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  1. Sportka Front Panel

    Hi im Ash, im new here Ive just brought a 2004 SportKA, it has some minor accident damage which has started to be repaired but the guy i got it from decided to give up and sell as his wife no longer wanted the car. From what i can see it needs a new front 'slam' panel and a headlight. So my questions are, - Is it a nightmare job to replace the slam panel, will i need any specialist tools ( im a diesel fitter, so i have a limited tool kit), is there any welding required? - Will a slam panel and headlights from a standard KA fit my Sport KA? - Finally, is there a Haynes manual / workshop manual for the SportKA, had a look online but cant seem to find anything? On a separate note, couldnt be happier with my purchase, i get fun little car while the wife sticks with the bring family B roads have just become very intresting. Cheers
  2. hi all, All of a sudden the temperature and fuel gauges are not working on my 2007 MK2 Focus (1.6 TDCI). Noticed that when the engine is switched off, they dont go back to their original location. Is this something fixable or do I need a new cluster? Thanks Mark
  3. Odometer Display Problem

    Hi I got in my car a the weekend and noticed my LCD displaying my mileage was displaying what I thought was a message, it looked like it was displaying CL:CL . I googled this and could not find anything remotely like it. After further searching I realised I probably need a new Instrument Cluster so I purchased one on line from a reputable dealer. I have not received the cluster yet but after further enquiries it seems like it is the cluster that has the mileage memory not the ECU I can no longer see the mileage currently on my car and I read that there may be legal issues in changing the cluster. I would like to know 1. Is the current LCD repairable 2. is there anyway at all of finding my current mileage (it's quite low for the age of the car) 3. Is there anything else I should do either before or after I change the cluster. My motor is a Mk1 (2002) 1.8
  4. The display on my car I had got does not display mileage or anything there's a few marks in it looks like the display if faulty Any ideas ? Ford Focus ghia 1.6 auto 2002
  5. Dead Radio Display.....again!

    Afternoon , My Focus Titanium 2009, (with digital air/con) has suffered another dead display? I suspect a loose connection somewhere, it had gone dead previously for about a week, and then just as mysteriously came back. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  6. Mk5 Heat Problem

    I've heard and read that fiesta MK4 and MK5s can have a heat problem with either hot or cold constantly feeding through and not being able to change the temperature. Mine is doing the exact same. It's feeding through constant hot air. After having read a solution, I thought it could be a thermostat problem. The guy I bought the car from told me he'd already changed that not so long before I bought the car and it was bought in March. I then read it could be a heater control valve problem. I changed the heater control valve and it worked! For a day or two... No I'm slightly stumped as to what next to look for. I don't believe it could be the matrix. I don't think there is a blockage anywhere otherwise it wouldn't have worked as soon as it was swapped. I'm reluctant to think its the connection as I checked that while swapping over the HCV and it seemed OK. Plus, it wasn't all that long ago. There's definitely no Leaks. The head gasket hasn't gone and its not on its way out. A few people had mentioned the heater control panel might be an issue. The fans are working on all settings but there's no wires running from the temperature knob. It's all running from the fan switch, the bottom of the PCB board and the 12v power supply. I don't think it could be the HCP neither becauxe it was working g when the HCV was swapped over. And I'm sure the wiring is normal anyhow. Has anyone got any ideas? I've searched all over this forum and I can't seem to find the answer. I'd rather not take it tons mechanic and part with my money haha. Thanks guys.
  7. Hi, We finally picked up our 14 reg Ford Fiesta 1l ecoboost 125 last night (I'll get some pictures on soon), got it from Evans Halshaw Bury and paid for the official rear parking sensors to be fitted for pickup. Checked they were there all great, drove 45 mins home went to reverse into the drive nothing came up on the display showing the sensors, reversed back and it did started beeping but there was no display at all. I am right in believing it should show on the radio dispay in the centre of the dashboard? Like this?: I've phoned up Evans Halshaw and spoke to a women in services who's booked it in to be looked at but didn't mention that they would do anything. I'm right in believing this should be working for a £250 addition? and they should get it working for free and I shouldn't be charged whilst it's in? Thanks
  8. Air Filter Fitting Guides

