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  1. So, new year and new upgrade plans. Just wanted to hear the thoughts of anyone who has these in their cars: 1. Focal Performance PS165 2 New: Focal Performance PS165FX Is the new material in the FX worth the price bump from the PS165. I have no way of hearing them myself in person and I can only rely on reviews off the internet. So far, no decent review on the FX but it did win some awards, so it can't be half bad. Also, I found this off Ebay and was wondering if it would fit my MK2.5 even though it is meant for the MK2: Plan would be to get the sub enclosure and also get this JL Audio 10" sub to pair it up with: Any suggestions regarding front speakers and 10" sub woofers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  2. Hey folks, Just a handy post here for some I'd imagine, it's the time of year when Mountune do a 12 day sale on their various bits and bobs in case anyone didn't know or had forgotten. The sales are generally decent and this year they seem to be doing things for a range of vehicles on each day, rather than just 1 thing for 1 specific vehicle like they did last year. I'll try and keep this updated but work schedule may interfere a bit but check out their Facebook page and website for up-to date details. They update at 09:00 every morning on that days deals. December 1 - Mountune Springs - 20% off all springs for the Focus Mk3 ST, Fiesta Mk7(.5) and the ST180. ST180 ones end up at £140 which is a steal if you're into lowering your car. December 2 - Induction Hoses - 20% off all induction hoses for all Fiesta Mk7's and Focus Mk2's and 3's including facelift. December 3 - Sound Symposer Delete - 20% off all symposer delete kits for Fiesta ST 180, Focus Mk2 ST and RS and Mk3 ST pre-facelift.
  3. Early morning shot

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax

  4. Hi Folks, First up this is my first post, in fact my first owners club and first forum... Okay, I recently bought a 2007 Mondeo Mk4 1.8 TDCI and was told by a friend to install a performance chip for better fuel economy and performance. My first question was, are they not a scam? and was told no they do work...!! My second question was do they not just trick the on board computer putting your engine and other parts (turbo etc) under unnecessary stress and cause them to fail? Again I was told no they don't exceed manufactures settings..! My third question was, so why don't Ford just have the best settings for their cars? and I was told its so one engine like mine has a variant from roughly 100-125Bhp so they can tempt you from the base model to the more powerful... (This I'm not so sure about... anyone?????) I then started to look and research the options, and there's tons! ranging from; OBD(2) boxes that plug in under the dash like this one (hope attaching links are ok?) PRICE £110 Then There's Diesel Tuning Box Chip that plug in under the bonnet to the to the fuel rail like this one PRICE £80 On the Variation of this and on various forums there are links to REMAPPING from Spider Performance boxes from £200-£375 each Or Superchips £359 Or Drakebox £80 On there sites there are hundreds of testaments and great reviews and I know even on here there could be bias based on affiliation or even website key word monitoring... (Yeah I'm very skeptical) But if these really work, which one should I go for OBD2, Fuel Rail, Remap, and which make, and why that over others.. There's not a lot of information on reviews or tests in either google or you-tube... so I started looking at forums and owners clubs and I have finally arrived here! I hope my post doesn't contravene any posting rules, I did skim over them. I really would like to here honest and useful thoughts on everything above before I shell out my hard earned cash. Many thanks Madmac :)
  5. Performance Parts

