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  1. Hi, I've has ongoing problems with my 2007 Diesel Fiesta since I bought it 2 years ago. Firstly I know diesels can't misfire in the normal sense of the word because of the lack of spark plugs, but it's the best way to describe the problem. Basically (usually under load), every now and then (once every 500 miles), the car will lose power for a split second then regain it. Once it starts doing this it will do it a few times then stop, usually. Sometimes it lasts longer than others, and it can do it several times in a row. The more I'm accelerating when it happens, the more violent the kangaroo effect is. Of course, when I get a mechanic to sit in the car with me while I drive it, the car doesn't do it... The full timeline of events: I buy the car used, ~50k miles on the clock, average mpg of 47mpg suggests it's been used for driving around town. I start driving it 70 miles a day, mpg increases. first big journey, it starts misfiring. Check engine light comes on at end of journey. EGR valve replaced by person I bought the car from. Every other fix this guy did was a bodge, so I didn't expect much. some time later, car goes into limp mode. Power train failure, dashboard becomes a christmas tree. When car is turned off and on, it often stops going into this mode. Took it to Ford garage for diagnosis. Fault determined to be with injector no. 1, Ford garage wanted £1000 to fix it. Took it to independent tester with full machine for injector testing. He found no faults with any of the injectors, so he switched injector no.1 and injector no.3 around so if the fault re-occurred, we would be able to find the faulty one. "Misfiring" persisted. A few months ago, the check engine light came on again, then disappeared. Eventually it was on more than off, and as I'd determined it was an EGR problem, I wasn't concerned. During thsi time, average mpg steadily dropped from ~60mpg to ~56mpg (maybe because of increased heater use as winter started properly though). Eventually got it booked in a few weeks ago. EGR valve replaced, check engine light cleared. Since the most recent EGR valve replacement, not only is the problem still present, but the car seems to have less power. Most worryingly, pushing the throttle a certain amount (just above cruise speed) causes the engine to act as though one cylinder is not firing, then firing, then not firing, then firing etc. it doesn't do it when flooring it, however the car now tops out completely at 95mph, whereas before it could go faster, so it's definitely less powerful. Car is now at 83k miles, and gets driven around 80 miles a day. I've seen lots of other threads about this issue. They point all over the place. The throttle linkage, splits in air hoses or boost hoses, ECU software updates(?), and injector seals. No smoke is present and the car isn't giving me any engine fault codes either (at least, the check engine light hasn't come on). What I'd like to know, is if the fault is something potentially causing damage to the car e.g. timing chain misalignment or something? And no I don't really think replacing the EGR valve ~3 weeks ago made it worse, it just didn't fix the main "misfiring" problem as I hoped it would.   TL;DR: Car has always had intermittent "misfire" problem, once it got bad but problem couldn't be traced, now it seems less powerful too with certain throttle setting causing more power/less power/more power etc. problem, with noise to go with it. no other problems with car, no warning light currently on, car was at 50k miles, now at 83k miles. Help?   Edit: I should add, the air con was bodge-fixed by the previous owner so is now broken again (he just topped it up rather than fixing the leak, so gas has since evaporated off). The AC is always off. Could this lead to problems at all?
  2. Hi guys,  I'm basically looking to convert my windows from manual to electric on my Ford Fiesta 2003.  I've recently purchased the car only because the mileage is very low and thought it can last me a while whilst I save up for an upgrade.  I've seen some universal kits and even tutorials on how to fit this. The only issue I have is fitting it on is easy, however how would I be able to actually power them up?  Would it be easier just to buy new doors/cards? Then again the wiring is an issue, can a garage just connect them up?  I would leave it, however it's something I'd like to definitely invest some money (not enough to buy a car) and time in. 
  3. Hi guys just wanted to introduce my self as I'm new to the forum and also very excited to show you what I'll be doing to my fiesta over the next few months.... #noturbo #nofun
  4. Really hoping someone can help. My alternator died leaving me by side of road when battery gave up last of juice. After £500 to replace (is it just me or have I been gouged?), I have got it back find it seems to be stuck in limp mode, with a max.65-69mph and poor acceleration and seems to be smoking a lot (was not smoking noticeably at before new alternator).   anyone know what is going on and how to get it sorted?
