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Found 85 results

  1. I have a 2006 mk6 fiesta zetec s and I want to know if it's possible to do a straight swap and have an ST engine put straight in, if this is possible I want to know how much it usually costs for the complete conversion
  2. Hello everyone, I recently changed my basic two line monochrome blue display with full color sony display, i only changed the screen, it was plug and play. My car didn't have sync or bluethooth to begin with, only USB and radio/CD, after the screen change USB and radio/CD work as intented. My issue is that with the new screen, I lost the car information messages (for example when a door is open, i no longer get the message on the screen), i lost the MYKEY menu aswell. When i go into setting, i only have audio setting and time setting, not even the option to change the language, I have not replaced the silver box, also i have not replaced the facia, still have the 1-6 numberpad. Is there a way i can get the car information messages back on my new shiny display, i dont car for bluethooth/sync and can live without MYKEY feature but i definetly want the car information messages feature back. Anyone who have done this mod before please advice, thanks :)
  3. Happy bank holiday

    Morning guys and gals, I'm a ford owner again and the proud owner of a 2014 ford fiesta 1.0 ecoboost titanium
  4. Rear washer hose issue

    Hi guys, Looking for a bit of guidance, I fitted an ST/Zetec spoiler to my pre-facelift mk 7 last year, since then, the washer hose has never pointed at the window, it basically just sprays the floor (very practical indeed) I haven't got a clue on how to get it to point at the window as it will only go one way as it's at a 90-degree angle. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be amazing. If you need any pics let me know and I will upload some.
  5. New to the forum. I did have a MK6 Fiesta before this which was lightly modified with smoothed rear wipers, debadged, wrapped grill, halo lights, bonnet strip, aftermarket radio, vibe speakers upgrade. Lets see what happens with this one...!
  6. I'm looking to sell my Panther Black 2012 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Titanium with ST rear spoiler and sport front grille. If anybody is interested or knows anybody that is please contact me on this or by mobile (07727983864) and I can give more details. Thanks a lot, Johnny.
  7. Hello, Two weeks ago I bought a new Ford Fiesta 2016 with a 1.25 petrol engine and 82hp. I thought the 1.0 petrol engine was too small and the dealer didn't have a 1.5 diesel, which I initially wanted. I thought 82hp for a car weighing under a ton would be enough for a starter car, but I feel that the Fiesta is low on power. Overtaking on the motorway going up a hill is a nightmare with over 60 mp/h. In fifth gear I floor the accelerator but it isn't really going faster. I drove about 1500km since I own it and I love this little car. I just feel that it is somehow slow. I usually shift later than the indicator says because I probably would't reach the top of a hill if I drove in fifth gear with 37 mph, which the car does suggest. Btw, this is my first car I'm not "downgrading" from something more powerful. I bought it new because I can write it off as a company car and it is a lovely little thing. Am I doing something wrong? Am I driving it wrong? May this be a fault or is the 82hp Fiesta just underpowered? Best regards, aj
  8. Hi, I want to lower my car but I don't know weather to buy Eibach or H&R lowering springs? I only want to lower the car by about 30-35mm and I can buy either and have them fitted for almost the same cost. Anyone got either of these on their 1.0 Fiesta and can share their experiences or thoughts? Many thanks, Tom :)
  9. I have a 12 plate ford fiesta zetec had it for about a year now and i have never been able to connect my iphone to my ford audio it always says make sure its in range so i cannot access my hands free so i called ford during the week and they said is any other phones already paired up already as i brought the car from a previous owner but they said it allows you to have six bonds why cant it work for me and how do i update to a new software i have a usb memory stick for the download can anyone help?
  10. Hello, I am sure this topic has been covered numerous times on various websites/forums as I have read them all however I cannot seem to find a solution to my current problem. The first time my partner accidentally broke my tilt handle and I was able to replace it by following a helpful youtube video (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T-JJH01Gx3o) and again I followed the same steps only this time my handle is not latching onto the nipple to enable the seat to fall forward. My cable is fine however my new part is currently in the seat and I have been told it is very hard to remove it in tact. Is there anyway to resolve this? I have phoned an independent Ford Specialist from a local garage who over the phone told me I may need to buy a cable and another tilt handle which is around £55-£60 not including fitting (with him) which I have already paid £27 for this part that is currently in my LH car seat. I am losing my wits end with this and it has added pressure as my car is up for MOT (which I need tyres and a shock absorber to replace also). Any comments and methods would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance, Tracy
  11. Ford Fiesta MK 7 Spoiler Screws

