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Found 44 results

  1. Hi all, Just wondering if it's possible to change the colour of my dashboard speedo/gauge lights? (Shown in picture) ive managed to work out how to get the cluster part out, however I need to know if this is a case of a bulb change or if it's a "skin"...not sure of the proper name for it. if it is a bulb does anyone know the size of it? And if it's possible to replace with LED bulbs? thanks in advance any help I would be really great full as I cannot find for the life of me any info on this.
  2. System Engine Failure

    Hi, Yesterday while driving home a flashing cog with an exclamation mark appeared on my dashboard. It's been on since - haven't noticed any decrease in performance but i haven't revved the car over 2500 while driving afterward. Not sure what this could be about - the light showed up shortly after a gear shift but that might just have been a coincidence. I have a ford fiesta 2007 diesel 1.4. i ordered a odb2 bluetooth to diagnose it should arrive tomorrow - any advice on what i should do until i get to the garage on Saturday? Thank you, Cristian
  3. Dashboard cluster removal

    Hello, I'm having a little trouble removing the dashboard from my mk6.5 (STyle) fiesta. I have removed the following Steering wheel upper trim Steering wheel lower trim The trim below the steering wheel (to gain access to the trim infront of the dashboard cluster) The trim infront of the cluster And two screws at the bottom of the cluster. I tried giving it a little pull but it seemed like I'm missing something, any help would be appreciated. I have looked at a few guides but they removed the rubber trim above the cluster and it doesn't look possible on my car.
  4. I have a knurled knob on the left of the steering wheel, which enables the dip to be adjusted up or down. I can't find reference to it in the Owner's Handbook. I cannot for the life of me work out how it does it - anyone know? Chris
  5. Dashboard lights

    Hey, hope this is the right section. I'm currently wanting to do some simple mods to my ford fiesta mk6.5 (56 reg) 1.25 style. I was wondering if anyone has a guide for changing the light color behind the Speedo. I have read elsewhere that it's pretty simple to do but I am a little confused since they are old posts and images have expired. Thanks in advance :-)
  6. Rattle sound from dashboard

    Hey all, Abit of a strange but VERY annoying issue. While drive over 30mph on certain roads that are not smooth there is a annoying rattle coming from the centre of the dash. It sounds like its under the fans. The sound is like a piece of plastic vibrating - its sooooooo annoying! Any ideas what it could be? Had a look online seems like a few others have it but the best solution I found was to just turn the volume up lol Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, New here so please go easy. Here is the full story. So the tailgate boot handle corroded and fell off a couple of months ago. Being tight I decided it to tape it down for the time being until I could find a cheaper aftermarket part as all the official parts are very very expensive. So after a week of running around things started to go terribly wrong after a heavy frost. The dashboard centre console is now always on. I have read a number of different things that suggest that this is generally either a boot sensor or bonnet sensor reporting incorrectly. I have replaced the boot handle and checked the button and lights and all seem to be OK so next step is to check the related sensors.What is the easiest way for me to check these sensors? What do they look like? Anyone got any wiring diagrams? I am looking to bridge these for the time being. As this has taken me so long to pull my finger out my battery is now flat meaning the reserve alarm battery is kicking off in the night. I will replace the battery but I'd like to rule out these sensors first. Anyone with any information it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. My fiesta has developed a distinct noise coming from the left front of the dash, it sounds like plastic rattling or like something is pushing against the windscreen i have no idea what it is after trying to investigate it anyone got any suggestions?
  9. I have a 2006 Ka, just had a reconditioned gearbox put in, all new brakes, battery, new master cylinder. After weeks and weeks in the garage it came back with the fuel gauge and speedo not working. I dread taking it back to the garage as they take weeks to do anything. I noticed one of the fuses next to the battery is missing but have no idea what this does. Can anyone offer any advice, car has been off the road for months in and out of garage, getting fed up with it.
  10. Hi I have a 09 plate Mk 3 Focus Titanium and I need to replace the dashboard, windscreen, plastic landing panel and bumper support at the front, I've looked online at parts from a Mk 2 Focus and they look the same as the Mk3, I just wondered if anyone knows for certain if parts from a Mk2 will fit my Mk3 please? Thanks
  11. Own a Ford Focus Mk2, 56 plate 1.4l petrol, 18k miles. Purchased second hand a few months ago. No problems up until this week, when numerous warning lights would appear on the instrument cluster, and sometimes it would go into limp / restricted mode. I drove the car home (~ 2 miles). Part way, a number of warning lights on the dashboard lit up; engine warnings lights - both amber + red, ABS, battery, oil and a few others. Rev counter + speed needles drop to zero, and the odometer just displays dashes on both the trip + total mileage. Pulled over, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later. Two engine lights remain on. A few minutes later, did the exact same thing, except this time it was enough to put it into limp home mode (low revs, sluggish etc). Got it home, switched the vehicle off and restarted a few minutes later. Just the amber engine warning light appeared. I checked the dashboard DTC codes, which gave me: E197:Invalid data for vehicle speed (Invalid CAN message)E200: Invalid data for odometer (Invalid CAN message)D900: CAN communication. Bus fault receive errorE510: Missing or invalid security data to PCMTook the car into Ford for a diagnostic - they came back and said there was a single fault code pointing to the TPS / accelerator pedal position sensor. However, they couldn't reproduce the fault and kept the vehicle overnight to try it again on Friday morning. Still couldn't cause any lights to come up on the dash or for it to go into limp mode. Not surprisingly when I picked the car up and turned on the ignition, within 30 seconds the warning lights come up - exact same symptoms as above. Hadn't even put the car in gear or touched the accelerator. Turned it off, then on again, and the warning lights still come up. Depending on it's mood, sometimes most of the warning lights come up, other times it's just: - Engine cog - Engine - ABS They're now keeping the car and will re-diagnose over the weekend with their equipment. I know there are countless threads here and elsewhere about these problems. On older vehicles the instrument cluster was a known issue, but this doesn't apply to Mk2's. Is this just a TPS problem or something else? I'm surprised a faulty TPS would cause the instrument cluster to go crazy like it does. Is there anything else to check? Apologies for the essay - hoping that by writing out everything that's happened I might spot a pattern or something stupidly obvious that needs checking!
  12. Power train warning light

