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  1. First this, I've got a Ford Focus 1.6 Setec S What are these wires for? When trying to find a AUX input on my car I came across these wires. They fit to the back of the button board below the Clumate control/ above the 12V plug. I've tried looking for pictures of other models and the only buttons I can find are, passenger air bag, or central locking? Can someone confirm what they are, and if it would be possible to buy a button and then have the car feature. Thank you:)
  2. Hi all, Wondering if you can shed some light on my problem as I've read multiple responses and I'm torn between my mondeo needing the dreaded DMF change or weather it's something else. Starting the car there is a low engine note like a clunky misfire, if it were petrol I'd say s spark plug was buggered. Then the car idles with a clicking sound like a washing machine with a spanner in it but when I depress clutch halfway to bite point their is no sound. The car drives fine has covered decent mileage 170k but having read another reply that a guy had a software update and checked injectors and all was fine I'm wondering if anyone can help? I probably wouldn't bother spending the £500-£600 on the part and labour as the car is not worth it. Also a mechanic friend advised sticking in a single mass flywheel/clutch conversion kit and the car will go for ever? Is that advisable? I've read horror stories about it but I'm intrigued as I love the car and I cover a lot of miles and would like to keep it on the road. Thanks in advance for any advice. Car is a mk3 55 plate mondeo zetec 2.0 diesel
  3. Dmf Versus Crankshaft Discussion

    Hi, Advised in June 2015 by Main Dealer to replace flywheel (DMF) plus clutch kit etc, for my 09 S Max (100k on clock). Original noise was minimal. Same replaced by Dealer with one year warranty. Car then only did maximum 200 - 300 km post DMF fitting, as children off school and no need for car - No Motorway driving. Last week (August 2015), I heard a severe "chain-like" rattling noise from engine when on Motorway - day trip to the sea -. Rapidly got worse and after 5-10 seconds I indicated to go onto hard shoulder. While "driving (slowing down)" onto the hard shoulder I heard a heavy "thump" from driver's side of engine. Car recovered by AA and brought back to home - Car was in "Limp Home Mode" -. Experienced diesel mechanic (relative of mine) quickly felt banging and heard noise coming from Bellhousing area - He advised me to send the car to the Main Dealer. Car was recovered that day from my house by the Dealer. Called in yesterday by Dealer for discussion and analysis. Flywheel had lost 3 bolts which had been sheared off and part of bolts remain in situ. Dealer advised that they also found the crankshaft pulley broken and on floor of it's housing compartment. On a quick estimate, they advise up to 6,500 euros of "consequential" damage - too technical for me to explain -. They also put a "Claim" into Ford Ireland as it was in their opinion that the damage was caused by the faulty DMF. They finally advised me that Ford's position might be to counter-claim saying that the crankshaft pulley might have caused the damage to the DMF rather than the DMF causing the damage. Has anyone heard of this scenario where crankshaft pulleys fail so badly and without warning, that they cause this sequence to occur and does anyone know if there is a Ford recommendation to check the crankshaft pulley's integrity, post / pre DMF replacement?
  4. Hello , I have joined this club to ask for some help to find out what's wrong with my car . I bought a 55 plate 2.0l tdci 130 Mondeo about 7 months ago . It's a brilliant car but has caused me endless expense since owning it . I've now got to the point where no mechanic I talk to can figure out what's wrong with it . Within 3 weeks of having it the dmfw went , so I booked it in to be replaced , while it was there the changed the fly wheel , clutch , and some tensioner that was knackered too . When I collected the car I was pleasantly surprised that the engine was slightly quieter now. However it still does sound quite ropey . My main issue at the moment is when i start the car - cold or hot - it's takes 2 or 3 attempts to start , and when it eventually goes , it runs on 3 cylinders with the engine management light on , for about 10 seconds , then the light goes out , and the 4th cylinder comes into play !! Along with a nice plume of white smoke out the back . Also while driving it makes a horrible "pinking "sound occasionally . I've had the injectors reprogrammed to the ecu , and I've had it code read - there are no fault codes at all. I'm literally at my wits end and would really appreciate some advice.. Thank you
  5. Ford Focus 2014 Aircon