    Hi all, I fitted an ST spoiler to my Ford Fiesta MK 7 some time ago now. It looks great, but there is a problem that I've been putting to the back of my head ever since and I haven't sorted it. Basically if look where the spoiler is screwed in with 4 screws, one of the screws doesn't go in, I think the hole may be too big and the screw just doesn't bite. It's not a major issue, the spoiler is more than secure, but when I close the boot it makes a rattling sound (obviously where there isn't a screw and isn't held down fully) Has anyone experienced this? If so how did you sort it. If not does anyone have any suggestions on how I can solve this? Can post pictures if needed. :)
  12. Dead battery???

    Hi, I recently bought a 13 plate Fiesta and I just a few moments ago, I couldn't start it, (clicking noise). Do I need a new battery or jump start? any help on this please?
  13. Scratches

    I was just wondering if any one knows what is causing these scratches? They are only on the drivers side and are fairly light but I can't work out what is causing them. Many thanks
  14. Scuffed edge black alloy

    Hey guys just after a bit of help! I have scuffed the edge of one of my 17" gloss black alloy wheels for my Fiesta Red Edition by accidentally colliding with what I thought was a smaller curb than expected. I have gone to my Trust Ford dealership for some advice/help but they said they don't know anywhere that would repair them since they're gloss black and have told me to ring around various other larger local Trust Ford dealerships but I'm having no luck... I'm yet to hear back from my current dealership after a week of being told to leave it when them! I have browsed online to see if I could find a brand new 17" gloss black alloy wheel but all I have found is ones with damage the same as mine or they aren't in gloss black. I'm actually trying to keep the car's value up as much as possible by looking after it, cleaning it out every so often/washing it because I'll be wanting to sell it soon and having one of the alloys damaged would probably knock it down a bit if I'm correct? Does anybody know where I could get a brand new alloy or if this is possible to be fixed and look brand new again(please ignore the dirt around the wheel, it just needs a wash)?
  15. Air Intake Snorkel Missing

    Hi everyone. The 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.4TDCi I bought from a garage on September 16, 2016 has presented a whole lot of problems, the most prominent ones being that it has a major diesel leak and it also leaks oil. Before going back to the garage owner who sold it to me to report that the car has been faulty, I decided to take it to Arnold Clark Ford on Scotswood Road, Newcastle, for a diagnostic round, I wanted to have a report about what is wrong with the car. They have said that possibly the injector seals have failed and this is the source of the diesel leak. They have also found that I need to replace the CV boot clips to the driver side outer joint. I had also asked them to check about an air-sucking like noise or a sound similar to the whirlpool noise when a water basin sink is emptying from water, which I had noticed whenever the car was driving at speeds higher than 50mph or so. They have also pointed out that there is a part of the engine that is missing -there is no air intake pipe, or air intake snorkel, as they call it. Is that an important part of the engine? I have read some horror stories online about the possibility of the engine being destroyed if that part is missing and the car drives through the rain. Since September, when I bought the car, I have been driving in rainy conditions for many hours -being in Newcastle upon Tyne suggests that this is quite standard anyway.... Is there any case I have caused any major damage to my car? Thanks everyone in advance for your input, help and advice, Kind Regards, George
  16. Hi, I have a 1.4l 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec and I feel like it looks a bit round without a body kit. I wanted to get the Zetec S body kit so it will still look standard, should I still tell my insurance company? I am with MoreThan. Would it cost less if I used a Ford kit or would they offer me the same price as for a third party kit? Thanks in advance, Tom.
  17. Hello I saw an ad for a 2010 ford fiesta titanium 1.6 titanium petrol. It's got a maroon interior and I'm going to view the car today. I know it's a cat D so I'll get an inspection done by a professional (RAC or Dekra) and it's done low mileage 27k on the clock. Had a look at MOST history and it's all clear apart from advisories on tyres. Just wanted to know if if there are any tips when I inspect it such as any common problems to look out for or of there were any recalls for this model. This is my first post so apologies if I rattled on for too long.
  18. Hi guys and gals! I have new H7 bulbs to swap on my current Ford Fiesta MK7 14 plate and I've watched a ton of videos on how to remove the dipped beam bulb but when I've gone to remove mine it looks nothing like the one in the photos. It does say In small print Phillips Germany engraved on the metal bulb housing. I'll add photos, and maybe I'm being stupid but I don't want to break anything! I just need to know how to remove the bulb. That's all. Many thanks in advance! :)
  19. hi all

