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Found 16 results

  1. My poor ST :(

    Spent almost 13 grand last year on my pride and joy. Ever since I've owned my ST I've treated it like my baby. Everything you could do to look after a car, I do it. Today was a sad day. I was driving to the shop through some slow moving traffic. The traffic coming down the hill on the right was not moving, and there were cars parked on the left, however it was a wide road and I was still driving on my side. I was travelling at about 20 mph when all of a sudden a teenager ran out in the road.... He was no older than 15. He ran through the stationary traffic on the right, ignoring the cars signals to him that traffic was moving on the other side, he carried on running across the road and onto my side and before I could see him it was too late. I hit him and knocked him up the left side of the bonnet, down the right wing, damaging the door and destroying the wind mirror. The worst part is, he got up and ran away. I'm obviously grateful the kid wasn't seriously hurt and that he could get up and run. But at the same time, to do wrong and damage my car and not at least stop to say sorry, let alone give me his details, its painful. Although it would be classed as me running him over, I did no wrong. Was driving on my side of the road 10mph of the speed limit and he ran across the road without looking, when there was a zebra crossing 50 metres back down the road. Anyway, it hurts me to sit and look at my pride and joy with a screwed wing mirror. Anyone had experience with having a wing mirror replaced by a ford dealer and could give me an estimation on the cost before I go in on Monday? No matter how well you look after your car, one day someone will screw you :(
  2. So...driving the other day, going straight on at a roundabout and a lady fails to stop, pulls straight onto the roundabout and hits straight into the side of my 5 months old fiesta st-line. Fair to say I was pretty heartbroken. In the garage now and Ford have told me it's probably going to be a whole new door and trim (to be fair I wouldnt settle for any less). Thankfully everyone was alright....but my car :'(
  3. Hello there. This is my first time posting. 2 weeks ago I was in a crash, not of my own fault. As you can see from the pictures, a car went into the side of my car on a round about as they pulled out, not giving way to their right. Ir has damaged the rear bumber, scratched the alloy and the side. It is currently at a garage waiting to be viewed by the third partied insurance company, which they are taking their time with. I am wondering, out of curiosity, how much will this be to repair, including parts, labour, painting and materials. I was looking at the price of the parts, but I do not know what the side of the car is called 'properly'. I'm assuming since it goes all the way to the front of the car, going above the doors, they will have to replace the full side of the car? Finally, do you think it will be written off? Apparently, if a car crashes into your wheel, it is a serious thing as it can fracture the allow, or whatever.
  4. Someone Crashed Into Me

    Hi guys, It's that time again where I message in and moan about someone reversing into me around 5pm today! I was stationary - the guy in front of me was reversing to let someone come through (as they had right of way) - the car in front put the car in reverse and just reversed without even looking straight into the corner of me... Luckily there wasn't really any damage from what I could see? The guy gave me his details etc but wanted all of your advice before I go any further My car had a few scratches on it which I managed to wash off with a bit of elbow grease, one thing I did notice though is a plastic circle thing next to the front grill which was loose and is now loose? I'm not sure if it was loose when I got the car but it sure is now! (photo attached) Does anyone know what this is, what it does? Also, do you think the car could have done any damage to my car inside? Look forward to hearing from you all guys! !Removed! BMW drivers.....
  5. Shows How Safe The Focus Really Is.

    http://youtu.be/ds4nRhSknaI Wind to 1:00. Can't beleive the driver survived!! R.I.P Focus. :(
  6. While on holiday with my girlfriend in Cornwall a lovely gentleman decided it would be nice to reverse into my car in a car park.... GREAT! Swapped details and everything and the car went off to be repaired on Thursday 11th september. Initial damage, as you can see the numberplate was not hit at all! Happy that they replaced my front bumper and grill on my Fiesta Zetec S. Went to pick the car up and disaster! Not only did they put a new numberplate on (when it wasn't needed at all!) but they threw away my custom made numberplate that was undamaged from the accident in the first place with a really crap numberplate!!!! and then to rub the salt in they decided that the OEM screw holes are just there for show and have screwed into the plastic grill either side of the numberplate, so now I have 2 lovely holes where they shouldn't be... and cant even hide them when I order the replacement numberplate. So tomorrow I am going to get on the phone to them and demand a replacement grill and the money to get a numberplate that is the same as the one that they decided had a *crack* in it. which it didn't. Who in there right mind thinks oh the OEM holes are too easy to do, I know lets put 2 screws in wonky and the customer will be happy with that....?!?!?!?!?!?!! 1 simple phone call would have been nice to ask if its okay to throw the custom plate away, or even replace it in the first place! Has anyone else experienced idiots like this before?