    The aircon on my 2014 Focus failed after about 8000 miles and it being just over 1 year old. The garage want £470 to fix it and say it isn't a warranty item as the condensor has been damaged by road debris. I've spoken to Ford Customer care and they are taking the side of the garage. My argument is that if it has been damaged at such a low mileage then the condensor is not adequately protected and it is a design fault and Ford should pay for the repair (or at a minimum contribute). Ford however completely disagree and say they are unwilling to help in any way whatsoever. Naturally I'm concerned this problem may re-occur. Is anybody aware of this being a common problem, or can anybody offer any advise as to what I might do? Thank you
  6. Hello, we have a 2011 S-Max and the dual control heating has gone out of sync; normally if you adjust the dial nearest the driver the temperature adjusts the same both sides but the last couple of days they have gone out of sync, once you get to HIGH or LOW they match up but anything in between is pot luck; does anyone know if there is a simple fix?
  7. just had sync update now dual auto climate voice control will not work is this due to the update . and if so can we go back to the old update. to get it back.
  8. When I first bought the car

    From the album Ford Zetec Modified

  9. Afternoon all, I am new to the club, new to the Ford world and new to the driving world for that matter. I have recently got myself a 2006 (56) Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.4L and absolutely loving it. Overtime, I am getting to know the car and how to go about using/maintaining it. So recently, it hit me that I don't know how the alarm system sounds so I went about trying to make it chime by a number of ways: - Open bonnet once locked (for more than 1 minute) - No luck - Sit inside, lock it and wave hands around - No luck - Start the engine whilst locked - No luck. ^ Single and double locked. I have a very strong feeling that it doesn't actually have an anti-theft alarm system and I wanted to make sure for certain whether it does or not. Are there any sure-fire ways of figuring this out? If it doesn't, is it actually worth getting one in? If so, roughly how much does one cost? Alternatively, are there any ways to deter people from giving it a go? or any alternative safety measures I can install with relatively small cost? Thanks in advance for your help! Neel
  10. My Fiesta

    From the album Fiesta Zetec Climate MK6.5

    © Mikesin

  11. hi sorry if this is in the wrong place. im having a nightmare with my 2013 focus 1.6 tdci its now 11 months old has 11602 miles on clock. about 3 and half months a go it started to bang when changing gear and a nice grinding and intermittent bang on braking and accelerating. ive had a hard time getting dealerships to say yes there is a fault even with videos of it happening. its been to 2 different delerships had 6 mechanics inc master techs numourus phone calles to tech support and ford customer relations. they firt faulted it as 1/2/3 syncromesh being at fault then changed there minds and faulted the flywheel dual mass. which they say was solid and no movement in it once they managed to remove it a new one was fitted. no new friction plate pressure plate or release bearing csc. now ive just picked it up tonight and thought I could hear a bang very faint though no its just me used to hearing things. after 11 miles yep its back the banging and clatter and shaking on switching off all the common failure signs. no investigation work was carried out as to the root cause. does anyone know what might cause it to fail after 11 miles/less and what might be causeing the failures? tight shaft, bearings, syncro etc. any help is appreciated as im at my wits end now blood pressure through the roof at doctors tonight. and its not my driving I drive quite conservatively plus had no problems with my last focus. cheers steve
  12. Just bought this car from my Dad (who had it from new). 58 plate under 13000 miles! All well except air con not cold at all. Had a Transit re gassed and it did nothing but cost me £70. So I am reluctant to do this again. Is there any advice? Thanks.
  13. Engine Dies Then Seizes

    HI, I have a Mondeo 54 plate 2L TDCI duratec 6 speed estate. About 2 weeks ago, while driving, the car shuddered then stalled on a trip. When I tried to restart, the battery seemed as though it was dead. First instincts was one of the earth straps had come away. I replaced them but still no joy. There was a major drain on the battery as soon as the ignition was turned as if the starter was jammed. Once I got the car transported home, the chain cover was removed but no visible sign of any damage and the chain is sitting correctly. I removed the starter and it spins normally. However, as soon as you put the car in gear, it will not move and the starter will not spin while its connected. Ive been told by one mechanic that its the dual mass flywheel has come apart and is jamming everything but aniother garage says its the engine. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi, I've just had my car returned from a garage, where it went in to diagnose if the clutch needed replacing. However on pickup of the car, I noticed the climate control LCD screen is now completely unreadable. The screen was perfect when I took the car in last Saturday, but on pickup today it just shows a bunch of hieroglyphics. The controls appear to still function however, perhaps it's just the LCD screen at fault. The garage stated it must just be coincidence the screen has failed, which I have reluctantly accepted, but my question is what is the most cost effective way of getting it fixed? The Climate controls and screen are embedded into the dash, but I assume I can access the screen when I take out the stereo CD 6000 unit above it? The car is a Ford SMAX 2007 Titanium model. Thanks S.
  15. Engine Light

