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Found 1,480 results

  1. Help - Fiesta keyless battery low

    Hi all, The battery in my keyless fob for a 2013 fiesta ecoboost titanium X is low and needs replacing. Which type of battery do I need? I went to Halfords and they advised it would need reprogramming from the dealer, is this true? This is the only key I have aswell so don't want it to die. Kind regards, The Scooby Collector.
  2. Hello all, First post here. I recently bought a 2013 1.0l ecoboost fiesta that has full service history and one previous owner. 33k miles on the clock. I've noticed some rust and corrosion on some of the engine parts, specifically two metal connectors that seem to go from the coolant pipe to the engine and then also possibly to the radiator (?) Should i get these replaced? Would it be a fairly cheap part replacement? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Cameron.
  3. ;Dear fellow Fiesta owners,I have been driving a Ford Fiesta Mark VI which I purchased in 2010.I have been facing trouble to start the engine lately. After turning the key to start the engine, there is no kick in the engine whatsoever. This is a video of the many attempts at starting the engine: However, after the 5th attempt or so, I would hear this clicking and grinding noise (Noise begins at 0:05 mark and ends at 0:19 in video below) which continues even after I remove the key from the ignition.After the noises stop and when I attempt to start the engine again, the engine would be able to start as usual. But the 'check engine' light would remain lighted (have a listen at the noise before I was able to start the engine up). After being able to start the engine once, I am able to start it again. However the problem would come back again after a drive and when I park it and try to start it again. It is unlikely that this problem is cause by a weak battery since I recently changed the battery to a new one about 3 months ago.This problem would come and go but it has been going on everyday for the past week. Not sure what seems to be causing it.As of to date, I have only encountered one other problem which is with the gearbox computer. Swapped it out and it has been working well.Has any of you faced this problem before? Do let me know!Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know if the day time running LED's on the fiesta can be reprogrammed? I have a mate with a Golf R which has LED taillights and he has managed to reprogramme the sequencing of them. I'd be interested to have them work in a similar way to the way new Audi indicators operate.
  5. Curious if anyone has any experience with Eibach lowering springs which can be purchased from Ford, part no: 1569225. I know they only drop the car 30mm but what I want to know is if these can be fitted to the standard dampers and if it will have any impact on suspension performance, ie. Bottoming out and potential damage to the dampers. I'd imagine coming recommended from ford it would have been stated if there was a requirement for different dampers.
  6. Hi, so basically I have a 07 Fiesta, this particular model has a fixed key with buttons and the actual key sticking out, I was wondering if it's possible to purchase a flip key and program it to work that way? If possible could anyone recommend a certain model of key and instructions?
  7. Hi all, I have a Mk7 Fiesta 1.25 with only 40,000 kms (25,000 miles). The right rear wheel bearing has become noisy. I haven't had a look at it yet but can anyone tell me... 1. Can the bearing be adjusted? 2. If the only solution is to replace the bearing...does it require pressing out and new one pressing in? Any special tools required? Thanks, Dave.
  8. Upgrades