    hi all im paul raftery from Roscommon Ireland my new car is a 2015 ford fiesta zetec 1.25 its a great car I upgraded from a 1998 ford fiesta
  20. Hi guys, first time poster here :) I currently drive a 2002 Silver 5 door 1.4 petrol fiesta 40,000 miles :) It's the first car I have owned that I actually care about, I wax it every day and keep it looking great, I'm doing a few mods to the car, and I want to start by making the car louder :) I would like a nice earthy grumble from the car but nothing crazy loud :) What is the best/cheapest way to go about this? (Not a nail in the exhaust) 😂 Thank you for any replys!
  21. Hi Only had the car a short time (Ford Fiesta 1.25 59 plate) so have been getting used to it. Just noticed today though that there seems to be a light in the boot. However this doesn't go on when my boot opens. So I've went and got a new bulb to see if that will do the trick but its still not going on. Wanted to check if anyone has the same car and the bulb goes on when the boot is open, before i start farting about with fuses. Thanks in advance. Craig
  22. Hi everyone, I'm new to ford (just bought a Ford Fiesta 1.25 59 plate) and wondering if anyone could help me with a few "issues" i have came across. 1. Is there anyway to get into the boot if i accidentally lock my keys inside? (For future reference) is there a lock or button behind the badge? 2. Also i know it has a lockless fuel cap but what if i want to put in some fuel system cleaner, i can't find a funnel or pipe anywhere in the boot? Thanks in advance Craig
  23. I have a ford Fiesta Flight on a 51 plate. The heater is only blowing cold air. I have checked the coolant level and this is on Max and also flushed out the heater matrix. As the pipes were cold after the heater control value and hot before it, I replaced the heater control valve. but the heater is still blowing cold air, and the pipes are the same cold on one side hot on the other. Has anyone come across this before. I don't want to replace the heater control panel unless I need to, is there a way of checking this is faulty before replacing this (I have a multi meter), or could it be something else? Thanks in advance
  24. Hello guys, This is my first post to the forums, so I'm fairly new. As the title states, is there any engine covers I can get for my 2016, 1.0 Fiesta ST Line Red Edition? If so, would it have any effect on my warranty? Probably silly to ask, just want to be safe. Thanks.
  25. Fiesta Sat Nav Problem

    Hi Everyone, I've just bought a Sony head unit with the sat nav screen. I've installed the new head unit in my Fiesta and everything is working spot on with a little help from a blue fakra gps antenna. The only problem is it has switched all of my miles displayed to kilometres on the car and on the nav screen. When going into the display settings to change back to miles it just won't let me click on it, will only let me select km? Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Thanks in adavance to everyone