    Hi there. I have a Mondeo 2.0 ecoboost 2010 (so 203bhp) Does anyone know if this car has an intercooler and can it be upgraded. And it's there any other performance upgrades available. I have searched Google with very little success. Can't find find simple things line stainless steel exhaust and air filters. Amy help would be great.
  6. Hi all! Anyone know of any reputable re-mapping companies in the Teesside/Cleveland area? Looking to squeeze some more power out of my 1.0 140PS ecoboost! Dave
  7. Hi there, I am just putting the feelers out to see if anyone knows someone looking at selling a MK1 Mondeo in Citrine? I am aware that there are 211 Hendy RSI Versions, but i'd love to find one if someone had a nice one that they were thinking of parting with? Regards, Joe McAreavey Somerset UK
  8. ive done some research on the internet prior to choosing the correct brand of replacment induction filter, most would assume that the best choice to be K&N but i have found Green Cotton Air filter to have the edge over K&N or PiperCross due to Green's manufacturing process being more hands on instead of automated manufacturing. the green filter in bonded with precision to the frame of the filter the results are more air flow in to the filter where K&N use an automated process resulting in over use of bonding glue to the frame of the filter which can spread across the panel restricting flow and performance of the filter leaving is performing less than K&N's original prototype that they use to get their gains figures from. but anyways enough of me blabbing on about the differences, because the information is available on other websites for all to view without me re-typing it lol. to purchase a Green Cotton performance induction filter for your ford and feel the difference for yourself log on to http://www.priracing....php/144/1/ford and get 10% Discount off your Green Cotton Performance filter by using the code FORDOWNERSCLUB10 you can also get 20% Discount off any Ritchbrook branded stock by entering Discount Code: RICHBROOK20 both offers are eclusive to members of special thanks to Ross at Priracing for this kind offer. So here's whats in the box for the focus 1.6TDCi induction filter. Ive decided to upgrade the standard ford induction filter in my 1.6TDCi focus to a free flowing high performance induction filter. and since i was changing it ive decided to create this guide to show others what is envolved aswell as report on the performance difference between the stock and aftermarket direct replacment air box filter. fitting time takes around 15-20 minutes, Tools required are an 8mm socket and a pair of rubber latex gloves So Open the bonnet, remove the battery cover if fitted. and using the 8MM socket loosen the 4 bolts that are holding the lid of the induction box in place. please note the bolts do not pull free/seperate from the lid, they remove from the bottom section but stay inside the lid section by design, Once lid has been removed you will see your heavy stock ford filter, hopfully ford wont have bent your stock filter when putting it in their as they have done with mine. place your hand on the top end of the filter and pull upwards to remove it. once removed, ensure the lid from the induction box aswell as the 8mm socket are stored off of the engine bay and close the bonnet if you are planning to wait a couple of minutes prior to fitting the new filter. this will help prevent any contamination getting in to the induction pipes.
  9. Hi all, First time I've ever posted on here! Was hoping for some advice😆 I will bring you up to speed! I recently bought a 1.25 Ford Fiesta edge 2012 plate so it's a mk 7 I think, I have bought this car on finance and as it was my first decent car I got excited and didn't research properly I then found out there was two of these cars made one that had 49 bhp and other with 70 bhp I think this is the numbers! I bought the slower of the two! I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference between the cars are? Is it the ecu? Is it the air intake? If this information is even true? I was also wondering if I could put a 1.0 ecoboost turbo on this car to give it a little more pull? Or is it going to be very expensive to do so? Just thought the 1.25 engine would be able to handle the turbo for a 1.0! I might be mistaken though! Thanks for any help or advice in advanced
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking at taking the next step to my Fiesta Zetec and giving her performance upgrades such as a brand new induction kit, cobra exhaust and an ECU remap. Is there any other ways to increase horsepower, top speed, 0-60 time etc. Also any visual mods, my car currently has... Back 3 window tints St seats Blue interior light A few stickers An exhaust that I got when buying her (Not sure what type but definitely needs upgraded) Not a lot but makes a huge difference. Thanks, Jonny.
  11. Hey guys After deciding to keep my 1.4 ford fiesta zetec I now want to start making look and perform better, I'm talking after-market spoilers, front splitter, alloys, exhaust system etc. However I'm not to sure where to find the RIGHT stuff to go on it, does anyone have a website where I can buy all this fancy after market stuff (ps I'm still undecided on whether or not to make it an ST replica. Please note the car has already been lowered with red springs and has a sony after market stereo system set up with Bluetooth so that work does not need doing. Pictures of how the car is NOW are below, please leave any website or places for me to get hold of some stuff I'd like to mod the car with and by all means leave opinions on any ideas you think I should do to make the car look and perform better.
  12. Timing Belt And Performance

    Just had the timing belt done, including aux belt, water pump and recharge air con - car 8 years old and 105k miles. Should I notice any difference in the way it drives compared to just before it going in for the job? I have to say I didn't notice anything on the short drive home from the garage. One other thing, the garage ran the car at idle with the bonnet up for a good hour and a half after doing the job - is that normal and just to check that everything is ok? Can't think of any ofther reason and only saw it on the dashcam afterwards so couldn't ask them.
  13. My Little Focus

