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Found 63 results

  1. Ford Focus MK2

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a 2006 focus 2.0 TDCI, the car has been "juddering" occasionally when driving, it feels like its starved of fuel when it judders and happens intermittently I have done all the usual thing like injector cleaner etc clean the EGR valve changed the MAF sensor but the problem is still there. I have had it put on the diagnostics and it came back with no faults. One of the pipes to the DPF had perished last year so I made a temporary fix with a piece of copper pipe inside the rubber pipe until I could get a replacement. It stayed this way for maybe 6 months until it went again and I had the garage replace the split pipe. So I wonder if it could be the DPF causing the intermittent fault, howver if I run the car with the either the MAF sensor or the EGR valve disconnected (Electrical connection) the fault goes away. Any advice would be gladly accepted
  2. Fault Code P-2002

    Hi guys. My MIL has come on again! Same code as before P-2002 (Diesel particulate filter efficiency below threshold bank 1). Now I have only had this car for 6 weeks and it has only done 45K on the clock. I could take it back to the dealer but something tells me they will just clear the code and say it has been dealt with only for it to return in the near future! I am also planning to have the DPF internals removed/deleted and remapped to suit so it isn't a problem that I will have to put up with for much longer. Well, within the next couple of months anyway.... Can anyone shed any light on this particular issue and if so, is it likely to put my car into limp mode which will be a nightmare to be honest and will cost me a fair few quid to sort out (forced regen etc). I do try to give the car a good blast on the motorway to clear it and I do do regular motorway runs anyway so it shouldn't happen really. The thing is, my car is a euro 5 emissions version and therefore has a "lifetime" DPF (so it says in the service schedule anyways) with no mention of a filter change in a euro 5 car. Aany help or suggestions guys? Mike.
  3. Hi Guys, I've using the ODBC cable recently with forscan to get a more indepth knowledge of the health of my car. In particular I wanted to read stats on the DPF including the distance to ashful (when i'll have to fork over upwards of €1000 to replace :( ) and tracking the regens. However when I go to forscan, add the PIDs and start recording the DPF values give me nothing. Theres no pressure, 0.0, 100k km to ashfull (assume this is a default value?) and 0.0 since last regen. Is there something I'm missing here? is it my cable? I have an ELM327 cable that I got from my dad. It can read the RPM PID just fine so I assume it is working.. Im just idling in the driveway here as well but I wouldn't have thought I need to be driving to read these values.
  4. Hi ive got a 57 reg focus 1.6 diesel , i got a message saying engine fault , ive had it into a garage that does dpf's , they had it for afew days and checked the wiring and they said they got it down to the addative tank . They gave me a price and said to do it they rang the next day and said it would be 3-4 days to get the part . Its been 3 weeks now they just keep saying they are going to chase it up but dont seem to be getting anywhere , ive rang up 4 different garages to a price but not 1 rang me back . Are these bad jobs to do also are they ford only parts rang fords and they want £610 for the tank . Codes on car are p1922-60 , p1928-20 , p2585-21 , p2584-21, the tank got filled and reset so its not the problem.
  5. Hello All, I am having a large issue with my Ford Focus 2013 1.6 TDCI. A Few months ago I was driving when i suddenly got the dreaded engine management light and a constant message of ENGINE MALFUNCTION SERVICE NOW. It continued to drive fine but then dropped into limp mode. I took it took my independant garage who done a regen and it fixed the issue. Month later the issue came up again. This time i took it to an official ford company who diagnosed 3 Faults. one with the grill system which i have no idea what they mean, they mentioned taking it apart which could be costly to find the broken part. they then mentioned that might not even fix it and that there is a glowplug in the DPF which may be causing the problem then of course the usual DPF clogged up with SOOT mainly because of the other issues. obviously to get all this fixed and the labour is going to cost me alot. Is there anyone who can help with my understanding of the issue and if it is possible for an independant garage to fix. Thanks Jamie
  6. Hi all, My 2006 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi came up with an engine systems failure message today just coming off of a dual carriageway (70mph) accompanied by a red light next to the trip computer. I think it went into limp mode (severly reduced power, unwiling to rev much), so not good when you live at the top of a hill! Two other times when starting the car it has briefly displayed an error message (once it said "steering assist failure", and yesterday it came up with the same engine systems failure message"). Both times I have restarted the car and it disappeared. The car is a 2006 on an 06 plate, and has currently done 73500 miles. I bought it last may at 65000 miles, and it had a service just before I bought it. As it had just turned 6 years old/65000 miles, I'm presuming the DPF would have been changed then? Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? Thanks in advance, Minnis
  7. 2.0tdci dpf sensor?

