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Found 662 results

  1. Hi everyone! I really want to add some rally style mud flaps to my MK7 Fiesta.. I'm thinking performance creations off eBay? Anyone got any suggestions? I...think I'll go for the Kaylan as they are more durable but should I go for red or black? Would be really helpful if someone has fitted them too... so I know what to expect! Thanks!
  2. Hi all. Been about my car since getting some tips on my last post. While driving, the car was swaying/shaking (as if i was purposely shaking the steering wheel left and right quickly) iv also noticed some noise when I'm driving and I'm starting to think the 2 problems are related so iv took some videos of underneath my car when I push the each side by hand. (Can't video it when I'm driving). I Think it might be the suspension but iv really no clue. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Can't add a vid from my phone so here's a Onedrive link.!ApT0C6F2Q35YixhWJ0QCwj3xqO1w Note: Videos 1,2 & 3 are at the rear of the car. 4 is the middle looking at the front and Video 5 is the middle looking at the back. Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone! I really want to add some rally style mud flaps to my MK7 Fiesta.. I'm thinking performance creations off eBay? Anyone got any suggestions? I think Kaylan is more durable material than the standard but what colour? Red or black? I can't decide! 😭 Thanks in advance!! 👍🏻
  4. Just a quick question… does anyone have a Ford Mondeo 2015 or newer (new shape)?? My car listed above has a tyre pressure monitor on it, I have inflated it a few times but every week now it goes off saying the pressure is low (but not flat). I have topped it up according to the manual for the bar/PSI and reset the monitor, give it a week, same thing. Not sure if I have a slow puncture and the tyre monitor doesn’t give individual tyre pressure readings (it’s all or nothing), just wondering if anyone else had the same issue? Don’t really want to go to Kwik Fit for them to tell me there is nothing wrong….
  5. Hey Guys! just scrapped my 2003 mk6 fiesta and now own a 2003 mk1 focus, thought id jump on some forums and get myself out there this year.. started going to events a bit later on in the year last year and quite enjoyed it! so this year im starting off with my mk1 focus project!
  6. Hi guys, Can someone please help with this issue, i'm using an iPhone 6 via USB to play music through the car, sometimes when i connect it, bang straight on and fine, no issues and can control everything fine from the steering wheel but other times i connect my phone... NOTHING, jack *****, can disconnect it, turn the car off then on again turn the phone off and on again and nout NADA. This is single handedly one of THE most annoying issues I've ever had with a car, considering when i'm in the car i'm kind of in a hurry to be somewhere, not wanting to sit there ***** about with a lead for twenty minutes haha. PLEASE HELP
  7. Has anyone upgraded their steering wheel before how easy is it basically i want extra buttons on mine as mine didnt come with bluetooth i would like the phone buttons, my current one has the cruise control buttons can anyone suggest where i can get ones from ideally ford models
  8. I can't adjust my steering wheel on my Fiesta 2010 model MK7 I believe(not the face lift though) I don't have a lever although in the manual it specifies I do. i have a bolt here which appears to be on a runner, although I'm not confident. I've uploaded a picture (not really clear either I know) can somebody help me. thanks in advance.
  9. Here is the link
  10. Hey I'm new to this site but I'm looking for making my car sound much sportier, not specifically really loud but sound sporty, I have a Ford Focus zetec s. I have nearly no clue what I'm looking for so any help is appreciated. I'll tag a photo of my car. You can't see the exhaust so I'm not sure if that will make it more difficult. Thank you
  11. Will a stainless steel custom catback (with resonator) from powerflow deliver a better exhaust tone than a custom backbox from the same company? wanting something loud but not tooo loud and dont want it to sound farty or chavvy.
  12. Hi everyone. Looking for some advise/help. When I drive my car at high speeds (30mph+) the car slightly sways left to right. I've had the wheels tightened & the wheels balanced but no change. Taken it to the garage but they cant find anything. Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, how'd you fix it? Cheers
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows if you can either fold in or push in the wing mirrors on a Ford Ka Zetec? i have a 13 plate
  14. Hi, I know this may sound dumb but what is the paraflu tube for in my Ka? I just bought it today and topped the oil up but not sure what the paraflu thing is at the front near the radiator and what do i need to put in as it is below the minimum level Thanks
  15. Hey, new member here! I'm Nathan, 21, from Bradford. Had my zetec s for around a year now but only just got into the whole "modding scene" so I'm still learning... be kind Not going for any mods too big or too expensive just yet so only got the Halos and the Batman v Superman badge. Birthday this month so once that's out of the way I'll hopefully be adding something new to the car if anybody has any ideas. Thanks:)
  16. Hello all. I was cleaning my Focus today, noticed some lettering on the rear bumper, spelling out ICE in quite thick lettering. Ive come to the assumption I'm driving a former squad car from the Police but never recall seeing them use MK1's that often as squad cars for that time period. I'd attach a picture but the lettering is only faint. Like it's just the outline of where the vinyls would have been. Just wondering if anyone had any information on police using these cars. It's only a 1.4 but has a lot of poke which would explain a lot.
