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  1. Hi all, We bought a 2.0 petrol 2008 titanium saloon a few months ago and although I like lots of things about it the ride over broken surfaces is crashy.As this is the family wagon I want to sort this out. I think the problem is the 18 inch wheels fitted from new they look great (that ST/ Mondeo top spec design) but have low profile tyres. My plan is to go down to 16 inch ones with higher profile tyres, either Focus zetec 5 spoke or the Cmax 5 (split) spoke. I assume they will just swap over with no issues. Is that correct? Many thanks and Merry Christmas. Matt
  2. I ruined my alloys the other day whilst not concentrating on the road. I was wondering if I can fit newer alloys to the car? They are the same size as my existing alloys 16". But I'm not sure as I've not really done this before. When I look on eBay it does say that the alloys will fit my car after I typed in the registration number. However I am not sure I can trust it. My car is a late mk5 or mk6 as some call it. 58 plate. The alloys are for the model released just after. Help!!
  3. IMG 1473[1]

    From the album My Fezbomb

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    From the album My Fezbomb

  5. Tyre Advice Needed.

    Hi, bought a focus mk2 with BCT S800 tyres on, 19s. The noise is shocking at speed and grip on wet conditions conserns me. Any advice on a good all round replacement,that won't break the bank, would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi All, I am new to this so apologies if I have posted in the wrong group. I have a black 1.6l Escort Finese that I'm looking to sell and was wondering what a good price would be. I have an MOT until August/September (I think). I have some Wolfrace Alloys, a K&N Air Filter, a lip on the front bumper, Escort GTi sidekirts, a ST2000 style rear bumper, Seabring exhaust and a few other customised bits and bobs like metal door levers and customised floor mats. What do you guys think would be a reasonable price? I would like to get rid of it by the end of the week. I also have 4 escort GTi alloys on some Pirelli tyres. 2 Tyres have a lot of thread left, how much do you think I could get for these? I will try to take and upload some pictures tonight. Thanks
  7. Alloys

    Wanting my Alloys painting soon what colour should i get them ???
  8. Alloy Wheel Help?

