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Found 18 results

  1. After driving my Focus MK2 for over 6 1/2 Years it was time for something new. Of course it had to be a Focus MK3. Unfortunately there were only a few (very young,low mileage) used cars for same in the country which met my requirements. After a long search and even considering a brand new lower spec car I finally found a suitable replacement for my Focus MK2: 2013 Focus MK3 5-doors Champions Edition My car is a German spec Focus MK3 Champions Edition. Because of the Ford sponsorship of the Champions Leage in 2013 Ford Germany offered this special (limited) edition for a few months. My car has the following options: Engine: 1.0 ECOboost 125 PS with 6-speed manual transmission. Color: Midnicht Sky metallic. Interior: Ultimate/Lux / Charcoal Black Options: Front and Rear Parking Sensors. Active Park Assist. Active City stop. Powerfold Mirrors. Power 1-shot Up/Down Front & Rear Windows. Global opening/closing (remote control) Rear Privacy Glass. Dual Zone Climate Control. Heated Windshield. Heated Washer jets. Heated Seats. Start/Stop System. Rain Sensor. Light Sensor. Front Fog Lights. SYNC with APPlink. DDS Tyre Deflation Warning System. Hill Start Assist. The car did have 16 inch alloy wheels as standard but because I like my own 17 inch alloy Focus MK2.5 wheels a bit more I decided to install my own wheels instead of the original 16 inch alloy wheels. In my opinion these wheels look great on the Focus MK3. During winter I drive on a set of 15 inch steel Focus MK2/MK2.5 wheels with Goodyear Ultragrip winter tyres. Despite 15 inch wheels were officially never available for the European Focus MK3 they fit without any problems on the 1.0 ECOboost models. The 1.6 TI-VCT and 1.0 ECOboost versions have 278 mm front disc brakes. This is exactly the same disc size as the Focus MK2/MK2.5 versions which were available with 15 inch wheels. On other Focus MK3 engine types Ford used bigger brakes which require at least 16 inch wheels. My Focus MK3 did originally not have Cruise Control. Cruise Control was not a standard feature on the German spec Champions Edition. Strange enough the first owner did order all possible options which were available on the Champions edition except Cruise Control. Because I am used to have Cruise Control and I really miss it I decided to retrofit Cruise Control to my car. There are some aftermarket solutions to retrofit Cruise Control to a Focus MK3 but personally I do not want an extra stalk or aftermarket buttons. So I decided to retrofit the OEM Cruise Control system. Because I could not find a mint condition replacement Cruise Control steering wheel for my car I decided to modify my own steering wheel instead of buying a new one. In my opinion it looks very good. The Cruise Control switch fits perfectly into the cutout I made at the side of the steering wheel. The Cruise Control switch is a very snug fit and all edges line up perfectly. The steering wheel does look exactly the same as an original Cruise Control steering wheel. From the outside there are no visible differences. I wrote a guide about retrofitting Cruise Control to a Focus MK3. This guide can be found on the following weblink: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/274-retrofitting-original-cruise-control-on-a-focus-mk3/ After a few weeks I really missed the HID lights I had in my previous Focus MK2 so I decided to install new headlights. After a long search I decided to buy a pair of Sky Wing projector headlights. I installed a 4300K HID kit into the Sky Wing headlights. The light image and the light output are very good and the Sky Wing headlights look great. Next I decided to install DRL lights. I bought these lights from a Taiwanese seller on the AliExpress website. The DRL lights are made of high quality materials and look very good. Some time ago I found some illuminated rear bumper reflectors on Ebay. However the price was ridiculous so I decided to wait a little longer. A few weeks later I found the same reflectors in an internet auction. I made the seller an offer and bought the reflectors for a really good price. The illuminated rear bumper reflectors look really nice. The light output is about the same as the original taillights. I also made the following modifications to the car: Early 2017 I decided to upgrade to 18 inch wheels: After a long search I bought myself a set of 8x18 Anzio Turn wheels. in my opinion these wheels look really nice on a Focus MK3. I installed 225-40-18 Dunlop Sport Max RT2 tyres which are a perfect fit on these wheels. * I installed a Level 3 instrument cluster with a large full color display. This is a USA instrument cluster that I fully converted and reprogrammed into an European instrument cluster. * I changed the 3.5 Inch monochrome MFD display to a 5 inch Sat Nav colour display. Afterwards I retrofitted the complete OEM Sat Nav system. * The "Focus" and "Econetic Technologies" badges are removed from the tailgate. * The "Champions League" badges are removed from the B-pillars. * Rear seat hinge covers installed (originally used on a focus MK1.5). * I installed front and rear Titanium interior lights with LED lights and reading lights. Because of the different wiring/connectors I made an adapter wiring loom to connect the Titanium interior lights to the standard wiring loom. * I installed the original footwell lights. I changed the red LED's to ice blue LED's (same color as original). * I changed the red/orange control lights of all switches to ice blue LED's (same color as original). * I installed LED bulbs into the puddle lights. * I installed LED bulbs into the reverse lights. * I installed a LED bulb into the glove box light. * I installed LED bulbs into the boot lights. * K&N 57S air filter element. * I installed the original perimeter alarm system. * I installed the additional electric water pump. In the future I plan to do some more modifications on the car. The next modifications are on my wish list: * OEM rearview camera. * SYNC 3 retrofit.
  2. 2017 Focus St Line