    Hi there, My 55 Plate 2005 1.8 TDCi Focus (mk2?) had a new turbo hose fitted a month ago. It's the one the comes from the bottom of the inter cooler. It had a massive split in it. I have also had the top one replaced that goes into the the turbo at the rear of the engine. That had a split too. It's been running fine mostly (power train light flickers on and off rapidly sometimes at 75-80mph but it has done this since I got the car 3 years ago) lately it's been idling rough after it gets warm, but now it starts rough too. I know it needs a service, 150k one so I think that's a big one I have done 164k in it naughty naughty all was well up until today, I went out in the car last night, no issues. But turning it on today the power train light comes on and stays on. It's in limp mode, it still idles rough. There is no whooshing sound or anything. Many local garage is busy for the next few weeks and I am loathe to take it to a dealer so they can point out all the problems. I just want to keep the car on the road until it's next MOT in September. I know now I have given you no information really, but would anyone like to put there finger in the air and throw a few ideas my way? Quite happy to change filters and stuff, but I don't want to spend too much now because of its high mileage.... thank you for reading!
  13. LCD upgrade advice

    Hi, Guys! I like an advice. I just bought a colour screen 'ET7T-18B955-BA' to fit into a 2009 Ford Fiesta Titanium and it did not work. Could someone steer me in the right direction, please? Thanks!
  14. Hi All, i have just fitted a new (non factory) DAB car stereo into my 2009 1.8 Zetec Focus. it obviously used to have the time on the factory fitted stereo and also on the dashboard (in the middle of the speedo and rev counter) i used to change the clock time by using the stereo, now that has gone.. is there any way i can change the clock time on the dashboard (in the middle of the speedo and rev counter) ?? Many Thanks Aaron
  15. Hello, I have had my Focus (2005, 1,6) for a week now and yesterday noticed a problem with radio & dashboard lights (at the km-meter). When i turn off the car and close & lock the doors, the light of the display in the radio and the dashboards km-meter stay on and wont turn off, even after 30 min waiting. Can anyone help me with the problem? I think that the problem appeared first time yesterday. I took off the fuses (46 dashboard and 58 radio) and the lighst are now off. But if I put the fuses back, the lights are back on.
  16. Hey all, I would just like to ask if anyone knows what the warning light I am attaching to this thread is trying to tell me. Sometimes the light is orange, and sometimes it's red. At times, it's simply not there at all. I cannot find the warning light anywhere online or even in my manual. The only thing I'm experiencing is difficulty shifting into 2nd gear at times, and I don't think the warning light is referencing this issue. I believe it's just telling me the temperature of the road or something, judging by the symbol. But why would I even need to know that? My vehicle: Ford Mondeo 2012 Zetec 1.6 TD (Black) Thanks, Damien
  17. Small damage to dashboard trim