    Hey all. I have a 2013 Mk 7.5 Fiesta and as standard have 15" wheels, which I think are way too small, there is far too much gap in the arch. I know based on the figures the Mk 6 Fiesta ST wheels will fit but I'm unsure whether or not they'd be too wide and rub as they're 17"x7" any help and or pictures would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  9. I have a zetec s 2015 in deep impact blue, will black alloys suit this and if so should i get them sprayed (16" 12 spoke design) or get new ones? ill post a picture when i can thanks
  10. Thank you for checking out this thread, it would be much appreciated if you could spare the time to read over this post, and if possible any replies that people have left and maybe leave some input of your own. There will be a poll for this, asking people to tick which alloy wheels they have had buckled, corresponding with their car model. I am completely aware of the mass of threads about this topic, however most seem to be just complaining about them rather than actually grouping together on the matter in hand. There are steps we can take! However, let's discuss the topic first. Basically it seems there is a large number of us here (seems mainly to be the Zetec S and Titanium owners) who're having hassle with our alloy wheels buckling and getting flat spots, now sometimes these are repairable, sometimes they're not serious enough and then other times the only action is to replace the wheel itself, now even with the first 2 options, should we really be going through this? Did you buy your Fiesta to be messing around every few months about the alloy wheels? My story is this; I felt a vibration through the steering wheel of my Fiesta and within a couple of days went to Kwikfit to have what I thought was my wheels rebalanced as I and my dad (a mechanic for 40+ years) thought I'd lost a wheel weight. To my horror, when the wheels had been inspected, one wheel was terribly buckled, and the other had a less serious but unrepairable buckle as well. I was advised not to drive hard and to avoid motorways, effectively meaning really I need to get new wheels or take the car off the road as it's unsafe. My problem is, I don't just have £400 odd in my pocket to splash out, and also I only have 1 spare wheel. The thing is this wasn't all Kwikfit said, the mechanic said he see's Fiesta's in all of the time, and when I said about Corsa's he says they're fine, it's just the Fiesta's. To back this up, a lot of us on here have posted multiple threads. So, I take the car in to Evans Halshaw (who in all of this I can give no fault too) to have their verdict, 2 new wheels and tyres. So I then go back home and give Ford a ring, well let's just say I have never had such an experience with a company, who takes £15,000 off someone, just to treat them like they're something off the bottom of their boot? They said there is no problem with the wheels and that I must have hit pot holes. Well, in that case why do I have two front wheels gone? To which the person on the phone said 'Exactly, why is it only the front two and not the back?' To which I replied, 'Well after all, the front wheels do have the full weight of a diesel engine over them...' and then there was a momentary silence from them, followed by being told I would have to find the money to pay for the wheels myself if I wanted the problem sorting, and when I said about not having heaps of cash lying round, that I would either have to borrow the money from friends and family, or take the car off the road. I genuinely couldn't believe what I was being told, I was being told that because they're putting wheels on cars that are unfit for purpose that I would have to take a 9 month old vehicle off the road? So, here I am now. I'm posting so hopefully we can get together and do something about this, I'm thinking of contacting trading standards and hopefully Watchdog if we get enough support here. I aim to keep this thread alive so that anyone can chip in and hopefully get some help with the issue, so please post your experiences and thoughts on this, and let's try and get somewhere! I have also posted on Ford UK's Facebook, which I urge anyone to do over this; Thank you for your time. Posts to read; antman99 - Post 2
  11. Right so I bought of nearly new 17inch mk7.5 fiesta zetec s wheels they are lovely and make the car look amazing but I just don't think I can live with them as I'm use to a comfy ride so even tho I'm going to miss them I think I'll have to let em go. I just put 2 brand new hankook evo on front aswell costing 175.
  12. Is there anyone on here selling any alloys that are 16 or 17 inch, preferably streetpack mk7 or mk7 zetec s alloys with good tyre tread, if not then just the alloys would be okay?
  13. Alloy Wheels Problem

    Hi guys, When I wash my wheels I notice lots of little black speckle marks, seem to me like tar marks from the road, however they just won't come off?? I've tried lighter fuel to rub it off, t-cut but I just can't remove them? Everyweek they get worse. Had any one got a similar problem but knows a solution to this? It's so annoying.
  14. 2003 Alloy Question

    I have a 2003 1.3 fiesta finesse. Currently with 14" steel wheels and wheel trims just wondering if 16" alloys off of a 2006 St model will fit mines, cheers
  15. Not Sure About The Alloys

    Hi,And thanks for the info I have been looking at these guys getting a figure then going to the dealer to see what they can do on focus zetec, Looking at silver but not sure about the alloys yet!The demo I drove had standard wheels which looked a bit plain to me Also seen some good SH deals around too. Any advice Charlie
  16. Hi so my dragons breath spray arrived today at last so in the middle of moving house I just couldn't resist trying it out now I only applied it once as the other half gave out to me haha before after
  17. I want to change the colour of my 18" Alloy Wheels on my Focus Zetec S, currently manufacturer silver, which (when clean) are very tidy. But I do like black/gun metal colour wheels... just don't know which ones? Gloss black or Gun Metal Grey..... Help!!!
  18. Can someone please photoshop these alloys to a gun metal grey colour please!! Much appreciated!!! Thank you!!!
  19. Zetec S Black Alloys?

    I have a White focus zetec s privacy glass with the 18" alloys...I do like the silver alloy wheels that come with he focus just wondering what it would look like if I got them done gloss black? chavvy? smart? my dad hates black wheels but then his 55...... Any pictures opinions please! also, can I go to Halfords and get simple alloy spray? or do I have to spend the £3/400 on them to get it done? Cheers james