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Found 10 results

  1. Ongoing steering issue

    Hi everyone I am hoping that someone out there may be able to shed a little light on a problem i am having with the steering on my mk6 fiesta zetec. It is on an 06 plate and i purchased it about 3 months ago. Firstly a little background that i feel may be relevant.... The garage that sold it to me told me it was a great runner with no faults and a full service history. This wasn't exactly true there was a grumble from the engine on the test drive and the FSH turned out to be a book of service stamps and the online MOT certificates (no originals ones except for the last 2). Despite this i bought the car and took it straight to my mechanic who told me there was some niggles that needed addressing under warranty. This included a snapped front spring (the bare metal where it had broken had rusted so it was definitely an old problem), a noise from the bearing on the rear drivers side and what they thought was a leaking power steering pump. I took it back and they remedied these problems. They said at the time that the power steering pump wasn't broke but the fluid was from a previous repair they had done, that they had simply failed to clean A month or so out of warranty i got in the car and started to drive away and noticed the steering felt very loose and light, i quickly took the car to my mechanic who after looking at it decided the power steering pump was broken (it was making a noise when turning the steering wheel). He replaced it with a brand new one and new belt but it had a very loud whining sound that my mechanic said was air in the system and if it hadn't cleared in 48 hours to bring it back. I didn't clear and i brought it back in. He checked the old pump said there was actually nothing noticeably wrong with it and put it back in but replaced the power steering fluid with some very high quality fluid, this seemed to fix the issue. By the way my mechanic is an old friend so i trust his work. Over the next fortnight or so i have noticed the steering was very loose and light again, my mechanic assures me he can not see anything noticeably wrong. He says the pump is fine, tie rods are good and steering rack was fine with no play at all. If i turn the wheel and look at the wheels they move in time as in there is no play/ delay between adjusting the steering wheels and the actual wheels moving. It is almost as if the steering ratio has changed. Also the steering wheel seems to be affected by every bump, hole and pebble i drive over, twitching significantly when i do. Finally if i turn the steering wheel to full lock it makes a low whining noise. Can anybody shed any light on this i am at a loss. I have googled this issue extensively and can't seem to get to the bottom of it. Thanks in advance
  2. Greetings all. I have an issue when filling my windscreen washer tank, when filling it runs and drips down onto the frontside tire, losing some of the fluid (around 50%) in the process. The water pump has been changed recently, and the issue was occurring before this, so I can only assume there is a leak or crack in the piping which feeds the tank. How can I go about diagnosing/repairing this? Thanks in advance, Sam
  3. Brake Fluid

    New to this forum so bear with me... basically, my brake fluid looks low on my new Mondeo 2007 purchase. It looks full from the top, but the reservoir looks like it's saying below Min. Is there some sort of air lock or way of getting new fluid into the reservoir? With Thanks.
  4. Brake Fluid Reservoir Sensor

    Hi All, Had started getting an infrequent brake fluid warning light when going up hill or accelerating hard - which was getting more frequent. Had checked fluid level and it was in between min and max so though I'd have to shell out for a new reservoir, as the sensor was integrated into it (rather than just in the cap as per MK1 Focus) As a quick fix try though I'd top up the fluid to the max (which has actually sorted the problem) as whilst it had been checked for water-content and properties over the past 3 years hadn't actually been replaced. However, actually adding fluid on the MK2 focus seemed a pain as the reservoir was under the front windscreen cover. So I cut a small bottle in half and used this to funnel the fluid into the reservoir. Hope this is useful for anyone else who may have the same need. James.
  5. Hi all Does anyone know if it is possible to bleed the brakes on a MK7 fiesta with the wheels on? My question is aimed at the dealer procedure as I know you can't do it without a ramp which most of us don't have at home!! It does look like you can providing you have fairly small fingers and a very flexible hose to fit on the nipple. My reason for asking is that I recently had the brake fluid changed at my local Ford dealer and yesterday I had to remove the front wheels which were stuck on the hub with corrosion so badly that it took fairly hefty measures to remove it. IMO if the wheels had been off in the last 2 months the wheels would not be stuck on like that!! Many thanks
  6. Mk6 Fiesta Pas Fluid?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the right PAS fluid is for the Mk6 Fiesta? Can't seem to find it anywhere! If anyone can help please do! :) If not I'll just need to remember to have a look tomorrow in my manual but I've been a busy bee at work so haven't had chance and forgot pick it out tonight :(
  7. Power Steering Problem

    I have a 2006 (used) fiesta style. About 2 weeks ago my power steering suddenly started making a loud noise at low speeds and vibrating the wheel a bit. Was told to check level of fluid and was way below min, however after topping up realised the problem was back a few days later. Seems I have some sort of leak as drops after I top up, and fluid spill found in puddle on drive. Anyone know if this is a bigger problem, or what could be wrong? Also roughly how much to fix, as I'm currently just running it off constantly topping up fluid levels.... Also is this unsafe to be driving in any way? Thanks
  8. Hey guys.. Back again with more engine stuttering! (http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/37750-engine-stuttering/#entry216065) I took it down the garage a while back and the guy said it looked like fluid was getting in with the sparks, causing it to short and miss-fire. It's been fine up-till now and has suddenly started again, almost more violently. I checked the sparks first thing, and it looks like 2 of the chambers have a brown liquid at the base of the plugs which i assume to be oil. Now I can't remember exactly what the guy said to me, but apparently it is to do with the threading corroding and allowing fluid in. I was wondering, since i've got my MOT coming up in a few days, would this be worth fixing? (along with it's yearly weld and a bunch of other problems that need fixing). I reckon getting it past it's MOT is going to cost at least £300-400 without fixing this engine problem, and I'm not sure if its just worth scrapping it and getting a new car altogether? Cheers, Dan
  9. Just done some work on the back brakes (discs) and changed the brake fluid while I was at it. The stuff that came out was nasty so I'm glad I did. Now, the Haynes bible claims that I now need to bleed the clutch as well - it does feel a little "loose" now - so all well and good, except the picture in the Haynes manual looks nothing like what's on my car. It says the bleed valve is on top of the bellhousing. Took out the battery, airbox etc for a look, and I see nothing that looks remotely like the book! It shows a round rubber grommit with the valve poking through the top. I don't see that anywhere. The only bleed valve I can see in that area (I assume that's what it is), is on the end of a long thin pipe (similar gauge to the metal brake pipes) and points towards the front of the car, just below the top radiator hose. It was gone 11pm by the time I got to this point, so I've now downed tools for the night as I'm sick of the sight of it. Can anybody confirm that this is indeed the clutch bleed valve? Or not? The car is a 2005 2.0 TDCi (Euro IV). Much googling has not enlightened me.
  10. Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Hi I recently had a problem with my power steering on my Focus 1.6 Petrol MK 2.5 (there was a leak in the hose) Anyway I got that replaced by a local mechanic and it seems to be working now. However it appears that he has put too much power steering fluid in the car. I've attached an image of the power sterering reservoir- the image is after having driven the car for about 30mins so its when the engine was warm. You can see its pretty high. When the engine is cold the fluid comes to about 1cm-2cm above the MAX line.. My question is, is this ok? Will I have a problem with this? Also, if I need to remove some, how do I do it? Can I use a syringe? Or will that put air into the power steering system.. Appreciate the help