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Found 675 results

  1. First off all sorry if this is the wrong section to add this, I've literally just joined. I am wanting to upgrade my MK3 titanium x focus diesel 1.6 performance and need some help on limitations and whats worth doing and what's not. I want better sound if possible and looking to fit a exhaust system, any ideas? Places to buy and/or fit also? Also want a remap and looking to upgrade the turbo etc but not sure where to go? And of it's worth it? Also any small changes I can make that will improve Performance? Thanks in advance and again sorry if this is the wrong section. Matt
  2. I recently bought a 2006 1.8 tdci focus, can hear something slightly rattling around in the engine when stationary and if i was to put my clutch foot to the floor and lift it slowly half way up the noise changes in the engine then goes back to normal when i put it back down its not bad at the minute but id rather get it done sooner than later. Im sure someone on here has experiencend something similar to this. Would be much appreciated for the feedback 👍🏻
  3. As title, can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether a sync-era display and sony branded radio can be fitted to a non-sync (BT/VC system) car, and bluetooth still work - less bothered about nav voice control, but voice control in general I could also do with keeping functional. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  5. Hello everyone. I recently traded in my mondeo st for something a lot newer and it was a sad day but it needed to happen. I have driven it about for a few days but it seams that there is something wrong with the parking sensors. When I come to a stop or low speed my front sensors come up and go straight to red as if something is really close to the car but it isn't. Could any of you shine a light onto this as to what I possible could be? Sorry this isn't the best explanation but I don't know how else to explain it. Cheers now Jon.
  6. Hey people I am new here. I bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.25 82 PS from a reputable garage (Bristol Street) and have had it almost 3 months it has 15K miles on the clock and has been problem free until yesterday when I heard a pop could not tell if it was from the engine or tyres but on checking the tyres they were fine, so decided to continue on my journey home but it was slow going I could not get the car above 60mph on the motorway and I also got my dad to check the tyres and he said they were fine. It is still under warrant until the 23/05/2017. Any idea what this could be? My first thoughts were the syncro or the spark plugs but a car bought from a reputable dealer like Bristol Street Motors. I dunno either way I am worried.
  7. Hi everybody Can anyone tell me how to connect the fuel pump and the carburetor. I have ford fiesta 1.3 mono injection and can't connect the fuel ignition Sorry for my bad english
  8. Hello all, I currently dive a 2005 Ford Focus mk 2 and have had huge problems since I bought it I bought the car with a 1.4 duratec engine and about 5 days later started showing signs of head gasket leaks, after that I nct (Irish mot) and passed it. I bought another car but it has a 1.6 vvt engine . After swapping the engines I can't get the camshaft sensor to connect and it now causing the engine light to show up and making gear one shake the car as if it wants to stall any ideas on how to stop this?
  9. Hello, I'm new to the forum and was hoping I might be able to get some advice. I've just converted a horse trailer into a catering unit weighing about 1500KG and i've been advised by a number of people to get a diesel mondeo estate as they're pretty cheap and reliable. I'm wanting to spend no more than £2000 Do some 2.0TDCi variants get better MPGs than others or are they all the same? Do any versions have an aux input? What are the key repair jobs I need to be looking out for? flywheel? etc etc Thank you for your time, Tom
  10. Hi all I have a 14 plate focus titanium in frozen white and am looking at new spoilers for it. The spoiler that I have seen is 'oxford white' and I am told that it is the same as frozen white but is called that in different countries. Is this correct? Thanks Joe :)
  11. I've had a squeling noise coming from the engine when I first started the car for a few days, it happens for the first few minutes of the car running, more so when the battery has been used also when I turn my steering wheel full lock. I assumed it was the serpentine belt, however when driving home yesterday my car lost all power, and was making a bit of a clunking noise, The battery light also came on and I lost all power steering. Again, this pointed to the serpentine belt snapping. However, I've looked at the belt and its there, it's even spinning when the car ignition is turned. When the ignition is turned the car won't turn over, I can hear a spinning sound but won't fire up. I've put it in first gear and turned the ignition and the car pulled forward so starter motor is fine. Completely baffled any help much appreciated
  12. From the album Ford Fiesta (ST Look)

  13. Im wanting to buy some alloys if anyone is selling some (Not after the ford alloys). Just unsure on whether to stay with 18"s or to go 19"s. I have coilovers at the moments which needs to be fitted so can adjust to any height. Also Wanting to get the ST Flat Bottom Steering wheel which i need to know will fit my car and also if the cruise control function will work as i don't have that. I know that you need to mess around with a software to enable it but just want to know if i get the buttons and the wiring for it will it be a plug and play sort of thing with enabling it through a software or is it more harder than i think. Any suggestions on what mods to do to my car feel free. MODS DONE SO FAR: ST SPOILER, LIGHT SMOKE TAIL LIGHTS, HEKO WIND DEFLECTORS, DECHROMED, DEBADGED, GEL BADGE OVERLAYS, REAR WIPER DELETE. Thanks
  14. Hi guys, I'm wondering if you can help me... I've just got my 1997 1.3 KA back from the garage having failed its MOT. The speedometer doesn't work, the garage replaced the speed sensor cable and found it made no difference. They ran diagnostic checks... all was okay besides the engine management system ECU which they got no data from. They suspect internal ECU failure. What would be your advice on how to go about this? Just wondering if you've seen anything like this before, and if you know a cheap fix? Thanks to everyone in advance.