  7. Hey Guys, Most of you out there have been fortunate enough to have not had any accidents. I hope that fortune stays with you, but this guide is for those who have! using my own personal experience and knowledge, I hope it helps you in your quest for surviving the maze of insurance mayhem that follows! Attached and below, I have provided you a sheet to print out and stick in your glovebox. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation you need this help, it will go through everything with you. Its a one stop sheet I created on the basis of my experience and details that are really handy to remember. It reminds you the information you need, the photographs best taken and all the details you require at the scene of the accident to make your life easier. Accident Survival Sheet.pdf Always remember: I-P-D-P-W Injury - (requires) Police - (otherwise) Details - Pictures - Witnesses Injury First things first, you make sure that all parties are uninjured. If anyone reports any injury (no matter how small the neck ache is) you should phone for an ambulance. Coming from a first aider and whiplash victim, the slightest ache can quickly deteriorate into a much worse injury. 4 hours after I was shunted, even though I had managed to drive with an ache for an hour, my injuries developed and I was taken by car to Hospital and diagnosed with serious whiplash. Police In accidents where any injury is sustained the Police must be informed and attend the scene. I didnt call the police after my crash and it made things more complicated during the claims process. The police would need to come out and do an accident report, detailing the environment, taking statements, details, witnesses etc. (they would complete the DPW of this section for you. Details In the event that an accident is not serious enough, and no injury has occurred, and police are not required, you must exchange details. You want to get as much off the other person as possible, this includes the following: Drivers Name: Vehicle Owners Name: Drivers Address: Drivers Insurance Company: Vehicle Reg: Vehicle Colour: Vehicle Observed Damage: Reason Given For Accident: NEVER ADMIT LIABILITY AT THE ROAD SIDE - unless you are willing to pay for all damages out of your own pocket you should never admit liability, even if it was your fault. You should leave it to the insurers to do. Once you apologise and lay reference to it being your fault, you are then under extreme scrutiny, the last thing you want here is the insurer to start looking at a way to avoid paying out. They may even send a damage assessor to your car and look for anything on your car that might save them paying out. Just exchange the details and leave it to the insurer to assess liability. Pictures: Take photo's of everything. The road in all directions of the scene of the accident. a photo facing the direction of vehicle travel and capture the road and the sky to show the conditions of the environment under which your driving. The ground around the scene of the accident and behind the vehicles to show that the road may / may not have played a part in the accident. Damage of your vehicle from all angles > Above, Central, Left, Right, below as necessary Open the panels of the impacted side (bonnet, boot, doors) and take photos with these open to show the impact zone and the immediately visible damage. Damage to the other vehicle (this stops them driving off and driving into a bollard and claiming that it was part of the damage commited in your accident) Other party number plate (also worth getting the VIN Number) Driving Licenses Other Driver (sneak them into a picture of the damaged cars) Any fluids on the floor and try to get an image of where they are leaking from Any debris on the floor that may contribute to the accident WitnessesWrite down details of any witnesses that you may have around you, make a note if you have a DASHCAM and ensure that it has recorded the incident. Secure the file and protect it to ensure its not removed accidentally, download it as soon as possible and upload it to the internet for safe keeping. If the incident occurred outside of a residential area, go door knocking after you have exchanged details and ask if they have / know of any neighbours who may have CCTV setup. This can become very useful in further investigations. I have attached to this guide something I have put together. Its a document to put in your glove box so if you find you are ever involved in an accident you can run through this checksheet. Often small details may be forgotten, and certain photos may not have been taken, so this document should help to remind you of everything you need in order to answer all your insurers questions, and makes sure you provide the absolute maximum infortmation to the insurers to assist with the investigation and liability identification. If you think the document should be updated or reflect changes, let me know and I will make the changes :) Advising your insurer of an accident With any incident, you really should advise your insurer that a potential claim will be made. You should always let them know something has happened. If you do not advise them quick enough, then