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Found 631 results

  1. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  2. So I've realised that Ford UK are useless and won't update my sync for me, so I've found the US version by signing up to their website with an American VIN. Long story short I have the US sync update downloaded to my PC ready to go (i hope). I am wondering if anybody else has done this and if it works or not? I have a 2014 Fiesta Zetec with Sync v03.00.09 If I find this to work and anybody wants the update for their car (I have downloaded version 4.6 using a 2014 Fiesta Titanium) then I will send you it somehow. EDIT: Added some pics of the fiesta I used for the vin. Looks like the same stereo as mine on the inside.
  3. Hi All, Does anybody know where I can download the latest SYNC update for the UK? Ford Fiesta Titanium 2015 1.5 TDCI Regards, Martin
  4. Hi Guys, While walking to my Ford focus today I noticed that my break disks look slighly rusty on each side (see pictures). Is this normal? Or is this a sign that they are getting worn? When breaking while driving the car stops in good time and I notice no squeeks or the car moving to one side.
  5. I'm thinking about buying a 2016 model Ford Fiesta titanium X, but one of the most important features to me is the keyless entry, and I'm wondering whether all titanium X models come with this feature or whether it is an optional extra? The brochure I read says that it's standard with the titanium axe, but on auto trader it doesn't seem to get mentioned in the list of features very often…
  6. So I have looked to replace the heater blower motor. However, when I've looked in the passanger footwell it doesn't look the same as photos I've seen to replace others. is this because of the model of Fiesta I have? So I'm not sure how to begin there. also is there any way to find the OEM part number without taking the car to pieces. Ford Fiesta Ztec Climate 1.2 2005
  7. Hey All, Just had my car in for a service, and its failed MOT with the things below. In your experience how much would you expect to pay for these repairs? The cost for new brake pads and disks is £216 The cost for the parking brake "fix" is £172 (apparently includes the purchase of multiple handbrake cables). Also is the shock absorber advisory anything to be worried about? (if so is it expensive to fix?) Help!! I have no idea if I'm being ripped off or not! Any advice would be highly appreciated :) Reason(s) for failure offside rear rear brake recording little or no effort (3.7.B.5a) front brake disc in such a condition that it is seriously weakened (3.5.1i) Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7) Advisory notice item(s) offside rear Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (2.7.3)
  8. Hi there, My first post on here and its due to my wee fiesta. For the last few weeks in the cold weather the fan belt has made an awful screeching noise from first turning over to being up to temperature. I thought nothing of it and planned to get it fixed when I get it serviced. The other night it was good awful hence I decided to get it in to a little garage who diagnosed it as just a simple change of the belts. Happy days and I was on my way to the tune of £70. However the next morning the sound was even stronger. It definitely wasn't fixed. Hence I parked the car up at home. Decided not to take the car away with me to work. However today while heading out. The car just will not start. The little 'trustworthy' garage I used is closed. The engine will turn however it will not fire. After a few attempts I stopped as I smelt a little electrical burning smell I assume from the battery. However don't hold me to that. Anyone got some suggestions of what it could be? Could the issues just be completely separate? Any help is appreciated. - R
  9. How's it going folks, I've been a member on the FOC for a little while now, I've done more reading than I have writing, although now comes the time when I would love some advise and I found why not bring it to x amount of people that own Focus' themselves. Attached is a photo of my Mk3 Focus, just for fun, not really an up to date photo, its just cool Anyway! In a little while I am planning to Stage 3 various parts in my car, at the moment were at Stage 1 with a remap and a K&N Air Filter + Box. Its sitting at around 140bhp although I know that with power CAN come issues, has anyone been successful with making this type of Focus into a project. My question is though, has anyone upgraded their clutch? My car is 2011 with 61000 and I know its going to be clutch time soon so I want to upgrade the clutch so when I go for a new turbo, injectors etc theres a better chance of not burning the clutch in a week. @PaulMcCafferty97 on Instagram if anyone wants to follow the project:)
  11. I have a clicking kind of noise coming from my passenger side wheel area. The frequency of the noise will increase as I speed up. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I drive a 2010 Fiesta Titanium with a Zetec S body kit.