  5. No power to radio

    Hi, looking for some help on the off chance someone can provide some advice. I've got a ford focus 1.6 2009. I've had problems with the stereo. The led remained on and continued to drain the battery. I brought it to someone a year or so ago, he couldn't find the problem, so it was just left. I've now got a new stereo and whilst installing it I discovered there was no power running to the stereo. Any advice?? 
  6. Fiesta Mirror Swap

    Can some one help please. Daughter had her drivers 59 plate fiesta electric (non power fold) mirror totalled. Got second hand replacement but its for powerfold. Wiring plug different. Whats the best way to fit?
  7. Hi all, My 2006 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi came up with an engine systems failure message today just coming off of a dual carriageway (70mph) accompanied by a red light next to the trip computer. I think it went into limp mode (severly reduced power, unwiling to rev much), so not good when you live at the top of a hill! Two other times when starting the car it has briefly displayed an error message (once it said "steering assist failure", and yesterday it came up with the same engine systems failure message"). Both times I have restarted the car and it disappeared. The car is a 2006 on an 06 plate, and has currently done 73500 miles. I bought it last may at 65000 miles, and it had a service just before I bought it. As it had just turned 6 years old/65000 miles, I'm presuming the DPF would have been changed then? Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? Thanks in advance, Minnis
  8. Hi again, As many of you may know, I waited 4 months for my beloved 2013 Fiesta Powershift Titanium X to be built, and was finally delivered on 19th July 2013. About 2 months after, I started to notice a grinding/rattle noise whenever the car changed gear at low speed. And started to make the car judder when pulling away. (Which I assumed was down to tyres needing to be inflated, but turns out I was very wrong) I know you can always hear SOME noise from an auto and this one is a dual clutch so I figured it was just down to that, so I ignored it. Over the winter however, it has got much much MUCH worse, and I took it into Benfield Ford. Not once, but 3 times. Got fobbed off with "...just needed a software update..." Didn't make a difference, and just when I was at the brink of just ignoring the noise and the juddering and struggling to change gear, I went to Oxford (300 miles from my home in North Yorkshire) and it got so bad that it was making the noise constantly. To cut a long story short, RAC put me in a Premier Inn for the night, RAC bloke comes out in morning and takes it for a spin - it made a horrific scraping noise (to which he said "Well blow me down.....). He followed me half way home and then we met in service station and told me I could attempt to drive it home as he thought it would most likely be safe (but to pull over and call them back if need be) or he could recover me home. I chose to try drive it home, which I did do. Then once I was back I took it into Ford and this time I DEMANDED the HEAD of the service department comes out with me for a drive until it made the noise...... Not a sound for 20 minutes (though plenty of juddering and struggling to change from 1st to 3rd), and at this point I'm practically BEGGING the car to make the noise! But nothing.....until right when we're pulling back into Benfield, when she let's loose "Grrrrrriiinndddd.....and the service manager's face goes pale. He knew there was something VERY seriously wrong with that gearbox.... That was 3 weeks ago... I've been given the most horrific Peugeot 308 hire car (I know beggars can't be choosers, but this thing is the epitome of crap french build quality -or lack of- and it point blank refuses to reverse) and my Fiesta is STILL parked in exactly the same space at Benfield that she has done for 3 weeks. Apparently they are replacing the 'Clutch Assembly?!?!' (Not entirely sure what that is) I rang up earlier to find out if there was any update and got told the EXACT same thing I was told this time last week... "We've got all your parts, we're just waiting for some sealant. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks.." - Now, is it me, or is that pretty disgraceful that: A: My brand new car needs repairs so severe that they need 'sealant?' & B: That I'm being made to wait all this time for some sealant that apparently could even be out of production, rendering this whole ordeal to continue for several weeks, if not months from now. Apparently, this is a very common fault with the PowerShift gearbox on all Ford Automatic Models, but more commonly with Fiesta & Focus. So my question is, do any of you, or have any of you had the same problem with an Automatic (Powershift) gearbox??? How long did it take to be solved?? Many thanks, apologies for the long winded rant! Tracey
