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Found 34 results

  1. So last week someone hit me coming out of junction caused alot damage and has resulting in new drivers door, new fender wing and new front bumper. Went to pick the car up this morning and have had to reject the work and leave the car with them as i wasn't happy. Basically they have done a great job on the drivers door and fender and the paint matches great but its the front bumper, the body work guy said that they come pre painted from ford and i have take it up with ford, i mean the colour is way out on the bumper and looks wrong. Anyway i told the body work guy its not my problem it comes from ford liek that and they will need respray it to match, he said i have wait till tue for authorisation from insurence and i will phone my insurence myself to push it through but i am just wondering has anyone else been in same situation and how did it turn out? plastic shield underneath was also cracked so they need repair that. Any tips on what to look out for when checking it over next week.. heres picture of the damage. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm new here, so I thought that I would start with a very small question. Can a Mk1 facelift front bumper be put onto a pre-facelift version? I'm encouraged to believe it will from looking at pictures. After all, the headlights appear to be the same, but I could be mistaken and it never hurts to ask :-) Many thanks, Paul
  3. last night my car was stolen and taken on a joyride, i got my car back however upon closer inspection it seems the person driving it backed into something, my bumper had popped out on the rear passenger side so i popped it back in however now the bumper sits slightly out of line, does anyone know any company that would take the bumper off and then put it back correctly as i don't have time to be doing this, and if anyone knows prices that would be great thanks
  4. Hi people, new here so sorry if this is in the wrong place! Just bought a Used Ford Fiesta Zetec 2011, was raining when i bought it so the paint didn’t really notice as much when I looked around the car so not that happy about the paintwork in the image as the car was advertised as "in showroom condition" however this isn’t what im making this topic about.... Could anybody help, when I bought this car the bumper join is as appears in the image, sticking out a little, although this is minor, its very annoying and ruins the aesthetic of the car. does anybody know how to push it in or get it to line up properly with the other part of the bodywork? thanks
  5. Hello, So a couple of months ago I started to hear a creak coming from the boot on speed-bumps, ramps etc. It gradually got louder and more frequent until eventually it got to the point that it sounded like the car was going to rip in half on light cornering. After a bit of investigating (and worrying about the suspension being on it's way out) I noticed that the 2 retaining clips for the bumper were missing. I've been to a thousand garages and specialist shops and nobody seems to have these clips. I've tried looking online but can't seem to find any for this model (2009 tdci zetec). Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  6. Today I reversed into a bollard (even though I have parking sensors haha), and caused a dent in the boot and a cracked bumper. I know it may be a silly question as it's hardly noticeable, is it worth replacing the bumper and removing the dent? The dent is unsightly and bothers me a lot... but I have a feeling it may be expensive to remove! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! X
  7. Someone drove into my car the other day and left a sizeable hole in it, but decided to drive off. (photo attached) Looking on ebay ive seen a new bumper for £45 but its not a genuine part. car is still on finance and dont want to mess around with an insurance claim, as its a pretty easy diy job. anyone know if it voids your insurance if it is not a genuine part? Just wondering as i also saw a listing on ebay for a different bumper that says its "insurance approved"?
  8. Can this bumper be fitted to the mk7 facelift 2013? And what is it called? I can only find one close called the "rs look"
  9. Hi guys, I was cleaning my car yesterday and noticed the paint was coming off the bottom part of my bumper (see photo attached). It is happening on both sides but one side is much worse than the other. Has this happened to anyone else/any advice before I see Ford? I'm taking it to Ford this Friday and I'm hoping they will accept it is a warranty repair as it is less than a years old! Kind regards, Kristian
  10. Hi Guys! Noticed tonight when I was giving the good old Fiesta a clean that part of my rear bumper seems to have gone AWOL. No idea how or when this would have happened. I bust my tyre on a massive pot hole this weekend but it was at a T junction & very little speed there. Perhaps it popped off or some wee ned has nicked it. Either way I'm needing to get myself a replacement. I've no idea what the actual part is so struggling to find it. It looks to cover the rear hook. It's the latest Red Edition I have. Any ideas? Much appreciated!
  11. Would this fit my car? Not sure if there's a difference in them. Cheers all
  12. I would like a bumper existention and trim like the White feista but currently have this style and ideas where I could get them from
  13. I would like a bumper existention and trim like the White feista but currently have this style and ideas where I could get them from
  14. Having to replace the front bumper on a fiesta mk6 facelift on our sons car due to some 'Corsa' (sorry for the bad language!) driving limpet cutting lanes and forcing him up onto a roundabout where the bumper dragged on the grass causing damage. The actual bumper seems not too bad but has moved on the drivers side and the passenger side has split at the section hooked behind the wing allowing it to be pulled slightly away from the bodywork. Basically we think the tags/clips on the bumper are damaged and because of this he wants to renew the bumper without paying fords extortionate prices. Has anyone (or does anyone know of anyone who has) bought or used a bumper from e-bay and how good are they? He's been looking at one of these ones
  15. Hi, Looking to remove my rear bumper and struggling a little. Found loads of info for the Mk2 but none for the facelift! Has anyone removed it from the facelift model and if so please help! :)
  16. Hi, I've just joined the forum hoping someone can help me. I have a focus mk2 and am trying to replace the bottom section of the front and rear bumper. Can I remove these bits without removing the whole bumper? If so what do I need to do? Also one of the torx screws just keep spinning and won't unscrew, how would I remove this? Its the plastic bit ant the bottom I want to remove, this isn't my car...just quickly got a pic off Google to help describe what I need to take off. Thanks in advance for any help. Already posted this in the fiesta section my mistake as someone pointed out lol
  17. Hi, I've just joined the forum hoping someone can help me. I have a focus mk2 and am trying to replace the bottom section of the front and rear bumper. Can I remove these bits without removing the whole bumper? If so what do I need to do? Also one of the torx screws just keep spinning and won't unscrew, how would I remove this? Its the plastic bit ant the bottom I want to remove, this isn't my car...just quickly got a pic off Google to help describe what I need to take off. Thanks in advance for any help.