they will be able to refuse paying out. You should advise your insurer within 3 days of an accident and if there is an injury developed as a result of the accident, you should also visit your local police station. When you advise your insurer, keep the attached and completed form to hand, this will save you having to recall all the details of the incident and makes the process of talking to the insurer a lot easier. Sometimes you may not get to speak to the insurer until a day or two later, likewise the stress and pain (if you have any) and the painkillers can all affect your memory. The best thing to remember here is that a memory is only a true memory once. After that, you start to remember the previous recollection of the event and not the actual event, which can then reshape the story. At the end of the day you want to ensure that all information provided is accurate first time round. Why do I need to contact the Police? If you have a personal injury from the incident, the police need to complete an Road Traffic Accident report, however if they are not on scene, you need to attend a station and complete a Self Assessment Report. You will be guided through this by the Police contact at the station and is a simple enough process. The issue wasnt my fault, I cant be without a car! You dont have to be. If the insurers believe that you have a strong case to suggest you are not the liable party in the incident, you can be arranged with cover. During my accident, my insurer used "Albany Assistance". They put me through to them, and within 20 minutes I had a hire car booked in for delivery. They take details of you, your vehicle and the accident, and also the claim reference details with the insurer. They then (whilst your on hold) contact your insurer and confirm when your vehicle is booked in for repairs. This is the start date of your hire car, and the estimate by the garage for completion of the job is the end date of the agreement. In the event this needs to be extended, just call Albant Assistance and they will contact the insurer, get an update and extend the lease. I was driving a CMAX 1.6 TDCI CVT Auto at the time, and I was provided with a Toyota Auris 1.9TDI Automatic for the two week duration the car was in the garage. I had about half a day without a car and that was all! They drop the car at your door and take it away! What costs are assosciated with a rental car? Depending on the scheme you use, I paid a £15 fuel charge, and £30 excess protection. This was in case the car was damaged (as could easily happen on my road) and so was a worthwhile investment. You also have the first quarter of a tank of fuel free. Any further fuel you pay for as with any other rental car! This accident is going to cost me a fortune! Your right, it is! Lets make no bones about it, it will cost you money. But this is where legal protection comes in. Every penny assoscaited with an accident, record it! put a spreadsheet together, and every mile you drive as a result of this accident (to a garage, to a doctor etc) every parking ticket you need to pay, every item you need to buy - document absolutely everything. I had to put down the cost of two new child seats, along with over 500 miles of travel, £20 worth of parking tickets, Every penny spent - record it, and contact your insurer. Give them a breakdown of the costs, and if you have legal cover, the solicitors will complete all the work for you and get it back in any final claim. I had an injury but didnt tell the insurer? As soon as you recognise there is an injury, tell them. If you leave it too long, they will likely refuse to support you, as you will then need to prove you are not putting it on. You really need to tell the insurer everything, no matter how small - tell them! if in 3 weeks time its deemed not serious, then you can all stop doing anything, but if it gets worse.... Why Should I tell me insurer about an injury? No matter how small it is, you could get physiotherapy, if nothing else you will get an assessment. In my case, I had an assessment a week after the injury and the review identified that the injury was too raw to work with, I had to wait a further two weeks before they could do anything with me! Also if you are entitled to any financial compensation, they are the only ones who can do this for you. What should I expect after reporting an accident to the insurer? Lots of phone calls from solicitors, Personal Injury specialists, and call centres from anywhere in the world asking if they can support you through your difficult time. Your details should never be sold, but they always get out. Your insurer might not tell them your telephone number, but your details are passed onto the National Accident Database. Your details are then cross checked with alsorts of marketing databases and your details found. Beyond that, you should expect a long wait and a lot of phone calls. My claim is just finishing, 6.5 months later (this is as far as the accident repair is concerned). THe process is long and drawn out, and your insurer may not be the best at communicating. You should phone for updates where you feel you dont have enough information, and you should also contact the repairing garage for their realtime updates. If you have the legal cover element, you should expect a 6 - 12 month process of completing forms, interviews, medical assessments and little communication. They do a lot but most of the process is talking behind the scenes. Why does the process take so long for compenation. The general process is long winded, the process you go through will differ, but as a general rule the process is as follows: 0-4 weeks - Car should be booked in for repairs, if not repaired already. 