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Found 21 results

  1. O.K, so the Aluminium part of your foot pedal just fell off? Mine did a month and a half ago. I temporarily glued it back in place whilst ordering a genuine new one. Thinking this would be an easy swap I set about it. A few hours (and a lot of frustration later I managed the task). I couldn't find anything helpful online so I thought I'd write a quick guide of how I managed this. The pedal in question was the Clutch pedal, but I presume it'll be the same fro the Brake pedal too. Insure you have a lamp, a small mirror and a flat stubby screwdriver to assist you doing this correctly. Place the new pedal cover into a bowl of boiling water for around 10 minutes. Dry off the pedal cover and head to the car to begin fitting. (#1) Install the bottom of the pedal cover first (as it's the smaller area). (#2) Insert the upper left corner next (this is the awkward corner as you are inhibited by the pedal support arm) (#3) Then run your screwdriver up the side to ensure the rubber between #1 & #2 is correctly fitted. (#4) Fit the top right corner next. (#5) Run your screwdriver across the top to ensure the rubber between #2 & #4 is correctly fitted. (#6) Finally pull down on the right side tab to assist you using your screwdriver to ensure this rubber is correctly in place. This sounds fairly simple to do, but in practice it can be a bit of a dog to successfully get all of the rubbers on in place. You will need to apply pressure to the pedal cover against the pedal itself to get parts to stay on whilst moving on to the next step. Obviously if the pedal cover slips off then you should start again and drop it back into boiling water. I've attached a few images for assistance. I hope this guide helps at least one person out, please leave a comment below if so. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick one to see what the most common fault would be with the brake management light been on? Seen a few different things online but normally you find a common fault with certain cars and i've only just got the car so a bit of help is needed for now Cheers
  3. Ford Focus 1.8tdci 06

    Hi I have just won a Ford Focus 1.8tdci on eBay which seller says needs a Brake Servo replacement. Is there any cause of this issue and is it advisable to go ahead buying the car, any other issues to be worried about? Thanks
  4. Hi, Wasn't sure where to put this topic, so please move if it's better suited elsewhere... I'm looking to paint the front and rear brake calipers on my focus, and in order to do a decent job I want to remove them off the car completely and clean them up and paint them properly. I'm pretty handy with a set of spanners, and have taken them off before to change discs and pads, but where I come unstuck is on removing them completely. The car has done 70k miles so the brake fluid could do with a full flush, so with that in mind I'd get a mechanic to replace the fluid and calipers but my question is what do I do with the brake lines after I've disconnected the caliper? I've read that it's not a good idea to crimp them as it can damage the line, so can anyone offer any guidance? Thanks, Tom
  5. Looking for a brake reservoir cap for my fiesta zetec s 2009, MKVI. Can't find them anywhere online for cheap - Halfords want £28 for just a cap! Surely I can get them somewhere else? thank you
  6. Hi there, I'm having a pretty bad time trying to do what I thought was a simple case of replacing my rear brake drums, shoes & bearings. I bought a set of rear brake drums which came with shoes, bearings in place and new hub nuts. Easy swap, I thought. The hub nut on the nearside had to be taken apart to get it off. That was fun. Pretty easy to swap out the shoes and give it all a bit of a clean, then put the new drum on, did the hub nut up and... there was still a slight wobble. Weird, I thought, then I tackled the other wheel. Same thing! Didn't seem to matter how hard I tightened the nut, there was still a wobble. I live pretty rural and needed to get to work, so drove a few miles, thinking all the way I shouldn't have been doing it, and then took it to a friend's garage. He was as confused as me. Why wobble? we took off one of the nuts, took the drum off, put the nut back on, still wobble. Then he tried to take the nut off again and it won't come off. Does anyone know why I'm getting a slight wobble on my drum? Am I missing a circlip or something?
  7. Brake fluid change.

    Hi guys, scowling down my list of things to do, ive come to brake fluid, I have no idea when it was done so now seems like a good idea. Two questions, first up, clutch, I can bleed off the brakes no problem but whats the deal with the clutch, it uses the same fluid but presumably it needs bled off as well? Second up, anyone know if forscan has a brake fluid service? ive seen on IDS that there is a program that will automatically (?) pump it out it think, if there is a handy utility like that to help then it would save a lot of faffing about.
  8. Good morning all, apologies if this is in the wrong place, this is my first post and my car has made me look to the forums for answers. I have a 2003 Focus, I bought it in March with a 12 month MOT and so far, up until the weekend, it has been flawless. However, a Friday evening trip to Bridgnorth had me driving longer than I normally would and it has been much hotter. About 40 minutes into the journey I heard a rumbling sound from the brakes, this was after some heavy use. I eased off the brakes for a little bit and they returned to normal with no noise what so ever. Sunday I took the little beast to Barmouth, we were a good hour and a half into the journey when the same noise started again after some extra use. It was again a loud rumbling sound that filled the inside of the car. I eased off the brakes a little to let them cool off and it was back to normal. My first thought, with me knowing absolutely nothing about cars, was that the brake pads had wore down and that the extra breaking was causing them to over heat. Once I got back home I investigated how much brake pad I had left, It looks to me like i have lots. What I have noticed though, and please excuse me if i cannot explain this correctly, is that the inside disc looks a little worn around the rim. Now this doesn't look like fresh wear, it looks like its been like this for some time and it is exactly the same on the other side. I have attached some pictures of the brakes so you can try and get an idea of what I am trying to explain - Again, I am sorry for my poor knowledge. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem at all please or knows the probable cause. I contacted a mechanic and his initial response was to change the pads and discs. However, the problem only happens when the brakes get really hot, i would of thought that there would of been a constant issue if i needed new parts, but at the same time, I have admitted that I know nothing about cars. Any help would be appreciated Thank you Anthony
  9. Creaking Brakes