  9. Engine Cut Out After Starting

    Hi, this is my first posting on here, although I have followed the site for several years for advice. I have a 2006 Ford Focus Sport Tdci purchased on finance 10 months ago. The 3 month warranty has already expired, and I have 26 more payments to make before I own the car outright. For the past 10 months this car has worked fine, with no issues at all, and sailed through the MOT 3 months ago. Yesterday morning I did what I always do. I turned the ignition key to power up the car, without starting the engine. I waited the second or two for the glow plug light to go off, then started the ignition. The engine started immediately. I put the car in reverse, and just as I lifted my foot off the clutch to reverse off my drive the engine cut out. I put the car in neutral and attempted to restart the engine. This took about 5-10 seconds of whirring before the engine kicked in. The car worked fine for my 35 mile journey, and was fine 10 hours later when I returned to my car for my 35 mile journey home. This morning I again did the same thing. The engine cut out again at the same moment. This time it took 4-5 goes to get the engine started again, but on this occasion the dashboard showed some warning lights. The glow plug light came on for a few seconds, as did the engine management light. The power train light stayed on until the engine started. I revved the engine, got a small cloud of light grey smoke from the exhaust and the car started fine. I drove it only half a mile, turned off the engine for 5 minutes the restarted, and it was fine. No warning lights. Any ideas on the problem and expected cost would be appreciated. I'm guessing the garage or the finance company will not take liability.
  10. Spent £6000 on a ford fiesta zetec s (petrol) that had done 57,000 miles in April of 2015. About a month after I bought the car I discovered a problem. I was driving along in 3rd gear and tried to accelerate, however, when I pressed down on the accelerator there was no response for 1 or 2 seconds, and then suddenly it responded and the car began to accelerate. The problem has continued every since and has become more frequent. No warning lights have ever come on and no diagnostic tool has ever picked up a fault code when I take it to my local ford dealer (who the car is still under warranty with). Every time I take my car to the dealer they are never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they can't do any more unless it actually breaks down or shows a warning light. I've had different technicians carry out many different checks on the car, the engine and other potential faulty parts have been cleaned but the problem is still occurring. After the ford dealer were put under pressure by myself to get the problem solved, they replaced the accelerator pedal but this has not fixed the problem. Has anyone had a similar problem with their fiesta? Or know of anyone that has? Any advice/ideas is greatly appreciated as I'm running out of patience with the car and the ford dealer. but they were never able to get it to "fault" & no fault codes were ever found hence they said that they couldn't do any more unless it actually broke down or showed a warning light.
  11. Hi all, New to the owners club Was wondering if anyone has had the same issue or knows what the problem might be? Just bought a 2012 focus titanium x 2.0 tdci (163) which has only covered 5000 miles. When i press the throttle in to pull away the revs will shoot up to about 1500-2000 stay there long enough to pull away then once your moving will all of a sudden drop to about 900-1000 then will pick up no problem. Problem is it doesn't happen all of the time, but enough to make you think twice before pulling out of a junction or on to a roundabout. It has happened when the car is fully warmed up after driving 30 miles or so. Would like to get this sorted ASAP as the car is for my wife who is 8 months pregnant and keeps stalling it. Any help much appreciated!
