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  1. Hi all, I recently bought a Double Din stereo with built in GPS etc for my Fiesta MK6. All is great at the minute except the fact that I don't have any maps for the car's navigation system. The radio itself doesn't have any make, or at least I cant see one, so i can't go to a manufacturers website to download any. I'm assuming it can use any maps I install onto the MicroSD card but I don't want to chance it without any advice from anyone who's been in the same situation. Can I use any maps on the system? If so are there any websites that you guys can recommend? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I know there are various posts on this subject but I can't find the answer to my issue. I have purchased a pioneer double din stereo to replace my cd6000 factory stereo. I have pulled the old stereo out no problem. However the cage supplied with new stereo would not fit through the stereo surround trim. So I purchased a fitting kit off eBay specifically for my model focus expecting to be supplied with a cage that fits. However the new cage supplied is the same size as the one that came with the pioneer. So I must be doing something very wrong? If I remove the trim then the whole is way to big for the cage to be secured. I have showered the Internet for a guide or solution, but to no avail. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  3. hi hope someone can help me with this i would like to get a new double din stereo for my ford focus 2004 MK1 double din stereo but not to sure how to go about it as the size of the ford focus 2004 MK1 double din stereo is smaller then most of the double din stereo i don't want to pay stupid money thank you in advance
  4. 6000 Cd Replacement Help

    Hi guys, I am looking to replace my 6000 CD with this double din unit I am a complete beginner and don't trust myself to mess with the electrics on my car so would anyone be generous enough to give me a hand if you live near to wigston in Leicester? Also could someone direct me to which cables and such I need to buy so that it will work with the steering wheel controls?
  5. What is better, what to buy Metra or Carav Double Din Frame? Do i really need the buttons in Metra? Where i can buy Carav Frame?
  6. I have a Ford Focus 2013 hatch sport and i want to put in Alpine head unit but i need a dash kit and the only dash kit that i found was this ugly Metra The problem with metra that you need to keep the original player too and i dont want to keep it.
  7. I am wanting to upgrade my Focus 2006 Double Din Stereo to an all singing all dancing unit. I am looking at a budget of around the £200 mark (second hand also an option) and was wondering if anyone has any recommended units. The easier the fit the better. Steve
  8. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  9. Hi All I've got a Focus from 2002, with the original radio. I like the big buttons and integration with the steering column controls, and it sounds OK, but the lack of Aux input is bugging me. I was thinking of replacing it with an equivalent (perhaps slightly better) one from a later model Focus, with an Aux input. It seems there are a few on eBay. However, they look to be a slightly different shape. Does anyone know if this is a good/bad/terrrible plan? Can you fit the later ones to the earlier cars? Thanks in advance for any advice! Cheers, Tony
  11. Hey, a few days a go I posted a topic and asked for help with a facia for my new alpine double din unit. One of you guys sent me a link, and violla - It's done! It's got bluetooth, aux and ipod, I've wired the mic from behind the stereo, under the steering column, up the drivers pillar and it's in the corner of my windscreen now. Very good call quality, steering controls work perfect, I can't fault a single thing. I can change the colour of the LED's in it, and I'm thinking of either keeping them blue, and adding blue footwell lighting, and changing all the heater controls to bluue. OR; I can change it to red, add red lighting, and add the submarine style interior light. Not sure yet.
  12. Mk7 Double Din...

    As any body fitted a double din in a mk7 fiesta and are they to angled so seems tilted away from u and do u loose any of the cars standard features cheeres =)
  13. Hey Guys, New to the forum, but it seems a great forum to be involved with. I passed my test a few weeks back and bought myself a 1.8 litre, ford focus climate 2006. It had the CD6000 in and I wanted bluetooth capabilities etc, so instead, I've gone and bought an Alpine CDE-W235BT Double DIN. It's a great head unit from what I can tell, I've wired it all up, it works. I've fitted the steering wheel control box, they work. Bluetooth is great, all the functions are great. BUT; It doesn't fit. I'm aware I need a facia, as the CD6000 is actually bigger than a double DIN, and I've found facias online - but the alpine cage is actually too big for the empty hole left. Do I need a different cage? I've never fitted a CD player before - Is it just as simple as clicking something in? Thanks Paul
  14. New Member

    hi,just signed up as a member,not brill with computers and new to forums,we have a ford fiesta mk 7.....59 plate and am in lancashire. We have only had this car a couple of weeks,and are trying to get a kenwood double din in it.......has anyone managed to do it??????help!!!