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  1. Hi, Looking for some advice on which replacement water pump I need. The car is a 2003 StreetKa, registered in March of that year. The engine is a 1.6 Duratec (Zetec Rocam). It needs a new water pump. Two part numbers are listed and I'm unsure which I need. First part no 1229571 lists a water pump and gasket, and second part no 1798955 lists a water pump kit with no gasket ... sold separately. Has anyone fitted one? Do I need the additional part shown in the pump kit? Or can I buy the pump and gasket? Cheers, Ed
  2. Stiff Gear Changes

    Hey Guys, Noticed on my 2006 Fiesta after about 15 miles my gears become very difficult to change. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there an easy / cheap way to fix it? Cheers
  3. Mk3 2ltr Petrol Going Flat

    i currently have a problem with my mk3 2001 mondeo 2litre. if i drive it down the road (i wont get more than 50yrds) it goes flat with no throttle response and sounding and feeling like it has no fuel (theres half a tank) i turn the vehicle off and let it idle and i can rev the nuts off it no problems. but the minute the vehicle is in motion it dies on me. it has had a full service 3 months ago and been ok since. it has had the following changed; coil pack and everything on a major service, it has also had the full tank off and the inner filter cleaned and checked and all pipes have been checked for blockages. any ideas would be great and this cars last chance before it reluctantly goes to the scrap yard (annoyingly its just passed mot and has a 12 month ticket on it)
  4. Swapping 1.25 Duratec Head To 1.4

    Hi, I have a Mk6 Fiesta with a 1.25 Duratec has anyone changed the cylinder head to one off the 1.4 duratec? Or know if doing it is possible? Many thanks
  5. Hi all...... please help if you can today whilst driving my ford fiesta cut out for no reason and wouldn't start back up..... there where no warning signs car has been driving like a dream and starts first time only bought the car not even a week ago full service history so can't think of what it could be. The fuel pump is working as you can hear at first turn on the ignition.... it's trying to start but won't do the last cough to start engine management light on dash and oil light too but thus happened today when it conked out has anyone had this problem before because it has completely baffled me Mechanic has it now but won't be plugging it in till tomorrow but even he his baffled too Please help ford fiesta LX 1.3 duratec engine ohc it's just had a service before purchase 73000 on the clock and chain driven All help appreciated and welcomed
  6. Hi All, I have a 2007 ford fiesta 1.4 duratec with +- 115k km on the engine. Yesterday I found a lot of oil in my coolant container, but no white spots on my dip stick or oil cap. the car has not over heated. Could anyone assist me in attempting to identify the problem? I would greatly appreciate it. Regards Mawande
  7. Hi, I have a mk2 focus 1.8 duratec with 53,000 miles on it. When I'm on the motorway the car feel jerky when accelerating, almost feels likes it misfiring, anything over quarter of a throttle it jerks and feels like it's holding back, really annoying . Parts replaced for other reasons are, 02 sensors, map sensor I have also tried a set of coils and no difference. Any help would be very appriciated! I have brought an egr blanking plate so am going to try that.
  8. Hi everyone, first post in this forum. Just bought my second Focus, a Mk2.5 Titanium. Got a few plans for it already and thought i'd keep a log of what i get done. Any idea's, feedback and comments would be much appreciated. Here she is when i first got her home: First thing i did was hive her a good wash and wax: Very pleased with the car so far and hopefully will be updating often. What's everyone's thoughts?
  9. Good Evening, can anyone help me? I am trying to source a 3 piece clutch kit and timing belt kit with waterpump from that most respected of sources - ebay. Unfortunately different motor factors on there seem to provide different parts and I am very confused. Even my local motor factors has said they need to call technical support to confirm any parts! I am unable to get an engine variant code (e.g. EYDB, FXDA or HWDA etc, etc) from Ford who state the only information available is: Focus Zetec 1.6L Duratec 16v TI-VCT 115/120PS engine with 5 speed manual transaxle transmission. Can anyone help with the part numbers of appropriate Ford replacement parts, or better still, tge parts numbers from other suppliers - like LUK clutches. All help very gratefully received - against a bit of a deadline. Kind regsrds
  10. When accelerating through the gearbox 2nd, 3rd, 4th and reaching rpm of 2500 to 3000 foot is flat on the floor every time, it jerks and stutters around this rpm. Unsure if this fault has been answered already. Someone has said about using different unleaded fuel not the standard stuff? Ive noticed it more when ive just fueled up or carrying a slighlty heavier load i.e camping stuff. It almost feels like something is missing/slipping, also when going through this area its power is flat. any advice or help is greatful.
  11. Engine Dies Then Seizes

