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Found 185 results

  1. Hi All, Quick question that I've failed to find the information on a search of the forums or on the internet: What temperature does the official Ford thermostat rated to open on a 2.0l Petrol Duratec HE engine 145ps. Other third-party versions seems to be anything from 80C to 92C - confusing! Part number 1476110 Focus MK2 1.8/2.0 Petrol Thermostat & HousingFits 1.8 Duratec (125PS) Petrol EngineFits 2.0 Duratec (145PS) Petrol EngineFits From: 29-03-2004 To: 15-01-2008 Thanks.
  2. Engine swap

    Hi all. Got a 56 plate 1.6 Duratec Ford Fiesta .head gasket failure which is end result in the block being twisted so basically scrapped engine . My question is . Would s smaller day 1.2 engine swap work with current gear box ECU etc as was thinking making it a first car for my son. Many thanks
  3. Hallo everyone, I am new to the forum. I accidently discovered that one part on engine {fiesta 1.3 duratec} is wet, but I don't now what it is. Car is anyhow running strong, only recently a little squeak noise is heard when engine cold. Does anyone know what is this wet part? I have a picture. Wandering of maybe an upcoming problem into the future. Thanks
  4. I own a 78 mk2 fiesta. currently has a 957cc and interested in upgrading soon! what sort of price range can you get hold of an xr2 1600 engine for? and are they easy to get hold of nowa days?
  5. Smelling petrol in engine bay

    Hi all last week I was working under the hood of my 1997 Fiesta Flight, and I could smell petrol in the engine bay and now it's starting to smell inside the car when the fans are on. Anyone know what could be the issue?
  6. Hi So my first car was a mk4 escort and after 4 years of searching i have finally found a car just like mine was. Lets be clear, it´s a hobby car and i don´t want to keep it as original. Now my question is has anyone done an engine swap? What is the easiest fit? What ecu do you use? Can you turbocharge it? I have a serious problem. I am addicted to turbos. I´ve turbocharged almost all my cars so far. Now i don´t want to cut the body in any so it can´t be converted to original. maybe you can point out a doch engine that would easily fit the car and some links to find new forged internals. At the end i am hoping to get 180-220 bhp from the wheels. So i´m not gonna overdo this project. Do i even need forged internals or is there a ford engine that can be turbocharged and handle this small power? English is not my first language so i´m sorry if i´ve made some grammar mistakes. Thank you Raido
  7. ;Dear fellow Fiesta owners,I have been driving a Ford Fiesta Mark VI which I purchased in 2010.I have been facing trouble to start the engine lately. After turning the key to start the engine, there is no kick in the engine whatsoever. This is a video of the many attempts at starting the engine: However, after the 5th attempt or so, I would hear this clicking and grinding noise (Noise begins at 0:05 mark and ends at 0:19 in video below) which continues even after I remove the key from the ignition.After the noises stop and when I attempt to start the engine again, the engine would be able to start as usual. But the 'check engine' light would remain lighted (have a listen at the noise before I was able to start the engine up). After being able to start the engine once, I am able to start it again. However the problem would come back again after a drive and when I park it and try to start it again. It is unlikely that this problem is cause by a weak battery since I recently changed the battery to a new one about 3 months ago.This problem would come and go but it has been going on everyday for the past week. Not sure what seems to be causing it.As of to date, I have only encountered one other problem which is with the gearbox computer. Swapped it out and it has been working well.Has any of you faced this problem before? Do let me know!Thanks!
  8. Picked up a 59 1.4 Titanium Auto a couple on months ago, and it is making a very loud ticking noise after starting from cold which can be heard in the video clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOBd6abj2T4. In the clip, the first loud click at 16 secs is the aircon compressor clutch before I turned the aircon off. The ticking noise starts at about 20 secs. I made a start on an Is / Is Not analysis (problem solving tool we use at work).Is- Engine / Gearbox- Loud ticking- At idle with autobox in drive or reverse, car stationary.- At idle with aircon working hard (28deg outside temp), in neutral.- Driving forward & reverse with very light throttle.- When car has been standing, cold engine.- First 1/2 mile or 5 mins of driving.- RHS of engine.Is Not- Wheels.- Brakes.- Driveshafts.- Rattle.- Grinding noise.- At idle in neutral.- At idle with aircon switched off.- In drive or reverse with increased revs.- After 5 mins or 1/2 miles of driving.- When engine is warm.- LHS of engine.I am hoping to get it sorted under warranty, but any thoughts on the possible cause would be useful. Has anyone had a similar noise with their Fiesta?Thanks
  9. I am looking to make my 2010 ford focus mk2 1.6 diesel sound better, currently have a remap which is the only mechanical thing done, rest is visual, any idea's? I was thinking pop corn limiter for a little extra thing? Want some help brainstorming some idea's, thank you :)
  10. Engine System Fault