    Hello all, This is my first post. I've spent a lot of time researching this forum site trying to decide wether or not I should buy a K&N Panel or cone filter or a complete induction kit. I still can't decide... I own a MK5 fiesta zetec(-s?), 1999. First car and i've owned it for a little over 4 months now. I'm wondering if anyone has a guide to fitting an air induction kit please? Should I choose to purchase one, I'd like to know how to fit it in. I think I'm asking because there was discussions about finding your own cold air feed with an induction? Or cone I'm not sure... I understand the air filters don't add much power and to be honest, I'm not after much. It's also for the experience of getting my hands dirty in the engine bay and knowing how things work! Thanks for your help guys. P.s. I know there are numerous posts and topics about air filters but none of them give me the answer I'm looking for!
  9. Had an incident in the car where a pole I was transporting (not the nationality) slid through between the driver and passenger seats and bashed the radio. It clonked the display and the 'ink' spread across an inch or so of it inside the glass/plastic. Subsequently, I can't read what station it is or search or do whatever to the menu. It's a bog standard 6000 radio cd player. I enquired with a local car radio guy and he says it'd cost £100 to sort it. Is there a cheaper way? I'm not that technically minded to be installing a new one or a replacement and actually thinking of selling the car (the button on the handbrake has slightly come apart too) but is there a handy or more cost effective way of sorting it?
  10. Myford Touch / Sync

    Does anyone know when the MyFord Touch system is going to be released in the UK?? Alot of google search pages say it was meant to be introduced late 2012 but obviously there is still no sign of it. I ask because I really want to get the new Focus ST but I would really like to have the 8 inch touch screen that is standard in the US. The back up camera and current sat nav look really silly on the standard 4 or 5 inch screen. I think they should offer the bigger screen even if the Sync system isn't up to scratch in the UK yet this video explains it a bit more
  11. Geared Wheel Info Display

    Could somebody explain this to me: On the info display there are 5 icons, cd, radio, aux and phone, the last one is a sort off geared wheel. It is is visible when using the key in keylock and remains visible during driving. There is no expanation in the manual and my garage can't explain it either. Maybe it is nothing alarming but I would like to know what the meaning of it is. Regards, Roeland
  12. Car Has Been Keyed?

    Hello guys, So this is the first time in 18 months that my car has been keyed. I'm almost 100% sure where it occurred, but not whom. I park my car down a side road where a couple of other people do and someone obviously doesn't like it. Fantastic. Here some images of the damage: I also noticed a few weeks back, under the lacquer is starting to look like it's been sanded.. So clearly the panel has been repaired before but rather carelessly. So the quotes I've had have said that they'd have to repair the whole panel and colour match the passenger door. Which has been valued at £300. Does that sound about right for this? Thanks, Charlie
  13. Evening all, Recently purchased a 4 year old 1.6TDCI Titanium. All going well so far, love the car and how it drives, the gadgets & toys etc! This morning something weird happened (bare with me as I'm the least mechanically minded person ever) Reversed into my parking space, sensors picked up the fence behind me and the side sensor picked up the hedge next to me...all good so far.Had my iPod playing thru Bluetooth at the same time and the sat nav map was on (although not plotting a route)Popped the car into neutral and took my foot off the clutch - auto start/stop activatesOpened drivers door to check I had enough clearance for the space next to me...Main information and drivers information display goes off, everything seems to switch off and then flick back on againThe sat nav map showed my starting location rather than the actual location where I was.All very peculiar. I switched the engine off, left it for a mo and back on again. Map loaded up to the correct location and the bluetooth connection reestablished itself. On the way home however I noticed that auto start stop didn't activate the few times I would have expected it to. External temperature wasn't cold (about 10c) and cannot think of any other reason for it not to activate. Contacted my local Ford dealer who said I may have confused the hell out of the cars magic box of tricks and to keep an eye on it if it does it again. Anyone else experienced this or think they know what may have caused this to happen? Many thanks, Rob
  14. Lw Focus Audio Wiring

    Hi All, I am a new member with a mission, I have searched almost all forums, web sites, Google Ford Dealership and Head offices but alas all to no avail. Every diagram that I get hold of is different to my car and I want to change out head unit but without information cannot make Harnesses. I have a German build date 31/05/12 Australian compliance July 2012 LW Focus Titanium with exec pack. The rear of the Audio unit has one only 24 pin plug second socket NOT used and two antennae sockets one black one white. The rear of the FCDIM display screen above unit is 4.2" and has 4 connectors look lie antennae the beige one is not used and the blue is GPS, do not know what others are for? There is also a 12 pin plug with ten wires in. Please see attached photos Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, as I would like to finish this project before coming back to visit UK next Wednesday. Have a great week
  15. 2011 Focus Titanium 1.6 Tdci

    Hi Guys, The car warranty ran out 19th August had the car serviced and MOT'd at beginning of the month and now the radio LCD diplay is slightly lit but nothing else comes up like radio staion names or the CD information, ideas how to go about sorting this ie getting this sorted even if slightly out of warranty ? Peter Will add pictures to this asap
  16. Focus '09 Key Not Detected

    Our Ford Focus '09 1.8 petrol has developed a fault or two. Been out with it and its started flashing up a warning to say the key has not been detected, the key was in the car, it didn't cut out.....just gave us the warning every 10 mins. Then I noticed a red LED on the dashboard up near the two green turn signal indicator lights started to flash intermittently, no pattern......just random flashes.....any clues? Also I noticed that once in a while the amber light/icon showing a car on slippery roads more code popped up this morning to tell me there was a fault with the steering, no faults found......after reading the book i see that in 56hrs it will disable the car.....lovely!!!! Oh and the radio has started cutting out.......and the windows won't go up and down suently every time....every now and again it pauses and starts again, in no particular place.
  17. Possible To Change Display?

