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  1. What should I look out for?

    Hi all Just about to finally pick up my first Ford on Monday, it's a 12-plated Focus Titanium 1.6 diesel. Ideal for me and my small family. As I'm new here I'm just wondering if there's any tips, ideas, advice, or anything worth knowing about the car - Quite a vague question I know, but anything you guys can tell me would be of benefit and greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance Jody
  2. Fiesta recall

    Took my 1.6 tdci zetec s 60 plate in for a winter health check today, and told ford doing a recall on the diesal glow plug module, cos when it rains it affects the module, ford come up with a solution and replacing the module free, just an heads up for other diesal owners. 
  3. Hi All, First Post 3 weeks ago I brought a car from a car garage. Within 3 days it started to backfire and started to lose speed. later realised that water was getting into the spark plugs. So I changed those and also fitted a new battery due to finding that there was hardly any power starting the car. Took to a garage for a report which lead to realising the core plug was corroded, front break disc where corroded and that passenger front shock absorber was severely corroded and leaking oil onto the break disc.  Anyway now the car just isn't starting at all.. Recovery said its the starter motor however partner came home and some how managed to start the car. This morning I've gone to start it and again just not starting at all.  Every light comes on the dash and the mileage is just shown as ----. (See pic below) I've also noticed the immobiliser light is flashing like mad.  So I literally do not have a clue what the problem is?  And whether it's worth fixing as I love the car or just take it back? (however car garage said that if I return it refund will not be in full as he will charge me usage "but won't be more the £500" LOL?! Even though I've only had it 3 weeks)  the car was £1450 55 plate, 1.6 Ford Focus LX, @88,500 miles described as machially sound (just a heat cover needed reattaching which my partner did.) Do you know what's up with it?  Is this common/major issue?  Would your bother repairing it or just take it back for a refund? Any suggestions/ advice I would be grateful 
  4. Back

    From the album My little Ford

  5. Front

    From the album My little Ford

  6. IMGP2307

    From the album The silver surfer (Puma)

    Show us your plates, Who has a prive plate and if you do what is it???
  7. Hi I'm new to the forum so be nice lol, Just orderd my new red edition and will be picking it up on Monday/Tuesday!!!! Dealer told me it's the new "16" model and has drl's and new rear lights, along with a colour screen and a new net pocket!!(didn't get that one). Can anyone shed any light on this or even better have any pictures of the new changes? Cheers
  8. I have a 55 plate fiesta zetec 1.2 and the radio has stopped working. I was driving with the radio on and stopped for ten mins. When I turned the car back on the radio would not work anymore. - It still lights up so I presume it still has power. - I have checked all the fuses behind the glove box and the cigarette lighter fuse had blown which I have now replaced. Any ideas what could be the problem? I've been told that the radio has a fuse in the back of it. Is this true? Thanks...
  9. Fiesta Versions

    Anyone help please with something I find confusing as a newcomer to Fords. I have a 2011 Fiesta Automatic 1.4L, otherwise basic no bling except A/C. The numbers are all correct on the car plates and documents. I dont understand why at the top of the Vin plate on the drivers side door panel it shows as Titanium & 1-4 Duratec I thought that Titanium was for the top of the range? and thought the engine would be Zetec. The car does not have any badges on the rear passenger side where sometimes I see Zetec, Titanium etc. Could someone please explain Titanium and Duratec Thanks
  10. Fiesta Red Edition Question

    Hello I have a few questions about Fiesta Red edition (15 plate). I have just purchased some 55mm gell wheel centre caps that are meant to just stick over the existing "Ford" centre caps on the wheels. I'm not sure I want to do this as I would probably still be able to make out the blue, original, cap. Is there anyway to take the cap off or remove the original blue centre cap so that I can then stick on these aftermarket ones? Another question, I want my locking wheel nuts and the rest to be black, are there any online which I can buy or am I just best to coat them myself? Thanks. FIY these are what I have bought for my red edition:
  11. Engine Systems Warning Light

