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  1. Hi all. New to the forum and driving! Yesterday I put a deposit down for a very tidy 2007 Fiesta Zetec Climate with the semi-automatic Durashift transmission. I'm picking it up next week, very excited! :) Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum section, I just a quick question: I test drove the car and really liked it and I've driven both manuals and fully automatics before. I just wondered what gear you leave this Durashift in when you are stationary. I've been taught to leave manuals in neutral and automatics in park when I am going to be stationary for a long time (i.e. arrived at destination or parking). Since this semi-auto doesn't have park but it does have neutral, I guess I leave it in neutral when I'm parked or have arrived at my destination? Thanks! Sorry for my silly question! ;)   
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can help me but I would be most grateful for any advice. I went out to my car this morning, it was iced up. I poured Luke warm water over the front and rear windscreen and then set my wipers going, I also sprayed some screenwash. Well the first couple of sprays and swipes from both wipers worked fine and then suddenly everything stopped. My first thought was that the fuse had gone. However. A very kind man (a customer at work) overheard me on the phone to a garage to check whether they stocked fuses and said he had been a mechanic for 20 years and would have a look for me. When he returned he said the fuses were fine. He didn't think it was the motor though, as the front, rear and screenwash had all stopped working. He mentioned a possible loose connection? Then when I spoke to a friend, he said that he still thought it could be the fuse - he had had fuses before which looked ok but had, in fact, blown. I hate to admit it but I'm completely broke at the moment so I was hoping it would be an easy fix. I also can't get my car to a garage until Monday and I'm working tomorrow so I could really do with it for then. With the snow though, I just can't risk driving without working wipers. Does anyone have experience of this problem? Or know of a possible cause and/or fix? It's a 2004 ford KA sport. (1.6 litre) I would be so grateful! Many thanks in advance
  3. New Owner 2010 Titanium