    Hi guys, I have a 2.0tdci Focus 06 144k miles. I live quite rural and regularly drive 100 miles per day (60 of which is motorway/country lanes). A few weeks back on the motorway I lost all accelaration power. The engine still idled but would not accelerate. I pulled over, restarted the car and all was fine. Approx 1000 miles later engine management light came on with p2453 and p2454 (apparently meaning the same thing?) and went into limp mode and has got progressively worse. Anyway I assumed this was somehow the dpf, so I cleared codes and took it to 4k revs for 15 minutes. I've done this approx 5 times. 3 of the 5 times I've had a white puff of smoke but this doesn't cure the codes or limp mode. It would appear I have to accelerate it up to 4k revs for a few minutes before it decides to drive normally. It will at some point inevitably go into limp mode again though. Any ideas what this is? I've tried to follow the pipes on the sensor located next to the battery and couldn't seem to find a hole. Could it be the sensor itself? Or something else?
  8. Hi all, I'm fighting a losing battle against rust with my MK2 Focus saloon and starting to consider other options as a relatively cheap replacement. I know the 2.2 TDCI in the MK3 ST is the Ford Puma unit but struggling to find out if it has a dpf? (I know they fitted a DPF when it was fitted to Jaguars after a certain build date) I've enjoyed the bulletproof reliability of my 1.8 TDCI Lynx engine with no DPF and have no desire to add to the stress in my life by waiting for a DPF to block! Could any of the regulars that have had a MK3 ST TDCI or still have once confirm if the model ever had a DPF fitted?
  9. This will undoubtedly be a familiar topic, which I have myself come across however I'm hoping to resolve an issue or two along the way at, hopefully, short notice. The additive in my 1.6 TDCi had run out. Giving me error codes - P1927 : Fuel Additive level too low/empty P1932 : Fuel Additive low level The "Engine System Fault" message on the dashboard after a few moments running was the initial indication of a problem. I've now added approx. 3/4Ltr of additive to the tank (which is situated at the back of the fuel tank) but I am unable to clear the codes. I have a "Ford-VCM-OBD" interface and software (Bought from the web) which allegedly clears the codes and re-reads them, however I cannot seem to clear the codes and the dashboard message. Previously, when the code first appeared I was able to clear it, for a few days. I've tried the "Fuel flap" method, of which there is much talk ( difficult to find on the forums ) but that hasn't done the trick either. Check the status of the flap sensor, that's working fine. So: Has anyone got experience of the software I'm using ? Am I doing something wrong ? How reliable if the Fuel Flap method, Am I missing something?
  10. Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a mk1 Ford focus that I am looking at replacing due to an ever expanding family/the likelihood of some longer journeys on to the continent. It's been unbelievably reliable but at nearly 17 years old it's time for an upgrade. My in-laws have offered me their impeccably looked after Focus TDCi estate at a very reasonable price. It's a 59 plate with low mileage for the age (49k). It's the model with the DPF fitted and my father-in-law has been getting the oil changed every 6 months to try and reduce the risk associated with contaminated oil from the DPF system. I live in London and do regular very short journeys (this is my biggest concern). We do head up on the motorways for decent length journeys but might not go very far for a couple of months then maybe make three long journeys in a week. As far as I can see I have several options: Do nothing and wait for the DPF to break. maybe it won't. It does seem a common problem but there are loads of Focuses out there so maybe it isn't all that common... Get he EGR valve blanked off. Does this require remapping? Are EM faults likely as a result? Get the DPF removed, a remap done and EGR valve blanked off. I know this contravenes Constructions & Use regulations/I need to tell my insurers etc etc... Don't buy it. Stick to a petrol like i always said I would! I'm leaning towards option 3 at the moment (like the thought of extra power and torque while also removing the DPF risk) but wondered if anyone has done this and if they had any long term problems. I can find loads of posts about people talking about doing it/having just done it but nothing about anyone living with it long term. If this isn't the best option then I read this very informative thread from Lenny about just having the ERV blanked off. Might this be the better option? No DPF removal no MoT failure. Though blanking off the EGV probably contravenes the same regs technically. Despite the doomongering popping up in some places, i've scoured the internet and can't actually find anyone who has had an MoT failure as a result of doing any of this work. Has anyone got any advice basically?! TIA!
  11. DPF issues