    Ford Owners Every now and then this red cog with an exclamation mark lights up on the dashboard when i turn on the engine and then stays on until engine is turned off, but then the next time i start it there is no light. This light never turns on when the car is running always on initial start up. I believe the light is supposed to be engine systems or powertrain failure but there is no loss of power and the car seems to be working fine but i am wondering if it is a bad idea to ignore this as i have a 200 mile journey next weekend. Thanks Lewis Jopson
  12. Hi all! Just thought it would be interesting to share the best number plates people have seen out and about? Personally, my favourite is S7UNT on a nice new Lambo ^_^
  13. Hi I have a 53 plate ford focus zetec and I want to change the 6000cd stereo that is currently installed. I bought a fixing kit of ebay that came with a wiring harness but the end that is supposed to fit to the original ford wires do not fit. I went to Halfords to see if they could help and they sold me some wires and again these did not fit. so I was wondering if anybody on here could help me find the wires I need for my focus stereo. I have attached pics of the 3 wires that came out of the original stereo thanks
  14. Hi All...I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if this post has been answered many times. I bought the cables and have fitted a aux input in my Focus which means I can listen to Slayer instead of Nick Grimshaw. However, its not pretty and prone to falling out....please see the attached pics. I am looking for 2 things: 1. A replacement blanking plate if I cant make it pretty 2. A blanking plate which will accommodate the Aux in I have but which will stay in place. I've scoured this site and Ebay and cant find a solution. There is a great post on this forum on fitting the USB charger etc. but that's a bit beyond my DIY skills and requirements. Can anyone please tell me how I can either just get a replacement blanking plate (I can't find the OEM part number) or one which will accommodate the connectors and will stay fixed in place and not be so ugly. Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Cheers. Robin.
  15. Hi, I recently purchased my mk 2 focus 1.6 tdci estate car to replace my company car due to retirement.all seems well ,she goes quite nicely,however when I stop in traffic or reverse a little I get a strong smell of old diesel in the passenger compartment,but not if the fan is set to far I have replaced the oil and filter the pollen filter and engine air filter to no avail.the gear-lever gaiter was holed so that was replaced still with no improvement.the rubber seal along the rear of the engine bay,in front of the air intake(below the windscreen ) was loose ,now reinstated still has not solved the smell.if I have been on the road a stop the car and walk around it I get the same strong smell of old diesel? I would appreciate any help /comments.this car has 107,000 on the clock. Much obliged peter
  16. Hi All, I am new to this forum and unfortunately for me it’s not through good circumstances, I purchased a Ford Fiesta Zetec 10 plate from Jennings Ford in May 2012 when it was 2 years old and had only 10,000 miles on the clock. I am just a young girl (early 20’s) and had to buy it on finance (the only debt ive ever had in my life), it was something of a luxury for me and I had to buy it on Fords finance (through Santander) for 4 years. I have never ever purchased a car through a garage before, only second hand through private dealers and have never had any major issues with them. Lucky me….just under 2 years later the car is 10months out of warranty I had been away for 2 nights I came back and tried to drive the car and the power steering had gone off and the steering wheel light and traction control lights were on the dash board. The AA came out and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, I am only a petite girl weighing 8 stone and I couldn’t possibly drive the car without power steering. My dads in motor trade and first instinct was to get a friend to put the diagnostic on it, which he did and he advised my dad it was the steering column, to which we rang the Jennings ford garage I purchased it from and he advised us that of a car that age (NOT EVEN 4 YEARS OLD!!!) that its simply not possible and to bring it in for them to check (which has cost me around £100 inc VAT) and sure enough the results were that it is the steering column. Jennings ford want £1,000 to repair it. Can I just ask how is it acceptable to expect someone to pay £1,000 for something which is clearly a mechanical fault??? I brought this up with ford and was very patient with them – I have now been without my car for nearly 3 weeks while it has gone on and basically I have to pay it or I am paying my finance everymonth for NOTHING!! I joined this forum to advise everyone to STAY AWAY FROM FORD FIESTA ZETEC’S 2010 REG AS THEY HAVE A CLEAR MECHANICAL FAULT WHICH FORD ARE UNWILLING TO ACCEPT IS THE MANUFACTURES RESPONSIBILITY. It would have been an entirely different story if I had my 2year old niece and 6 year old nephew in the car and it had went off when I was driving it as I would have clearly lost control of the vehicle and crashed. I am absolutely disgusted with ford and the way I have been treated and how SHODDY this car is!!!!! I wont stop until as many people are aware of this issue!! Funny how this is my rights yet Ford does not care…… The Sale of Goods Act 1979 doesn't say exactly how long goods should last. The general rule is that goods should last for a reasonable time and in reasonable condition. For example, a new car should last for several years in a reasonable condition but you may need to replace some of its parts over time. If goods don't last as long as they should, they probably weren't of satisfactory quality when you bought them. For example, if the sole on a shoe comes away after a few weeks of normal wear, this suggests that it was never of satisfactory quality. – WHO HERE THINKS A STEERING COLUMN SHOULD BREAK BEFORE THE CAR IS EVEN 4 YEARS OLD???? Thoughts and comments are welcomed……….. Thank you for your time
  17. Hello fellow club members, I 've opened this post as a last resort in my attempt to find the owner of a BLUE 5 door 1993 Escort TDX 1.8. The car has been of the road for a good 15 years, so just in case anyone knows something, your help will be appreciated (pm or reply). Registration plate is K11 KER. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
  18. Hi Guys, I have a 63 Plate Focus, but my driver side front speaker has started to crackle. Is there any way of fixing this??? I want to have my music on but can not stand the fuzzy noise. Someone help me? Thanks Laura :)
  19. Focus Help?

