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Found 22 results

  1. Hi This is my first post on here. I've got a 2009 fiesta zetec 1.25 and for the past week, every time I turn off the engine, the radio continues to play, and I can't turn it off by pressing the off button. I have to turn the ignition back on and turn it off, and then turn the ignition off. When I then go to get in the car the following morning, the time on the screen still says 18:04 for example, when it is 8am the following day. As soon as i turn the ignition, it updates to the correct time. Also, the ambient red glow around the radio buttons and keypad (I have the Bluetooth voice control if that makes a difference) stays on constantly, so I am worried it will drain the battery? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! I'm thinking about booking it in to my nearest ford dealer as I thought it may need to be checked out by a main ford dealer as its electrical rather than local garage?unfortunately it has just run out of warranty (by a month). Thank you in advance, Sam
  2. IMG_0235.JPG

    From the album Allan Jackson

    Ford Edge Sport in Electric Spice
  3. Ok then. I have problem with my ford mondeo mk4 2008 reversing lights. I have checked the switch - even changed it, Checked the fuse - ok, Was advised to check the rely for these lights but digging in forums someone wise said there is no relay for that as too small of an electric circuit ( please don't quote me here), The bulbs are ok, so I have pretty much exhausted the list of to do first. There is no 12v supply to the lights switch and my question is how can i get the 12v supply to the reversing lights fuse so i can have these operational. I was thinking to tap in straight from the battery to one of the connector wires that are connected to the reversing light switch to feed 12v ( obviously having fuse in between the switch and battery). just wondering if that would work and would that be safe. Hope you can advise FOlks
  4. American motor news reports that the 2017 Ford Focus Electric will have it's range increased to about 110 miles using a 33.5 kWh liquid-cooled lithium ion battery. As well as re-designed headlights,a new grille,LED signature lighting & tail lights design it will have a 30 minutes DC fast charging on the 'SE' level car with more premium goodies on the 'Titanium' car. Grille – Ebony with Chrome Surround – Standard on SE Grille – Chrome with Chrome Surround – Standard on Titanium New exterior color: White Gold (GN) Deleted color: Tectonic 17″ Bright Silver Finish Painted Aluminum – Standard on SE 17” Machined-Aluminum with High Contrast Painted Pockets – Standard on Titanium DRIVER ASSIST TECHNOLOGY (new section for 17MY) — SYNC® – Standard on SE Enhanced Voice Recognition Communication and Entertainment System 911 Assist® 4.2” LCD Screen in Center Stack AppLinkTM Smart-Charging USB port – one (1) PACKAGES (New) — SE Driver Assist Package (401A) Power Liftgate Reverse Sensing System SYNC® 3 – Enhanced Voice Recognition Communications and Entertainment System. Includes 8” LCD Capacitive Touchscreen in Center Stack with Swipe Capabilities, AppLinkTM, 911 Assist® and Two Smart-Charging USB ports – Note: SYNC® AppLinkTM lets you control some of your favorite compatible mobile apps with your voice. It is compatible with select smartphone platforms. Commands may vary by phone and AppLinkTM software. Note: Pinch-to-zoom capability included with available Voice-Activated Navigation System — SE Comfort Package (402A) Mirrors, Sideview – Heated & Security Approach Seats – Heated Front & Leather-trimmed with 10-way Power Passenger — Titanium Driver Assist Package (501A) Active Park Assist BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-traffic Alert Forward Sensing System Hands-free Liftgate Power Liftgate Deleted Premium Audio & Navigation Package Hands-free Technology Package Parking Technology Package
  5. Hi everyone. I searched the forums and couldn't see this asked anywhere so sorry if I missed it. Does anyone know if it is possible to retro fit one touch up and down windows to the passenger side? I have the one touch up and down feature on the drivers side but not the passenger. The switch on the drivers side clicks a second time for the one touch function where as the passenger does not. Can I just change it out for a switch or is there some software and coding involved?
  6. Hello! I've a problem with a Ford Focus MK2 and looking for advice as I don't want to run into mad costs, here's a quick introduction on what happened: Battery went flat - as radio and lights were turn on for too long without engine turned on. Car was jump started - it gained power back again, however it won't start. On ignition the lights on dashboard light up and it says 'Engine systems fault' and there's no error codes on OBD reader. Immobilizer is also rapidly flashing in red, then it starts giving a PATS code. Just as a note on ignition something in the engine makes noise - but it doesn't sound like any mechanical component. Could that be possible that instrument cluster forgot the keys? Are there any next steps I can take to solve the problem myself or with help of electrician? Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you! Adam
  7. Hi All, Tried to adjust my electric passanger door mirror using controls inside the car. Now both are locked in and wont unfold using remote fob. It is a 2014 model titanium, Any ideas. Thanks N
  8. No interior lights work. 2013 Ford Focus SE Every time I put a fuse in for the interior lights it blows. So I assume there is a short somewhere. Before I go trying to find the short I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue. If so was it a short? And where did you find the short if it was. Thanks in advance.
  9. The other half has an old focus (02 plate) and the O/S/F electric window has gained a mind of its own. It will go down and usually refuse to go back up. When it does it might stop and then the next 'up' press will mysteriously send it back down again. On other occasions it will work fine. As far as I know there is only a switch and a motor in the door and the motor is working obviously so that would mean a switch right? But it seems to do it when it's damp which might suggest that its water getting into the motor connection. Has anybody else had this problem?
  10. Electrics Issue

    tough one, focus 1.6 petrol climate change 2005 , fault , hand brake light comes on, and then the interior indication signal stops working along with outside temp ,fault sometimes resets itself .......help
  11. Hi, Recently purchased some electric mirrors from a 2006 Fiesta ST that I planned to place on my 2003 Fiesta Zetec. I currently have manual mirrors. I have purchased wiring loom for the conversion. Any recommend instructions?? Thanks!! :)
  12. Ford Fiesta - Windows