4-6 weeks - Initial recovery and recouperation (this can include physiotherapy) 6-12 weeks - liability should be accepted by either party, you should also be seen for your medical asessment by an independant body 12-18 weeks - the solicitors confirm details with the independant body of your injuries and begin to diagnose the severity of your injury and translate that into monetary value. 18-32 weeks - your solicitors is arguing on your behalf the value of your claim and negotiating the value of your claim. A proposal is sent to you to agree, and you sign to clarify you are satisfied with the offer they are looking to make. They then send this to the other party who has 21 days! to reply and either accept, or provide a counteroffer. the counteroffer must be made in writing to you by your insurers (or verbally over a recorded phone line) to accept or reject the offer. If you reject the offer, then a second counteroffer from your insurer must be made. This again allows for 21 days! for a reply. The other party can again make a counter offer. Again the offer must be made to you and you should accept or reject. In the event you accept, the compensation goes through, however, if you reject, then the solicitor would start court proceedings. 32weeks and beyond - its highly likely by this point your insurer has not agreed any payout for you and the court proceedings are taking place. If this should occur, you would need to attend court and represent yourself and answer the appropriate questions, detailing your injuries and struggles. What are my options should the car be written off? In the event that your car is damaged beyond economical repair, it will be written off under one of four catagories: Catagory A: The car should never be seen on the roads ever again, its highly unlikely a single part of it is usable. Its for the great scrapheap in the sky and nothing else! Catagory B: The car should never be seen on the roads ever again. Its probably got a few bits you could save and recycle, but the shell must be crushed. It might make a nice drinks can in the future. Catagory C: The car may appear on the roads. The car is usable, and it is saveable, but it needs to be repaired to MOT passing standards. The costs of repairs through the nominated garage are just too high and exceed the value of the vehicle. VIC check is required along with an MOT to appear on the roads again. Catagory D: The car may appear on the roads. The cost of repairs is significant to the value of the vehicle, its probably better we give you the money and you throw the last few pounds at it and get an equal spec motor, rather than having yours repaired and catagory damaged. VIC check is required along with an MOT to appear on the roads again. Your options are as follows if your car is written off: 1) Buy Back - The insurer may offer to sell you the vehicle at a bottom dollar rate, and pay you the different between the Buy Back price and the current market value. You can then repair the vehicle by your own means, you can repair it in your personal garage if you wish, but you must complete a Vehicle Inspection Check with DVLA. Once this is complete, and you get it through an MOT your car is legally allowed to appear on the roads. 2) Gifted - The car may be given to you by your insurer depending on its value, and the vehicles value also given to you. Some insurers do this as the cost of processing and recycling the vehicle can exceed its value in the first place. As long as its cosmetic or easily repaired (Cat D / Cat C standard) and the value is low, they may just do this. The vehicle is marked as a write off, and you may get to keep both. You may need to complete an MOT to ensure the vehicle remains roadworthy and your insurer should advise you if you require a Vehicle Identity Check with the DVLA. If the vehicle isnt lifted off the ground though (as in chucked on a lorry and taken somewhere, or transported to a garage) then its unlikely you will require it. 3) Give Up - Just give the insurer the car, they give you the full market value of the vehicle, you take this money and run, replace the car with something else and forget about the entire situation. The insurer has written my car off, what can I do if they offer me peanuts? Most insurers are needing to save money everywhere. As such, at the point of a write off, they may offer you only a fraction of the vehicles value. In the event of any serious accident (one that looks like its going to need more than T Cut to repair!) you should start searching for a replacement car. Visit the likes of Auto Trader and motor traders / garages with similar motors. You need to find the top 10 cars with the