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  1. Hi all, First post, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've just bought a Fiesta ST MK6 08 plate with the Sony 2nd Gen CD player I want to switch out the CD player for one with a USB plugin, but also want to make sure the steering wheel controls still work, I'm pretty sure I need a double din, something like this I've been into my local Halfords and they needed me to confirm if some kind of connector was bowed or unbowed?! Can anyone let me know if the CD player I linked will work and what kind of connector cables/other parts I will need? Also if I need a bowed or unbowed connector of some sort? Thanks Chris
  2. Ford Fiesta

    i have bought a ford sony cd player but cant get it to fit my ford fiesta what do i have to do to fit it can anyone help me plz
  3. I have a mk2.5 2010 focus and a few days ago, took it to the car wash and the guys there put something on my dash (don't know what it was) and now the silver pain started to peel of my buttons (top 3 buttons on the right side). Right now the buttons are transparent and some places on the fascia around them also started to peel off. My question is, can i get some replacement buttons for my CD player (CD6000) ? or the whole front part of the player? coz i don't want to replace the whole thing...
  4. Mondeo Ghia

    Hi, I'm new to this club, so if I'm in the wrong forum, sorry. I've had a 2006 Mondeo zetec petrol manual for 5 years, now due to a medical problem I have to have an automatic. I've found a low mileage 2007 Mondeo ghia petrol automatic, but the previous owner has put a really ugly stereo in, my question is, will my stereo from my 2006 zetec fit straight into a 2007 ghia, I'm pretty sure the 2007 ghia had a sony 6 cd changer as standard, as I bought a new Mondeo tdci ghia back in 2005. Any info would be appreciated. Ian
  5. Hi all, Recently I've been noticing this more often, when driving the cd player sometimes cuts out and loses power and refuses to be turned on, at the start it used to automatically turn it self on later. As time passed, its been getting worse and it seems to get aggravated most by bumps and sometimes high revs. note: pressing the button like a mad man after its cut out doesn't turn it on, however left over night sometimes it fires up in the morning but sometimes it doesn't. Help? P.S. I have no manuals for this car or a wiring diagram or fuse box layout diagram. It is the 6000 CD model.
  6. So I posted this a few days ago: And now I have an answer to whether it will fit and the answer is a dissapointing no! The only reason is beacuse the absolute moron who owned the car before did this to the wiring: It's such a mess :( Sad times for this ST's audio, such a shame.
  7. Focus Titanium - ls rns sat nav mp3 radio navigation unit not working. it has twice powered off and powered on spontainiously without requiring the code to be entered to re-start. whilst powered off the new battery power was totally disapated. there was about 1 amp flowing. on removal of the unit the current flow ceased. the power comsumption of the unit has been checked whilst out of the car and it is effectively zero (this is not definitive as the unit cannot be properly powered up out of the car and the intermittent nature of the fault). Can anyone offer any suggestions?
  8. My dad has recently bought this sony radio for his Ford Focus Want I want to know if something like this will work with that radio. It says in the eBay descrition that it will fit but I haven't had any experience with these adapters and would like some adivice to save wasting £11. Thanks.
  9. Ford 6000 Cd Whining

    Hey all, My Ford 6000 CD has been acting up, it's whining/humming when I play CD's and now even when the radio is on. Any thoughts on this? Best regards, Tommy C.
  10. i have recently brought a fusion + 2004 reg with a roof mounted factory fitted dvd player but do not have the key code for it. the car is second hand and the previous owner has lost the code, is there a way that i can reset the code to a new code for myself to get the dvd player to work or is it not possible. any help would be greatful as the kids here want to watch a dvd while in the car the model number is M001027 and it is a 7500 dvd system
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the Ford RDS EON 4500 audio unit User manual? as found in my 2004 fiesta? I would pay for a photocopy.
  12. Sony Cd Player Issue

    Hello I have a SONY cd player in my car i can not get any radio signal at all. Is there something that needs doing. sorry im a complete newb to ICE and Fords. I have a focus 1.8 zetec 06 plate All i really want to do is get the radio working haha. thanks in advance for any help
  13. Centre Console

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  14. Dvd Player

    I had a DVD player fitted in my car a week ago but I getting a warning "PICTURE OFF FOR YOUR SAFETY" even when I am not driving the car. Pls help
  15. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  16. Sony Radio

    Will sony radio just be a straight swap in a mk7 fiesta 1.25 edge? It has factory radio in atm but will sony radio swap over??
  17. Hey there everyone :) I just recently bought a 2006 Fiesta ST which I love but I'm trying to sort out the CD player. I bought it with a broken CD player (the 6006 model) which had a CDC error. I tried getting it fixed to no avail. So I bought a 6000 model off eBay. I plugged it in today, entered the code and everything seemed fine, other than the fact there is no sound at all. Every single button works but for what ever reason there is no sound. FYI, the sound was working perfectly in the 6006 model, it was the CD player functionality that didn't work. I tried re-plugging the stereo a few times and played around with it but nothing got it working. So does anyone have any suggestions before I send the CD player back for a refund? Thanks in advance, Tom
  18. Hello All, My radio head unit on ford s max titainium 2000cc TDCI ,keeps turning off after about 20 or 30 sec,comes back on 10 sec later then run for about 20 sec again then turns off, CDs or the MP3 player is the same. it is the blaupunkt toutch screen with dvd under it Can any one Help?
  19. Hi A couple of days ago I noticed the display on the 6000CD (Silver trim) was blank (only the clock was showing), everytime I made an operation (adjusting volume, changing radio station etc) the display came on for a few seconds then went blank. I've got a 09 plate Ford Focus Zetec, the display behind the steering wheel still display the RDS information, just nothing on the stereo. Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated
  20. Hey guys! I've currently got a Pioneer DEH-30MP in my Fiesta. Now you're probably thinking "Well why does he want to change it?" The reason is because of the Aux port of the unit is at the back... I just want to know how to go about this. I mean, the faceplate comes off so I didn't know whether it was a case of simply just getting another "face" for the unit but at the same time I think that would be way too easy :P So the real question is "How do I do it, what do I need, and will the connections be the same?" Thanks in advance, Mark P.S I'm working on photos of my baby
  21. Hi, Recently bought a 2006 Fiesta Zetec Climate and I can't, for the life of me, find the 3.5mm aux input for an ipod/mp3 player. The handbook doesn't tell you where it can be located and from what I've read in other forums, it may be wired but not present. Can anybody clear this up for me please? When I press the Aux button on the radio (6000CD) it works, so surely it has to be somewhere...!!? Thanks!