    Hi guys, I own a 2017 Focus St Line 1.0 Ecoboost 125Bhp, so far, i've done the following mods: - Cupholder with sliding cover - Arm rest with sliding top - Pioneer speakers and subwoofer - Updated the Sync 3 v2.5 to v3.0. This solved the much irritating Gracenote's generic album art. In the near future, i hope, i would like to activate the autolocking and the cruise control with Forscan and Focccus. Can someone point me to a reliable ELM327 cable? As i don't want to void the seven years warranty, i was thinking about buying a new steering wheel with flat bottom, with the proper buttons and harness and hope that at the dealership no one notice. Does anyone knows its finis code?
  3. 2017 Focus St line

    Hi guys, I own a 2017 Focus St Line 1.0 Ecoboost 125Bhp, so far, i've done the following mods: - Cupholder with sliding cover - Arm rest with sliding top - Pioneer speakers and subwoofer - Updated the Sync 3 v2.5 to v3.0. This solved the much irritating Gracenote's generic album art. In the near future, i hope, i would like to activate the autolocking and the cruise control with Forscan and Focccus. Can someone point me to a reliable ELM327 cable? As i don't want to void the seven years warranty, i was thinking about buying a new steering wheel with flat bottom, with the proper buttons and harness and hope that at the dealership no one notice. Does anyone knows its finis code?
  4. Step 1 – obtain a modified ELM327 cable First of all you will need a modified ELM327 cable so that you can begin to activate cruise in your foci. The cable must be equipped with a MS/HS CAN switch and be able to run at a baudrate of 500K. There are a lot on these cables on eBay that claim to run at 500k but don’t (I found out the hard way), I would recommend buying it from a site called James Simpson (link below) as he used quality cables and can guarantee the 500k baudrate. Why is the speed important you may ask? Well, you will need to communicate with the PCM to activate cruise which required a connection speed of 500k, any less and you won’t be able to do it. confirmed 500k modified elm 327 cable Step 2 – obtain ELMconfig software, version 2.10 and 2.17b (links provided) Once you have the two versions downloaded, extract them in separate folders and have them handy so you can access them easily.(two new folders on the desktop is best!) elmconfig 2.10 and 2.17 download Step 3 – installing Cable drivers Before using the cable to connect to your car make sure that you have the required drivers so you don’t run into any unexpected problems. To do this plug the adapter into your laptop ONLY, windows should find the device and install it. Once it’s installed you can start connecting it to your car. Step 4 – setup and connecting to your Foci MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CHARGED BATTERY!! I would recommend a fully charged battery that can hold its charge while in use for at least 1 Hour! Take your laptop and cable to your Foci, plug the cable into the OBD2 port and your laptop. Now launch ELMconfig 2.17b. Make sure your settings match these shown below: Language: english Driver: FTDI D2xx Device: FT232R.... Baudrate: 500,000 (un-select auto Connection: Focus II / C-MaxI / Kuga I Now the programing begins! Step 1 – Switch in MS-CAN position (left) GEM – Configuration – Page 3 Click “Read from GEM” If “Cruise Control Configuration” it ticked then move to the next step, if not then tick it Click “Write to GEM” Wait for program to write and reboot the GEM Step 2 – Switch in HS-CAN position (right) HEC – Configuration – Page 1 If “Cruise Control Configuration” it ticked then move to the next step, if not then tick it Click “Write to HEC” Wait for program to write and reboot the HEC Step 3a – Switch in HS-CAN position (right) PCM – Configuration Click “Read from PCM” Make sure “Integrated Speed Control” is ticked Click “Save to file” – save it to a clutter free, easily accessible folder (I recommend desktop) Step 3b – Switch in HS-CAN position (right) PCM – Procedures – Page 2 DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS! Click “Read firmware from PCM to BIN-file” – this takes anything *this bit I struggle to remember but don’t worry it wont ruin your car! Once you click read you might get an option to save the bin file (this might be before or after the reading). If after reading it does not prompt you to save anything then click “Save firmware to BIN-file”, chose the same location where you saved the PCM configuration file. Now close ELMconfig 2.17 and open 2.10 Make sure the settings are the same as used in 2.17 (note the device won’t show its name instead it will just display its com port but this is auto detected) and click open port. Step 3c - Switch in HS-CAN position (right) PCM – Information Click “Read” and wait for it to read all the fields. Step 3d - Switch in HS-CAN position (right) PCM – Procedures – Page 2 Click “Load VID-block from file” Here you want to select the PCM configuration file you saved (the one where you ticked integrated speed control) Click “Load firmware from file” Now select the file you saved from reading the PCM to bin operation (the one that took a long time in comparison) Click “Write current firmware in PCM” This will reprogram the PCM, it will take anything from 1 – 10 minutes. You may get an engine malfunction warning appear while reprogramming, do not worry this is normal and happened to me, it because the PCM module is not able to communicate while its being reprogrammed so it shows as an error. DO NOT UNPLUG or STOP to process or you will mess up your PCM. Once its done it will reboot and inform you its complete, now simply close elmconfig and remove the cable, start your engine and take your foci out for a drive and try cruise – IT will work !!!
  5. Cruise Conrol Issue

    Hi, I love my S-Max, but I have a rather annoying fault in that when my cruise control works, it works perfectly. However it will go 4-5 days without working, the it will suddenly work for a week or two when the same thing will happen. I have taken it Ford, who have now looked at it twice under warranty, but annoyingly it has been working perfectly and given it back to me saying that they can't find a fault, and as such can't fix a fault they can't see. Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated. Martin
  6. So I'm trying to figure out if I can retrofit a 2015 fiesta stereo with DAB into my 2014 zetec (I know I will have to change the antenna, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it). I am trying to figure out if it is possible to activate the DAB with a modded ELM 327 and Forscan, or whether it needs the proper Ford IDS with VCM. I've read that @iNath has reprogrammed and activated cruise control for people before so I am wondering if it is possible that I can do it myself. A small sidenote about sync too, do I need to purchase a separate APIM module if I upgrade? or is is built into the head unit when I buy one? Can I also use the same screen as it will not be a sony unit and everything looks the same apart from DAB?
  7. Question Re: Cruise Control