    HI, I have a Mondeo 54 plate 2L TDCI duratec 6 speed estate. About 2 weeks ago, while driving, the car shuddered then stalled on a trip. When I tried to restart, the battery seemed as though it was dead. First instincts was one of the earth straps had come away. I replaced them but still no joy. There was a major drain on the battery as soon as the ignition was turned as if the starter was jammed. Once I got the car transported home, the chain cover was removed but no visible sign of any damage and the chain is sitting correctly. I removed the starter and it spins normally. However, as soon as you put the car in gear, it will not move and the starter will not spin while its connected. Ive been told by one mechanic that its the dual mass flywheel has come apart and is jamming everything but aniother garage says its the engine. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, this is my first post, so go easy, but I don't mind constructive criticism! I've had my 2008 Focus Ghia Mk2 2.0l for just over a year. For a few months I've increasingly noticed 2 issues which may or may not be related - Starting with the engine cold takes about 5 or 6 cranks of the starter motor before ignition, when hot it is instantaneous. Four times (twice in cold weather, once in normal, and once in Spain where it was bl***y hot and had been running for several hundred miles!) it has failed to start - got it going after persistance mainly, but a bump start was needed on one occasion. The most concerning issue is what I'm considering an 'idle problem'. When releasing the clutch to engage 1st gear revs drop dramatically from idle ~800RPM down to about 500RPM and will stall if I don't push the accelerator to keep the revs up. A few times it has actually stalled, through no fault of mine. I've cleaned the spark plugs, the threads were a bit oily, but nothing ridiculous. And changed the air filter (which was the wrong size and didn't fit properly). Last night as part of my (failed) attempt to find the idle air control valve I took the throttle body off to see if it needed cleaning: Inlet manifold: Throttle body filter side: Throttle body engine side: Cleaned the throttle with IPA, and apart from starting a little bit lively this morning, no change to the idle problem. Hopefully someone can help or give me some advice on what to do next. Let me know if you need any more info... talking of which, the car has done 57k miles. Many thanks :)
  13. I have a 2003 Mondeo Estate with a 1.8L Duratec petrol engine which recently has started misfiring. The misfire appears to occur between 1500 and 3000 rpm and is more noticable during gentle/normal acceleration and less so under hard acceleration. The fault appears to have started after changing the spark plugs, but the plugs look to be working OK. Engine management light now on and looking to see if I can get the error codes read. Any experience of a similar problem and how it was fixed. Many Thanks Alan
  14. What Spark Plugs To Use?

    So after looking through the partly filled service book on my newly aquired Focus 2.0L Petrol Focus and doing an oil change today I'm thinking that it's possible that the spark plugs are due for replacement. After looking for a while on the FOC forums, I couldn't find an answer to "What would be a good set of spark plugs to give a good performance/economy". I came across this thread [LINK] on another website (sorry for digressing off this wonderful site) which basically states that using the 'Autolite AR103' may be my best bet, but it seems to be an american make and not readily available in the UK. Can anyone suggest a good substitution for this type in the UK. I think I'm looking for a copper plug that has a groove cut in the electrode and the electrode is nickel plated. FYI 2.0L Duratec HE Petrol engine 2006. Your recommendations please. ;)
  15. Water Pump ?

    I have a 2004 slovak spec 1.3L Duratec Fiesta, It broke down a couple of days ago, when one of the hoses going into the cabin bursted and caused coolant leakage, but when i removed the hose the ending where i think is connected to the water pump, how can i remove the water pump ? and is it made of metal or plastic ?
  16. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  17. Hi, just picked up a fiesta 2004 1.25. Noticed the rad header was low so topped it up. Next time I start the car there is a misfire and having taken off the engine cover/airbox, I find the spark plugs are swimming with water. Assume the two issues are connected. Am I looking at a split hose or a popped head gasket? Any ideas would be appreciated. Haven't taken the cam covers off as I don't want to get too far into the engine dismantling scenario. ~Cheers andy
  18. Hi all, new on here but I've been on as a guest quite often looking for advice :) my problem is this, The engine will turn over, fail to fire and cut out. also whilst cranking it if you even so much as touch the throttle it'll make this god awful sort of grinding noise and immediately die. any clues? recently had to change the thermostat housing as the old one ruptured and leaked coolant everywhere (this of course caused it to overheat and cut out at the roadside). also recently replaced the plugs and HT leads as the old ones had corroded causing misfiring, but this was at least a month prior to the coolant issue. oh and it's the Duratec engine. hope at least someone will have a clue as I'm stumped frankly. Many thanks :)
  19. Hey All So i have a Mk3 fiesta sitting around doing nothing as it was my first car and i haven't done anything with it since i got my new fiesta so i was thinking of making it into a track car but unsure of my best options for what engines to put into it etc. Im looking to put a decent, reliable fast engine in it but im not sure how much work is needed for each engine so im unsure of what to put it into it. I was thinking a 2.0L Zetec from a Mondeo or another fiesta but unsure if it will fit easily? also what bout the 2.0L Duratecs? Another question i have is as my old Mk3 fiesta is 1.3 carb will it take much once a new EFI engine is fitted? If anyone has any suggestions or could help I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!
  20. Hey, I am new here but have a question that is repeated on a number of forums... I have a 2006 Ford Ka 1.3, a few days back the speedo stopped working and then I ended up with a with a mil light on. I ran a diagnostic myself and found that the Vehicle speed sensor is faulty. I followed teh manual I had ans was unable to find the sensor at all. I checked where they said but the manual is for the earlier model ka. With my 2006 model it is a duratec engine with a different gearbox. The model is fitted with abs - could the wheel sensors act as the speed sensor too? My question is... where is the speed sensor mounted... and whats the easiest way to get to it? Any advice would be appreciated (pictures even more so.) Thanks in advance to any replies!!!
  21. Cougar V6 Squeal started a while back, dunno whats causing it.. sounds like its at the left cam (bottom of windscreen) dont wanna start ripping stuff out the way and taking the cam cover off, lubing it all up just to see its still there.. :P anyone else had this? sounds like bearings..