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  1. Looking to lower my fiesta but dont know whats the best out there? I still want some comfort while driving but dont mind some noise etc, ive heard coilovers are good when it comes to looks but arent the best for comfort. I was looking at just buying lowering springs but dont know what manufactuerer and what size etc. Can anyone help me out? 
  2. Hi all! I'm thinking about installing Mountune lowering springs to my Fiesta ST180 I was wondering if anyone has had these installed and could tell me more about them. Can you notice much of a difference with the looks? Can you feel a difference with the handling? Any information on this would be appreciated! Thank You
  3. Hi all! I'm thinking about installing Mountune lowering springs to my Fiesta ST180 I was wondering if anyone has had these installed and could tell me more about them. Can you notice much of a difference with the looks? Can you feel a difference with the handling? Any information on this would be appreciated! Thank You
  4. Hi all! I'm thinking about installing Mountune lowering springs to my Fiesta ST180 I was wondering if anyone has had these installed and could tell me more about them. Can you notice much of a difference with the looks? Can you feel a difference with the handling? Any information on this would be appreciated! Thank You
  5. Fiesta Mk4 Suspension

    My Fiesta mk4 is 1998...never had upgraded or replaced Suspension. I am thinking of these options: Replace standard shocks and pop on some 40mm lowering springs...since the shocks atm are 15 plus years old it'd be good to replace em and the springs would fit Standard shocks. Coilovers which would save time and would be the best thing, quality and performance. Sport suspension kit...shocks, springs etc...replacing the standard shocks...kinda like first option but more expensive. I've compared shocks and they just seem to be painted different but look like the same quality...Coils are obviously great choice and would hold up over time. replacing the shocks and springs to me would be just like fresh suspension after 15 years of standards on normal springs...since the cars old but i'd still like to look after it as I was gifted it...what do you think is good or bad etc? Exhaust system with race tube fitted, air filter, front brakes/pads and 14's so far...MOT soon so I will get em check my shocks so I can consider it in the next year. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, Have a Mk7 Fiesta Zetec and it looks like it could do with a bit of lowering and perhaps some bigger wheels or ones in a different style. Just wondering how the ride quality is with 17s and the lowering springs or 15s with the springs compared to standard spec. Good looks are nice and everything but I'm still spending most of my time in the thing and driving it. Do they change the actual handling performance much or just eliminate some body roll? Sorry for the rubbish 4AM writing, just up in the middle of the night fantasizing about new parts :D
  7. This is an old subject but still relevant. My 2004 1.4tdi has broken springs twice, each time with little mileage and 3 years between. Annual mileage never exceeds 4,000. It seems the most common breakages are offside front and just about half a turn (7 inches) from the end of the first (bottom) coil. There is a Fiesta thread which mentions probs with vehicles built in the Cologne plant, Germany, in 2003/4. It seems Ford do not admit the problem although it is clearly a safety issue. As far as I know there has never been a recall - Bad job Ford! I have had 2 Dagenham Fiestas (Mk2 and 3), 2 Sierras and 2 Escorts and put about 100,000 miles on each with no failures. Look at the Fusion design and it is not conventional (with British Dunton designs) as previous Fiestas have square ended springs which sit properly. It seems the design is continental as there are reports of VW, Audi. Merc, BMW, Renault and GM failures. Fusion springs are tapered at each end and sit in a spiral housing in such a way as to encourage wear of the plastic covering, trapping dirt, grit and salt and premature rusting. It seems rust starts as a result of the plastic covering being pierced by friction plus grit or a small stone. Rust in the tiny hole then spreads causing the spring to fail. They always fail in the same place and one discussion thread indicates that broken parts can be interchanged between springs and they fit perfectly. Also, interchangeable with broken nearside springs. In an attempt to alleviate the fault Ford released a zinc plate modification which prevents rust through electrolytic action (sacrificial anode). Has anyone got a part No. for this or any further information on spring failures? Ta muchly
  8. I have recently picked up a White - Ford Fiesta Metal Im wanting to lower it. But not spend silly amounts. Springs or coilovers??? Are coilovers worth saving up for or sticking some lowering springs on it? Also what brand springs/coilovers to use? And where to buy them from. Thanks!
  9. Mk3 Suspension Set Up

    Hi Guys! I'm looking at upgrading the suspension of my Mk3 1.1 Panache. I want to be dropping it around 60mm ideally. (attached a photo of what it is now, its my daily, so not wanting to be stupid low) Would my best option be springs (and/or) shocks or coilovers. It is only a 1.1, so i don't want to be spending excessive amounts. Any recommendation? Thanks in advanced!
  10. THE QUESTIONS: I need to "downgrade" the factory sport suspension on my '06 C-Max. Will I be done with replacing the springs and the shocks, or are there any rods, arms and other parts that must be replaced also as the ride gets higher? I read that different brands of springs of the same height also have big differences in comfort. Which normal height springs should I look for when aiming for the softest riding C-Max in the world? Perhaps used originals?----------- THE REASON: I need to do this because my permanently busted back is handling the "sport" pretty badly, especially on the speed bumps our town is riddled with. I'm currently running the 205/55R16 tires with only 2.0 bars (30psi) front and 1.8 bars (26psi) rear, and while smaller bumps are now mostly manageable, I'm forced to go quite a bit further. A higher ride will also help getting out of the car. (Yes, my back is really that bad.) I am aware that tires and especially the rim diameter makes a world of difference, but I really need to extend the suspension travel. If I could choose, I would take the delightfully floaty and feather light suspension from a Honda FR-V... But the driver position in that car was horrific. Most aftermarket spring manufacturers exist only for lowering and stiffening the suspension, so I'm having a hard time finding comparisons or even discussion in softening the ride. I want to go as far as possible with the softening, since the car is otherwise so great.
  11. I have a 2007 ford fiesta zetec 1.25 and intend to lower it by 35mm on apex springs but also want to change the shock absorbers too to prevent any issues in the future. Anyone got any suggestions what shocks would go with those springs? Thanks
  12. Customising Your Focus!

