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  1. Hi, I have recently purchased a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2006 MKII model. There is a fuse box under the glovebox on the passenger side which has a cover panel to hide the fusebox. This cover panel is held on by 2 yellow clips with the male section attached to the underside glove box and the female section clipping on to the male section to hold the cover in place (please see attached pics). I have lost one of the female clips and have been searching the web for a replacement. However, i cannot find one anywhere. I can find every other type of clip but this one seems like it doesn't exist so i'm hoping someone on these forums may be able to help. I've tried eBay, amazon and general google searches but nothing seems to match these clips. Does anyone know where I can get these clips or any equivalent fastener from? Regards, Shuja
  2. Ford Street Ka 2005

  3. Hi All, I’m new to this and pretty new to Ford’s. I’ve had to replace my pollen filter because moisture was getting to it. Around 2 months ago when I got the car, the windscreen was replaced and the guy was pretty heavy handed and didn’t replace the seal for the pollen filter. When I changed the filter last week, two of the little white clips and their black holders on the scuttle panel broke. Does anyone know what the clips are properly called because after searching the internet, I have got nowhere. A finis number would be good too so that I could order some. I’m also about to reseal the scuttle panel to the screen, should I use a genuine Ford seal, or juts get some silicone in there? Thanks in advance, Sam
  4. I have had to order a replacement panel for the passenger foot well part no. 1498131. I was told that I also 2 x HC1 clips. I have the panel and HC1 clips but cannot work out where the HC1 clips are supposed to go. Can anyone show me/tell me where they are supposed to go? Thanks in advance
  5. I recently had to take the front door card off to fix some rattles however after this i noticed a new rattle, on further inspection it seems as if the 3 door clips have weakend and rather than clipping in theY simply bend up against the door card hence causing the new rattle due to the card sitting loose. I can get a set of clips off ebay but i was wondering if some anti rattle style clips from a car such as e46 bmw's would do a better job? anyone had any experience with this?
  6. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  7. hi,can anyone please help me ,i am looking to buy some of those black clips which hold the rear seat backs in place for my s max [when the extra seats are in use what is the boot floor folds back],anyway i have looked everywhere without any luck , can anyone guide me . thanks
  8. Remove B Pillar Trim Clips

    I have a Ford Fiesta and the B Pillar Trim (the ones next to the window) has come off leaving the clips attached. Please can anyone advise how to remove these. Thanks, Jeremy
  9. Hi Guys!! One of the clips has broken off my parcel shelf, it doesn't sit right anymore and the rattling is doing my head in. Has anyone else had the same problem?? Can you buy just the replacement clips or buy the complete shelf again? Many thanks!
  10. Hello everyone. Two issues I've come across yesterday. Firstly how the hell do you get the little damn clips back into the fuel return pipes? i had the whole pipes changed to stop diesel leaking and just cannot get my finger in there properly to push the clips back in. already lost 2 clips which ill have to pop the under-tray off to get back. it seems to be alright to drive without the clips as its already secured with just the plugs. Secondly. i have noticed that sometimes the boot latch fails to open. if i turn the key to the 1 position, nothing would happen until i keep it in 1 and give a hard tap around the mechanism area which would pop it out of the first latch, then it would also be a struggle trying to open the second latch but eventually after some pulling around i can get it open. the first latch seems to work fine when i manually click it back to the position it would be when its closed, and turning the key to 1 would pop the latch open. and for the number 2 latch it wouldn't travel all the way to the end so its sort of stops half way which doesn't give it enough space for the bonnet to go through. What type of spray can i use to make the latches more springy? i tried silicone paste but it doesn't seem to do much effect or would i need to replace the part? Many thanks for any replies.
  11. Hope somebody can help I've taken the cover boot to get to wiper Motor. Can any one please till me the part number fit the little clips at hold the screws in I've lost 2