    Hello FOC'ers, New to the forum as I've just picked up a 2011 Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Titanium. I'm really liking it so far, but I have a problem with the cruise control. I see it's a regular thing on these boards but I can't find an answer to what I'm about to ask... Try as I might, I can't seem to get CC to go into standby mode. If I mashed wildly at the buttons, it comes on maybe 1 in 50 attempts. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to get the steering wheel-mounted CC buttons out of the steering wheel? Since my problem is intermittent, I suspect a good blast of contact cleaner might help, but I can't find a decent way of getting the contact cleaner where I suspect it needs to go. ANY tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, J
  8. Has anyone one fitted one of these, and does it work OK as I've managed to get all my elmconfig settings done in all 3 modules, but I'm pressing on and then + but nothing happens. Doing the heated window switch, I get a beep and indicators flash when I press, ON, OFF and RES, but no beeps or flashes when I press the + or - (volume up or down) this is where I think my problem is, can someone confirm whether that is the same on theirs. Thanks guys, Chris.
  9. Mk2.5 fitting cruise control

    I'm thinking of fitting CC to my focus and I've seen some steering wheels on eBay and just wondered if they were the right ones ano wondered if ford dealers activated it or not, the links below are of the steering wheels I have found if anyone has any advice or tips that would be great, thanks :) http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/301866028862 http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/111872166314
  10. Hi Ford Brits, I have recently taken delivery of a new 2015 Mondeo Titanium wagon (I think this aligns with your Titanium X...anyway it's top of the range). Apart from a nasty incident with about 1000 miles on the clock where the power steering failed on a windy road (!), I have an ongoing query about the use of cruise control in this car. I'm hoping that the vast experience on this board may be able to come up with a definitive answer - Ford Australia haven't had this car available for very long, so their knowledge of detailed topics appears very slim... So, the question: on the wide range of vehicles I have driven professionally over the last 15 years or so, once cruise control is set, the driver can adjust the speed manually by pressing the + button or - button. The increments are always 1km/h per press. On some cars, if you hold the + or - button for a second or so, the speed set varies by 5km/h or even 10km/h. In all cases though, the minimum increment is 1km/h. On my Mondeo, even though the Manual says it should change by 1km/h, it ONLY moves by 5km/h increments. If you're doing say, 83, one '+' press takes it to 85, but further presses move it to 90, then 95 etc. And the same in reverse ('-'). Can someone check on their car, or provide any advice? I wondered whether it could be configured in software... Thanks for your help, Happycamper700
  11. Info On A Couple Of Mods

    hey guys, just wondering if any one has any information, price range and level of difficulty to install global locking and cruise control in my 57 plate focus. cheers
  12. Hi all, I have a 2011 Titanium X Mondeo which I have just purchased. However, an annoying fault has just surfaced with regards to the Speed Limiter and Cruise Control functions. Last Saturday, the Speed Limiter function stopped working all of a sudden. I had been in my car for about 2-3 minutes, set it to 30mph, and was approaching some lights when it disengaged automatically. I pressed the button on the wheel to switch it back on but nothing happened. I tried long press, short press, hard press etc, but nothing. The cruise control button also did not respond I noticed. It stayed like this for well over an hour, and I only realised it had come back to life when I tried it later on in the journey. I mentioned this on Wednesday to my local Ford garage but was told that it was very hard to diagnose if they can’t see the fault. As I drove off, I set the limiter and the fault just happen to appear again and the same thing happened… I approached some lights after about 2-3 minutes and it dropped out and would not come back to life. I turned round and went straight back to the garage while the fault was still present. One of technicians ran some diagnostics on the car and found (I think he said) a communication fault to do with the instrument control panel, but he wasn’t able to identify if it was software related or even just a loose connection. I believe he then cleared the fault on his computer so that it showed clear on his laptop and all working, but the actual fault of the Speed Limiter and Cruise Control buttons not working, was still present. I have attached a screenshot of what his computer said. The actual fault remained present until I got home. So maybe what his computer showed was not the Speed Limiter fault maybe? Half an hour after I got home, I had to go out again and low and behold, everything was working ok again. The buttons weren’t working when I parked up, but had come back to life once I had got back in the car. So there is a definite intermittent fault somewhere, but from what I understand, it will quite difficult to diagnose and was certainly not a fault the local garage had seen before. Has anyone heard of this before? It has happened a third time now. The only common thing I can link all three times with is that I turned the speed limiter function on within about 2-4 minutes of starting the engine. Do Mondeos need a few minutes to warm up and boot up maybe!?!? I also have the PowerShift gearbox. I have used the function plenty of times in a journey, but on those occasions, I have turned into on later in the journey. It could be purely coincidental, but that is the only common thing I can think of. If anyone knows the answer, then it would be great to hear from you, as my Ford garage are scratching their heads. Thanks, Matt
  13. Focus Ghia Cruise Control Problem