    Recently bought a well specced 2013 titanium fiesta, low milage with zetec s exterior but only has a 80ps econetic engine, wondering if there are any upgrades I can make to the car to improve its performance. Cheers.
  9. Last week I finally got to pick up my Zetec S, in anticipation of getting my car - I spent a serious amount of time (probably too much) watching Youtube videos and looking at threads about Fiestas, and modifications in general. This gave me a lot of ideas for what I wanted to do. After having the car for a week, I have added a white grille 'S' badge and changed the foot well bulbs for blue light panels - it is pretty much stock. Here's a short list for the things I had in mind for the future: Team Heko wind deflectors (duh) 'S' gel wing badges Replacing all exterior bulbs with brighter ones TRC eyebrows TRC splitter (possibly with a white pinstripe?) New alloys - Black Possibly wrapping the roof and wing mirrors black That is all I have in mind at the moment, but I am open to suggestions and would like to know what you guys think would look good. After having the car for a week, I do love it stock. But there are just a few cosmetic changes that I think make the MK7.5 look even better. Here are a couple of pictures I have took so far:
  10. Ok so I'm having a fair bit of trouble with my engine. It's pretty high mileage (151800) its misfiring and the turbo is also on the way out due to carbonated oil and lack of oil changes by previous owners. It's never been the best running engine but it's got really bad in the last couple days. Because it's such a high mileage engine I'm reluctant to pump money into parts to keep the engine going when it would be cheaper to just replace it. The engine code is DVA6TED4. These engines are notoriously weak and prone to problems, would other 1.6 tdci engines fit or would they be too much hassle with different electronics? Are there newer versions of the engine that don't have the problem with the dfp causing back pressure? Any help is appreciated thanks in advance :)
  11. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    Hi all, We recently purchased a MK7 fiesta as a second car for the missus, that unfortunately came with just one key from a private seller. I'm aware that's quite common, but being a bit obsessed about security, i'm thinking of replacing the locks. I can probably source the parts from a breaker and fit them myself in hope the overall cost would be slightly higher than buying a second key (with fob) and getting it cut. I'm just wondering if i really need to source the ECU or could do without it. I've seen some sellers giving you the speedo and ECU together with the lock barrels, but my (limited) experience tells me that shouldn't be required, unless it's something to do with the immobilizer. I was thinking i need the following: Ignition barrel Driver's door barrel (without the mechanism) Delete any existing fobs and reprogram the new ones (Is this possible using ELM?) Are those correct? Did i forget anything? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, I have a mk6 ford fiesta diesel, 1.4tDCI, reg 07, with no cranking sound, but with a full battery and no clicking or reduction in the power of the headlights when using the ignition. I thought I should check the relay of the starter motor. It should be in the fuse box of the engine, but I can only find a fuse box in the glove compartment, as in the attached picture. I have also attached a picture of my engine. Can anyone please help me find the engine compartment fuse box? Thank you in advance, Kind Regards, George
  13. Hi all, First off my knowledge of cars isnt the greatest...although I know what I like. Besides that, basically Ive had mt Mk7.5 fiesta st-line since January 2017 (Love it, its awesome) Today I noticed under the bonnet, what appears to be some rust appear. I think it's attached to the turbo (again not really knowing what Im talking about). Ive seen people have rust issues with the tubes connecting, however mine appear fine. It seems to be a different part. Well..takes a look at the pictures and see for yourself. Is it worth me taking it into ford to have a look at? Or is this something that is expected/nothing to worry about? Thanks for any help
  14. Afternon Everyone, my names Nath originally from Birmingham but moved to Derbyshire and here's a little project i've got. It's a 51 (01/2002) Fiesta in radient Red. Bought it as I wrote my van off and needed a daily, so my grandfather saw this local to him and got it for me (as I was due to go to Wales that weekend so didnt have time to sort anything out). Came with a full ticket and full service history. Very clean motor inside and out, if i'm being really picky the rear arches could do with a tidy up and that's it even the rest of the paintwork has been looked after and not faded to a pink, So i can't complain really for a 16year old motor I have some small mods to do as it's only a 1.3 - > Upgrade Sound System > Install New Headunit, Sub & Amp and Additional Rear Speakers > Change all the dash and speedo lights from Green to Red > Get some 16" alloys refurbed in Anthracite > Lower on springs > Zetec S front/Rear Bumpers and Sideskirts > Install front and rear leather seats > Debadge the boot > Then eventually do a Smooth Boot > Tint Rear Lights > Tint Rear Windows Might need help with one or two of them so if anyone's local and able to give me a hand they'd be some beer tokens in it for you. :)

