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  1. Hi Have owned a Fiesta ST3 for the last month, best car I've driven in 18 years of motoring. Got the Mountune Performance Pack fitted (MP215); makes an awesome car just that little bit more awesome...You'd be mad to not have it;) Now I'm starting to think, hmm, what next? I do like the look/sound of the Mountune Cat Back Exhaust, that's definitely on my list (sadly not in stock at the moment). If you have this exhaust fitted, would you recommend it? I am aware that the stock exhaust has to essentially be 'cut-off', which has me a little nervous, I'll be leaving that to a garage methinks... I'm also thinking of getting the Mountune High-Flow Induction Hose (a nice red one). Looks very easy to fit and, if the claims are to be believed, makes first to second gear & general power delivery that little bit smoother. Being somewhat of a newbie to modifying cars, I am wondering if I will be able to fit this hose easily. I know my way around some basics, but an online video makes it look like I could cope quite easily. Sadly, at the moment, they don't have the hose clips in stock, but I'm sure they will soon. Again, anyone got this hose fitted & would they recommend it? Thanks for any advice. Chris
  2. I bought a back box for my old ford focus, but it failed an mot and i could not be bothered to have all the work done to the car. Therefore selling a brand new rear box with a 2 year warranty. Cash on collection £25.00 07707709990 Se9 1td is collection address. Could deliver within 7 miles for £5.00 for fuel
  3. My 2ltr TDCI Mondeo, has an intermittent fault. The cooling fans come on even though the temp is OK, no loss of water, loss of power, and the temp guage drops back to minimum. Let the fans turn themselves off and the car behaves normally for a while then starts playing up again.
  4. Hey all, I'm new to this site so sorry if I am posting in the wrong place but I was wondering if you could advise me on what mods you think would be nice on my Fiesta ZS 1.0 Ecoboost. I have done a few things so far and they are as follows; From Factory: Privacy GlassAuto WipersDimming MirrorElectric Folding MirrorsReverse SensorsPush Button StartUpgraded Wheels 17"Heated SeatsOther Fitted Mods: Red Foot Well Lighting ST Rear Diffuser/Valance ZS Chrome/Red Front Grill BadgeZS Lockwood Scuff Plates1.0 Ecoboost Engine CoverBrake Calipers Sprayed RedI know that the rear looks terrible at the moment as there is no tailpipe showing but I am getting a custom cat back fitted this Saturday which I can barely wait for lol. A few things which i am thinking of having done are the wheels sprayed dark grey, having a front Triple R Splitter and having a Mountune induction kit fitted. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated and il try to upload a few pictures of it so far but as usual in the UK its raining, so its not going to look its best. Thanks in advance, Steve
  5. Hi , new oldie here, I only ever bought Fords at one time, I had about 7 new ones in a row, then I had a very bad experience with a Ford main dealership locally. Anyway after many years I've chosen to go with a 2.0 Focus TDCI Ghia, and drove it for the first time yesterday, and I have to say it's not under powered. The only thing I could do with is a 12 volt accessory plugin in the front for an iPhone. The daft thing is that there,s one in the back end, it being an estate, but not in the front, neither the centre console or the glovebox, where there appears to be a position for one. Can anyone please tell me if there,s an official plugin socket or do I need to fit an after market unit. Other than that, I did a 160 mile journey coming back with the car, and it was very impressive, and seemed pretty good on fuel. So if anyone can tell me about the way forward with the 12 volt plugin, I would be extremely grateful. Regards phil
  6. Fiesta Triple Deck.