  12. Hi, Help! I've got a 2005 Focus Diesel low mileage around 45k. A few weeks ago it started to feel like the power was down (like driving around with the handbrake on). The at one point the whilst accelerating the power just dropped off and the engine went back to idle revs, the accelerator not responding. Called the AA out and got towed back to local garage. He checked a few things few filter, etc. but couldn't replicate. Fast forward to about a week back, same issue, loss of power, back to garage, replaced a couple of sensors and fuel filter again plus service. Was running ok for a week or so. From both of these incidents, turning ignition on and off and car would rev again, run ok. Anyway today, middle lane on M1, started to feel a bit of hesitation whilst overtaking a lorry, then the power died. I don't recommend this but had to flick the ignition on and off to get any power back to avoid an incident. In summary: - If engine is about to die, usually a lack of power at some point beforehand (like handbrake on) - No warning lights come on, the revs just drop back to around idle level as is someone disconnected the accelerator pedal. The last time it did stall after a couple of seconds too. - Reset ignition car runs OK (sometimes power still feels down) - Difficult to replicate - my garage actually haven't seen the issue first hand and because no warning lights no error codes Any ideas!? I feel like just dumping it with the local Ford Dealership and telling them it's a death trap! Thanks Mark
  13. Hi All, I hope someone can help! I recently jump started my Mondeo as the battery had ran down overnight (due to an inside light being left on!). Since then the audio unit does not turn on. I checked the fuse but it hadn't blown. I then removed the audio unit and disconnected the power from the back. When I reconnected the power, to my delight, it all sprung back to life. I had to put in my pin, which I did, and ttuned in radio 1, everything set how I had it before. I thought everything was fine so I went in for dinner. When I later came back out to my car in the evening the audio unit, again, was not turning on!!! Can anyone tell me what is going on here and how I can resolve this? The heater blower controls are also connected to this unit and so atm I'm driving everywhere freezing cold!...and winter is coming! Appreciate any help.... Rob Image below
  14. Lack Of Power

    I have a 2006 2.0 tdci it has a lack of power no warning on the dashboard it has just been serviced and still has lack of power we have checked the egr valve but still no power Any help?
  15. hi i have a annoying problem with my car, i recently took it to get the starter motor changed and on the way up there it was driving normal,, it has always sufferd from a bit of black smoke but it pulled well,, anyway after getting it back from the garage it feels like the turbo is not working,, steep hills ill have to do in 2nd with foot down,, motorway driving is slow to build up to speed and then when in 5th if theres a slight hill speed will slowly drop,, pulling away from junctions and roundabouts is a nightmare,, any clues or what to look at first will be much appreciated, thanks
  16. Hi, I have a 2007 Focus 1.6 LX TDCi. Intermittently the Engine Systems Fault message comes up with the red LED and the car instantly loses power. Then at some point, sometimes 10 mins, sometimes a day. the light goes out and power is instantly restored - no gradual change, its like someone's thrown a switch. More recently the engine management system light has come on but its stays on all the time and when the red warning light is out the car drives perfectly, so presume the engine management problem is unrelated. Recently had to have the turbo changed so don't know if that's related to this problem. Is there a list somewhere of problems that bring up the 'Engine Systems Fault' message? Anyone got any idea what the fault could be?
  17. Hi All, I have a quick question around getting power in the headlining. I've bought a dashcam and want to wire it in with a permanent power supply. I've bought this adaptor and would like to wire this in with the adapter and have the wire pop out just above the rear view mirror. If anyone knows that would be great. Cheers, Paul.
  18. After changing gear and slightly pressing on the accelerator pedal my car makes a loud excessive revving noise, the accelerometer ticks over yet my car doesn't speed up excessively and when i'm setting off in first makes me sound like I have my foot flat on the accelerator pedal. It is a problem in second and third gear too. If I put my foot any heavier on the pedal it doesn't affect the speed of my car just lets out a loud revving noise, makes it very difficult to drive, is anyone aware of what could be causing this problem? Thanks
  19. Hi All, I took my car into a garage on Monday because there was a smell of Diesel in the car when stationery. The mechanic changed the seals on the injectors (seemingly a common problem) and the smell is no more. The problem is that now there is significantly less power in the car. The engine sounds fine, runs fine, revs fine out of gear, but when in gear and driving it just doesn't accelerate half as much as it did before. Apparently the injectors have been coded/calibrated since being reattached, the turbo is working fine and the filter has been replaced, but all to no avail. Has anyone had this before and/or have a solution? Its been at the garage now for 4 days and I'm starting to wonder whether I should take it out and move it into a proper Ford Garage. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Power Steering

    I've got a 2003 Ford Fiesta and recently the power steering pipe broke so I had to buy a new one, which was nice and expensive! It has been fine since, however yesterday the power steering started feeling really strange. it seems to be fine when driving, however when I am reversing or even not moving, it is really heavy! Can anyone help me????