    I've read online that there are a lot of issues with the DPF's. Costs around £800 to get it replaced and should be done around 80k mileage. I am looking to buy a 2009 Fiesta 1.6 Titanium diesel and it done 68,000 miles but has had full Ford service history. I know its got heavy corrosion on the rear section of the exhaust. Just wanted to hear from others if they have had any issues with the DPF.
  12. Hello Just wanted to share with you all, the brief history of my Focus bought from evans halshaw 2 weeks ago for 9k added - new interior mats, wind deflectors, carbon look font pressed No. Plates and holders, painted calipers green.... looks good imo.... performs a lot better than its good looks since having it dpf'd and remapped. Learning a little on performance i now know that manufactures badge power and actual power are not the same. My 163bhp (badge power) on the DYNO was 119.8bhp and 273.4 Torque (ft-lb) before surgery and 172.7bhp and 393.1 Torque afterwards............. lots more fun to drive. Im also told that its the Torque which is the force that pins you back in your seat when traffic light drag racing??? Please feel free to add your comments
  13. C-Max II DPF removed ?

    Hi all, After driving a Ka for years we've gotten a 2009 1.6 diesel C-Max. Today i've changed the oil and filter and bought some time ago special cleaner fluid for the DPF. As of now i am thinking that the previous owner swapped out the DPF and removed it and remapped the ECU. Fordscan is showing the results as shown below. I have not noticed any regeneration when driving and the DP-DPF is 12 kPa when the key is on ignition without the engine running. With engine running / driving the DP_DPF stays at 12 kPa. I also noticed that there are no connection / tubes going to the DPF. Last month i've went to the TÜV ( something like MOT ) and no problems there. The 100 dollar question: Is the DPF removen / gutted out or is there something else ? Regards, Barry
  14. Hi all i got mondeo 2009 all the time saying diesel filter overloaded,and i am losing half of the power.sometimes is a normal not problem.today i drive 100km into 4th gear 3000rpm but the cleaning process didnt start.this is a new dpf unit.what shoud i do.i change the oil all the mesages gone after one day again diesel filter overloaded.
  15. Hello, Can anyone tell me what exactly triggers an active dpf regeneration to occur? (2008 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI) I've noticed (using forscan) that the dpf is regenerating approx every 100 miles. This seems very excessive especially considering the differential dpf pressure is well within the acceptable range when these regens are kicking off. Are regens triggered based on mileage? If so is there anything I can do to increase the mileage interval between regens? I've searched online and haven't been able to find an answer yet. Thanks :)
  16. Dpf problems

    Hi just got a focus 1.6 tdci , its 90'000 miles not much info about car ive been told its had the dpf oil done . Well i got a engine fault which was dpf p2458-21 and p242f-61 . Ive managed to clear the faults with forscan and it come out of limp mode . Ive run the car with the live data showing its says ashfull 0.0 , regen 33.00 dpf pressure 13.5 , i noticed the temperature of dpf getting upto 600'c and after around 10 mins driving on motor way it would cool down and dist regen would 0 , but it does it again after around 10-15 mins temp rise the dist regen 0 . Ive not had a car with a dpf is it saying the dpf is full and wont clean thats why it keeps trying to clean ? Can the values be reset or is it a case of new dpf ( or a deep clean ) ? , many thanks
  17. Dpf problems

