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Found 110 results

  1. Mystery noise

    Hey! My 1.0 Fiesta has started making a strange buzzing sound (sounds like an electrical buzz) whenever I'm driving, but the noise stops when I press my clutch down. Anyone have any ideas? dont want to point any fingers but I did install a bluefin a week ago and now I'm experiencing this.. just in case any one thinks it could be related! thanks!
  2. Has anyone else had problems with the clutch of the powershift gearbox ? I have a 2011 Ford Kuga 2.0 litre based in Cyprus with 136k km see below the problem I have The dealership is asking for 3800 euro to fix it thanks
  3. I Purchased my first CAT D car yesterday and am very happy with it. Just 48,000 on clock and engine seems to be great. I have a couple of *hopefully minor* things I would like to clear up. (trying to play music through bluetooth) 1. Bluetooth Audio - From what I have read, it seems to be a complicated subject and strange. My car does not have USB (from what I can see) therefore I can not perform a software updatee unless their is another way around this? But what I am confused about is the fact the menu system seems to have the Bluetooth configuration built in ? I have an option from MENU > AUDIO > BLUETOOTH . At this point I get No Audio Device and my only option is to turn off my BT. My phone is already connected through Bluetooth and works great on calls . but just not on my audio. Is their something I am missing? I have also ready up a possible 2nd USB maybe in globe compartment, Whether or not if it just not possible. Hopefully someone can help me out. I have also attached some photo's of the Menu. 2. If I press my Clutch when my engine is running their seems to be 2 different noises. If the clutch is out it seems to be ( a little louder) when I dip the clitch in the noise seems to go away. I'm sure I have had this on other car's too, but doesn't anyone know if this is an issue with the car? It drive's flawlessly in all 5 gears. Regards Craig
  4. Hi there. So i have not long had my 07 plate Mondeo 2.0TDCi Titanium X but have noticed that if ipress the clutch in slightly there is a whirring noise... once i have got to the bite point and passed that the noise stops. There is no noise either when i have my foot off the pedal only when i press it slightly. Any ideas? Also don't know if it is related but there is a slight judder in 2nd gear when i release the clutch. Cheers Mark
  5. Hi FOC Guys. About a month ago i bought the Superchips bluefin remap for my Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost (100 bhp). And i was REALLY possitive to feel the gains that the car got from the remap. But, now my car is going to the mecanic.!! my Release bearing in the clutch is done for it. I have never driven the car out to maximum rpm, but still the clutch is broken.!! £360 in repairs after just 80.000km in the car. Any one else with a re-mapped Fiesta, who have experienced this??
  6. So i bought an 05 focus zetec 115ps. £800 few issues, was missfiring sorted that with a full service carried out by myself, whilst perfoming service i noticed a few tell tail signs, first off it appears to have a 1.8 airbox (based on haynes book of lies photo) although im not sure if the ti cvt have the 1.8 box, second the vacuum pipe from rocker cover to airbox is broke and not attached, clutch pedal vibrates under hard acceleration but no slip or noise/smell. What looks like the electric assisted thermostate housing is just loose sat infront of airbox. Fsh up to 2 years ago 144k cam belt done at 98k clutch 122k last owner dor 2 years had no service stamps etc so im assuming all things bad strm from them. after the service and a motorway blast the missing all but disapeared but the EML came on, quick check on a diagnostic showed a catalytic converter bank 2 fault, im led to believe this is from unburnt fuel going into cat during misfire nessing with the sensor, but im not in the know with fords hence why im here. any knowledge of these issues would be much appreciated. oh and 1st is an absolute nightmare to select stiff as you like. cheers rick.
  7. Mechanical issue (rattle)

    Hello, I'm new to driving (passed in December) and I'm not very mechanical savy. I bought a 56 fiesta on 31st December and it's been running fine since then until recently. The issues I'm having are as follows. I hear a springy noise when dropping the clutch There is a knocking/rattle noise when the clutch is down When in first gear at low revs the car vibrates moderately when raising the clutch When in reverse the car vibrates very badly and feels like the wheels are spinning/struggling A clear liquid seems to drop from the backbox (no odour) I've flushed the coolant, topped up the oil, checked all the liquid i can see and they're all fine. It's about to hit 70k miles Someone suggested clutch maybe on the way out but better to get fellow ford lovers opinions. Thanks for any reply.