  18. Anyone have any guides on how to remove the rear bumper? I have cracked the reflector on the passenger side but getting access to the screws is impossible without taking the whole bumper off by the looks of it. I already have the replacement part ready to fit. Anyone know how I can do this please?
  19. This may seem like a stupid question, but is this the bumper from a Mk2 C Max? I just had it delivered from a scrap yard. It was supposed to be for a Mk2 pre-facelift hatchback but the grille is definitely different to what's on my car.
  20. SO Gutted!!! Just get the car looking the way I want it and managed to hit a fox at night on a dark country road at 50mph, Fox 0 Kuga 1, The Kuga has seen better days will need a new front bumper and the Parking sensor has been pushed in along with the drivers side indicators etc. hit the poor animal with a hell of a bang! spent today pricing up parts as i don't want to put it through the insurance as I would loose my no claims bonuses apparently. that and my excess is 450 Quid. so If i can fix it for the same or less them I will do it. So far I have found Front Bumper 250 +Vat From Quickco - Ford Parts. aka Evanshallshaw. and I would need to get it sprayed, but need a little help as I don't know anyone who could do this. I can fit it myself, I am sure may take me 3 hours tho. (I like to take my time) Any Help or advise would be great.! Cheers Alan
  21. Hi all, New to the forum and so far it's been great. Earlier tonight my girlfriend was reversing the car and clipped a fence. There was no damage done to the car (or the fence) but the passenger side of the rear bumper has popped off slightly. It looks like I should just be able to push it back on, but I don't want to damage it. So I've got three quick questions... Should it just be a case of popping it back into place? Is this something I should do or am I better getting a mechanic to do it? How much should it cost assuming there's no underlying damage? Hope someone can help. Thanks Alex
  22. While on holiday with my girlfriend in Cornwall a lovely gentleman decided it would be nice to reverse into my car in a car park.... GREAT! Swapped details and everything and the car went off to be repaired on Thursday 11th september. Initial damage, as you can see the numberplate was not hit at all! Happy that they replaced my front bumper and grill on my Fiesta Zetec S. Went to pick the car up and disaster! Not only did they put a new numberplate on (when it wasn't needed at all!) but they threw away my custom made numberplate that was undamaged from the accident in the first place with a really crap numberplate!!!! and then to rub the salt in they decided that the OEM screw holes are just there for show and have screwed into the plastic grill either side of the numberplate, so now I have 2 lovely holes where they shouldn't be... and cant even hide them when I order the replacement numberplate. So tomorrow I am going to get on the phone to them and demand a replacement grill and the money to get a numberplate that is the same as the one that they decided had a *crack* in it. which it didn't. Who in there right mind thinks oh the OEM holes are too easy to do, I know lets put 2 screws in wonky and the customer will be happy with that....?!?!?!?!?!?!! 1 simple phone call would have been nice to ask if its okay to throw the custom plate away, or even replace it in the first place! Has anyone else experienced idiots like this before?
  23. Hi, I just noticed this wiring on the inside of the rear bumper and the first thing that came to mind was parking sensor wiring...but I certainly don't have anything visible on the outside and I tried to take a picture of the label on the wiring which does seem to suggest some sort of parking distance control as it seems to say 15K868. Can someone identify this? Thanks!
  24. Hi everyone, long time lurker here. Right I've had a leak in the boot from multiple places. Spoiler, hinges, lights, bumper bolt. These are fixed with the exception of right behind the bumper in the far left had corner. I have sealed up right around the bolt hole that is accessible when you lift the tailgate and I'm quite sure this isn't leaking. If I spray water behind where the back of the wheel arch meets the bumper I can hear water trickling in and then a good pool of water drains down the boot channel. Is it possible the bolt hole in the wheelarch is leaking into the boot? I'm guessing not? What else could be leaking behind there? Getting the bumper off myself is going to be a pain in the !Removed! due to where I live and being on my own so trying to avoid having to. So this is last chance saloon to try and solve it before I go to a garage. I want to say thanks to Arthur as your posts have been helpful when solving leaks on various threads and to who it was that created the guide for treating wheelarch rust prevention. Thanks
  25. hi all i have a ford fiesta and need to know if a bumper from a fiesta style will fit a z-tech Climate? as i bought a debaged grill off ebay but it fit the style and not the z-tech bumper i can get a style bumper for £35 and it would be easier than sending back the grill so does anyone know if a new bumper will fit?