    Hi All, I am facing problem with my Ford Focus 05 number plate from yesterday. Yesterday evening it shows suddenly "Engine System Fault", then "Acceleration Reduced".... I drive home like 5 miles without any problem but that message was showing.. Then this morning haven't seen any message. But, in the evening coming back home just now had more problem... first shown "Engine System Fault", then suddenly "Malfunction" stuck on the road. Tried couple of times to restart the car... but without any luck... after 5/6 times/minutes...It shows again "Engine System Fault", then "Acceleration Reduced" and I drive back home. Last I haven't seen any message....but showing engine yellow alert light.... I am really worrying what can be the problem.... I have annual ford service booking on 4th July with MOT.... and now this problem.... What should I do ? what is the best option in this scenario ? should I wait for next service 3 weeks time or... book appointment urgently.... but in that case... is it possible or safe to drive the car Will be grateful, if you guys share your experienced opinion for my situation. Thank you in advanced... Zaki
  11. 2010 MK 2.5 Focus engine swap

    I have a 2010 mk2.5 Focus with a dismal 1.4L petrol. Looking to swap the engine with something more powerful. I live in the UAE but the focus was built in Germany. What petrol engines swap easily into this model? Labour is relatively cheap here and so are spare/used parts, the big question is which engine will fit easily? (petrol only-almost no diesels here) I'm also assuming the transmission will need changed. Catalytic converters are not really needed here under 5.0L so that's one less thing to change, I've already had that removed 😎 Advice for which engines to hunt for would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, i have a 1.6 TDCI mk2 focus and i am wanting to make it into a show car and want to be able to raise the bonet and show off engine, any idea's on how to make it look good ?
  13. Hello! I have had a bit of an issue with my 2012 Ford Fiesta recently in that my coolant Level keeps dropping. On closer inspection, I couldn't see any external leaks i.e. Coolant on the ground under my car or around the coolant pipes. I took the car to the garage who told me after looking it over, that there is no coolant getting to the engine at all, which would explain why it has felt so hot despite me refilling coolant reservoir frequently. Does anyone have an idea what might be the issue here? I am thinking there may be an issue with the thermostat (stuck in the closed position and so preventing coolant from reaching the engine?), but I'm not too sure in all honesty. I have to drive from Lancaster to Shropshire (just under a 2 hour journey) on Sunday as I'm coming back home from University so any advice/help/experience with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi, I am new to this so please bear with me as I am after some assistance of possible please. I have a 2006 Ford Focus and the car judders under acceleration and is running pretty rough. Just got in from work and was doing it all the way back however just before I returned home, as I stopped at a roundabout, there was a knock sound (just the once) and the Juddering disappeared. Coil pack has been replaced, spark plugs look clean, car is well maintained and unsure of the issue. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be ? I have booked it into the garage but will be a few days until I can get it looked at. Is there anything I am missing and was the knock relevant to the issues I am experiencing ? Any help would be most appreciated as I have looked on here and seen that it could range from coil packs, spark plugs, leads, throttle body and lost for ideas. Thanks in advance
  15. I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta style plus with 80k on the clock, full service every year last few weeks when I start up the car it is fairly shaky as if misfiring (especially when cold or left for a long time) although it always starts. I have replaced leads and coil and although it seems to have helped slightly it has not solved that problem. When engine heats up after a few revs or a minute the engine smoothes out and drives fine. second to this is a low vibration that can be felt sitting in the car , diagnostic has been run with no error codes as so far two garages have been unsuccessful in finding the problem. Vibration is mainly felt when idle, revs seem fine. so far advice is possible engine mount wearing away, CAT is broken which may be linked to fuel supply to engine hence cold start up issue and engine thermometer broken. first garage found bolts missing or broken on exhaust manifold any and all advice is welcome