  9. Clutch

    Hi need a bit of help I have a Ford Focus Zetec 2010, it goes into gear fine but just doesn't seem to engage properly I just get high revs and it seems to be struggling to engage, what could the problem be?
  10. New Clutch Advice

    Hi guys, It looks as though I need to replace my clutch, as it slips badly in 4th and 5th especially. I have a 1.6 TDCI 2010 Mk2.5 Focus, with a Spider tuning box fitted. I'd prefer to get a stage 2 clutch, but wouldn't know where to begin! Has anybody upgraded their clutch to something similar? How will it change the feel of the clutch? If you are able to offer any advice or recommendations on what to go for, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hi, i was was just wondering why my clutch is high. The pedal is nearly fully released before the car bites. it has had a new clutch about 2-3 months ago, what's the reason why it's high and what can I do to if this thanks for any help given
  12. I can hear a weird noise from the engine when it's running on idle. The intensity of the noise varies and only stops when the clutch pedal is pressed. Is this normal? My model is a Focus Mk. 2.5 (2012) 1.6l with manual transmission.
  13. Hi, I'm looking to basically update a old Ford fiesta i purchased back in August. The clutch is really the main problem . Now it has done 69,000 miles and has been well looked after and obviously the clutch has been extremely worn over the years. The biting point is quite high but not to extreme, and I've never really dealt with the old Mk6 clutch before. All I want is to try and troubleshoot the problem here with you guys, this is an amazing website and i'll be really appreciative of some help.
  14. Fiesta 1.4 TDCI VIBRATION

    Hi all, I am new to this forum so hi to all and I am hoping I can find an answer to my problem. i have a 1.4 fiesta tdci 05 reg, it's done 164,000 miles without a problem till now. The clutch went about 3 weeks ago, so had a new one fitted and since then I have a vibration that starts in fifth gear engine underload going up hill at around 1800 rpm /50 mph with light throttle it feels like the engine is shaking loose? Had it back to the garage they have looked at many things and couldn't find anything wrong. So after much debate they decided to change the clutch again in case it was a fault on that they checked the flywheel which is perfect, rebuilt it and it's exactly the same. They say there is some end float in the crank shaft which may be causing it?? And have advised I could need a new engine?? The car drives faultlessly in all other gears and conditions and if you accelerate through it it goes? There's no nasty knocks or rattles from the engine it is sweet. Has anyone experienced this before?? Any help greatly appreciated as it's becoming annoying now and hate the thought of an engine change. Thanks in advance. Dave.
  15. Hi, I own a 2002 Zetec 2.0 with 57k on the clock, love this car and little by little I'm fixing some issues due to the lack of use. Anyway it drives perfect except for a strange thing: driving calm when I change gears the engine tends to rev up when I push the clutch, it is quite subtile (100, 200rpm perhaps) but it is really disturbing. Normally I release the accelerator, pusch the clutch and change gear. Well, it revs up and in the moment I release the clutch again after change the gear I have to take care because the front axle tends to knock (pound?) and I'm afraid to mess up something. I leave the car to two Ford garages and for them everything was right. For me it isn't, that's why I'm here... Guys, sorry if my explanation is not clear enough, jI'm not an english speaker... :(
  16. I had a bit of a discussion with another member on here about whether its a good idea or not,so I'm just back from the leading Transmission specialists in Scotland ( Charles Butler Forfar) & I asked Gav the foreman about this,and his answer........ DON'T DO IT! He said its a bad idea. He said its ok for transit vans,but not for cars. He said if your DMF needs replacing,then replace it with a proper replacement DMF. Mentioned the same thing as I did,about the vibrations etc,& they DO shake to bits eventually. When I got this conversion on FOUR cars,alongside a remap,eventually they knackered the gear-box.Not maybe,DEFINITELY EVERY TIME! And Im no boy racer at 47yr old,so its not a case of me raggin my cars,quite the opposite. I learned the really expensive way.Id say in all Ive spent about 2000 repairing damage done by SMF conversion.Its crazy,its the cheaper option,but I guarantee you it'll ruin your car in the end. If I can stop one person from doing this conversion,then I'd be happy knowing that someone else's car isnt gonna turn into a liability the way mines did(all four). So,to the guy who disagreed with me,mate do yourself a favour & ask around 1st.You might just start to see sense,& rip that solid chunk a crap outta there,& put a proper DMF in. Oh,and they a good DMF will definitely handle the torque from a remap,unless youre tanning your motor all the timem,in which case whatever. remember that all this company does is transmissions & clutch/dmf etc,7 days a week,52 weeks a year. He's been going for about 40 odd years,and he knows his stuff,so upto you guys from here. If you wanna listen to companies thatve only stopped messing their nappies,then so be it,but dont say I didnt try to give you advice 1st
  17. new clutch problem