    Hi, have just taken ownership of a 2010 Titanium, driving home I've had the shift from 3 to 4 crunch the gears, can anyone help? Its under warranty so its down to the garage to fix, so i would like to get it done asap. Also the CD rom for the sat nav is missing, I've had a look on eBay but there appears to be no 2010 disc available. Does anyone have the part number. The rear boot load cover is a bit shabby too, anyone with a decent unit for sals? Thanks in anticipation. Mik
  4. Hi all, I have a Ford Fiesta 2003 1.4 Durashift Automatic, the car has issues with 3rd gear. When driving the car will shift into 3rd gear but there will be no bite, almost like the car is in neutral. As you are driving the car will shift into 3rd but then you end up reving to the red line and there is no power. If you let off the gas and let the revs goes down the car will shift into 3rd gear and continue as normal. The issue only happens occasionally. Can anybody offer any advise on how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  5. Guide Fitting Gen Labs LED DRL'S Auto Dimmer Relay This Guide is now available to download in PDF format see link: Here is a Guide to fitting a Gen Labs auto Dimmer for Drl's but i have used the auto dimmer module for my ST gauge Pod instead of fitting it to some DRL'S and it is a fantastic little piece of kit, i have drawn a diagram in this Guide for fitting the unit to DRL's but i have used it to dim my gauges and it works 100% if you are fitting some DRL'S or aftermarket gauges this is a must have piece of kit, and ideal for DRL's to ensure they are road legal and not blinding to other drivers at night. Here is a link to the one i have used in this guide: they also offer a kit for the drls that dims the drl's when the indicators are active: The unit is much smaller than I was expecting, as you can see the size in the picture below when positioned next to the ford key Fob, it fits in to practically anywhere, supplied with a double sided sticky pad for easy mounting to prevent it from rattling around. The unit comes supplied with instructions for fitting to DRL's so here is an image of what you get in the post: Below this text is the Diagram i have drawn for the unit to be wired to DRL's Below this text is the Diagram i have drawn for the unit to be wired to Gauges if like me you want the gauges to illuminate 100% brightness when the ignition is on, and automatically dim to 50% Brightness when the interior lights are switched on. then splice the white cable and the orange cable to each other. the results will be 100% light on with ignition and when you switch on your lights the gauges will dim to 50% brightness thus less glaring at night giving a nice stock apperance and easier on the eyes when driving at night, while also being clearly visible during the day. but if you would prefer to have control of when the gauges Dim to 50% you can purchase some cable and a rocker switch from here: 2 Metres of Cable: 12v Rocker Switch: Insulated Crimp Spade Connectors: and run the two cables both white and orange to the rocker switch via the additional cable, this will mean that the gauges will illuminate 100% all of the time when the ignition is on, unless you put the switch to on, then the drls will dim to 50% until you put the switch back off again. I had already installed my gauges before i realised they were too bright for night driving, so i had to re trace the connections and if this unit in to place, So i removed the stereo surround and the stereo, taking note of the stereo code prior to removal, and also removed the switch panel for the rear window de-mister, where i had spliced in to an interior light positive feed, i removed the original cable leading to the gauge light positive feed and spliced in the grey feed from the cable instead, to the positive interior light feed. Then Splice the Yellow feed from the module, to the Positive feed leading to the Gauge lights. Only 3 cables left to connect Next Step is to splice the red feed from the module to the Ignition Positive feed in the car, i have used the Interior heater controls to obtain an Ignition Positive Feed for the gauges Power, so i spliced the Red feed from the Module to the Positive ignition feed on the heater controls Coloured Black/Orange . No Image of this one sorry, Final Step : Splice in the Negative feeds from the Module in to the large black feed at the rear of the climate control unit, i had already spliced a feed to the large black cable for the gauges previous wiring arangment so i spliced in to it instead of making two joints in the original loom. Job Done replace all panels and stereo, im very happy with the end results, my gauges now illuminate when the key is turned in the ignition, and also automatically Dim at night when the lights are switched on.
  6. I have a problem on my 1999 Mondeo Ghia X 2.5 v6 24v Hatchback. The chime that lets you know that you have left the lights on when you open the drivers door has stopped working and I can find no reference to where it is located on the car. I have been told that it may be in the light switch, under the dash on the right and that it might be under dash on the left and behind the drop down fuse panel can anybody help me to find and repair it please. Tom
  7. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this - any help would be gratefully received!! Once I switch my windscreen wipers on, I can't turn them off. At all. The stalk itself is in perfect working order but when set back to the 'off' position they keep going. When I turn the engine off they keep going... When I take the key out & lock the car they keep going... I think you get the picture! It started a few weeks ago when, whilst the wipers were set to wipe intermittently they suddenly juddered & started wiping continuously. I reset the stalk to 'off' and they kept going thus rendering the stalk useless (unlees you want to turn on fast wipe which works fine!) I found that the only way to switch them off was to open the bonnet and once I open the fuse box lid the wipers stop mid wipe - I don't have to touch anything inside the fusebox (although I have made sure all the fuses are seated correctly), once they're stopped I can then use the stalk to single wipe to reset the wiper position. All back to normal. This led me to think it was the fuse so I popped to the local dealers (as Halfords don't stock them) & bought a replacement No. 30 Circuit Breaker, fitted it and crossed my fingers. Yesterday it was raining and during a 20 minute journey the wipers seemed to be working fine - switching from intermittent to continuous wipe to off and back again perfectly, this lead me to turn to my son and say 'at least the wipers are working again...' 2 minutes later at journeys end the bonnet was up & I was removing the fusebox lid again - but this time when I try to reset the wiper position they just start up again... I've never posted on a forum before which probably indicates how completely baffled I am by this. When I went to buy the fuse at the Ford Dealer I told the Service Reception guy & he just looked as confused as me. I've told mechanic friends and they haven't heard of this before. Any help or advice would be welcome! Thanks in advance. Mark.
  8. Hi there new to the owners club and forums, can anyone shed any light on my issue. I have only had the car for about a week and today after starting our car and driving a short way up the road the car lost power, engine light came on and then the car stalled. Has anyone had this issue before?
  9. the clutch is slipping in my auto gearbox,recently started,what are the chances of me replacing the clutch,had plenty of experience with clutches over the last 50 years,no probs taking the gearbox out,got good workshop.or should i just replace the gearbox.?does anyone have an auto gearbot knocking about in their garage that i could practice on?.
  10. Hi Boys and Girls, I'm the proud owner of a 55 reg focus 1.6 tdci security dog van and, would like some help with locating a gearbox for it. I'm so far finding this seemingly simple task increasingly impossible as they are a rare car to start with. I'm wondering if anyone knows if any of the gearboxes from the petrol variant will fit or any from say a cmax or fiesta (if they made this in an auto diesel)? If I knew some answers then I'd be able to widen my search including these models. If anyone knows of anyone with a gearbox for my car, please do get in touch as I want to get my dog van back on the road ASAP. Thanks in Advance. Bally80
  11. Hi I'm New And Need Advice