    Hi Guys, I have a 63 Plate Focus, but my driver side front speaker has started to crackle. Is there any way of fixing this??? I want to have my music on but can not stand the fuzzy noise. Someone help me? Thanks Laura :)
  20. Focus Help?

    Hi Guys, I have a 63 Plate Focus, but my driver side front speaker has started to crackle. Is there any way of fixing this??? I want to have my music on but can not stand the fuzzy noise. Someone help me? Thanks Laura :)
  21. IMG 1289

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  22. Smd Led Number Plate Unit

    Just ordered a set of these off ebay: Has anyone bought these and installed them? If so how easy were they to install, do the old units need to be cut at the wire and connected to these? They claim to be plug and play but I know that's not always the case!
  23. Door Locks

    Hi all,I have a V plate 1800 estate,when I use the key to lock/unlock the drivers door the rear doors don't unlock,does anybody know what the problem might be,? And can it be easily fixed or will it be costly to repair? Any advice would be much appreciated,thanks Graham.
  24. photo 1 (2)

    From the album winch mount

  25. Hi guys, need some help here as I've got a little problem with my number plate lights. The left one was flickering for some time so I did replace the bulb to see if it was this, to my surprise it was still flickering. So, I opted to go for two new clusters, but upgraded (all in one LED Modules) ones. When I popped the boot it worked, great, however... I did it again to get back into the boot and it no longer worked :( This also means that my dashboard lights (aka clocks, heater controls) no longer light up. Heres what I've done so far to try and resolve it: Changed the fuse, I changed F20 (7.5A) to a 10A fuse (Although the 7.5 didn't look blown). Changed back to the old clusters, but to still no joy. Taken a multimeter to the cables, power is outputted when the boot is popped. Any other ideas? It cannot be the whole loom as the Windscreen wiper, jets and boot pop still work! Stuck for ideas, not exactly please either being as I drive at night so don't really want to get pulled and then be known to the police. Plus it's an MOT failure as far as I know which isn't great!