    Hi There ... Newbie here and i am probally posting this in the wrong place but need some help / advice with my 1.3i mk5 fiesta ...basicly what happened was that my clutch pedal recently went to the floor and i purchased a clutch kit from flea bay ... fitted the clutch , all was going well untill i tried to hook up the hydraulic hose onto the back of the slave cylinder , the aluminium adapter / fitting from my old cylinder ( retained by 2 clips ) does not want to go into the back of the new slave cylinder ? , i also tried pushing the end of the hose minus the adapter into the recess it also seams to be to big ?? is there an adapter available to allow me to make the link ? say 12 mm at the hose end and 11mmm at the end that goes into the slave ? if so what are these fittings called and where do i get them ??? regards Jack ...
  18. Hi just wondered what clutch i need as I'm getting it off eBay, I'll save myself around £40 quid by doing it my way, all I keep getting is 191,1mm diameter or 190mm diameter and I need to get it right first time.. its a fiesta finesse 1.25 sept/2004 model and I'm looking at a ck9789 clutch by national for £37.92 without the slave, I'd rather buy one with a slave but they don't have clear compatibility listings, any help will will be appreciated coz Insurance is about to be taken
  19. Before the gf try's to trade me out again🤔 I parked up for my gf to go for a twinkle and she said quick come upstairs her gerbil has died, while dealing with that (even tried a little bit of cpr but the poor thing was solid) I acquired a parking ticket within the 5 minute stay, to make matters a lot more agonising I went to politely show the ticked company at their HQ that I had a small present inside a box for them in the form of a Jesus piece, some saw dust and (of course) a resting gerbil, but... I turned a corner and Heard a bang and the car wouldn't disengage, turned off the engine waited around half an hour and was able to drive it but every time I changed gear the biting point was getting lower and lower and the pedal was acting up till eventually it just conked out couldn't change gear or anything, I know it's the hydraulic I'm hoping it just ran out of fluid and I can just change a seal here and there, bleed it out and it'll work again but has anyone else got any opinions?? fiesta finesse fujb engine
  20. Focus 1.8 Tdci Zetec

    Hi, just bought a 2008 Facelift Model Focus 1.8 Tdci Zetec, which has done 84,000 miles. When you pull away in 1st gear, for a second, you hear a slight scouring noise, like some part is not getting lubricated properly, then you don't hear it again. This is intermittent, and does not happen every time when you pull away. After the test drive, when I mentioned it to the dealer, he suggested it may have been dirt/rust on the discs/pads. Does not look like that now as that would happen all the time and not just now and again, and at the moment only when you drive off in 1st gear. Basically he has tried to wash his hands of it. A couple of independent Mechanics drove the car, and after a few start offs they eventually heard the noise. Both thought it may be the Clutch Release Bearing. Any ideas or information from anyone?. Also any ideas as to how much I would be looking to pay to have the whole Clutch Assembly/Dual Mass Flywheel/Slave Cylinder replaced?. Thanks
  21. Hello Everyone, Re: Changing Gear/Clutch Grinding Noise - Ford Fiesta Ghia, 2003, 1596cc Went on a 5 mile round trip today and noticed that when I pressed the clutch in I could hear (and feel) a grinding noise/vibration through the clutch pedal.. I've noticed for quite a while (year+) that when I set off in first gear there's a judder when lift the clutch out and start moving, but it only happens in first gear. Any advice would be most appreciated, especially possible repair costs? All the best, Amanda
  22. Hi, I bought a second hand Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 2008 last week with only 43,000 miles on the clock. Immaculate inside and out, one previous owner. I collected it on Monday and whilst out driving it started revving really badly, very high, smoking and I had to pull over. It seemed to right itself and I thought it was just me and the new car but today while I was on the main road it did it again and went crazy. Thankfully I managed to get across three lanes and parked on a pavement before it stopped moving entirely. It won't move forward, only revs and smoke accompanies it. It is under warranty but would anybody know what the issue is? Scared the life out of me. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, Got a 2006 1.4 Fiesta Ghia with ~75k miles on it and seem to have a bit of a problem with the clutch / gearbox. When I'm pulling away and the engine's cold, or changing gear particularly harshly (high revs) I get a reasonably high pitched squeal for about half a second as I'm releasing the clutch - after the biting point. From what I've read, it's a fairly common thing with Fiesta's. Anyone know what it could be?
  24. On my 52 plate fiesta LX I have encountered the common clutch peddle problem. This is a common issue on Ford fiestas where the the clutch master cylinder detaches from the pedal meaning no clutch action and a loose pedal. Trolling here and there I have found a permanent fix for this issue. Fords solution of a clip still breaks. Where as this solution is simple yet very efficient. I have not had any further issues since installing this fix. Found on ebay. here is the link. Jobs a gud en.
  25. I recently had my clutch changed in my fiesta and after a few month's there is a leak coming from somewhere. could it be possible to use heatproof sealant to close the gap would that work or am I just wasting my time? I don't really want to put more money into the car as I'm looking for something newer.