    Hi guys was just wondering which wheels you prefer on MK6 Fiesta's, left or right? cheers
  16. Hi, My diesel fiesta has just started stalling on start up. It now does it every time when the car has been left a while i.e., when the engine is cold. It will fire on the first attempt but immediately run down and konk out, with immediate repeated attempts seeing the engine turn over vigorously but not firing. At this stage there is an engine malfunction warning. If I return after 30 minutes and warily keep the engine turning over with a little pressure on the accelerator the engine usually fires. When it fires I maintain high revs until it warms up. Once warmed up the car, engine, idle speed, etc., are excellent in every way, and should I stop when warm it will restart without any difficulty. When warm the engine malfunction warning disappears.. It seems to me that as the car works perfectly when warm it must be a heat as opposed to lack of fuel, computer or pressure issue, leading me to suspect the glow plugs. The car and its glow plugs have done 80k miles. I see online that many Ford diesel car owners have suffered a similar start up issue to this but alas I cannot find a posted solution to the problem. Can anyone help with a diagnosis? The car is regularly serviced, has a brand new battery and wants for nothing. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello everyone! In a couple of months, maybe 3, my gf and I will be buying our first car. I am a car´s lover, so I will be doing a general check up of the car, request full history and test it, but still, I thought it would be a good idea to ask for the fiesta owner´s advice. It would be a Fiesta Trend/ambiente 1.25, second hand with around 65-77k miles on the clock. The best deals I can find are around 6000£ which is quite cheap here in Denmark, anything below would be probably have some nasty surprise. It was initially gonna be an Up or a Citigo second hand, but those are around 8k£ which I think is silly when I can get a Fiesta for less... isn´t it? It is a bit bigger car and overall pretty similar, so why pay more. So my questions are mainly this kind: What should I pay particular attention to when buying an over 65k miles Fiesta? Should the clutch have been replaced? Will I likely have to replace it? Is there any particular component to take care of? Now, I know this is mainly down to the previous use, but I am trying to find any well known clock issues related to Fiestas :) Any input is more than welcome. Thank you!
  18. Rhys

    Hi there, i'm new to FOC and have a ford fiesta Mk6, petrol, 1.25 engine. Im new to modding and tuning cars but looking to learn as much as I can. I want to start by inproving my horsepower and top speed and improving the general look of my fiesta for a more sporty feel, any advice and tips would be great thanks :)
  19. Ford Escort GTI 15 inch wheels with 195/50/15 tyres 4x108 fitment Wheels are in good condition I do have pictures of tyres and tread depths £150 collection only Any questions please ask
  20. Revo ford fiesta 1.0l 100ps

    Hi, so i want to get my car re-mapped. I was goi g to go with bluefin, but i have been told to go with revo. Can someone tell me if i go with stage 2, what else will i need to change and if so coyld you recommend some of those parts?
  21. Hi guys this is my first post. I have a 2010 fiesta 1.25 Zetec in blue and have plasti dipped the wheels black and I think it looks great, I was thinking about doing some actual mods but would I be better off waiting for a bigger engined car like a 1.6 before I bother. I was thinking about putting in lowering springs or coilivers and an exhaust to make the car look better and possibly adding an st wing along with window tints and black tail lights, what do you think? I don't think there'd be really much point in me putting in an intake or anything but if you have any suggestions that may make my car quicker or look better and handle better please let me know.... thanks guys, Mike.
  22. Want to do something with the back just to make it stand out a bit more from stock. I'd love to get the ST diffuser but I'm looking for cheap things to do. Was thinking about taking off the ecoboost badge and putting a red edition badge there instead with a 'ZS' badge under the fiesta one. I've had a look around but can't find any though. Thoughts on what I can do?
  23. Dashboard cluster removal

    Hello, I'm having a little trouble removing the dashboard from my mk6.5 (STyle) fiesta. I have removed the following Steering wheel upper trim Steering wheel lower trim The trim below the steering wheel (to gain access to the trim infront of the dashboard cluster) The trim infront of the cluster And two screws at the bottom of the cluster. I tried giving it a little pull but it seemed like I'm missing something, any help would be appreciated. I have looked at a few guides but they removed the rubber trim above the cluster and it doesn't look possible on my car.
  24. Tires

    My car tire has been leaking the front passenger side for a while now, and I've taken it to a garage and they have resealed it 3 times. Been fine each time for around a month at a time. It's happened again, really frustrating. It leaks from where the rim meets the tire on the back of the wheel ( the side facing the under of the car) just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and I need a new tyre or if there is a fix or just general advice. I bought them from an alloy shop around 1 year ago. the tyres are good quality Yokohama slines. thanks.
  25. I went up to a breakers yard today and paid £25 for a new passenger wing mirror, got home to fit it which was all fine but when I lock the car it now clicks about 6 times. I've had a look around and seen that it is a common problem, so I was wondering if there is any way to fix it or could I take apart my old mirror and swap the motor in the new one as my old mirror didn't click at all. Thanks for any help :)