anyone if this is true or can the bulb just be replaced. dont really want to fork out £32 for all that when its just the damn bulb, pretty expensive bulb. or does anyone know if there is any online spares shop etc. thanks all steve
  23. LED Boot Light Install

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  24. LED Boot Light Install

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  25. Hi Guys, I've recently purchased a 2004 KA 1.3 Collection for the other half, it's in really good condition for a 04 plate but does has a couple of small annoyances (for me anyway !) Both the bonnet and boot Ford badges are missing, I know I can pick some up from eBay but can anyone confirm if both badges would be the same size, or is one smaller than the other .. I only picked the car up last night so haven't had a chance to measure. Any help or advice would be greatly received. Thanks.