  16. Hi, I've has ongoing problems with my 2007 Diesel Fiesta since I bought it 2 years ago. Firstly I know diesels can't misfire in the normal sense of the word because of the lack of spark plugs, but it's the best way to describe the problem. Basically (usually under load), every now and then (once every 500 miles), the car will lose power for a split second then regain it. Once it starts doing this it will do it a few times then stop, usually. Sometimes it lasts longer than others, and it can do it several times in a row. The more I'm accelerating when it happens, the more violent the kangaroo effect is. Of course, when I get a mechanic to sit in the car with me while I drive it, the car doesn't do it... The full timeline of events: I buy the car used, ~50k miles on the clock, average mpg of 47mpg suggests it's been used for driving around town. I start driving it 70 miles a day, mpg increases. first big journey, it starts misfiring. Check engine light comes on at end of journey. EGR valve replaced by person I bought the car from. Every other fix this guy did was a bodge, so I didn't expect much. some time later, car goes into limp mode. Power train failure, dashboard becomes a christmas tree. When car is turned off and on, it often stops going into this mode. Took it to Ford garage for diagnosis. Fault determined to be with injector no. 1, Ford garage wanted £1000 to fix it. Took it to independent tester with full machine for injector testing. He found no faults with any of the injectors, so he switched injector no.1 and injector no.3 around so if the fault re-occurred, we would be able to find the faulty one. "Misfiring" persisted. A few months ago, the check engine light came on again, then disappeared. Eventually it was on more than off, and as I'd determined it was an EGR problem, I wasn't concerned. During thsi time, average mpg steadily dropped from ~60mpg to ~56mpg (maybe because of increased heater use as winter started properly though). Eventually got it booked in a few weeks ago. EGR valve replaced, check engine light cleared. Since the most recent EGR valve replacement, not only is the problem still present, but the car seems to have less power. Most worryingly, pushing the throttle a certain amount (just above cruise speed) causes the engine to act as though one cylinder is not firing, then firing, then not firing, then firing etc. it doesn't do it when flooring it, however the car now tops out completely at 95mph, whereas before it could go faster, so it's definitely less powerful. Car is now at 83k miles, and gets driven around 80 miles a day. I've seen lots of other threads about this issue. They point all over the place. The throttle linkage, splits in air hoses or boost hoses, ECU software updates(?), and injector seals. No smoke is present and the car isn't giving me any engine fault codes either (at least, the check engine light hasn't come on). What I'd like to know, is if the fault is something potentially causing damage to the car e.g. timing chain misalignment or something? And no I don't really think replacing the EGR valve ~3 weeks ago made it worse, it just didn't fix the main "misfiring" problem as I hoped it would. TL;DR: Car has always had intermittent "misfire" problem, once it got bad but problem couldn't be traced, now it seems less powerful too with certain throttle setting causing more power/less power/more power etc. problem, with noise to go with it. no other problems with car, no warning light currently on, car was at 50k miles, now at 83k miles. Help? Edit: I should add, the air con was bodge-fixed by the previous owner so is now broken again (he just topped it up rather than fixing the leak, so gas has since evaporated off). The AC is always off. Could this lead to problems at all?
  17. Right, I want to make my Fiesta sound better.. i KNOW its a 1.0 125 but still, there's got to be something that can be done, i do NOT want it to sound like an angry mosquito or a set of bolts in an empty been tin. I also want to keep it legal so no decatting. Thanks in advance :)
  18. So i bought an 05 focus zetec 115ps. £800 few issues, was missfiring sorted that with a full service carried out by myself, whilst perfoming service i noticed a few tell tail signs, first off it appears to have a 1.8 airbox (based on haynes book of lies photo) although im not sure if the ti cvt have the 1.8 box, second the vacuum pipe from rocker cover to airbox is broke and not attached, clutch pedal vibrates under hard acceleration but no slip or noise/smell. What looks like the electric assisted thermostate housing is just loose sat infront of airbox. Fsh up to 2 years ago 144k cam belt done at 98k clutch 122k last owner dor 2 years had no service stamps etc so im assuming all things bad strm from them. after the service and a motorway blast the missing all but disapeared but the EML came on, quick check on a diagnostic showed a catalytic converter bank 2 fault, im led to believe this is from unburnt fuel going into cat during misfire nessing with the sensor, but im not in the know with fords hence why im here. any knowledge of these issues would be much appreciated. oh and 1st is an absolute nightmare to select stiff as you like. cheers rick.
  19. Timing chain snapping