    Hi guys, Just got the 2015 Ford Fiesta Zetec - absolutely loving it! :) I have a few friends who tell me if the windows are open when I lock the car using the remote, the windows will go up by themselves and the car will lock as normal - if that makes any sense? Does anybody else know anything about this or if it is possible? Thanks guys! :D Connor
  13. Electric Window Issue

    New here, so hello to all. I bought a 2007 mk6 couple of weeks ago, everything fine with it apart from a few days ago the electric window on driver side, the cable snapped by the sounds of it. Window wont go up or down but the motor still works, hence reason think the cable has gone. Seen plenty of people say on line its easy enough to do, fair enough, but a mate of mine and couple of forums say you need to remove the door lock to get the inner panel off to get to everything. Seems a bit much that i think. Can anyone shed some light on this or point me in the right direction? Cheers
  14. Hi everyone, I've just bought a Mondeo Titanium X 2.0 TDCI 2008 model. I have a problem with the drivers window, I've reset the memory so one shot closure works but when I switch off the engine, lock up then come back to it it's back to not working on one shot again. Am I doing the reset wrong? I'm holding down for five seconds then closing the window and holding for five seconds. Many thanks Smithy29919
  15. 2013 Focus Towbar Electrics

    Hi all looking for abit of help here if possible, have fitted a Witter tow bar to a new 63reg Focus Titanium 1.6 tdci . bought with it was a dedicated 7pin Westfalia Wiring kit - 307 442 300 107-, in addition another kit was needed to supplement the first ! "For vehicles without Rec or Prep" - Kit No 307 442 300 183. Do's anyone have experience of fitting these, I,am far from a novice but the instruction's are basic at best and consist of little more than line drawings with no text to back them up. These were all bought from Towsure and sold as a simple Plug and Go solution. Thanks for reading this Regards Alan
  16. Hi, ok my car Focus TDDi 52 would run fine, the odd morning it would start, then 10 seconds later revs drop then cut out - this happened about 3 times - weeks apart. The car would pretty much start fine straight after and no probs. Then this happened again but would not start up and hasn't since. I got a F - Super 2 and these are the results. I admit I'am very amateur at mechanics but can and have fixed cars before. I'm fairly skint so if you guys could share any of your knowledge that could fix this, I would really appreciate it. Cheers in advance. B2141 NVM configuration failure P1246 Alternator load input failure P1632 Smart alternator faults sensor / circuits B1359 Ignition run / acc circuit failure B1318 Bat low (I've charged and tried)
  17. my wifes focus has developed a slight problem where the front fog lights will not turn off. it is a 52 plate 1.6 petrol and the only position that the fogs will extinguish in is when i turn the switch to the parking lights position any other position and they come on, ive took the switch to bits and there doesnt apear to be any problems there so befor i start trying to chase wires ect does any body have any ideas? thank you in advance. Chip
  18. The Fiesta e-wheel drive is an innovative electic concept car based on the current Fiesta, with the electric motors in each of the two back wheels, and the batteries under the bonnet. This (or similar) may be what we are all driving in the future A report on the Fiesta e-wheel drive - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/fiesta/63780/ford-fiesta-ewheeldrive
  19. Hey folks I am looking for wiring diagrams or ECU pinout for a Ford Bosch ECU with part number: CM5A-12A650-KJ Could anybody help? Thanks! Jim
  20. Hi all, long time voyeur, but first time poster. I have a little problem which I would appreciate some help with. I have a 2008 Focus Zetec S, and yesterday when I filled the car up with petrol (£15 only), the needle for the petrol rose to where it should as per normal (car was running on empty), but as you will see in the attached photo, the digital display which indicates how many miles I can drive with the remaining petrol in the tank is on zero. I thought maybe this is just a "bug" with the car and decieed to park the car up and check this morning/evening, but again same issue. The digital display still reads I can drive "0 mls" only! What could this be guys? Please also note that all the other functions; mpg, etc work perfectly fine. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you. :)
  21. Recently ordered a new fiesta studio, found out last night by having a look at the pre-reg cars at the back of the dealer that it doesn't have electric windows. Its clearly stated in the brochure and on the website that the car has these as standard. Where do i stand on this when i go collect the car on the 15th? It's sorta put me off, wish i'd gone for the higher spec now if i knew that. Can I expect some discount? Spec list: http://www.ford.co.u...1=1204919790075 Brochure: http://www.ford.co.u...Brochure/Fiesta
  22. Hi, I have a 2007 Ford Fusion 3+. a little while ago the passenger electric window would only work sometimes. I tended to work when the car was moving - I know its a bit strange. Now it has stopped working all together. The drivers one is fine.I replaced the switch and it still does not work. Has anyone experienced the same issue. Any ideas? Thanks