    Hey Guys - I'm new to the whole Ford and Focus scene. I've come from a background of last minute cars but I want to keep this Focus for a while. Bought it for £400 and have loved it since! Picture is of my mothers car (who passed recently) and my Focus :) The issues I have are - Dash boot button doesn't work. Dash cigarette lighter doesn't work. Central locking doesn't work (but does with the key in the drivers door but is still intermittent) Then! Upgrading the door speakers & cabling, installing 3 x 12" subs in the boot. Lowering slightly Tinting Windows Xenons & LED lights where applicable. Fit a tow hook. Help with any/all would be greatly appreciated ;) Thanks guys
  14. Mk5 Mods

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum I have a MK5 fiesta flight 1.3. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me some good mods to get better performance out of it. Without spending too much. Thanks =)
  15. 2014 Fiesta Titanium Upgrade

    Hi everybody , I have a new 2014 Fiesta Titanium 1.5ltr Diesel Engine. I want to upgrade my car and start trying out and learning however all the parts I'mfinding are for Fiesta ST's. Any idea of which parts are compatible and maybe some tips on my diesel engine Ford ? Thanks.
  16. Looking For This...

    I need help trying to find one of these for my fiesta st mk7!!
  17. Engine Light

    Hey guys, quick question for you all, I drove to work this morning (about 26 miles) and my car was fine but then tonight on the way home about 1/4 of the way my engine light came on, so i turned my music down to listen for any bumps and bangs or any signs of disfunctions and there was nothing wrong that i could tell, when i got home i turned my ignition off and left it a minute to let the engine settle, I then turned my Car on again and it fired up the same as it usually does but the engine light is still on.....any thoughts what it could be?
  18. Anyone heard of the band "little green cars" There an Irish band and indie rock isint really my sort of music interest; well except for the killers and kasabian but anyways, The song from little green cars caught my ear, Quite a long title its called "My love took me down to the river to silence me" I will warn you before listening though; its very dark listening for the festive period something like Quentin Taranto would play on the credits scene of a move. But its very catchy and IMO some hardcore !Removed! right there :) Well worth a listen though I've not yet saw the video so I'm going to watch it now too myself.
  19. Klean!!!