    Hey guys, quick question for you all, I drove to work this morning (about 26 miles) and my car was fine but then tonight on the way home about 1/4 of the way my engine light came on, so i turned my music down to listen for any bumps and bangs or any signs of disfunctions and there was nothing wrong that i could tell, when i got home i turned my ignition off and left it a minute to let the engine settle, I then turned my Car on again and it fired up the same as it usually does but the engine light is still on.....any thoughts what it could be?
  16. Hello :)

    Hi there, I have just recently brought a new car and am in love with it! (wont say what car I had before ..) It has already been modified, I just need to touch up a little bit of paint work, but otherwise all good! If anyone knows where to buy the best paint from ( i need it for the sides and wheels) that would be most helpful. I'm looking to make friends on here who can give me advice and share pictures of modified fords, and of course guides on how to do it. Next i'd definitely like to add more to the inside. thanks Grace
  17. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  18. Climate Control Fix

    Hi all I don't usually do the forum thing but thought I d let you know a quick fix for the lack of heat that was coming out on my 09 mk7 fiesta titanium tdci. For a number of months the climate control would not kick out any hot air, even on full blast maximum heat. Some times when you reved it hard it would come through but 9 out of 10 times just ice cold air. Thought it might be the water pump but all fine there, heater control vavle? They don't have em on the mk7. Just when I was thinking bugger this might need a dealer, I checked the pollen filter and it was black as the night! I changed it and now it' seems to be working fine fingers crossed. Who would have thought it after wks of worry and scanning the net. Hope this helps someone Cheers
  19. Hi! A couple of days ago I discovered that air-conditon only works on driver side. When controls set on low, passenger side only blows outside temperature - not air con. Tried everything else - warm, cold, up, down etc - everything works fine. I have these ventilation controls: Anybode else who experienced this problem? Could it be a servo/motor/damper problem? Thanks for any help :)
  20. I've just purchased a 2013 Titanium Focus Estate which came with automatic dual zone climate control. The manual says that when you sync the passanger temperate with the drivers by holding the auto button down the display should display mono (instead of auto), this doesn't happen on mine. This is just a display issue as the temperate does start syncing but the display doesn't change as described in the manual. In the daylight I can see the outline of the word "mono" on the lcd screen so I know it exists, it just doesn't come on when it's supposed to. As the climate control seems to work fine i'm guessing this is just a software issue, maybe a software update can fix it? Can anyone else with dual zone climate control confirm this, or does it work ok on yours? Thanks
  21. My Focus

    From the album My Focus

    First photo of my Ford Focus Zetec Climate
  22. Dmf Or Solid Flywheel

    Hi all, this is my first post, I have a 2006 focus 1.8 tdci with 111k on the clock, clutch is slipping and had a noise coming from engine bay and 2 mechanic ( one a ford mechanic) said the noise was the thrust bearing so new clutch. I am buying the parts myself and a mate is fitting it for £120 but need to know if mine is a solid or dmf flywheel, is it possible to know this before taking the car to bits?? and i see you can change from dmf to solid. what is peoples thinking on this too?? thanks
  23. Hey Everyone! =]

    Hey Everyone! :) I'm Robbie and i'm now the proud owner of a 2008 Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.4 TDCi. Wrote my previous car (Grande Punto) off on the 19th of this month and after a lot of hassle everything is finally sorted out. Here's the remains of felicity :c and here's CJ the new car :D I'll get some more pictures when i collect the car on friday! Byeeeee ^^
  24. Looks Like I'm Leaving :(

    Hey (first things first, I can't log in to my standard account? Everytime I go to re-login through facebook, I just get 'error'. Therefore I've created this account. If anyone can get me back in to my old one, or an admin can give me access or reset my password, cool!) However, time for the bad news. Having passed my test four months ago, and getting myself a Zetec Climate 1.8 2006 - A 68 year old man did me the pleasure of a head on collision before forcing me into a parked car on the left. He's admitted full liability. But £5500 worth of damage later, it's been declared a total loss. :( Now, the insurance company are in the process of sending me my cheque, and when they do - I've got seven days to return my courtesy car - 5 of which will be clearing for my cheque. Therefore, I've got two days to buy a car. I'll be honest, the only cars I'm finding for £4300ish are Vauxhall Astras :( - I know how you all feel about Vauxhalls. I don't really want anything older than a 56 plate, and I want less than 60k miles, preferably three door, so it does limit me :( I've been offered £800 cash in salvage for my car, should I take it? There is no chassis or engine damage (apart from the power steering pump bracket) - just a shed load of front end work. Pictures enclosed :(