same spec, mileage and generally the same motor off these websites, and take the top 10 highest price vehicles that closely match the value. If your top 10 cars come back as offering a value of between £2000 and £2200, but your insurer is only offering you £1800, you have sufficient case to reject their offer and request closer to the value you have found. Find the top 3 that you would be looking to purchase, they need to be relatively close to you, and of similar spec and mileage. If those top 3 average £2100 value, then your insurer is obliged to consider upping the offer by £300. If you dont do this, you could be losing out. I am really not satisfied with my insurers performance at all The first port of call is to lodge a complaint with your insurer. You should allow them a reasonable period of time to reply. If they do not, or do not reply satisfactorily, you must escalate the complaint with your insurer. Again, they should reply and satisfactorily, if after the entire investigation you are still not satisfied.... You can raise a complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman should you be extremely dissatisfied with the performance of your insurer.Under most circumstances, if you have taken it this far, it will be sorted to a satisfactory conclusion. Its worth noting that all insurers are authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). They would not be able to assist in matters of complaints of performance (this is the insurance ombudsman's role), however, if you feel they have breached your rights in the form of mis-selling or disregarding their rights to you under any financial element, then you may find that any complaints investigated by the Insurance Ombudsman may refer you to the FCA. I was hit by an uninsured driver - What do I do? The MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) can offer support if you have been hit by an uninsured or untraced driver and suffer serious financial loss they can assist you and pay compensation. If you find yourself stuck in this position its always worth contacting them (click here to visit the contact page of the site). Things to be cautious of after an accident Phone calls from third parties of all shapes and sizes will come about,and this is where conmen will take advantage. If you have legal cover on your insurance policy, unless you have a private solicitor you know who can carry the claim for you, take the solicitor that is recommended by your insurance company. If you dont have a solicitor, contact local firms, most are happy to offer a free consultation in the first place. If you do go with them, get the expectations of the claim laid out, the cost assosciated and approximate fees that you will agree to. Most solicitors will tell you straight up the estimated costs, times and values of your claims so you can make a decision on whether you want to proceed. If anyone calls claimig to be from the MIB, Your insurance or any other organisation you are not familiar with, or are not expecting a call off, do not make arrangements for them to collect your car. Instead, hang up, find the contact details online and call them back. Ask to speak to the person you just spoke to and then continue the conversation. If you hang up and your phone does not have a dial tone, do not make the call. SandyCat knew of someone who made arrangements with someone he thought was from the insurance, and his car was taken. This was all in all resulting in the loss of his car via theft. Accident Survival Sheet.pdf That my friends is all I can think to write for now. I hope that it helps you. Leave you rcomments, or send your messages as necessary :) Thanks to Rick (SandyCat) for his contributions!
  8. Within 2 months of owning this, it's been involved in two accidents already. The first, nothing major, yet still ******* annoying. Parked down a street for about half an hour to pick something up from a shop round the corner, come back and I see a massive black mark across the passenger side of my car, found out it was rubber so most of it come off... this was what was left. No witnesses, no cameras.. typical. I went to a bodyshop about this and he quoted me £220.. I laughed and said bye. So then, two days ago, on my way to work, some idiot coming out of junction doesn't look left again and pulls out as i'm half way past him, then drives off... tried finding him, no luck. waiting on CCTV footage and a witness to come forward to give me the numberplate, was too annoyed at the time to even think of stuff like this. (I tried finding him for about half an hour). Funnily enough, it was MK6 Dark blue fiesta, although I doubt he takes much care of his car as any of the forum users. Anyway the damage done.. Got a quote for this from a bodyshop next door to the one above and the front wing/bumper for £340.. much better. Will need to get the alloy looked at aswell but this is a priority. Have any of you had anything similar and how much did it cost to get it repaired? Hopefully the culprit can be found and I won't have to pay anyway! Cheers,
  9. Worth a watch if you're interested. Definitely makes me think twice about driving it in my own car! Any of you guys been there?