    Hi guys, This is my first post as a week old Fiesta owner, so apologies that it's one asking for help. I've owned the car for a week, I have dealership warranty so hopefully I can get this sorted, I just want to know what the issue actually is. I have a 63 plate Fiesta Zetec S, it's done 30k miles, love everything about it, except for one thing, when I brake a very loud creaking comes from what I think is the front brakes. I've searched online and can't seem to find what the issue might be. The brakes work absolutely fine, look fine, and there's plenty of pads left. At high speed, braking makes a rapid whistling noise, as speed decreases it turns into a slow creaking (like pulling up your hand brake creaking, like an old creaky door (yes really!)). I've just recorded a video which I'll upload to YouTube if anyone wants to actually hear the noise. Anyone got any ideas? Like I said, the brakes work absolutely fine, the discs look brand new and the pads are plenty. Thanks in advance!
  10. Brake Fluid Reservoir Sensor

    Hi All, Had started getting an infrequent brake fluid warning light when going up hill or accelerating hard - which was getting more frequent. Had checked fluid level and it was in between min and max so though I'd have to shell out for a new reservoir, as the sensor was integrated into it (rather than just in the cap as per MK1 Focus) As a quick fix try though I'd top up the fluid to the max (which has actually sorted the problem) as whilst it had been checked for water-content and properties over the past 3 years hadn't actually been replaced. However, actually adding fluid on the MK2 focus seemed a pain as the reservoir was under the front windscreen cover. So I cut a small bottle in half and used this to funnel the fluid into the reservoir. Hope this is useful for anyone else who may have the same need. James.
  11. Ford Focus Zetec S

    Hi everyone i have recently brought a focus zetec s 2009 plate, have had it a week and theres a couple of problems, not major just annoying knocks and twangs. first of all when i release the clutch it makes a knocking noise. secondly when i brake there is sometimes a loud crunch, also my exhaust bangs against something. apart from these few issues it is a great car to drive and looks good too! im sorry i really know jackshit about cars so ANY help you can give me will be much appreciated.. thankyou! :) :D
  12. Brake Discs And More Issues