    Hi Boys and Girls, I'm the proud owner of a 55 reg focus 1.6 tdci security dog van and, would like some help with locating a gearbox for it. I'm so far finding this seemingly simple task increasingly impossible as they are a rare car to start with. I'm wondering if anyone knows if any of the gearboxes from the petrol variant will fit or any from say a cmax or fiesta (if they made this in an auto diesel)? If I knew some answers then I'd be able to widen my search including these models. If anyone knows of anyone with a gearbox for my car, please do get in touch as I want to get my dog van back on the road ASAP. Thanks in Advance. Bally80
  12. Focus 1.8 Tdi This

    Hi all just wondered if any 1 else had problem with window wipers and indicator coming on when key is took out of ignition also horn keeps going off at random times which can be a bit embarrassing. The car in question is a 07 focus 1.8 TDI ghia I have left car with auto elec couldn't find fault and no sign of water leaking into fuses or wiring. Thanks all
  13. Hi, just recently upgraded from my 04 Focus to a 61 Focus and so far am impressed. I have one question about the stereo though. It works fine however if I'm on my own and turn the engine off the stereo stays on, even if I get out and lock the car. If I have a passenger and we park up and turn the ignition off and they open the passenger side door, the stereo goes off... Is this right? Should the stereo go off if either door is opened with ignition off? I've looked in the settings and consulted the manual, to no avail... Anyone know where its going wrong? Cheers Neil
  14. Hi all, new member here, first post! I've been given a focus to replace our 2nd car for family duties, a 2002 1.6 Ghia auto, with leather. Grandparents were offered peanuts when trying to trade in so I said I'd take it as it has 5 doors. Its on 102k but still drives relatively tight so quite enjoying it. Anyway we've had it a couple of months and I was changing the oil today and its missing its undertray. Not something everybody worries about granted, but I'm a stickler for cars being original and complete so I want to replace it. I've had an email exchange with a ford dealer but can't establish what I need- I thought there would be one big tray. I've attached pics of the engine bay looking up, and a diagram from the ford dealer. I think in my pic I have 8B384A, but need 8327B and 8327A (plus fixings).. Any ideas? Also when do people recommend changing the gearbox oil on these (auto), if at all? Cheers for any help
  15. Hi Folks

    Hi Folks Just joined mainly to learn stuff having just acquired a Candy Blue Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0L 100 PS Titanium X 5Dr. The Auto is to get my wife back driving as she had to give up driving her 1994 Reg Mondeo Ghia 2L Estate Auto which was pristine but the gearbox was BER. Must say I was shocked when I road tested this little 3 pot 1.0L turbo. So bought it trading in my 55 Reg 2.0L Focus Ghia hatch. Jamie
  16. Evening all, Recently purchased a 4 year old 1.6TDCI Titanium. All going well so far, love the car and how it drives, the gadgets & toys etc! This morning something weird happened (bare with me as I'm the least mechanically minded person ever) Reversed into my parking space, sensors picked up the fence behind me and the side sensor picked up the hedge next to me...all good so far.Had my iPod playing thru Bluetooth at the same time and the sat nav map was on (although not plotting a route)Popped the car into neutral and took my foot off the clutch - auto start/stop activatesOpened drivers door to check I had enough clearance for the space next to me...Main information and drivers information display goes off, everything seems to switch off and then flick back on againThe sat nav map showed my starting location rather than the actual location where I was.All very peculiar. I switched the engine off, left it for a mo and back on again. Map loaded up to the correct location and the bluetooth connection reestablished itself. On the way home however I noticed that auto start stop didn't activate the few times I would have expected it to. External temperature wasn't cold (about 10c) and cannot think of any other reason for it not to activate. Contacted my local Ford dealer who said I may have confused the hell out of the cars magic box of tricks and to keep an eye on it if it does it again. Anyone else experienced this or think they know what may have caused this to happen? Many thanks, Rob
  17. Electrical Cutting Out

    I have an 05 2.0 TDCI Ghia with only 63k on the clock Last year before replacing the battery i noticed that on random occasions either when i hit the brakes or the auto lights came on the - radio or power steering or cruise control or dash lights or headlights or all at once - would just turn off and back on again. The issue was put down to a faulty battery (according to ford) so i paid out for a new once. three months later it is happening again but worse about once a mile or so. i have had the battery and alternator tested and they are okay, the battery is apparently discharging faster than expected. Has anyone heard of this kind of fault before? or even better know how to rectify it? Please help Regards all Rich
  18. Windows Keep Opening