  21. Dear All I have a Ford Focus Titanium X Turbo (150) 2012 1596cc 5-Door Estate, Manual, Petrol (for completeness !) with an Alpine INE-W925R Advanced Navi Station replacing the standard Ford-fitted sound systems and I have just bought an HCE-C117D Direct Connection Rear View Camera which I have plugged into the back of the INE-W925R. It works fine, but I need to feed the car's "Reversing Status" into the unit (It has an input labelled "Reverse"). I obviously don't want to run a cable to the back of the car to the positive of the reversing lights if I can pick it up near to the INE-925R. Does anyone know where the nearest point to the central console would be to pick up the positive supply to the reversing lights please ? Many thanks, Peter
  22. Dab In Focus Ghia Mk2

    Hi Guys, First post here but i have to turn to somewhere as i am completely lost in it all. Bought myself a 2006 Focus Ghia but it came with the standard stereo which is all but useless. I'd like to get something in there with DAB but obviously as it stands i have no DAB aerial nor do i have the head unit at the minute. So a few questions 1. I was looking at using one of these as the aerial to save on messing around with drilling etc. I understand it needs power but i have no idea how you go about providing it with power ? Kinetic DAA-7001 FM/AM to FM/AM/DAB Car Aerial Converter/Splitter 2. Would i still be able to retain the use of the Steering Wheel audio controls using a 3rd party head unit ? Would this do the job In terms of head unit i was looking at this DDX4025DAB 6.1" double din AV system with DAB, Bluetooth and iPod Front: Rear: All help appreciated guys. Hopefully i've provided enough information. I'm really lost here but have to do something about getting this standard stereo upgraded !
  23. Hi thought id give it shot on this forum to see if id get any resolve from an issue with my car I have a 2006 1.8tdci focus bought it from a second hand dealer and as always they fob you off to late to go trading standards now iv left it to long my fault! anyway to the issue It used to start after about 35 to 40 mins of driving i would get a whine when the needle reaches 1700 revs ish and the car would be awful to drive specially in low gears and moving off from traffic lights etc now the problem is more towards 10 mins of driving almost like its in limp mode iv recently had the intercooler turbo pipe change not the small one but the bigger one which runs down behind the ns headlamp (it had a massive split in it) was kinda hoping this was the issue but clearly its not however i dont get the system error fault light come on now well once i did when i pushed high speed then came down to 30 ish along with it knocking turned engine off and on once stopped and it was fine after that although the whining still occurs going up through the revs im really hoping its not the turbo at fault and is something relativly small and simple the car has only done 63,000 i have run a turbo and egr cleaner through the engine and has made no difference
  24. Sat Nav And Convers

    Can anyone help, my battery died and I jump started my car (08 titanium x). All was fine until I stopped and the head unit wouldn't switch off, I just turned the car off and went to work. Got back in last night and it won't power on, no convers screen on the dash just settings and trip computer. The fan is blowing slowly but I have no climate control buttons working either. The fuse for the audio is OK in the glovebox fuse board. Any advice gratefully accepted.
  25. I have a Jan 2008 1.4 diesel fiesta. It 'misfires'/ judders and momentarily loses power whilst cruising, and occasionally while accelerating. Last October 2014 it did this for a few seconds and shut down, had to call out RAC (and was on holiday!). Garage replaced one injector and said that there was a chance it would happen again, which it did, and now it it getting worse again. It does this a few times on a long journey but rarely on shorter journeys. I have had a number of garages try to find out what is wrong and I am now thinking of getting rid because I cannot risk a breakdown. So in a last ditch attempt I'm asking for some help. I like my Fiesta but this fault could leave me stranded and I cannot take the risk with this. Please help if you can.