    Hey guys i just wanted to share my insanely klean 2010 1.4 Fiesta Titanium with you and I added a very beautiful pic of my green monster lights ;) Hope you like it Stehan
  20. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  21. Hi all, I'm in now way a boy racer for starters. I have recently become interested in improving the shed of a focus (mk1 Zetec SE, Lefthand drive) I've been driving for the last two years. In this time it has never been serviced, passed 2 MOT's and noticed it was getting horrible to drive. I decided to look at how to make it a little better and over the last few days I've changed the oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs. This was all after changing the bonnet as the paint had been ruined by bird crap while the car was sat in Rome for three months under a tree. Now the car is running a lot smoother and seems to be doing better on fuel, I am looking at other ways to improve performance without it sounding like a typical boy racer car. I've looked at air induction kits as they seem to say they improve performance throughout the RPM range and as long as you don't drive like a boy racer it's good for fuel consumption. Is there such thing as a quiet induction kit? They all seem to say they give a louder throaty sound and I'm kind of trying to avoid that. Also if anyone has any advice on how to improve performance in general it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mike.
  22. Hi guys. This is a bit of a strange one this............ I thought I would try using V-Power diesel in my new car (only had it a month) to see if I could notice any benefits over supermarket fuel as in smoother engine, increased MPG etc etc I accidentally put something called NITRO+ in by accident as I didn't realise Esso did anything other than just V-Power. Gutted when I had filled the tank (extra 8p per litre) :( I didn't notice anything straight away but after doing around 30 miles, the car seems much more responsive low down the revs, smoother power delivery and "feels" like improved boost. That isn't the strange thing though..... Not long after buying the car, I was leaving Ikea and was stuck in traffic slowly going around a round-about in second gear and its as if the engine didn't like me holding low revs in second and started to judder (wasn't labouring) so I dipped the clutch and increased revs and all seemed ok. The Engine Management Light came on within half a mile of driving but didn't seem to cause any issues so I carried on and have been driving with the M.I.L on ever since. (no codes show on self test trick). I have been using the NITRO+ for 2 days now and all of a sudden, the M.I.L has just vanished off the display??? Could it all just be coincidence that I filled up with some fancy expensive diesel then 2 days later, an M.I.L that has been illuminated for 3 weeks suddenly goes out with my car seeming so much mire responsive etc etc. This is only the second time I filled up by the way with the first being standard Tesco diesel. Any thoughts guys? Is it just pure coincidence?? Am I going mental?? (don't answer that)!! :D Sorry for the long post..
  23. Hi everyone i was just wondering if anyone could let me know what exact back boxes i could get for my escort ? links to ebay would be grateful, i am wanting a big one (becuase im 17 aha) but also i got a little pee shooter on atm :/.. looking to spend around 35-50pounds :)
  24. Posted before about getting them on, finally go round to doing it! Really easy to apply and the stick well, would highly recommend them! Don't ask why it has inverted the image stupid thing haha!
  25. hello all, before i start this is my first thread which involves pics..... As you are aware i make a topic called green cotton vs kn induction and now i have my kn fitted i thought id show you all hows its done. even though its the same as fitting a green cotton but ive done thing else to the system. To aid the induction i have also removed the snorkel that starts from the right hand side of the car and goes to the air box. i have many pics so please feel free to comment and ask questions. firstly i gained acces to the airbox. next undo the four bolts that hold the airbox lid on to the airbox structure. now at this point the lid will pull away and you will have acess to the air filter. Now what i did at this stage was I removed the securing securing screws that hold the grill to the car. There is a reason for this and ill show you. To improve futher airflow to the airbox further i removed the snorkel which was the reason why i removed the screws for the grill to gain access. In the next picture you can see that i have unshipped the grill and the top plastic cover which covers the snorkel. i didnt remove the grill i just lossened it as i wasnt too sure on how to remove it. i didnt want to make too much work for a job that take around ten minutes also if you get me...... once the access was there i removed the snorkel. this is easy but it doesnt come straight out. you have to weave the snorkel out towards the right of the car (left as your looking at it) due to the bonnet lock being in the way but its easy to remove the snorkel. Once removed refit all the securing screws to the body work and now filter fitting time. here is the old filter(well new as the car has just been serviced) and here is what the standard filter looks inside. while the airbox is empty give it a good clean. remove the box if you have to... its held down with two rubber mounts... remember to remove the breather pipe before hand otherwise you may inflict damage to the breahter pipe. Anyways here is the k&n filter in hand wrapped up. Good ebay bargain. arond 37squids brand new. part number if anyone wants to know is E-2993. they dont come oiled so clean and oil your filter before install. for this purpose i havent oiled it due to showing you peeps how its done.. anyways here below is what it looks like fitted in the engine bay. Here is the k&n filter internals.... looks alot better than the standard filter dont you think? here is the difference between the two filters. what i didnt know was that the filter is slightly offset.. dont know if this is the same with the green cotton filters....? once your filter is installed into the intake pipe make sure you line up the plastic disc at the end of the filter in the grooves otherwise your top filter housing assembly will not fit correctly and will not sit. refit the bolts that you removed on removal and remove all tools from area. now start your engine up and give it a whirl. what i found was that there wasnt alot of difference when the engine had know loads apart from the noise. well you can here the turbo spool up abit louder :). but when your out driving there is a good difference. the responce is improved and i think with that snorkel removed there is much more air for the enigne to suck in and with thatshort scoop your left with when you remove the snorkelacts as a ram and it does make a difference. i also tried it with the snorkel back one. but ive decided that its staying off as its not doing any favours to k&n.... i have written done my fuel consuption and then in a months time ill see if there is any difference and by then that will give the ecu a change to adjust. my MPG is 60.7 and thats with normal driving motoway and town driving.... anyways i hope you have enjoyed this and i hope that this will help you decide to either go for k&n or green cotton. one last thing remember to look on ebay for bargins.. happy reading