    Hello my timing chain snapped on my Ford s max 1.8 tdci 08 plate. What would your advise be repair my engine or replace the engine thank you in advance
  20. I have a 2005 1.6 Petrol Auto with the orange Engine Management Light on. Went to local garage got some error codes cant find them now but something like pte2002 at the time did search and said O2 Sensors so changed O2 Sensors still light stayed on. There may be loads of causes for the light but there must be common ones, can i suggest people who have had this problem tell us how it was resolved, i dont mean resetting the light or disconnecting battery- i mean you got this warning light and whatever was done to the car caused the light to go out and stay off, i think many people would be interested in this info. Thanks
  21. Engine Noise

    Hi Guys wonder if any of your could help me, So late last month I purchased my second car (Been driving less than a year) from Perrys Ford. The car was great! 09 In black, only done 28k miles. So first issue the week I Bought it the fan belt went on it, So they replaced that for me (under warranty) Second week the engines timings were out and the car was constantly stalling due to this, This also got fixed under warranty. I've had the car back for 2 days now and I dont know if it is just me being paranoid or if it is making a strange noise, Please take a listen to the video attached and tell me what you think. Thanks Will
  22. Hi, I have a blown 1.4 petrol engine and was wondering if the 1.6 petrol engine would be a direct replacement? or would I need the ecu, wiring harness, clocks etc? All help would be appreciated thank you
  23. tried to make as short and to the point as possible bare with please 😜 I have been having a few problems with my 06 plate 1.6 focus zetec, the much talked about engine system fault error, usually followed by 'reduced acceleration'. The car was booked in to be diagnosed however i decided to take out the cluster and have a bit of a fiddle which seemed to miraculously cure the problem for about a month! However the fault has returned and seems to be slowly getting worse over the last couple of days until today it showed the error and failed to start full stop for an hour and a half (started after that and drove it home). I'm attempting to take the cluster apart and clean the circuit board with a contact cleaner however I can't seem to access the front of the circuit board as compared to the ones I've seen from researching it is back to front in the casing?? I've read to prize the needles off with a spoon and access it that way however it feels to me like it's going to hurt the internals of it. I've attached a few pictures below, all feed is welcome as I am well and truly stumped 😊 Also the very back part of the plastic casing was caked with a dusty black substance, could this be a cause or something to do with it?
  24. Hello, Yesterday I picked up a x plate 1.8 Zetec focus, I was really pleased with it as it is very clean and has the bonus of the climate pack, however...... Whilst driving home from work the EML came on, it was the solid one not the flashing version. The car was not running smoothly but wasn't too bad. I had a look when I got home and looked for loose pipes as advised on this site, I found that the small pipe that goes from the back of the engine into the air filter box had come out of its socket on the air filter end, I replaced this which seemed to have the effect of making the car run worse. I then disconnected the block with the wires in from the main air filter hose, magically the EML went out and the car ran really well for a couple of minutes but then badly again. I have now replaced both bits and it is not running well. I suspect the answer will be go to a garage, I know it hasn't been serviced recently. Any ideas in the mean time or any ideas as the cause and the likely costs. Many thanks.
  25. I have a 2006 Fiesta 1.25.When the engine is running and i take off the oil cap , im getting quite a lot of blow by. The car has about 80k miles and has been serviced regularly. This leads me to think that either the pcv hose has collapsed or the pcv valve is stuck. The pcv valve is in the oil separator box which is under the intake manifold. ?In order to take the pcv valve and hose off is it necessary to take the intake manifold fully off or is there some way to take the pcv valve off without removing the intake manifold?