    hello this is my first topic on this amazing forum my cruise control switch that is located on the pedal has just brook see the image i dont know how to put it back there is any way to just make the 2 wire together and let it work forever ? without any problem that affect anything else thank you please help me
  14. I'm needing some help with a crusie control issue that has developed recently. Ford focus mark 2 2.0 tdci. It surges or pulses as if the brakes are being pulsed while at the cruisng speed I set. A bit like driving through lines of treacle. It only happens when trying to maintain the cruising speed. not on throttling up or down using the steering wheel controls. Ive had it into to the ford dealer who are perplexed. It's not showing up any error codes. However i have had the EGR replaced and the fuel filter changed in pursuit of the problem but it's still there. Does cruise control apply any braking if you run over the set cruising speed? say going down a steep hill is it applying braking I'm asking my self? Where are the sensors for the cruise control? where does it get its info from for mainting a constant speed? Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
  15. Hello all, I have just bought my first ford!! I have bought a 56 plate S-max Titanium. I want to know if it comes with cruise control. I can see on the steering wheel a button which has a speedometer on it (left hand side) but when I press it nothing happens? Am I working it incorrectly or is something wrong? I thought that it would be standard on all titaniums or am I wrong? Again! A swift reply would be much appreciated as if it should have cruise control then I need to return to garage asap tomorrow to get it sorted. Many thanks in advance
  16. Hello!!!!! Been Ages Away!!!

    Hey everyone, Not been on here for a while, had a lot going on with a recent operation that went a bit wrong and subsequent ill health. As a result things have changed some what life style wise and one of them was my lovely Candy Blue Zetec S TDCi is now up for sale..... :cry: :( :( Spec'd up like mad and probably the only Zetec S to have a Sony DAB Satellite Navigation and Sony 8 speaker upgrade system from the factory, in it. Plus I have a brand new Steering wheel I bought from the dealers with the Cruise Controls on it. Was ordered from the Titanium X spec list so the wheel is thicker and more plush leather than even the Zetec S steering wheel, plus its got the ice blue illumination controls and the chrome effect (not silver) centre piece on it. Anyway, go to the Cars.. and Parts.. For Sale sections to find out more. Hoping to be at the Ford Fair 2014 in August, and depending what I go for next??????????????????????????????????? Anyhow, just wanted to politely put the word out on above, and come say hello..
  17. Hiya, I've just had the clutch and DMF replaced on my Diesel Mk4 Mondeo, Zetec TDCi 140, plate (10) at 35,000miles. Since then, I'm having problems with the cruise control. Are they linked? Garage are dubious they are at fault. Initially, going to work first time after picking up from garage, CC wouldn't come on at all but then starting working after about 4 junctions. After work, CC wouldn't work again but came on after one junction. Gears were stiff. Next day, couldn't get car into reverse but garage came out and just adjusted the clutch pedal (hydraulics situation quickly fixed) and gears now smooth as silk. BUT... Since then, CC comes on fine, works fine most of the time but sometimes, pressing SET - (minus) intermittently turns off the CC. No problems with SET+ (plus) at present. Anyone else had this? Is this linked in some way? Any help would be very gratefully received (starting to hate my car now!) Thanks
  18. Hi folks, Just out of sheer curiosity, because it would probably cost an internal organ to get the dealer to do, but is it possible to have Cruise control fitted to a 1.6 Petrol model? [2008 Focus, 1.6 Zetec 100]