    Hi all I'm wondering if anyone can share any tips on how to repair this "gouge" in my dashboard trim please? I'm not into wraps and the likes. I was thinking maybe a little filler and a touch of paint, so that it doesn't stand out so much (not that it stands out, it's just annoying me that it's there!). As always with you guys, any comments are welcome! Thanks Jody
  18. Hi Guys, I'm having a problem with my dashboard's LCD. It happens sometimes when I unlock the car and the dashboard LCD light up. In the beginning (months ago), I used the have the problem when the car was under sunlight for a few hours. I live in Brazil, so the temperature inside the car easily gets to 50º+ celsius. Now, I'm having the problem even when the car is in my garage over the night. To explain better, I attached a picture. The instrument cluster and the trip computer works fine. Recently, the dashboard LCD texts started to dim as the car moves and vibrates. When I give a gentle tap around the LCD (on the silver part of the instrument cluster), the LCD texts brightness comes back to normal. These pixels border stays there until the LCD sleeps (after I lock the car and wait for around 10 minutes, for example). When I make the LCD light up again, 1 of 2 things may happen: Either the LCD comes back to normal (with no pixels border), or the pixels border comes back differently. I searched all over Focus forums and haven't found anyone with a similar problem. I wonder if it may be a LCD problem or a bad connected cable. I'm thinking on getting the instrument cluster off, firmly connect it again, and install the cluster back on. Any ideas, please? I'm starting to get desperated, since every electronical repair here in Brazil costs more than the car worth. Thanks in advance!
  19. Dashboard Lighting

    Hi all! I'm new to all this lark but am committed to getting my MkVI up to a decent standard. Right, my query lies with the dashboard and how it's lit. I'm wanting to replace the dashboard lights with LED's because i'm told they're considerably brighter. Anyway, I have no idea where to start? what bulbs would fit? All any any help would be greatly appreciated! Jacob
  20. Not sure if this has been posted before. If so, please point me in the right direction :) I've had this rattle since the day I bought my car and it seems to be getting worse! It sounds like it's coming from under the dash on the passenger side but then other times it can sound like it's coming from right in the centre of the dash. https://youtu.be/fq2hSYc3zwg If anyone has experienced this before and has found a solution, I would be keen to find out how to fix as I am slowly losing my sanity with this noise Thanks!
  21. warmed the car up for 10 minutes, like every day...Reversed out of the drive, (everything was fine on start up and when I got into reverse)..so reversed into the street and about to go into first when I noticed that everything on the dash had died. I thought I stalled it, gave it some revs and the engine was on..so I was confused. It was a snowy start today, the colds murdered it..I hope its a cheap fix like a fuse. Help me out guys! :/ p.s. see the YouTube link on the title (wont let me copy and paste on here nor will it let me link it using the button) thanks guys
  22. Hi there, been thru a number of posts and also completed the test looking for codes, but all seems to be ok. My temperature indicator on the dash board stays at low 90% of the time and occasionally will go to half way (which I beleive is correct and where it should be all the time after warming up) but this is only for 2/3 minutes before it goes back down to cold. Any suggestions on what part might need replacing?
  23. Mk2 Electrical Issue

    HI, My cars developed another weird and wonderful electrical problem. Basically the instrument cluster always indicates the headlights are illuminated sometimes. Seems unpredictably random when it decideds to do it. Normally this results in the cluster LCD staying illuminated long after the engine is off (not 100% its the cause, but seems to corrolate). Makes no difference if the light switch is on or off, or even disconnected from the car. There is no bonging when opening the with the lights switched off, and the lights aren't illuminated. Any ideas where to start? I've had the cluster out and double checked the connection at the back. Earth points are my next stop. Unsure where to look for them though. Any input welcome :)
  24. Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI, 56 plate. I spent most of yesterday taking off the engine undertray, taking out the glovebox and fusebox, removing the radio and surround only to find that the annoying vibration I've been getting for the last few months was from the heater pipes vibrating against something, I don't know what, but what I do know is that if I put some foam between the pipes, the vibration stops. I found this photo on the web (originally from this site) If you look at the 2 pipes to the LEFT of the red circle (they are almost horizontal), these are the offending pipes. I couldn't find a mention of anyone else finding this particular vibration spot, so I thought I'd post it. Lee. P.S. If you find a solution to a question you have asked, please report back and help others :)
  25. Interior Touch

    From the album My Focus MP3

    Re-sprayed the dash centre fascia from silver to black and fitted new pedals and gear knob. Just needs some ST170 black and blue half leather seats now!