    I had an issue with a knocking/ creaking sound when i brake slowly after having a new suspension coil fitted. Rang the original garage and they said I'd have to wait a week to see them. I saw another garage and they said that there was oil on the brake disc from when they replaced the coils- can't remember what type of oil. Apparently it was only on the inside of the disc and the outside was spotless but had dried and stuck on. They recommended I change the disc and the brake pads. Is this necessary? Surely there's a way to clean them? In their bid to find the initial cause of the noise they also said the rear wheel bearing need replacing very soon, rear tyres ( I knew they were getting on a bit) and the steering rack would need fixing as the steering was heavy. I've also been hearing a squeaking from the rear of my car and it's also burning fuel- I might change the Any thoughts? I'm starting to feel like I'd be throwing money at a lost cause with the 1.25 on 122000 miles.
  13. i've been looking online with my fuse box out in the car, i've pulled all the 15 amps out in the end in the passenger fuse box which all look fine, i have even had a look at the bulbs them self and they also look fine. I can't seem to find any info for the break light fuses. 4 hours its been now.... still no joy the picture below is the type of car i have as year before was another shape
  14. Hi, First of all I'm a 27 yr old medic not a mechanic, so if members could reply as if I were a lay person I would be very grateful. I'm not opposed to detailed replies and I'm happy to do a bit more reading if someone could point me in the right direction. I have a 2011 reg Fiesta Zetec that was perfectly fine until a van driver reversed into the back of it whilst I was stationary in a car park. Although repairs took place via insurance and all was well for 2-3 months, I'm now finding that my near side brake light doesn't work at all and my reversing light flickers and is dim. Initially I went to Kwik fit for a bulb change. After a bulb change was unsuccessful I was told by the mechanic that there seemed to be a wiring fault. Kwik fit don't specialise in wiring so I was referred to SMC. After visiting Ford SMC Gravesend I was basically told the work totalled £1000+ but even after I persisted the mechanic didn't explain what was actually wrong, for some reason he also disabled my rear parking sensors profusely insisting that he needed to do it. I then visited a local garage for a second opinion and the mechanic kindly explained that I required a new rear light wiring loom and connector which he said he could get for around £400, but told me to also go on ebay and call up any Ford spares dealers I could google. He priced his labour at £90. He said the repairs post accident may not have been completed to a high enough standard using worn parts but this is when he also started to seem a little vague. I have a few questions if anyone can answer them: 1) What could possibly cause damage to said wiring so that it would need to be entirely replaced? (considering my Fiesta seems pretty new.) 2) Does the advice of the mechanic seem sound? (something about such an extensive repair seems off to me.) 3) Does anyone know where I could find a rear light wiring loom and connector for such a new vehicle? (everything on ebay seems to be salvaged from older models and I haven't had a chance to call spares dealers just yet - I was hoping to be a little more informed before I do) 4) Why would the Ford SMC mechanic disable my rear parking sensors? 5) Would such repairs really total £1000+ (inc labour) 6) Considering I have moved insurance company since the claim closed and repairs were completed, is there any way that I can question the work done in the repairs and have my insurance cover any such corrective repair? (the garage used via insurance could have made mistakes) 7) Is the medic in me overthinking this? Im only 27 and not experienced in auto-repair so I'm in no position to judge but again, something doesn't seem right. Why would the entirety of the light wiring need to be replaced? (Please correct me if I'm wrong here) I hope some more technically inclined members would be so kind as to help me out here. Luckily I don't need to drive for my current hospital location so the car is just sitting on my driveway for the next 8 weeks. Any advice is appreciated and I'm happy to provide more info if needed. Kind regards, B
  15. Ok guys im having a bit of a problem with my 2008 Focus Mk2 1.6 TDCi. I didnt experience the initial occurrence of this problem but will try to explain as best as i can. My wife went to go out in the car and after she started the car the brake pedal made a "clunk" sound, Now when i press the pedal it seems to have alot of travel, it makes a sound that i can only describe as air a bit like when you use a foot pump (strange description i know), and when you press it a down to a certain point it makes a click sound. I realise this is a bit vague but i dont know how to describe this any better. Can anyone shed any light on a possible cause for this or anything i can try would be greatly appreciated?
  16. Ok guys im having a bit of a problem with my 2008 Focus Mk2 1.6 TDCi. I didnt experience the initial occurrence of this problem but will try to explain as best as i can. My wife went to go out in the car and after she started the car the brake pedal made a "clunk" sound, Now when i press the pedal it seems to have alot of travel, it makes a sound that i can only describe as air a bit like when you use a foot pump (strange description i know), and when you press it a down to a certain point it makes a click sound. I realise this is a bit vague but i dont know how to describe this any better. Can anyone shed any light on a possible cause for this or anything i can try would be greatly appreciated?
  17. Hi all, Does anyone have any guides, diagrams or videos on how to change front discs and pads on a 2010 Ford Fiesta. Many thanks
  18. 1. Open boot and remove the 2 screws attaching the light cluster to the back of the car. A small flat blade or a torx 25 screwdriver will do it. 2. Inside the boot pull back the side carpet behind the cluster. Starting at the boot-latch end ease out and pull back the carpet all the way to about halfway back towards the rear seat. There are no clips to break it should come out pretty easily 3 You now have access to the back of the light cluster. There is a small rectangular hole there and just inside that you will find a long wingnut. Unscrew and remove 4. The cluster can now be eased out. There are no clips to break, just 2 push studs on the outside of the cluster which can be pulled out of the back of the car. 5. Before removing it too far disconnect the wiring block at the back so that the cluster becomes free. 6. The bulbs are held into the cluster by two clips - press those back and the bulb section can be removed
  19. Just done some work on the back brakes (discs) and changed the brake fluid while I was at it. The stuff that came out was nasty so I'm glad I did. Now, the Haynes bible claims that I now need to bleed the clutch as well - it does feel a little "loose" now - so all well and good, except the picture in the Haynes manual looks nothing like what's on my car. It says the bleed valve is on top of the bellhousing. Took out the battery, airbox etc for a look, and I see nothing that looks remotely like the book! It shows a round rubber grommit with the valve poking through the top. I don't see that anywhere. The only bleed valve I can see in that area (I assume that's what it is), is on the end of a long thin pipe (similar gauge to the metal brake pipes) and points towards the front of the car, just below the top radiator hose. It was gone 11pm by the time I got to this point, so I've now downed tools for the night as I'm sick of the sight of it. Can anybody confirm that this is indeed the clutch bleed valve? Or not? The car is a 2005 2.0 TDCi (Euro IV). Much googling has not enlightened me.
  20. I wondered if anyone could advise me of the correct procedures with regards to removing and replacing the brake vacuum pump on my galaxy. Is this a simple DIY job as the gap looks too small to fit it through... I have been told shop time is about 45mins to an hour?
  21. Hi! I need to renew the rear shocks on my Mondeo estate 55 plate. I have also been told that the rear discs and pads are 75% worn. Seems to me that I may as well change the whole lot in one go. Selected Bilstein B4 for the shocks and generic least cost discs and pads... does this make sense? I think that I need to remove the wheel arch liners to access the top mount of the shocks... haven't looked yet but is this right? Also, I've been told that I need a windback tool for the calipers so does anyone know whether I need a left hand or right hand tool? Anything I need to look out for in doing these jobs? Grateful for all advice received.