  12. Hello everyone, I just wanted to say hello and to OFFICIALLY join the Ford owners club as I have just purchased a '14 plate Fiesta zetec s Red edition, which is in fact the first Ford vehicle I've ever owned in my life. absolutely love the car and it's a big step up from my Peugeot 107! got a few plans for the car nothing performance wise as my insurance goes through the roof due to age but hopefully a few years down the line for sure! anyway that's all I have to say and uh, well that's it. thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, So I've had my Fiesta for just over 6 months now. The problem I'm having is that when I'm reversing, the car makes a groaning or moaning noise, as if it's struggling. Seems to have got progressively worse over the past week. Also, the difference between in reverse and out is so minute I end up grinding half the time! Has anyone else experienced this with their Fiesta? Thanks!
  14. About a month ago, my front left dip light blew, simple fix, and after a few weeks, it blew again, and i changed it again. Today, (after a few more weeks) its blown again, same one, so i changed it. (since i bought a pack of 2 and used one from that pack) When it blew however after getting petrol, it blew, how i knew though was because all lights, (the dip on the right hand side, speedo illumination) went MUCH brighter, the wipers sped up quite a bit and the battery light came on, then after a while, about 10 or so seconds, it went back to normal and i noticed, one side of the road seemed a bit more dim, so I stopped for a bit to look, and it was the same dip bulb that had blown, so I got home and changed the bulb with the last one i had, then i had to go back into town to do a small amount of shopping, and as i left the shop, 10-20 mins after i arrived, i started the car up and it seemed ok, then i left the junction where the shop was and noticed the battery light on, wipers going fast again, and lights going brighter, so i pulled over in this small car park, where i had to look and see that it had blown again, minutes after i replaced it, and i continued to another shop, to get fish and chips, the entire journey, the battery light not going off this time, also the speedometer getting to 10mph, but then dropping to 0 suddenly, (also the fuel needle dropping to 0 the same time the speedometer needle drops) so i stopped, turned the car off and got my stuff from the fish and chip shop, started the car up and it, seemed ok (apart from the dip that blew earlier) but as i pulled off to go up a road to turn around and head back home, the battery light came on again, so i thought if i turn full beam on, put the fog light on and put all wipers on full would drain some of that charge, just to see if it would go off, it did for a while until i got up to speed, (speed limit, 30MPH) (by now i had put the full beam off and fog light off since i was in a town and there were more cars around) and it came on again, so i realised it didnt work and i put the wipers back to normal speed, and turn the fan back down, and continued back home, where the battery light was on for the entire journey. Im just wondering, as i think i know the signs but i just want to make sure, is it an alternator problem? Overcharging a bit too much? Or is it something else? Like a short circuit or something else?
  15. Hi all, I've had a look around and pretty sure I could give changing my exhaust system (from back box to the CAT/manifold) just wondering if there are actually any videos of someone doing it themselves? As I can't find anywhere and I've read getting the bolts that attach to the mani/cat are a bit fiddly to get out and it's a one piece system. If not I might have a look at doing a video myself as I feel like there aren't enough for mk6 DIY guides. Thanks, Rhys ✌️
  16. Hi, So I've recently just changed the regulator on the passenger side of my Ford Fiesta MK6 2003. Taking off the door lock was a piece of cake, but putting it back on is proving difficult. The screw that goes into the side of the door does not line up with the keyhole housing on the inside. Does anyone know if there's anything obstructing it from going in? Or is there something I'm missing?
  17. Hi I have recently noticed that the factory fitted light within my cup holder has stopped working does anyone know of this or a solution to fix ? Thanks in advance
  18. Hello guys, I'n new to the forum and this is my first post. I'm wondering if you could help me with a matter I have on my 2011 Ford Fiesta Mk7 Zetec 1.25. On the driver door I noticed the door seal has came loose/coming off. I'll attach some pictures, I don't think the seal is perished or ready to be replaced its just come loose. What is the best thing for me to do regarding this issue?