    Hey crew had my focus a little while now, enjoy every bit of 1.8 zetec there is. But my creative juices are stirring and now im itching to change her looks So far iv stuck an aux, subwoofer, some stickers, and air deflectors... but lets be honest thats a poor attempt really. I lack much 'knowhow' what i mean is, im too frightened to do something wrong, so my practice is limited. Iv a whole shopping list of things id like to do but dont really know how or where to go about doing most of it. Wondering if any you have similar passions and could help me out. things im interested in doing to my mk2 57plate, 1.8 zetec focus: body kit/ lowering(just want it to have stance) vinyl wrapping hood in carbon - wrap the roof in gloss black? definitely nicer wheels, something black, spokes and low profile window tint, dark fat exhaust, more for the sound but some performance is never a miss. possibly change to lights and other little bits what you guys think? really wanna discuss as much as possible. Im a Milton keynes boy and ideally wanna keep most work (if i cant do it) local ish will upload more updated pics of my ride when i can, could only find really early ones.
  13. Tdci Lowering Springs

    Evening all. We get our 09 Fusion this week, in the 1.4tdci version, which should take me to work with no problems, there are a couple of things I'd like to change.. Firstly the ride hight is a little too 4x4 for me, so would like to bring it down to earth a touch, I've been told that MK6 Fiesta springs are the same, but I'm not sure, is there someone here that knows having fitted them to their Fusion.. All the best and thanks Nick!
  14. Mk6 Springs For A Mk7

    ey all looking a bit of advice once again lindsays have let the side down and are missing me about big time with them springs to my car ordered last friday and was toldbe in tomorrow to then be lied too about the factor cancelling the order .. but anyhow does anyone know if mk6 springs will go on mk7 safely without causing anything to go wrong
  15. Hey guys, a friend has offered me some 30mm lowering springs that are made by Lo. The thing is, they are advertised as being for the 1.6 Fiesta rather than my 1.25. Lo also do specific springs for the1.25. Now I know that the engine in the 1.6 will be slightly heavier, but my question is, will these springs from the 1.6 fit my 1.25 fiesta, and if so, will they still lower it by the same amount?
  16. Hey guys :) Another question about lowering. I have already searched and have not found what I am looking for. I have springs in at the moment f 60mm rear 50mm. I installed these after removing the eibach pro kit which was only f 40mm r 30mm, as I wanted it lower. But I still have this ugly !Removed! higher rear so you have that slanted look, it is aesthetically horrible :( so I have left in my rear eibach springs to be compressed 50mm so in theory this should be 80mm and I hope this evens out the difference as it looks off as well as chews the front tyres something serious. I found this the cheaper option as it's only £70 as opposed to £630 for coilovers :o . The lady said they may struggle to get as low as that extra 50mm due to the heat needed etc but I thought it was worth a try. Do any of you guys have, or have had similar issues? specially going for as low as I am. I am not concerned with handling more show car look, it sits evenly all around with about 15-20mm above the tyre around. Many thanks, Timmy :)
  17. Lowering Advice

    I have a fiesta Mk6 pre facelift. My car is really really high haha, the arch gap is a fist and one finger, (my measuring) and I want to lower it! I was wondering what would be better to do so, coilovers or lower springs? Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks
  18. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  19. Lowering Advice!!

    Hi, I want to lower my mk6 fiesta. I dont want it to low as I live in a road with speed bumps. I. Going to be rolling on 15 inch wheels with spacers which I dont know what size to get. Any help with how low I should go I will be grateful of!!
  20. Hi all, I have a 2005 Streetka ICE edition, looking to go lower but finding it all very pricey! Can anyone recommend any coilovers or lowering springs that they've used/saw anywhere? I was quoted just over £450 for coilovers a week or two ago which is ridiculous money, is there any other springs/coils not specifically made for streetka that will still fit? Any advice greatly appreciated :)
  21. Hi , I was just wondering if the mk7 lowering springs would fit the new model ? Or is there new springs coming out ? John :)
  22. Here is the base raw material. A 10 plate Fiesta Zetec S in panther black, with optional street pack 17" wheels Next Step.. Steeda SSV transformation....
  23. Will Mk6 Springs Fit A Mk7???

    Hi All, Ive had My Fiesta MK7 for about 9 months now and want to lower it. Ive found some Mk7 springs that only lower it 45mm. will this be lower enough?? i have also found some Mk6 springs that will lower it 60mm. my question is will the Mk6 springs fit my Mk7? cheers Peter
  24. hi guys i got a mk5 fiesta on a V plate that i wanna drop 60mm on a set of G-max springs and need to get a set of shocks as mine well have seen better days i just need to know where to get a set of front shocks at a desent price with in essex B)
  25. Lowering- How To Guide

    Hi Chaps, Got all the kit (i think!) for a lowering of my missuss 2005 Ka-eibach springs and Spax shocks but wondered ,before i go ahead with finding a garage to fit them,wether i will need to buy different tyres? Currently we are running 15'' TSW's with 185/60/14 so would i need lower profile's? Also anyone give me an idea of how much i should be looking to pay for fitment,plus i've the dreaded knocking noise when she goes over bumps at the moment so suspect some bushes have gone. Would appreciate any advice/tips