    Every so often, the windows on my 2006 2.0 TDCI Mondeo Estate come down in the night. Apart from it being a security risk, it could be raining overnight. I'm certain I'm not accidentally pressing the key & there are no water leaks into the carpet perhaps causing an ECU short. Does anyone have any ideas about what's causing it? Failing that, is it possible to disable the auto down windows feature as I never need it?
  19. Hi Everyone Bit of an odd one. I turned on the car today and used it for a couple of short trips after is had been sat for 3 days. When I went to try and clear the windscreen of water I found that the Windscreen wipers won't move! When I move the stalk I hear a click coming from the relay and I checked the fuse which was fine. I think it might be the battery as when I checked it it only had 14v coming off of it (I thought it should be 16v coming from it?) Everything else in the car works fine how ever, including rear wiper and washers. Lights (dipped, high and sidelights) radio, interior lights, central locking (well sort of its been dodgy for a while as the remote only seems to work when it wants to other wise I have to put the key in the door). The car starts fine straight away and when I was driving it was driving fine. Can anybody help?! Typical its today it chooses to misbehave as I start a new job tomorrow and its forecast to rain! Actually its raining out there now :( Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  20. HI Everyone! I have a 2008 Focus Zetec auto, and i am looking to retro fit the auto headlights and maybe auto wipers to it. I know i need to see if i have the correct wiring, however i was wondering if there was anyone they could help me establish this?! Also i will need to change the config for the car, i used to have a vauxhall astra and could do it on there however it's a little different with a ford. Not sure i would like to mod the ELM reader myself, or pay ford £70! I'm guessing that i would need: Auto headlamp switch Auto Wiper stalk Sensor and new mirror? My mum has a 62plate zetec when you open the doors and it is dark it automatically puts the side lights on (also when you unlock it) when you close a door they go off and then when you open on the come on, is this possible also? Not in any rush to get this done however would be cool if i could do it. TIA! Jonathan
  21. Irritating Issues

    Hi, I'm new around here and just bought a 2013 Focus Zetec S 1.0 Ecoboost. Pleased with it so far but have a few things I'm struggling to sort out and I know loads of you can help me out. 1) The drivers window goes down automatically but doesn't go up in auto. Is this standard or is there a fault? 2) How do you set it for the doors to auto lock when driving? 3) I used to have a Focus ST (now that was a great car, miss it so much . . . . . . ) and it had wiring for footwell lighting and it just needed the lamps putting in. Is it the same case for the Zetec S? Steve
  22. Auto Start Stop - Battery

    Hi, I've just bought a Fiesta Eco Boost, with the Auto start stop feature. All of my mileage is driven around the town, and so far the Auto stop is kicking in every few minutes (I go through 7 sets of traffic lights, and tow roundabouts on my journey to work which is only 2 1/2 miles). I am wondering what affect this will have on my car battery. In my previous Fiestas (of which I've had 14), none of these had that feature, but especially during the dark nights I would purposely have to go for a run out to give the battery a bit of a charge, if I didn't I would sometimes have trouble starting the car in the morning. I am wondering if in my case it would be better to override the auto stop (switching it off). I know that's not the idea Ford had in mind, but my car isn't getting to do any "normal" driving. I've also noticed that when I'm driving the car it feels as if the choke is out and the car is sounding/feeling like it's going to stall (the engine isn't running smooth). Is this because of the Auto Start Stop feature. I've only ever experienced this sort of thing when the weather is really cold and the engine has only just been running a couple of minutes. At the moment the weather isn't that cold (60 Fahrenheit). Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Always Main Light On

    Hi for all, in my Ford are main auto light. I what to make that always those lights will be on (when start auto). I heard that need cover auto light sensor, but I can find it...
  24. Durashift Auto

    Currently run 2010 Kuga Titanium X 4wd 2.5T. Looking to replace, either with a new Kuga or an X1. However, I want a petrol AWD and the only option is a 1.6 Ecoboost with 6-speed Durashift auto. The brochure gives no details of this transmission, but does list other (diesel) models with 6-speed Powershift autos, and gives some details of these. The dealer says he has never heard of Durashift auto(!). I don't really want or need an auto, but would be happy to accept it if I had some reassurance. Can anyone give me some advice on the Durashift variant? It appears to have very poor reviews online compared with manual or Powershift. Grateful for any comments
  25. Hello All

    i have a 1985 mk 3 escort auto gihia i live in london uk . i am new to this club