  19. Hi All Just a quick one I had a accident a few nights ago where the front left wheel on my fiesta took a heavy hit on the curb from a almost straight on angle. It has definitely knocked the tracking out of line and maybe bent the steering Colum. The only thing I am unsure on is that the wheel has been pushed backwards by about 2-3 inches, could this mean something is bent or just purely tracking. The car will be put on a ramp soon I just wanted to gather as much information before hand. Thanks In advance
  20. Hi guys, I have a 2009 Zetec s 1.6 TDCi with 75,000 miles... I recently got the glow plugs changed (and cam belt) to see if it would fix the issue but it didn't. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be. When the temperature is low (5-10 °C) when turning the ignition the car starts relatively quickly but the rpm drops (700) then rises (quite high, 1100) by using some type of "auto revving tool". The engine never stalls. After about 20 secs of doing this, the car idles completely fine and when driving, it drives perfect. Say if I drive the car, stop and then go back to the car (while warm) there is no issue with start up Someone please help! Thanks alot, Harrison
  21. Hi. I usually leave topping my engine oil up with the garage when it goes in for service or M.O.T or other work. But I check regulary. So I dont really know whats the best oil to buy for my car. I know that my car needs 5W - 30. But when browsing online after putting my car reg into different online checks. It comes back with different names. For example, Fully Synthetic, Part Synthetic then it will have like A1 or A5. Are these something that I can only have one of or are they just different grades of oil that will still work for my engine. I have a feeling that I can only have 5W-30 Fully Synthetic but not sure on the A1 and A5 etc. I have a Ford Focus Zetec S, 60 plate with the 1.6 Petrol engine. Any help will be appreciated.
  22. Hi there, Just looking for some advice. I have a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium 1.6 Diesel. Is it OK to run this car on Biodiesel? Thanks, John.
  23. Hi there I have a ford fiesta mk5 x reg. I was hoping someone could help me out with a few things with my car. I can't seem to find the boot release button and I've looked everywhere! How can it not have one? Also there is no tachometer, that rev meter thing....I mean how can a car not have a rev meter I'm so confused?! And one last thing..does anyone mk5 owners know how to replace the tailgate contact plate because mines is broken and my rear demister is not working. Thanks for reading this and I hope someone can help me.
  24. Hello, Hopefully someone can help. I'm trying to renew my car insurance and one of the questions is asking if I have an alarm system? According to the user manual of the car I do, but I've never heard the car go off and i've tried many different tests but nothing??? I understand it has a immobiliser but just not sure about an actual alarm. It's a Ford Focus LX 54 plate. Many Thanks!
  25. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this. Just had my car in for a standard service and they've pointed out the following: Lots of oil in coolant (head gasket?), brake/coolant change required, front discs and pads need replacing, drive shafts leaking, suspension broken at the front, major oil leak on underside, rear trailing arm bushes broken, urgent replacement of timing belt, tensioners, water pump. total bill so far is over £1,500 excluding head gasket problem. Car needs two new tyres, new exhaust through-out and possibly handbrake needs looking at, the alarm is also not working for some reason, so even more work to be done. Car is 4 years old, around 80k miles and I've had it since new. Serviced at recommended intervals, no expense spared but this could top 2,500 on a car that's worth 5k? Car is on finance with another year to go, so I'm stuck. Can't sell it as it's knackered and is out of MOT, which it won't pass with the the above oil issues creating clouds of smoke. Only suggestion I've had so far is to buy another brand new car and add on the remaining finance but that's just another 5 years (or 4 years probably) of paying for another car that I don't really want. After 4 years, the same thing will happen again. Doing 20k miles a year is harsh on a car but not beyond the limits of what it should do. I was hoping for 100k of trouble free miles before a big bill (maybe a grand?) How can a 4 year old car be so completely knackered despite being serviced and maintained by an approved dealer? I used to own cars that were 10 years old, never a problem, never more than a £500 repair bill for something massive going wrong. My last second hand car had 150k miles on it and only needed new tyres before I traded it in for something I thought would last a few years wrong was I..should of kept the banger!