  17. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  18. Hi, I've tried to look on here and online for an answer as well as asking a few friends but I can't seem to find anything... I know that you can swap the MK6 Fiesta rear wiper with the MK7 for a smarter look etc but I was just wondering, as the MK7 Fiesta rear wiper is 1" longer than my MK6 rear wiper does that mean that I can use the same rubber length for the MK7 Fiesta in the MK7 Fiesta wiper? I have had a look and I don't think this will impede on the connection, just the length and I can see I have about 2" clearance with my MK6 Fiesta rear window.. Any ideas would be great! Thank you 😊
  19. Hello, Firstly, not sure if this is in the right section so apologies if not! I've got a 2015 Ford Focus zetec and until today it's been working beautifully. The problem I'm getting is when I get in the car plug the phone in and turn on the ignition it starts charging and connecting to either music or Spotify, after a few seconds however, it'll say USB 1 (or 2, depending on the port) device removed. But it'll definitely still be plugged in. It then stops charging the phone. ive tried removing and plugging it back in with absolutely nothing happening (no charging or sync notifications) on either USB port. The only way I can get to do anything is by turning the ignition off, opening the door, closing the door and turning the ignition back on, but then I'm back to square one with the disconnecting after 5-10 secconds. I've also tried a sync master reset with no luck and the issue still occuring. Im really hoping someone here can help as it used to be working like a dream! Thanks in advance! Tom
  20. Hi Im new to this and dont really know about cars that why i have signed up to try and solve this problem. Yestarday i filled up my tank and as the evening went on my car started to lose power in gears 4 5 6 and also pulling very slow in the other gear, it felt like someone had just taken the turbo out, i have rang ford and was told i need a diagostics test but read other forum with people staying that ford saying there was no problem. My car wont go over 65mph and wont go over 3rpm even if i have my foot right down. There is no warning light etc i really dont! I read another forum before saying his focus went in to limp mode after 2 days of hot weather and the last 2 days it has been 16+ here which is hot for the area. Also i have seen articles on the shell station saying the fuel is rubbish so thinking it could be a fuel fliter. Please can anyone expand my knowledge on what i already know. Cheers
  21. focus

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help, the other day after after locking the car the side mirrors folded in fine, when i unlocked the car the following morning only the passenger side mirror unfolded. I can hear the driver side mirror working but in order to fold and unfold the mirror i have to click the unlock and lock button on the fob a fair few times until it gradually folds in or out. Also with this, when sat in the car and i press the mirror fold button the car with lock itself as if i've pushed the car lock on the stereo column. I have checked the fuse, put some WD40 on the spring of the mirror. Just after any advise before paying through the arm to have it looked at by the garage. many thanks in advance Dale
  22. Hello, everyone. I have a very quick question about the Sport mode in the PowerShift transmission on my new Ford Mondeo (11/2012 Titatium Ecoboost 2.0 203cv Powershift), which I just picked up today: Does the car need to be stopped, in order to switch between "Drive" and "Sport"? And if not, if there any speed limit to do this? Incredibly, the Ford seller couldn't answer me this question and the owner's manual isn't clear as well: while it says that "When you select position S, a gear change may occur depending on the accelerator pedal position in relation to actual vehicle speed" - thus implying that it can, indeed, be changed while moving - it also clearly says to "Apply the brakes before moving the selector lever and keep them applied until you are ready to move off". This can be seen in the Mondeo Owner's Manual: (, page 151 and 152) I'd appreciate some help. Thank you in advance.
  23. Please help, any one any ideas? a couple of weeks ago my ford fiesta edge started making these high pitched whistling noise, no effect on performance at all and no warning lights, even took it in for mot, mentioned it to the garage and it still passed fine, they said they couldn't hear it and didn't notice anything under the bonnet... what im finding odd is there is no particular times when this seems to happen, i.e. its not always when accelerating, breaking or turning ?? it just seems to happen randomly, it could go for miles and miles with nothing then have a bad 5 minutes, then other times it will be bad as soon i set off in it and the noise will fade ... even got my friend who is a mechanic to come round the block with me to see if he had any ideas and of course at this time it was quiet as a mouse, next day going to work i could see other drivers looking over at the car obviously hearing the noise , most of the time its not terribly loud, but can be sometimes. please any ideas let me know its driving me mad :)
  24. Hi, yesterday I noticed I was leaking oil. Originally assumed it was engine oil but looking underneath the car I think its pretty much coming from a gearbox sensor,,, Unfortunately I don't know which sensor is it (check manual and haynes), its near the front of the car, on the gear box (more to the passenger side)
  25. I have a 2014 Ford Fiesta. The passenger speaker sometimes has a weird static. It happens with all input devices from bluetooth audio, sirius XM, or radio. Even the sound from activating the voice commands sound is this way. It doesn't happen all the time, and I can't determine what is the cause or solution for the problem. Every time I am about to take it into Ford, it doesn't have this issue. Sometimes it will be perfectly fine for months. Other times it will sound like it has a static type noise distortion. It almost sounds like a radio station with bad reception. Any ideas?