  15. Can anyone settle and argument? Is the component a front anti roll bar or front ball joint? Also does it look like it needs to be replaced? It's so I know what to get.bottom end top end Thanks in advance Craig
  16. Hi everyone! I really want to add some rally style mud flaps to my MK7 Fiesta.. I'm thinking performance creations off eBay? Anyone got any suggestions? I...think I'll go for the Kaylan as they are more durable but should I go for red or black? Would be really helpful if someone has fitted them too... so I know what to expect! Thanks!
  17. Hi all. Been about my car since getting some tips on my last post. While driving, the car was swaying/shaking (as if i was purposely shaking the steering wheel left and right quickly) iv also noticed some noise when I'm driving and I'm starting to think the 2 problems are related so iv took some videos of underneath my car when I push the each side by hand. (Can't video it when I'm driving). I Think it might be the suspension but iv really no clue. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Can't add a vid from my phone so here's a Onedrive link.!ApT0C6F2Q35YixhWJ0QCwj3xqO1w Note: Videos 1,2 & 3 are at the rear of the car. 4 is the middle looking at the front and Video 5 is the middle looking at the back. Thanks again
  18. Just a quick question… does anyone have a Ford Mondeo 2015 or newer (new shape)?? My car listed above has a tyre pressure monitor on it, I have inflated it a few times but every week now it goes off saying the pressure is low (but not flat). I have topped it up according to the manual for the bar/PSI and reset the monitor, give it a week, same thing. Not sure if I have a slow puncture and the tyre monitor doesn’t give individual tyre pressure readings (it’s all or nothing), just wondering if anyone else had the same issue? Don’t really want to go to Kwik Fit for them to tell me there is nothing wrong….
  19. Hey Guys! just scrapped my 2003 mk6 fiesta and now own a 2003 mk1 focus, thought id jump on some forums and get myself out there this year.. started going to events a bit later on in the year last year and quite enjoyed it! so this year im starting off with my mk1 focus project!
  20. Hi guys, Can someone please help with this issue, i'm using an iPhone 6 via USB to play music through the car, sometimes when i connect it, bang straight on and fine, no issues and can control everything fine from the steering wheel but other times i connect my phone... NOTHING, jack *****, can disconnect it, turn the car off then on again turn the phone off and on again and nout NADA. This is single handedly one of THE most annoying issues I've ever had with a car, considering when i'm in the car i'm kind of in a hurry to be somewhere, not wanting to sit there ***** about with a lead for twenty minutes haha. PLEASE HELP
  21. Has anyone upgraded their steering wheel before how easy is it basically i want extra buttons on mine as mine didnt come with bluetooth i would like the phone buttons, my current one has the cruise control buttons can anyone suggest where i can get ones from ideally ford models
  22. I can't adjust my steering wheel on my Fiesta 2010 model MK7 I believe(not the face lift though) I don't have a lever although in the manual it specifies I do. i have a bolt here which appears to be on a runner, although I'm not confident. I've uploaded a picture (not really clear either I know) can somebody help me. thanks in advance.
  23. Here is the link
  24. Hey I'm new to this site but I'm looking for making my car sound much sportier, not specifically really loud but sound sporty, I have a Ford Focus zetec s. I have nearly no clue what I'm looking for so any help is appreciated. I'll tag a photo of my car. You can't see the exhaust so I'm not sure if that will make it more difficult. Thank you
  25. Will a stainless steel custom catback (with resonator) from powerflow deliver a better exhaust tone than a custom backbox from the same company? wanting something loud but not tooo loud and dont want it to sound farty or chavvy.