    Hi just got a focus 1.6 tdci , its 90'000 miles not much info about car ive been told its had the dpf oil done . Well i got a engine fault which was dpf p2458-21 and p242f-61 . Ive managed to clear the faults with forscan and it come out of limp mode . Ive run the car with the live data showing its says ashfull 0.0 , regen 33.00 dpf pressure 13.5 , i noticed the temperature of dpf getting upto 600'c and after around 10 mins driving on motor way it would cool down and dist regen would 0 , but it does it again after around 10-15 mins temp rise the dist regen 0 . Ive not had a car with a dpf is it saying the dpf is full and wont clean thats why it keeps trying to clean ? Can the values be reset or is it a case of new dpf ( or a deep clean ) ? , many thanks
  18. Focus 2008 TDCI Zetec DPF Problem

    Hi All I have recently been having intermittent problems with my Focus losing power and "jerking" when driving on the motorway, now the engine malfunction warning has come up and the car has gone into limp mode. I got the RAC out to diagnose and he said it was the DPF, I got a look at the computer when he did it and I think it said P2458 and something about ash buildup. I was wondering if this means the DPF has gone too far to try and recover through cleaning it. Halfrauds sell a DPF cleaning service which is only £80 but obviously £80 I don't want to spend if its not going to make a difference. The RAC man was under the impression it would cost over a grand to sort out, and most of the cost would be for that part and not labour as its easy to fit apparently. I have looked on euro car parts and a new DPF costs £280 so I am wondering where he got that figure from. Would a £280 DPF be suitable for a replacement? I have also seen one on eBay for £180. Or am I better off taking a gamble with the £80 clean first? Thanks
  19. Buying second hand

    I am thinking about buying a new (to me) car. I prefer diesel cars (My last two were a Mondeo Deisel and a Honda Accord Diesel). I have been toying with the idea of a Focus Diesel. For what I am looking to spend (About £4-5K), there seem to be some pretty good ones available. However, with the known issue of the DPF, I wonder if buying a second hand Focus might be a bad idea One thing that concerns me is that I have read that however well you look after your DPF (ie. Motorway driving etc…), it will eventually clog up (Natural, I suppose) and that it will usually need replacing after about 80-100K I prefer to keep to main dealers for anything other than small jobs and have read that the replacement could cost anywhere from £1,000-3,500. Is this correct? If so, with many of the second hand Focuses I have looked at being around that mileage, they might not be such good deals after all I don’t want to go down the route of having it gutted, which is technically illegal. I prefer to keep things as they are supposed to be I would always expect to get around 200,000 miles from a diesel engine, so to need to do this at least twice by then would really make it pretty expensive Add to this that high revving on the motorway on a weekly basis rather takes away from the benefits of the good fuel economy available With so many Focuses for sale with around 80-100K on the clock, I suspect many of them are being sold because they have started to have DPF issues There’s no question that whatever car I get, there will be things I need to be aware of, but if looking to avoid gutting and re-mapping and also sticking to main dealers (Both of which I would prefer), this would seem to be a pretty big and potentially very expensive issue Thoughts?
  20. Evening all, I was just wondering if anyone could help as I have no idea what the part is that I need to get but see attached its a plastic bit that connects the hoses to the turbo and engine that has burst. I suspected my turbo had failed as the car juddered pretty hard while driving home from London to Nottingham today however all I could hear was a whistle and a serious loss of power when I put my foot down. On closer inspection when I got home I found that it had a hole in the part circled, is this a serviceable replaceable part? If so does anyone know what the part number is or what I should be looking for? My vehicle if you need details is a 1.6 TDCi 2008 zetec hatchback Any help would be much appreciated.
  21. Hi, In the last couple of days my Focus has been choking seemingly randomly. Its normally after turning down a road or accelerating after a roundabout - I brake for a corner/roundabout in neutral or in gear then afterward I depress the clutch, select a gear appropriate to the speed and i'm going and then as I raise the clutch and depress the accelerator (as you do) the car chokes. This has happened fairly regularly anyway since I bought the car in May, but before it has choked for a second then sorted itself out and I just assumed it was the way I was driving it and it wasn't used to me. Now when it does this it doesn't sort itself out and engine management light comes on. The car just sputters and jumps like a kangaroo even with the accelerator depressed fully, until it either comes to a stalling stop or I restart the engine. This also happened yesterday when I was cruising at about 55mph for 10-15 minutes, i noticed the light come on and then the car started to stutter a bit but before I lost too much speed I restarted the engine and it was fine, the light went away. I've also noticed that I'm having to put a lot more revs into pulling away. Normally I would pull away pretty slowly due to the car but now I'm having to plant the accelerator. If I don't then the car loses power again. I've had a look through various forums and seen things like egr valve, dpf filter, etc but I just wanted to see what your opinions are. We did clean what we could of the egr valve yesterday and had a quick look under the bonnet but can't see anything obvious. I've called RAC this morning to see if they can find any error codes but I'm not sure because the light goes away. Thanks
  22. DPF issue

    Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice if possible. I bought a 2005 Ford Focus Ghia TDCi in February. I've found that it's not as smooth as I'd expect, I notice it a lot on the motorway. It feels like the engine is stuttering, I'm not sure how best to describe it but it just isn't smooth. It can feel sometimes like somethings happening directly under the footwell Anyway, I took it to the garage shortly after buying it but they couldn't find anything. Now out of warranty, a red light came on with a 'engine systems fault' message. Took it to a different place and the code was pointing at the DPF. They've refilled the fluid but couldn't get it to regenerate so asked me to take it on the motorway. Done that but the light is still there with the same code... Firstly, do you think the two problems are related or entirely separate? Secondly, has anyone had the same problem with the light staying on? From what they said, this could cost me a lot just trying to diagnose why the red light is still on... Thanks for your help!
  23. Hi Guys 1.6 TDCI Ford Focus My DPF is blocked. car has gone into limp mode, doesn't rev past 3k. Have cleared faults and they return back. Have tried to carry out a force regen using snapon but was unable to carry out force regen, it states that the dpf is highly blocked for the regen to start. Have also sprayed some DPF cleaner foam into the dpf but that didn't work. Now was wondering if you could remove the dpf and give it a good wash/clean using pressure washer? Has anyone tried pouring brake cleaner through and leaving it overnight for the solvent to break down all the crud from inside the filter and then giving it a good blast with pressure washer? Thanks Cameron
  24. I've got an interesting one intermittent EML no loss of performance, fuel economy good 55ish, car does long runs shortest is 23 miles, I can't nail down the point the EML comes on it just pops up, It resets using Forscan and can stay of for 200 + miles or can come on in as little as 5. Can't find any physical faults, EGR is clean, hoses to sensors intact, done a static regen forscan screen image attached
  25. The engine management light came on in my 2008 2.0 diesel mondeo recently. The garage read the code and it is something to do with a blocked diesel particulate filter. I have put some forte DPF cleaner and re-generator fluid into the fuel, and will drive on the motorway at a high speed non-stop for 30 minutes (maybe up to an hour) to see if that will regenerate / clear out the DPF. Would the engine management light automatically turn off if this were to resolve the problem? The garage told me it would, however from reading various forums it seems like lots of people include the cost of resetting the sensor in their repair bills... so, I'm confused as to whether this would actually be the case. The next part of my question is, if that doesn't work there seems to be three other options: - put in a combination of various cleaning fluid (sorry, not sure on the details of what they were, but I was told they would put them directly into the DPF), and hope for the best (garage told me that would be £140, but it was quite likely that it would be a very temporary fix) - remove the DPF, open it up, manually clean it, then (they said) weld it back together (£250) - put a new one on (somewhere between £300 and £400) Interested to hear opinions on which is the most sensible option. I came across this item - if this DPF seems so cheap, why would the whole job cost so much? http://www.onlineautomotive.co.uk/Products.aspx?ID=NAAzADMANQAzADQANwA2ADQAdwBYAEwAbABJACcAWABcAE4AIwAhAFgANwA%3D&gclid=CLHVqsD26M0CFQkq0wodXDIHRg Any help appreciated! Thanks