    Hi, I've just got a fiesta and it has the triple deck, it is a 54 plate tdci so I believe it's a mk6? Basicly I either want to put my old sony head unit in or adjust the wiring to so I can plug in a aux or USB connection? Is this possible without replacing the unit or what is the easiest option and are there any guides? Sorry I'm still getting use to the site. Many thanks in advance for all your help.
  7. Fiesta1.4Tdci

    Fiesta 1.4tdci.Occasionaly seems to hold back just for a second,this can happen two or three times and away it goes again.tried new glow plugs and relay,and had new timing belt kit.once it happens it maybe two to three months before it does it again.Paul.
  8. If you are over 40 it's sad but true that over the next year over 90% of us will get a bad back at some point. It’s just the lives we lead and no matter what you pay for your Ford car these days, the necessary evil of today's driving only make existing back problems worse. Well, we’ve just launched a new eBook and it’s aimed at the millions of people who spend many hours a day in their cars. It covers basic advice to help reduce bad posture as well as some great simple stretch exercises (no lycra needed!). Top Physio and ex-British Army Major Nell Mead is the co author with input from osteopath and top car ergonomics expert Bryan McIlwraith (yes the AutoCar guy!) along with input from many other back specialists. We’ve had amazing feedback on the book from many car drivers and it's been downloaded over 10,000 times after just 9 days making it the UK’s number 1 downloaded book this week. Here is a link to the FREE eBook. The eBook will be put on sale soon so this is a great opportunity to get the book to your friends, followers and club members for free. Kind Regards DRIVE. Back Happy! Dr Graham Cox Co-Author & Inventor
  9. Dear Ford Owner Members Over the last year I have been collecting many different people's stories about their romantic and funny experiences in cars for an art installation called 'Back Seat Confessions' I am also collecting funny car images that people would like to contribute .. I am particularly interested in stories relating to romance, arguments and funny incidents to include in the narratives .. I would be delighted if you'd like to contribute your images or stories to the project - Please also get in touch if you'd like your car to feature in the installation - I am ideally looking for a Capri or Escort for the day on Sat 28th June for The Fling Festival in Chelmsford... You can see some documentation on my Facebook page: or on I look forward to hearing from you Many thanks Charlie Murphy
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. My 1St Ford

    Hello all, been driving for 12 years and I just got my first ford. Which is more of a rolling restoration. My first. i welcome any input to my cause and any parts ;), and vice versa if I can
  12. Hiya Folks , Just purchased a 2005 Ford 500 Limited. Discovered that the rear 6"x9" speaker wires are ripped completely away from the mounting tabs and cones..:( After entering the trunk to loosen what I thought would be retaining nuts holding in the speakers ,I discovered that the speaker screws are mounted to the 6x9's from the top. My question is: How do I remove the carpeted back deck piece that covers the screws? (Which also has the back brake light directly in the middle) I did notice a few Christmas tree retainer pieces holding the back deck in place . I hope that's all there is to it , if not, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated..:) Thanks a bunch, PepsiMoon
  13. Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone could let me know what exact back boxes i could get for my escort ? links to ebay would be grateful, i am wanting a big one (becuase im 17 aha) but also i got a little pee shooter on atm :/.. looking to spend around 35-50pounds :)
  14. Hi, I recently bought a Fiesta S1600 and when the garage were preparing it they got all polish on the black trim along the roof (Ie the runners for a roof rack) and now there are loads of white blemishes. I have used some turtle wax back to black to remove them but when it rains it just washes right off. Does anyone know what the best back to black is? Thanks in Advance Marc
  15. Money Supermarket Add Mk 7 Fiesta

    You have all seen the new money supermarket add the one with the silver MK7 fiesta at the beginning.First I noticed it has the optional extra centre head rest then I noticed its got an ariel on the back of the roof.That's strange.
  16. Was told by the previous owner that the air bag light stays on because of clock spring broken, although sometimes when warm light goes out , wanted to know if a clock spring from escort car would work if i cant locate one from a van and also the procedure for fitting it. Also the rear door only clloses with a massive slam, looks like there maybe a spring broken inside, those star shape bolts are they Torx ?? and what is the size Thanks
  17. Hi, I was a member previously and have returned having deflected to Renault for a few years... I am back, I have just bought a 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCi in Vision Blue (with BT and USB) and pick it up tomorrow and cannot wait I am like a kid in a sweetshop right now and probably won't be able to sleep tonight lol :) STU