  10. Hi everyone, A couple of months ago I was happily driving along when all of a sudden i lost a lot of power (not all) and an orange co light appeared on the dashboard. I managed to get it looked at by a garage and they couldn't find anything wrong with it, so i put it down to a 'freaky' moment. Now, I've had a bit more of problem. Last week I was driving along a usy A road when randomly my dials crashed to 0 and all the warning lights had come on, as if it I was starting her up, and then some disapeared but the red cog remained. I managed to pull off and waited to see if the dials came online again, they didn't. So i restarted and all was ok. This happened again this morning, however instead of being on a busy A road, i was stuck in some traffic. Same thing happened, dials crashed to 0, warning lights came on then disapeared except the red cog. So again i waited to see if the dials would come back, they didn't and I managed to get into work ok after a restart. I've had the car since January this year and this is the first fault I've come across so i'm not sure exactly what the cog lights indicate. A couple of notes to add, when in this 'crashed mode' the car functions fine (engine, drivetrain, gear changes etc) except for the dash. I'm new here so please excuse the mass post lol Any help would be appreciated before i hand it over the garage and get "couldn't find anything wrong with it" again Cheers Will
  11. Ka Accident.

    As I'm new to this forum I thought I'd just tell you all a bit about my last car, I only passed my test in August 2012 so I'm a fairly new driver, I've not had any bumps or scraps in the year I've been driving until last week when unfortunately I crashed into the back of another car (Peugeot though so it's okay). I was coming up to an island with a car infront of me, i checked it was clear and pulled off, however the car infront me did not. No one was badly hurt I just hurt my leg a little bit, unfortunately though because my car was quite old anyway it was a write off - the radiator had blown, the earths had come detached and my alternator had gone, not too mention the disgusting mess I made of the front and side bumper. Has anyone else had similar experiences and if so what did you do, go through insurance, fix the car or buy a new one.
  12. Accident Damage

    Got a bit of a dent in my fiesta! Still waiting back on hearing from Ford with a estimation on the extent of the damage! What do you people think, write off or fixable?
  13. hi there so i had a crash a few days back, bumper looks messed up and clips all shattered that i think attached to grille, and grille cracked and bonnet does not fit quite right. anyway some advice would be great, getting quotes from body shop and local friend who owns car servicing place. Getting car examined in a few days just have no idea what to do before i buy new bumper etc as I'm worried there is damage behind advice welcome,
  14. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    Hey (first things first, I can't log in to my standard account? Everytime I go to re-login through facebook, I just get 'error'. Therefore I've created this account. If anyone can get me back in to my old one, or an admin can give me access or reset my password, cool!) However, time for the bad news. Having passed my test four months ago, and getting myself a Zetec Climate 1.8 2006 - A 68 year old man did me the pleasure of a head on collision before forcing me into a parked car on the left. He's admitted full liability. But £5500 worth of damage later, it's been declared a total loss. :( Now, the insurance company are in the process of sending me my cheque, and when they do - I've got seven days to return my courtesy car - 5 of which will be clearing for my cheque. Therefore, I've got two days to buy a car. I'll be honest, the only cars I'm finding for £4300ish are Vauxhall Astras :( - I know how you all feel about Vauxhalls. I don't really want anything older than a 56 plate, and I want less than 60k miles, preferably three door, so it does limit me :( I've been offered £800 cash in salvage for my car, should I take it? There is no chassis or engine damage (apart from the power steering pump bracket) - just a shed load of front end work. Pictures enclosed :(
  15. Goodbye Fiesta Van

    Some pics of my neighbour's Fiesta van which has been written off by the insurance company He hit the back of a mini and is now very sorry to see it go
  16. A Newly released short film following driver Gavin Halls as he attempts to make a comeback to professional driving after a 5 year break. He enters the UK Eurocup round of British Formula Ford at Brands Hatch in June of 2012. Some great in car action shots. fly on the wall and behind the scenes footage of what go in to a weekends racing, the highs and the lows!