    Hey guys, Quick question: I currently have this kind of display in my car (i don't have Sync) Is it possible to simply swap it out for a bigger one (found a few on eBay)? Something like this: or I was thinking it might be the head unit controlling the signaling to the display - does anyone know for sure? Or maybe if possible just change the whole head unit to the Sony one (looks better :D) and the screen with that? Thanks,
  18. Hi All, I’m new to this and pretty new to Ford’s. I’ve had to replace my pollen filter because moisture was getting to it. Around 2 months ago when I got the car, the windscreen was replaced and the guy was pretty heavy handed and didn’t replace the seal for the pollen filter. When I changed the filter last week, two of the little white clips and their black holders on the scuttle panel broke. Does anyone know what the clips are properly called because after searching the internet, I have got nowhere. A finis number would be good too so that I could order some. I’m also about to reseal the scuttle panel to the screen, should I use a genuine Ford seal, or juts get some silicone in there? Thanks in advance, Sam
  19. Hi All. Can anyone help with Settings for tyre pressure monitoring. Got my S Max 2012. Had tyre pressure monitoring option fitted. I am sure that when I played around with the settings I could set the pressure for low tyre pressure warning to become active!!! I Have recently tried to find this screen (Or menue) but am unable to find it. Can anyone tell me how to find this screen?? Can anyone verify it exists or existed?? Could it be missing because of some software update?? I have a constant warning "Check Rear Left Tyre" Actual tyre pressures match the information on the screen but this warning stays active. But please note recently I had to seperate the sensor from the car as the air valve got damaged during a tyre renewal. A metal dust cap was fitted and became jammed on due to corosion. (Warning do not fit any type of metal dust cap to these tyre valves they are made of Aluminium. Always use plastic ) Managed to get the air valve from Ford snapped on the original electronic module and a tyre fitter put the sensor back into the wheel. Please note the sensor did become seperated from the car. Mabe this has somthing to do with the warning?? But why has it not reset?? It is comunicating with the car as the correct tyre pressure is displayed. Went into ford dealer today but could not speak to anyone technical enougth to give advice. But they were very willing to book the car in (think I will wait till next service is due) Manual supplied with car is not detailed enogth to explain the various pages on the display. (Yes I actualy consulted the manual LOL) Anyway I Hope some one can shine some light on this subject please.
  20. Connecting Ipod Touch

    I've just purchased a brand new Ka Zetec and I'm trying to connect my ipod touch using an aux cable. The sound is great but although I set the display to 'title' all it shows is AUX and I can't forward or go back using the controls on the dashboard so i'm stuck listening to the random shuffle from the ipod. Any ideas? The aux cable isn't a genuine Ford one, would this make a difference? Has anyone used anything different that lets them control what they are listening to? Any help gratefully received
  21. I have had to order a replacement panel for the passenger foot well part no. 1498131. I was told that I also 2 x HC1 clips. I have the panel and HC1 clips but cannot work out where the HC1 clips are supposed to go. Can anyone show me/tell me where they are supposed to go? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi, I have a ford fiesta Zetec 5 door, theres a rather large dent in my offside driverside wing panel, ive ordered a new one however was wondering how hard is it to fit it myself? technically able, have replaced the bumper before, however is the wing welded? anyway around it? or is it fairly cheap to take the new part to a garage/bodyshop and have them just swap it over? ballpark figure? thanks to everyone on this forumn, love reading through, never thought id be posting myself one day, but you lot are the experts! forgot to mention its a mk7 2009 model. part cost £40, would not be willing to spend £200 to replace it when a part is £40. thanks!
  23. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  24. What Is The Official Name?

    Hello everyone! I was travelling down the A1 yesterday when I came across (and ran over! - not my fault) a ratchet and strap that some tool had left/dropped. To go along with the flat tyre which was expected, I also found when I stopped that the wee panel on the back of the side skirt had come off! I think it's the removable bit to get the jack under the car. Just wondered if anyone knows the official name for the wee panel and also where is the best place to get a replacement? Cheers
  25. Lcd Display Gone Mad!

    Morning all! Hope someone may have some info, just picked up a 2007 1.8 tdci lx but have an issue with the display on the dash. When sat at a stand still you can toggle through the trip computer settings like normal but the moment you start driving it cycles through all displays at a rate of knots I was wondering if anyone knew where to start with this issue?! Cheers Dave